Hello everyone and welcome back to another chapter of RWBY: WoR today we cover the first day of classes for everyone.

Chapter 8: School's in pt 1

With the teams established yesterday, they went to their new dorms. Which was set with actual bunk beds (Ruby: Why!? My idea was so much better! Weiss: And potentially life threatening.) one side had several weapon racks lining the wall, a mini kitchen on the wall where the door was, four closets on the other wall with a bathroom in that side as well and a small bookshelf in between the bunk beds, and hit the hay knowing things were going to get hectic the coming morning.

-Current time 6:00 am-

-Team BCHS's dorm-

Riku was the first to wake up "Grrr.." he growled as the sun shined into his eyes and he tried to get back to sleep to no avail, so he just took the cover off him and tried to crawl out of bed "...Who's bright idea was it to invent morninggggssssss!" he fell onto the floor with a *THUD* and a "Ow." and was now staring at the white ceiling while waking the rest of his new team.

"The hell was that?" a voice of the bottom bed of the other bunk asked as Ire got up sleepily before looking at Riku's idea of sleeping wear. Which was nothing more than a pair of boxers on him. "What happened to you?" she asked with wide eyes as she scanned every inch of his body.

"Oh you know." he shrugged and Ire just shook her head

"Not that." she then pointed towards his midsection where the cut was "That."

"Oh." now he understood what she meant before he scratched his head sheepishly "Just some scars from combat, you know."

She didn't buy it as much as he hoped "Most of those 'scars' scream that you shouldn't be alive." before he could say anything she grabbed him and forced him to sit on her bed.

"Ire, what are you doing?" Blake asked as she looked at the two wolves on Ire's bed with a first aid kit she had in her bag, while Velvet hopped out her bed and wondered the same thing.

"Bandaging some of these scars." she said as she wrapped his mid section and arms in medical tape "They looked like they weren't properly taken care of."

"Come on, they don't open up often for them to be a problem." he argued before getting lightly smacked in the back of the head.

"Don't argue with me you." Ire scolded "This is just to make sure that they don't open up if you do anything." as soon as she said that, she bit down on the tape separating the roll from the tape wrapped around his midsection.

"Thanks Ire." while he knew it wasn't necessary he wouldn't complain with her right now.

"Anytime, but your gonna have to tell me how you got at least some of them." she, while genuinely curious how he got them and worried still on how unhealed some looked.

"I'll be sure to." he got up and walked over to the coffee machine their mini kitchen came with. "For now lets get ready for our first day of class."

-Team WTCN's dorm-

Weiss woke up with a stretch of her arms.

"Morning." a voice said, she opened her eyes to see Caroline standing at the side of her bed with nothing more than a sports top and shorts on with two cups of coffee in her hands and offering one to her, which she took.

"Morning." she said before taking a sip. "What are you doing up already?"

"I'm used to waking up around 5 in the morning." she shrugged before long Tracy woke up with a yawn

"Morning you guys." she said sleepily as she looked down to the heiress and black haired wolf.

"Morning" they responded before Caroline offered to get her some coffee.

She shook her head "Sorry not really a coffee person, tea would be nice however." before jumping out of bed to go make said tea.

"So how dose it feel to be the leader, Ms. Schnee?" Caroline asked being a bit professional

Weiss simply shook her head "Just Weiss is fine and to be honest I would have thought that you would have been made leader, not that I'm complaining."

"I hear ya." she nodded before sipping some of her coffee "If you need advice or anything on leading, just give me a shout alright?" Weiss nodded thanking her for helping her adjust to the leader role.

-Team FAAR's dorm-

"Ugh..." Yui groaned as Ruby tried to shake her awake "...go away..."

"Yui, wake up we still have to fix this room to more our style!" Ruby yelled as she tried to pull the blanket off Yui

"Will you shut up..." she said as she pulled the blanket over her head

"Yui, Lindsey already made some food and coffee so get up already." her twin said before munching on some toast the brown haired wolf of the team got from the cafeteria.

Yui poked her head out from underneath her blanket and stared up to Yukki then to Ruby who was standing next to her bed "Only because there's food." she got up and skulked over to the mini kitchen to get some food to move the morning along.

"Sorry about her acting like that, she's usually the worst out of the three of us when it comes to morning." Yukki apologized but Ruby waved it off by asking how they dealt with mornings "While the three of us hate mornings Bro usually just mumbles something before preparing breakfast for the three of us, I just mentally voice my hatred, and Yui simply tries to sleep off the entire morning which doesn't work."

"Ah I see anyways, now with everyone awake we can turn this into our own room!" she yelled with a single fist pumped into the air.

"Slow your roll there Ruby." Yui said as she buttered a piece of toast "You might be able to decorate the room but the three of us barely have anything except the clothes on our backs."

She immediately deflated "Oh."

-Team MAAX's dorm-

"Yang!" Crystal banged on the bathroom door "Hurry up there are other people living with you, you know!" all her banging woke up Juane who groaned at the noise and Kate who looked from her top bunk down onto the blond wolf.

"Sorry Crystal, but it takes a full hour or two to do my hair!" Yang yelled from within the bathroom.

"Bullshit it takes an hour to just do your hair!"

"I swear you two act like your the only two in here." Kate complained before trying to fall back asleep

"Good luck with that Kate." Juane groaned "I used to live in front of their dorm and you can still hear Yang yell in the morning..."

She groaned something into her pillow before ultimately giving up all together and she hopped off the bunk bed just as Juane rolled out of his and now Kate and Crystal just stared at him.

"W-what?" he asked with fear in his voice

"Seriously?" they asked in unison, he looked down to see he was wearing his blue onise. Yeah he didn't have much in terms of sleepwear and he found them comforting even if it made him look like a fool.

"Well I like it." he defended with arms crossing his furry chest

Kate moved close to Crystal and whispered "Remind me to burn that thing later" Crystal nodded her agreement

-Team HHLM's dorm-

Ren was making coffee for his team as Luca woke up and looked down upon Ren.

"Morning Luca." he greeted a bit quietly as to not wake the Ryu

"Morning." she said as she stretched her arms and hopped out of bed "I'll be right back, I'ma get some food for us from the cafeteria." Ren nodded as she stirred his coffee.

The bathroom door opened to show Mato in nothing but her a purple skin tight shirt and black panties and she looked at Ren as he did a spit take from just the sight of his partner. She walked over with a smile as she past him a paper towel to clean himself up

"Nice spit take there." she chuckled before grabbing a mug of coffee herself "See something you like?"

"Err, no, not really...maybe..." whispering the last part as he turned away from her with a blush on his face

"Oh, so you did see something you liked?" she teased

"Wait how did..." he turned around to see Mato move her hair a bit to show her pointy ears where anyone's normal ears would be along with some scales around there.

"I guess these makes me a Faunus by your worlds definition "

"A-are all of you guy's Faunus?" he asked trying to keep his focus on her face and not her ears.

She shook her head "Yuri, Ryu, Tracy, Luca, Stella, and Kate are human."

"Ah I see."

"Hope you don't think of me any different." while she wouldn't care normally, she was concerned now since she was his partner and in turn trusted him.

"No no, it's fine I don't think of you any different." he assured her "I just have something to think about during class today, so what kind are you?"

"I think a dragon kind if there's such a thing here." she shrugged

"I'm sure there is, if not your the first."

-Team SSYN's dorm-

Stella, Yuri, and Neptune were currently discussing normal stuff teens normally do when their in college while Sun snored in his sleep.

"So any ideas what classes are going to be like?" Neptune asked to which the others simply shrugged "Figured as much."

"Well it can't be that bad, I mean it's just a combat school so I just look forward to when we actually fight something." Yuri said smiling at the thought of combat

"Leave it to you to enjoy the idea of fighting so openly." Stella said as she bit into an apple

"It's understandable that I would enjoy the combat part of a combat school." she then took a sip of her coffee

"Well anyways we'll have to wait and see what our day is going to have in store for us." Stella said

-Team PCTB's dorm-

Everyone was still fast asleep in the dorm except a single gray furred German Shepherd who was licking Clair's face to wake her

"...Rex stop..." Clair groaned in her sleep while brushing Rex away to no avail.

Rex then jumped onto her bed and kept licking her till she woke up "Alright Rex, I'll get you some food..." she got out of bed and went for the door which Rex barked happily, waking the others

"What was that?" Pyrrha asked from the top bunk of her and Clair's bunk

"Oh nothing it's just my dog, Rex." Clair said as she opened the door "She's just hungry is all." and left to get food while the others got out of bed and prepared for the day.

"I didn't know that she came with us." Blair smiled as she petted Rex behind the ears.

"At least she didn't get left behind, Yui and Yukki will love it that she's here. " Timra smiled

"I don't think they allow pets in class." the kunai loving wolf turned to the spartan "Pyrrha?"

"I'm not sure, no one ever brought pets to class, sorry."

"No worries she'll ask when she gets to class I guess."

The door opened showing Clair with on hand with a pound of bacon and the other four cartons of juice.

"Here girl." she said placing the pound of meat onto a plate which the dog tore into while her red haired owner passed juice to everyone.

-Time 7:50 am-

Attention students of Beacon this is Professor Helen Pierce speaking, will all students please report to the front of the school. Preferably in work out clothes nothing more.

-BCHS's dorm-

"What did she mean by 'work out clothes'?" Ire asked

"Well Commander Pierce is the basic training instructor so I imagine she want's her class, much like Commander Sandoval, to be as close to the actual military course as possible," Riku answered

"Basic training?" Velvet asked curious

"You know running 20 miles in a set amount of time, pain staking workouts, fundamentals of weapons and how to effectively spot and eliminate a target depending on the weapon you use and squad coordination and communication with your peers."

"You sound like you've been through it before." Ire said as she looked through her backpack for something work out orientated

"I have." he said as he put his black fatigues on along with his black shirt. "Plus given that Commander Pierce is a former Marine like myself I imagine she's going to put us through hell and expect us to come back without being burned." then a knock on the door got everyone's attention Velvet was the closest to the door so she opened it revealing Emma standing there.

"Hey Sight's." Riku greeted one of his trusted friends/teammate of Omega team

"We're not back home mate, so you can use my actual name wanker." Emma shook her head while a hand found a place on her hip.

"Did you come here to just say that or is there something important you need cause we need to meet Commander Pierce."

"Actually mate, your teams heading to basic training."

"Huh?" was the general response followed b Ire asking "Wait why dose he get to skip out in this?"

"Aside from the fact he's already done this before?" she asked before continuing "Commander Sandoval want's you and I to help her out with getting everything ready for class today since the Scout Sniper class is at around 2:00 or something."

"Can't she just get Lima or Victor team to help with that?"

"Nah, they already left for a few villages bordering Mistral. Everyone's left for border patrolling side from Yankee, November, and Omega."

"Wait, Yankee I can kinda understand put why are November and Omega sticking around?"

"Since you, Blair, Crystal, and Timra are attending the school the rest of us didn't see much use in leaving and stayed on as assistants to the Commanders Zukav and Pierce. November just liked it here judging from what Bulldog told Clair the other day before initiation."

"So what dose she need me for specifically?"

"Seeing as Commander Sandoval, you, and myself are the only technical snipers living here she thought it would make sense for you and I to help with training the P.I.G's once training starts."

"I guess that make-" he got cut off by Ire gasping

"Wait your a sniper!?" she exclaimed

"Yeah, got something against snipers?" subconsciously reaching into his pockets for a weapon that wasn't there, but Ire just ran up to him and grabbed both his hands and clasped them in hers

"No no you got it wrong!" she said with a happy tone in her voice "I actually want to be a sniper too! It's just I never had good practice in my village."

"Well if you want to be one, your going to have to go through basic training first." Emma told Ire "And let Riku go so he can help get everything ready."

Nodding in understanding she pushed Riku out of the room "Well see you in the next class I guess!" and closed the door.

"Nice girl ain't she?" Emma smiled

"Well she'll certainly be a interesting one for the class." Riku chuckled "Come on lets go." and he followed Emma to where their class would be held.

-8:00 am-

Everyone, aside from the Knight's they got exempt, filed up in 5 rows of 15 in front of the school as Helen stood in front of them in a Drill Sargent outfit.

"All right first and for most anything you say when addressing me will start with 'Ma'am' and end with 'Ma'am' do I make myself perfectly clear?" she asked with a loud authoritative voice

"Ma'am yes, Ma'am!" the class yelled

"Good." she smiled "Now be ready for when I'm done with you all by the end of the year you will be some of the most efficient and fiercest warriors in all of Remnant."

She started them with something basic. Run 20 laps around the school, but if one person taking a single shortcut she will add an extra 5 laps for every time it's done. She also stopped them periodically and told them to stop, drop and give her 50 push ups on any spot before yelling at them to start running again. By the time class was over two and a quarter hours later they had ran an extra 10 laps because two people thought they could get away with not being seen taking a shortcut, they were given the rest of the time to rest before class ended.

"All right everyone good job, but this is just a taste of the hell I'll be putting all of you through. Starting tomorrow we'll have the first half of the class dedicated to workouts such as this and the rest of the class will handle basic firearm controls. Until then, you are all dismissed."

"I..I didn't know one could do something like this..." Juane looked like he was about to keel over

"Well if Riku and the others can do it..." Ruby panted before taking a drink of water "Then we can too right?"

"Depends on how fit you are when you do this I suppose." Weiss was like Juane in a keel over position.

"It's not meant for the feint of heart." Mato said as she calmed her erratic breathing "And Helen won't take excuses for sub bar performance."

-11:00 am-

After they had went to the shower to clean up, they got dressed in their combat attire and left for their next class. Grimm studies with everyone's favorite teacher Professor Port. Yes that was sarcasm.

Juane and the rest gang came into the room and found their Knight teammates/friends already sitting there waiting for them.

"So how did basic training go?" Riku asked as Ire, Blake, and Velvet sat next to him, all clearly exhausted still.

"I already hate it." Juane immediately groaned as he sat next to Crystal

"Well it was never meant to be fun." Crystal patted her partner/leader's back sympathetically before turning to the others "So when's firearm training?"

"Tomorrow why?" Velvet answered while Juane groaned once more

"Great, I'm not good with Crocoa Mors to start with, now I'm being told how to use a gun. What's next, they're handing me grenades?"

"You planning on being a grenadier?" Lindsey chuckled at the knight's plight

"Don't worry Scraggly, she's not forcing you to go out with a gun. She's just teaching you a skill to use that you can use down the road."

"So I'm not going to be given a gun?"

"No she means that you can still use Crocoa Mors." Ren began "Your just going to learn how to use a gun in case you don't have it."

"Anyway's I think most of you guy's, including Weiss and Juane, should be fine and get through firearm training pretty fast since most of you already know how guns work. All there is to learn is how to properly use them." Clair commented

"How sure are you that we can pass firearm training?" Weiss asked curious on how confidant they were

"Well its not how sure we are, it's that we know you'll pass or your going to fail her class on the spot." the teens from Remnant immediately looked at the red haired wolf with disbelief on their faces.

"Please tell your your joking." Juane had it hard enough with letter grade classes, so he didn't like the idea of a class being do or die.

"Nope, it's how it was when we went through it Scraggly, besides they help you make improvements so you can pass. You'll be fine." the blond wolf gave the blond knight a reassuring smile.

"So is it going to be like this for all their classes?"

"No just Commander Pierce and Commander Sandoval class's are going to follow the sink or swim philosophy." Riku said, Ruby was about to ask about Professor Sandoval's Scout Sniper class before a loud voice caught everyone's attention.

"Good Morning class!" a deep yet chirpy voice said and everyone turned to see a gray haired and gray mustached bloated middle age man greet them.

"Who the hell is that?" Caroline asked Nora

"I am Professor Peter Port. Huntsman Extraordinaire!" Port yelled proudly to his students to which a collective silent groan was the class's response.

"And already I want to burn him." Kate whispered to Yang

"Here's the man that almost made me a lesbian." Yang whispered back

As soon as class started, Port went into one of his many stories about his youth to which the entire class just gave him the finger when his back was turned( except Ruby who simply stuck her tongue out towards him.) and went to sleep behind notebooks/textbooks or just facedesked to the absolute dullness of the story of how he fought a couple dozen Giant Death Stalker's with just his bare hands.

I'm putting a bullet in his head if he go's on for another damn second. Riku thought as he reached for his M1911 to which Blake stopped him from doing what he was planning by grabbing his hand and whispering "Trust me I want to do the same thing, but he's not worth it." he conceded and just tried to slip into dreamland to no avail, many of the others had the same idea with equal or greater success than the reaper wolf

"-I had my back against the caverns wall with the damn beasts to my front-" he droned on without pause

"I really want to stab him." Blair admitted to Pyrrha seeing as she was the only one awake on PCTB.

"Please don't, there's meaning behind his stories." Pyrrha said but her thoughts were a bit more skeptical For his sake I hope there is.

For Oum's sake shut the fuck up already! Ire really hoped he'd shut up soon or she'd shut him up with a fist to his mustached face. Yuri however was about to walk down to him with a AK-12 in hand and shut him up with a bullet or 30, but Mato and Ren held her down long enough for him to hopefully end his stupid story.

"The moral of the story is-"

Oh thank God/Oum! the class praised whichever divine being had just saved them from another second of hearing his ramblings

"-always have your weapon on you at all times." he finished and waited for his applause to which he got nothing then the bell rang signifying their release and they couldn't have left Port's class faster.

-12:00 pm-

The 7 teams got their lunch and sat a table.

"I swear one more minute in there and I would have drilled a round into his head." Riku said before chewing on a meatball submarine sandwich

"I would have helped you do that." Ire said as she munched on a chicken leg and Blair, Neptune, Kate, and Ryu agreed

"I was about to do everyone a favor by giving him a sever case of lead poisoning if Mato and Ren didn't stop me." Yuri said hiking a thumb over to the dragon and lotus while she bit into her sandwich.

"I hope his class isn't just us listening to his stupid stories." Tracy said as she put a white dust crystal into her tea and took a sip.

"Ain't that lethal?" Ire asked as they watched her glow a faint white.

"Not really." Tracy shrugged "It just makes everything tastes bitter is all, plus it restores my energy very well."

"I tried to stop her at first but the others convinced me it was for the better." Weiss said

They continued to talk about what ever until Jaune asked how everyone was handling their new teams

"It's still to early to say anything yet on that, Jaune." Blake said before taking a bite of her tuna sandwich

"Oh already miss your old team Blakey?" Yang teased her former partner

"No, I like my new team very much thank you, all I meant was is that it's still the first day so we still need time to get used to each other."

"So anyone know what the next class after lunch?" Sun asked to which almost everyone shrugged except Velvet

"I think it's combat practice with Professor Zukav." she answered

The entire table suddenly grew quite as Velvet, Blake, Ruby, Ren, Pyrrha, Weiss, and Jaune looked at the slowly evil grinning faces on everyone.

"Um...guys?" Jaune asked worriedly

"Oh this is gonna be good." Kate practically sang the thought everyone had

"Should we be scared?" Ruby asked and they just nodded their heads

"Now we get to the fun part of this school." Yuri smiled "The combat."

All but Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Velvet, Pyrrha, Ren, and Jaune devoured their food whole and ran out

"It's going to be a long class today isn't it?" Velvet asked

"With them as happy as they are at the chance to be at someone else's throat? Yes." Ren said as they followed the smell of blood lust to the arena.

There you have it the morning of the first day of the teams, so what do you think? Next time it's the rest of their day and a bit of the next day. Until then see ya around.