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Chapter 1: New beginnings for the tried and tested or where the hell are we?

-Vale, Kingdom of Vale-

The sun, that great big yellow mass in the sky that brings life to everyone and everything, can also be a great annoyance for those who aren't morning people. A boy with red tipped black hair, lightly tanned white skin in a dark military uniform struggled to get his eyes open as they wanted to stay firmly shut for the time being and have him sleep his morning out.

'Morning? Last I check it was 10 at night…what the hell happened last night?' he thought wondering if he got decked by somebody the night before and finally got his grey eyes to open only be blinded by the normally welcoming sun. "Well fuck you too…" he mumbled to the sun as he rose to a sitting position his right arm still shielding his eyes while his left, which was fitted with a smooth gray fingerless gauntlet with a black rose design embedded in the outside of the hand, scratched his head as he tried to get a bearing of the situation. One quick look around showed that he was in a park of some sort, another quick look around and he was surprised and a bit relived to find several other people in similar uniforms to the boy lying on the ground, some where just coming too while the rest were still out cold.

"Morning there Mister 'I hate the morning with all my being'." A female voice, with a distinct Texan accent, said in a more energized voice. The boy turned to see a blond teenage girl, rough white skin, roughly around his height sitting on a park bench who wore the same outfit as he and the others.

"Cunningham, the hell happened?" the boy asked her "Last I remember we're in one of Tokyo's towers getting ready to raid one of the office floors for weapon storage locations for our client."

"You got me there man. All I know is we aren't in Kansas no more." Cunningham said along with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Fuck Kansas." A new female voice said in a flat and yet annoyed tone "Are we even on earth anymore?" the two turned to see a tall black hired girl, dark skinned and a pair of band aids in the shape of an X on her right cheek. She slowly got up and walked even slower over to the pair.

"Sheesh are all ya'll not morning people?" Cunningham asked feigning annoyance towards the girl "I thought being in boot camp would have livened ya'll up a bit." This earned her a pair of annoyed looks from the boy and girl in front of her that said 'What do you think?'

"Unlike you Cunningham we weren't raised on a farm." The boy said as his face moved from annoyed to slight amusement while maintaining the frown from his earlier face.

She merely rolled her eyes at his dry sense of humor "Any way's I got a message from Commander Zukav a little while ago, apparently it was sent to every Knight."

"What it say?" the other two asked in unison.

"In short, head to the docks, there's a warehouse he and many of the others are held up in as we try and figure out where we are." She finished

"Well no points in sitting on our asses then, let's get the others up and head on out." The dark skinned girl stated and turned around to do just that.

"Always straight to the point aren't ya Jenkins?" Cunningham asked with a smile and a shack of her head as she got up and walked over to the others on the ground.

The girl had a smile on her face and she said "You know it."

"Hyabusa, you gona help or what?" Jenkins asked as she shook one girl awake, much to the girl's displeasure.

"Yeah, I'm coming." Hyabusa said as he got up to his feet and walked over to a pale white skinned girl with brown hair and told her "Lindsey, time to wake up."

"No…five more minutes…" the girl groaned her disapproval as Hyabusa pretty much turned her face up and gently forced her up. The girl slowly opened her hazel eyes to Hyabusa's face that greeted her, she smiled at him and he did the same "I hate you Riku."

"Say what you want Lindsey, but I'm still your unofficial big brother." He said and ruffled her hair to better show the brown wolf ears that somehow always hide in her hair. They both laughed as she did the same to him to reveal his black and red tipped wolf ears.

"Hey you two, brother sister bonding times over, we got to hook up with the others." Cunningham said as her the 28 others were ready, some sleepily irritated but ready, to meet the others aging and get some answers.

"Right, all right Romeo team lets move out." Lindsey said tiredly but with command still in her voice.

"Yes ma'am." The 29 Knights said as they exited the park following Lindsey as they headed to the other side of town towards the docks.

-2 hours later, Vale docks-

"I'm telling you that old guy that ran the food store hates us." Romeo 2-9 said angrily at the mere thought of the old man as she and the others entered the docks.

"He probably just liked it when everyone was racist towards each other; there are always people like that." Romeo 1-0 said

"Still I think he mumbled something about us being Fuanas or something."

"Faunus, Pender, he said it was because we're Faunus."

"Whatever." Pender said as she placed her hands behind her head. "Would have liked to knock some sense into him about respecting differences between humans and Fuanas."

"Faunus…" 1-0 reminded her "And I don't think attacking the locals because they dislike us would be wise. Imagine if we followed that policy back home."

"Fine he's off the hook for now…" 2-9 agreed with a frown

"Well looks tardy for the party." A teenage Middle Eastern boy said with a smile on his face.

"Hey Narza how's Sergei?" Riku (formally Romeo 3-0) asked wondering how many of them actually made into this place.

"Oh you know, for a commander of highly advanced spec op soldiers that are also part wolf, same old same old." He shrugged and motioned them to head inside with his head.

"For his adopted son you'd do a pretty crappy job yourself." Jenkins (Romeo 1-1) joked with a smile

"That's why he's 3rd in command of the Wolf Knights."

With that Romeo team entered the warehouse, which while being pretty big and expansive was crowded since there were easily 100 or so people there and a hell of a lot of weapons, munitions, and various other supplies all over the place as people tried to organize things. In the center of it all stood to Russian men at a table directing everyone to place things in one place or another. One was easily 7'6 with a shaved head and a beard, heavily muscled and looked ready to beat the hell out of people on the drop of a hat. The other man was about several inches shorter than the other man, actually had hair on his head, cleanly shaved and while not as muscular as the other was still in tip top shape, just not tip showoff top shape. The former of the two was Commander Sergei Zukav, 3rd in command of the Wolf Knights and an easy going guy who insisted he be called by his first name and not his Rank or last name. The latter was Commander Makarov Zukav the 1st in command of the Wolf Knights, he was also Sergei's little brother, however unlike Sergei's mellow attitude his was precise and wanted everyone to address him in formality.

"Commander Zukav and Sergei, Romeo Team has returned with all members accounted for Sir." Lindsey (Romeo 0-1) said after they all stood at attention and saluted them. Makarov waved it off and they all entered their rest stance.

"Good to see that you all made in one piece." Makarov said with a slight smile, relived on the inside that more of the people he trusted as much as they did him, had survived whatever happened to send them here.

"Likewise Sir." Lindsey said with her own smile before getting down to business and asking "So what's the current situation?"

"Short version? We still have no idea how we got here, all we do know is that this world is called Remnant; we are in the city of Vale within the Kingdom of Vale. We have a few more civilians than expected with us and a majority of the knights are still within Vale heading here as we speak. The only teams to make it here aside from your own are Omega, November, Alpha, Tango, and Zulu." Sergei stated the facts before Makarov could.

They were shocked to hear how many had made it so far, Omega team consisted of 10 member counting Riku (Omega 0-5), November team had only 7, Zulu had 12, Tango team had 18, Romeo had 29, and Alpha team had 30 together that added up to 106 members accounted for out of the 634 members that formed the Wolf Knights, not counting the numerous medical and operation staff needed to keep them busy and alive. To say that was concerning would be an understatement. However Makarov eased their minds by saying "They are all within the city, Tango team did an energy sweep for everyone and they're all accounted for. For now I suggest resting as we still don't know what this world has in store for us. Also based on the diagnosis Omega's 0-2 and 1-0 did, calling out your mechs will be more taxing on you in a physical sense as we all know that they reside in the bodies of all females of our world, Omega 0-5 being the only exception of course."

"Understood sir, we'll only use our mechs if it's absolutely necessary." Lindsey said

"That's not all we're having weird connections issues to our satellite, so limit the amount of rounds you use and no unnecessary shooting or mad minutes until we can secure more munitions and a stronger signal."

"Understood sir." Lindsey said a bit deflated like the rest of them as they enjoyed their mad minutes especially when it actually killed their targets or convinced them they meant absolute business. With everything need to be said Makarov dismissed them in order to keep the current situation they found themselves from becoming more and more concerning, he had no idea how they even landed in this world, most of the Knights were still scattered around everywhere despite the fact they were all converging on the same location, any number of threats could present themselves to him and he'd have to think fast if he wanted everyone to survive but even quick thinking can get people killed. He hated this situation so damn much but what he hated more than the current situation was the uncertainty, the doubt, the second thoughts that were the variables he couldn't account for and the Knights being unable to compensate for it and getting injured or worse killed. As he plunged deeper into his self doubt a gentle hand placed it's self on his back, he looked to see a Mexican American woman standing there with a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry so much alright. You always find a way to pull us through the toughest of things back when Sergei, Helen, you, and I where a team and you pulled all of them through two wars. They trust you with their lives and they return with only the best results they can get. They look up to you just as much as they do Sergei, Helen, and I. To them we're some of the most important people they have all because we gave them the second chance society would never." She said

Her words seemed to bring him up from his doubt and he turned to see her face. It was tanned while rough through years of combat but it was still fair skin as far as he was concerned, her face held a scar of a knife wound on her left cheek that almost ran into her lips but instead hiding it like most people, she had it out like it was a trophy and with great pride would tell anyone who asked her about it how he, Sergei, Helen, and her earned the name that went down it spec op books as a squad of maniacs hell bent on revenge 'The Dubai Butchers.' "Thanks Savannah, I'm just worried is all." He managed to say with an even tone.

"We all are. Just don't forget you're not alone in the worry."

-Elsewhere in the warehouse-

Riku was walking around with nothing better to do, he saw his childhood friends helping move boxes of what he could only assume was more munitions than anyone knew what to do with and other miscellaneous, he simply waved at them and they just shouted back their relived greetings before returning to work.

"Rose!" a female voice shouted, he turned to see an Irish girl with black hair and some orange red mixed in, wearing mostly black clothes unlike his own military uniform, panic written on her face ran straight towards him.

"Hey Emb-whaaa!" Was all he could say before the girl grabbed his hand and practically dragged him to the other side and out of the warehouse where she finally let go. "What's going on?" he asked as he tried to catch his breath a little.

"It's Diamond." A blond who wore light blue jeans and a yellow shirt, one size bigger than her, said grimly.

"What happened?" He asked with a serious tone, the blond motioned him to a pair of white haired, white skinned and white clothed identical looking girls, one of the girls who had short hair only stopping at top of her back was sitting on a cargo box and was coughing into her hands as the other white haired girl, who had her hair styled wildly instead of naturally downward, rubbed her back in an attempt to comfort her. "Energy drain…" the wild haired girl said "And I don't think there's any other way of replenishing her reserves other than blood…"

"Actually…there might be a way to replenish it with out the need for bloodshed…mostly…" the blond said

"Well what is it Gold?" everyone but the coughing girl asked hoping that the 'I have no idea.' line or something similar to that wasn't going to be the next few words to come out of her mouth.

Fortunately it wasn't the lines they didn't want to hear "Apparently this world has a energy substance called Dust, it comes either in its crystallized natural form or grounded down dust, I suspect that if we get Diamond some of this Dust then she'll feel good as new." Gold said

"Perfect, head into town steal some of the stuff and we'll be good to go right?" Embers asked thinking it was that simple.

"Actually…." Gold started, Embers slumped her shoulders and head down in defeat of simplicity and Riku just sighed knowing nothings ever simple as Embers so hopefully put it "…there's been this asshole with orange hair, a bowler hat, cigar in his mouth, white suit and a cane going around and stealing dust all over the place, most places have closed down because of it and any shops that still sell the stuff hired security to lessen the chance of losing whatever Dust they have left." She finished catching her breath for a few seconds with a single index finger held up to mean there was more and noticing a glint in Ember's eyes. "And no Embers; were not going to hunt him down, kill him, steal all the Dust, and give it to Diamond." With that said the 'bad plan in the making but sounds good in my head' glint in her eyes disappears and a mumbled "Damnit." was her response.

"I take it you have a plan C?" Riku asked thinking that the find the asshole plan was a good one.

"Yes I do, we'll head out around 9 tonight and bring Cali we'll need her."


Within team RWBY's dorm laid four girl doing very different things. The youngest of the bunch was on her bed which laid in a manner held haphazardly by rope that clearly defied several safety regulations somewhere, stomach to the bed reading a comic book and a stack of cookies off to the side that she frequently grabbed a cookie from. The next wasn't as young as her leader and wasn't one to have fun in terms most people could understand, she was at a table that was in the room and working diligently to finish several assignments for 2 professors due the same day, granted they both weren't due for another week but that's enough digressing. Another who like the one at the desk was of the same age was simply sitting on her bed reading an erot…dark fantasy book that on the cover simply stated in blood red 'Ninjas of Passion Vol. 3: Lust Filled Hate' occasionally scratching the bow on top of her head as if it was a part of her. Lastly was the girl who's bed was underneath the bookworm's and held her bed up by some of the bookworms books who was listening to music through her headphones, one could hear at certain points a voice sing ~Thanks for the memories, even if they weren't great….~ needless to say they were busy to some degree.

Then the headphone girl sighed loudly but none of the others even flinched from what they were doing to entertain what was annoying her. Then she sighed aging only louder this time but ended with the same result. She then got up grabbed a book from the shelf and threw it against the wall she faced nearly hitting a painting of a red forest.

"Yes Yang?" the one at the desk asked in a icy calm voice yet not turning her head to face the obviously bored teammate, clearly she had practice with ignoring her subtle(or lack there of) attempts at getting their attention and answering her in her unchanged icy tone she usually ran with.

"Guys its Friday we should be doing something fun!" Yang yelled thinking it'll emphasize the boredom

"Every time you say that it leaves either people blushing madly or parts of the school destroyed." The bookworm said as her eyes never left her book.

"Oh really? Name me one time that when I say that it's caused either." Yang crossed her arm satisfied with her defense.

"The time you took Nora's pancakes during breakfast?" the youngest answered in a more questioning tone than an answering one as she sat up to see the others easier.

"How was I supposed to know she'd tear up Ports class releasing a pack of Beowolves and a King Taijitu? Besides I was hungry and she wasn't looking. "

"How about the time you pushed Ren into the girl's locker room when there were 10 girls in there?" the bookworm asked still not looking away from her book.

"I thought since he never shows much emotion, he'd be unfazed by a bit of skin-a-max."

"He had slap marks on his face for weeks and he was forced to stay in the infirmary for 5 days due to excessive blood loss via nose."

"How about last Saturday?" the one at the desk asked as she finished the last of her homework.

"What about last Saturday?" Yang asked clearly she had forgotten while the bookworm looked up from her book for once and glared down and said darkly "Weiss no." Weiss then put her hands up and said nothing but then the young one answered for Weiss "You mean when you got Jaune and Blake into Onsies, trapped them in Blake's closet and said if they didn't kiss then they'd never get out?"

Yang smashed a fist into her other open hand as the events of last Saturday came back, she laughed as the bookworm blushed and threw her pillow at the younger, nearly causing her to fall off the bed. "Oh man I seriously owe you one Ruby." Yang said in between laughs and gasp of air so she could laugh more.

"It was a quick 'no hard feelings' kiss we just made up a bunch of noise and ruffled each others Onsies to make it believable that we went further then just a kiss." The bookworm stated and left it at that or thought that was a good place to leave it at but left the million lien question for Weiss to ask.

"How did you get Blake into an Onsie?"She asked clearly interested in that development.

Blake just blushed even more and resumed her read with every intention of not hearing Yang's explanation of on the spot blackmail. This didn't go unnoticed by Yang of course but decided to ease off teasing Black for the time being.

"Oh I'd tell you if you'd kindly donate some money to the Lunar Eclipse (JuanexBlake) ship pot." Yang grinned knowing that if she was genuinely interested in knowing how to get Juane and his advances away from her then she'd bite and oh how she placed some extremely tempting bait for Weiss. Weiss stood up walked over to her wardrobe, opened it, searched around in there for a few seconds, and threw a rather large wad of lien at Yang, who caught it, walked over to Weiss and whispered how she got Blake in an Onsie. This didn't sit well with Blake; the malevolent glint in Weiss' eyes and evil grin didn't help in the slightest.

"Thank you Yang, now I know how to get Juane's interest off me and onto someone else." Weiss said as she stared directly at Blake.

"Anytime Ice Queen, but seriously what are we going to do this weekend? I mean hanging out with JNPR is all well and good but we really need something to do amongst the four of us." This received a shrug from Ruby who didn't really know much fun outside of hunting Grimm for fun with her scythe rifle Crescent Rose or eating enough sugary food to enter a god like sugar rush. Blake didn't even entertain the idea because she was currently displeased with her team at the moment and she'd evidently get dragged along for the ride if they got an idea anyways. Weiss would have normally sided with Ruby and Blake in not having any idea of what to do with their weekend, but then an idea hit her.

"I could show you guys the Dust research facility my family has here in Vale, if you want." She offered and received surprised expressions from the others, since she wasn't the one to offer a suggestion like that in the first place or be the first to say anything that wasn't negative without a good amount of thought and about 20 steps ahead.

"Are you sure Weiss?" Ruby asked completely unsure about the offer.

"Yeah, it's the weekend so most of the workers will be off, it's not that noticeable compared to the other Schnee buildings my father owns, and we can test new ammo for you guys in a safer environment. We can leave and get there just before 9 tonight."

Ruby and Yang were smiling like maniacs at the idea of new ammo types for Crescent Rose and Ember Celica. Mostly Ruby due to her infatuation with weapons of all kinds', new and old, melee and range it didn't matter to her so long as it could kill Grimm and make the person wielding it look bad ass. Yang had for a long time had an idea for 00 buck incendiary shells to add variety in her rather narrow arsenal when it came to fighting, when matched with her semblance once activated or her hair getting harmed in combat (and most non combat) situations. Blake didn't need to do anything to Gambol Shroud since it was already pretty versatile, being a gun, katana, and impromptu whip and all. She would just tag along to make sure things didn't go overboard and get them all in trouble. However she didn't know why but she had a feeling that something was going to happen tonight that would change everything.