Title: Starts of our New Episode

Pairing: Undecided

Rating: PG (Rating may change)

Genre: Friendship, Fluff, Family

Summary: The shocking truth that Tetsuya learned when he got back from school makes him speechless. The person he hadn't met for years are now standing in front of his house. Who was the guy and what kind of relation they had?

Warning: I'm not good with English since it's not my mother language. So, please bear with any error I have.

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-Chapter 1-

It was a usual days for Kuroko Tetsuya. Waking up with his bad bed hair, his dog namely Nigou, purring on his chest. He stroked Nigou's head, behind Nigou's ear makes the cute little puppy leaned more to the touch given from his master. Kuroko smiled, which rarely people see since him always, wear the expressionless façade with him. Nigou stretch his body before jumping from Kuroko's body to the floor, barking towards him. Kuroko slip out from the blanket and as soon as his legs touch the floor, he shivers a little since it's still cold, even though it's already June.

He stretch his stiffen body when his eyes caught a blinking light from his cell phone. When he opens it, there's a mail. It's read:

To: Kurokochii~
From: Kise Ryouta
Subject: Good Morning-ssu~

Message: Kuroko-chii! Today was a beautiful day! Also, I miss you! Please don't ignore me! Please reply!

Kuroko let a small smiles appear on his faces. He types a message to reply the blonde model before closed the phone back after sending it. Even though Kise Ryota was always annoyed him, he was still his friend. He walked out from the room towards the bath room. The house was quiet. No sound from the kitchen or the living room. He let out a soft sigh knowing the reason. Well, of course he knew the reason, no one live with him at the house. He was after all, all alone after his mother died 2 years ago.

After the death of his mother, there was a will his mother left for him telling that the house was all for himself together with her inheritance. So, he didn't have to worry about money at all since his mother had left a lot of money for him. He was grateful towards his lovely mother.

He brushed his teeth and washed his face before start stripping to take a shower. After finished showering, he goes to his room back and opened the wardrobe to takes the Seirin uniform. After that, he takes a full of gel on his hand and started taming his bed hair that sticks out everywhere. He sometimes doesn't know why his hair became like that, since he didn't move too much while he sleeps.

It takes a full 5 minute just to taming his hair before he finished with it. After that, he walked towards the kitchen to serve a breakfast for himself and not to forget, Nigou. He takes the dog food and pours it on Nigou's bowl. He caressed the dog fur while watching his dog eating. He decided to cook something since his partner and also Light, Kagami Taiga had taught him how to cook. Even though they just known each other for about 2 months, their bonds were inseparable like they were meant to each other.

But, when his eyes scanned the clock, it's already 7.25, and Kagami had told him that he'll wait for him at the street court nears his house to walk together.

"Nigou, let's go. Kagami-kun will be mad if we were late." He said to his dog that in respond barked towards him and jumped to enter his bag. Kuroko decided that he'll stop at Maji Burger on his way to buy his favorites vanilla milkshakes for breakfast.

After buying the vanilla milkshake for his breakfast, he walked towards the basketball court where he knows his current 'Light' and friend; Kagami Taiga would have arrived there. And true to his word, Kagami can be seen on the court with an orange ball on his hand while the other hand was gripping his bag.

"Good morning, Kagami-kun." Kuroko greeted him and as always the reply was –

"Uwaah! Kuroko, you! Can't you just appear normally? I would get a heart attack if every day you popped out like that." Kagami complained as Kuroko had an amused expression on his face. "You're enjoying this, don't you?" Kagami guess after seeing that kind of expression from his current 'Shadow'.

"What are you talking about, Kagami-kun? I didn't know what you mean by that?" Kuroko denied and Kagami 'tsk'ed at the answered Kuroko just gives him.

"By the way, why did you drink vanilla milkshakes in the morning?" Kagami asked when he aware that Kuroko was drinking his usual shakes.

"I didn't get any breakfast this morning, so I decided to buy vanilla shake." He answered, deadpanned towards Kagami who had a big sweat dropped at the back of his head.

"Idiot, it's still morning, you know, morning! It's not good for your health." Kagami scolded the teal male while walking towards Seirin High.

"Don't worry; I'll take extra care of my own health so that I won't catch a cold." He answered as Kagami let out a loud sighed.

"Hah, I forget that you're this stubborn, Kuroko. Just remember not to catch a cold." He reminded as their continued walked towards their respective school.

It was silence between them but it was completely a calm and peace moment they ever had. Kuroko throw the empty cup to the garbage bin after finishing his said breakfast before he continued walk with the dark red hair guy.

"Hah, I want to go home already. Why did I have to go school? Not to mention, coach had tell us to come early for what reason… I don't know what it is." Kagami complained and Kuroko just smile. He was happy that Kagami didn't changes at all since he had meet with one of the Generations of Miracle member, Kise Ryota from Kaijo High, he was afraid that the overwhelming power that Kagami had sees will changes him. He also knows that Kagami Taiga was one of them.

"Maybe she wants us to practice." Kuroko said after a moment.

"Please, anything else but practice. We had enough of yesterday hell-of-training plus the practice match. I barely can walked yesterday you know!" Kagami said much to the amused shorter teen who just watched his 'Light' keep on chanting the same word about not wanting any practice.

"Kagami-kun, we already arrived so stopped with the chanting. It's annoying." Kuroko said when Kagami didn't show that he'll stop with it.

"Hah, it's now or never." He muttered under his breath.

As soon as they entered the gym, Kagami immediately got a smack with a paper fan from their monstrous coach, Aida Riko.

"Itte! What's that for, coach?" Kagami asked as he rubbed the placed where he just got smacked.

"You're late 10 minutes, Bakagami. We supposed to meet here at 8 straight!" Riko yelled.

"It's just 5 minute late, don't be so picky about the time!" Kagami retorted before he continued while pointing at someone. "And why didn't you hit Kuroko? He's also late!"

Riko looked at where he pointed.

"Good morning and I'm sorry for late." Kuroko as always, greet them. And their response:

"Kuroko!" They yelled at the same time, surprised of his presence. They're still can't be accustomed with his misdirection ability that they almost forget about the Phantom player.

"Can't you appear like a normal people would do?" Kuroko felts Déjà vu with the statements. Yup, Kagami just said it to him earlier.

"Anyway, I've had announce to make." Riko cleared her throat as she speaks, gathering their attention towards her.

"What kind of announce?" Izuki asked.

"Please don't interrupt me before I explained it, Izuki-kun." She warned and the others take a note to not ask a question before she finished with her explanation.

"You know that the Inter High is just around the corner, right?" Silent. "Well, because of that I'd change your training schedules and will change it with the new training schedules where I'll train you until you can't walk." They can see how Riko's hair becoming likes Medusa already. They just stared at her, incredulously. Riko was really the sadist girl they ever meet!

"Also, just for today, you hear that, right. Just for today I'll postpone our today's training so make sure to fully recharge your energy for tomorrow!" She exclaimed much to their happiness! Well, of course they'll be happy since Riko had postponed they training for the day! Banzai!

"Ok guys, since class will start in any minute, I'll make it short. Prepare yourself." With that, they're all dismissed.

Kuroko and Kagami walked together towards their classroom. Kagami was happy that today will be no practice so he can rest for all day today. Because of yesterday, he felt a little sluggish than before. He hates it. Kuroko, well he like always, can't be predicts. His face was always blank. No emotions at all.

"Kagami-kun, what would you do for today?" Kuroko asked as they take their own sit at the class.

"Um, well, since coach tells us to fully recharge our energy back, I'll rest. What about you?" Kagami answered and asked.

"Maybe I'll do the same as Kagami-kun." He answered, deadpanned. Kagami sweat dropped.

After a few minutes pass, the teachers for the first period come. Kuroko put his novel that he read before at the desk drawer and takes his notebook and stationary to copy the note that the teacher will give. Kagami as always, just for 10 minutes the classroom starts, he already sleeps. Kuroko just shook his head.

"Kuroko, I'll meet you tomorrow at school!" Kagami yelled as they parted way to different way.

Kuroko walked towards his home with Nigou, which he had brings together and keep him inside of his bag, walked beside him. When he arrives at the block where his homes are, Nigou stopped while barking at someone. Kuroko who's curious with his dog reaction immediately look up just to widen his eyes to see a person he hadn't meet for years was there.

There was a guy leaning on the wall in front of his house. He had short, spiky black hair, large, sharp steel blue eyes. The stern look on his faces had been replace with the gentle one after the guy had sees Kuroko. Kuroko can't forget that face that he hadn't sees for years now. The guy pushed himself from the wall as he walked towards Kuroko with Nigou still barking.

"It's been a long time, Tetsuya." Kuroko's large blue sky eyes widen when the guy pull him into his warmth embraces that Kuroko had missed to felt. He was surprised by it. The familiar scent of the person makes his eyes become watery. Drop by drop of tears making its way towards his cheek as emotion overwhelming him.

He was sad, happy, mad, helplessness, disappointment, hurt, shock; all the emotions had mixed together inside of him, makes him more vulnerable. But, he pushed all of it away from him, for now as he gathers his courage to call the name of the guy.

"Yukio nii-san…"

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