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Harry woke up, his head was killing him. The light was very dim, but he could see figures moving. He had walked into the forrest to talk to the centaur, and here he was. He did remember the blow to his head.

«That was really unecesary,» Harry groaned getting to his feet.

«We do not take kindly to wizards entering out forrest,» a centaus said darkly to him,

Harry looked around, letting his eyes adjust, and he were surounded by cantaurs.

«Our people have confirmed what you say, you are indeed half-elf. How that is possible we do not know, however blood does not lie,» a centaur walked up to him, a female it looked like. She was just as tall and intimidating as any other cantaur he had ever met.

«Half-elf?» Harry asked, mouth half open. He had thought maybe 1/8 elf or somthing way back in the line, not half? Which half? His father was a Potter, so unless he was adopted? No that would not be possible, the goblins at the bank had done an inheritance test before he got to open up his vault. So it had to be his mother. His muggle born mother. Harry had no idea of how it would be possible, how she could actually be an elf, but she had to be.

«Yes half-elf,» the cantaur confirmed looking down at him.

«I dont know what this all means, but I have sparked with someone who is my mate, and I am terrefied of what that means? I dont know what to do,» Harry said that last part half to himself, looking down at his hands. He really had no ide of what he was suppose to do. He would have to have sex with Snape, that had been made clear. But what would happen if they did? If felt like the world would explode.

«If you have a mate, you mate with him, and there is nothing more to it,» the centaur said as if that were obvious.

«Maybe to you it is very clear what that mean, but try and remember that I am a wizard, a human, and humans are usually stupid, and we dont always have monogoumus relationships. We have many relationships with many different people,» Harry was fairly certain he did not really need anyone to tell him what this «mate» buisness would lead to. He was fairly certain he already knew, but he really also did want someone to tell him, just in case he was wrong.


Yeah, another very short chapter. However I do hope this can inspire me to continue. I am not sure if spell ckeck is the best on the ipad, so you will just have to survive my horrid spelling, sorry. English is not my first language, as I do believe I have said on many occations. I am bad grammarwise in my own language, so there is no way I will be better in a foreign one :D