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"I'm okay. Besides, mother always teaches me to be strong, also…" He gripped Yukio's arm tightly. "I have Yukio nii-san with me right now." Yukio was speechless after hearing the honest explanation from his younger brother that makes him smiles widely.

"Yeah, I also have you. I'll never ever let anything to separate us anymore."

-Chapter 3-

Tetsuya opens his half lidded eyes after sensing someone was hugging his body. He rubbed his eyes before he covered his mouth when he let out a small yawn. He was facing the empty ceiling on the living room. Why did I sleep on the living room? He was about to wake up when something pushed him to lied down back.

"It's still early… sleep…"Someone whispered right to his ear. He recognized the voiced and when he turned his head to the side, he was facing with the faces of Kasamatsu Yukio, his brother. They were separated 10 years ago due to their parents' that was divorcing because of unknown reason that the two brothers didn't know about.

Tetsuya smiled after seeing how his brother had become a heavy sleeper. If he still remember correctly, his brother was once a morning person but maybe also, this 10 years gap between them had makes them change, changes from the old to a new person. He looked at the clock that hanging on the wall.

"Nii-san, wake up." Tetsuya shakes Yukio's body when the older didn't give any response at all. "We have to get ready for mothers death anniversary." He complained and that only make Yukio tighten his hug around the younger while mumbling something that Tetsuya didn't hear. He gave up after had trying so much time to wake his brother up. He grew tired from it and without he knows, he also starts to sleep back.

The sound of buzzing had been quiet noisy for a while. "Tetsuya, your phone…" Yukio mumbled while waking the younger. Tetsuya slowly opened his eyes and reached out his hand on the phone that is on the floor, besides Yukio's cell phone. When he flipped open the phone and mumbling a 'hello', a yelled erupted from the other line.

"Kuroko, where are you!? Do you fucking forget that today had school and also practice!?" Tetsuya instinctively distanced the cell phone from his dear ear. He still loves his ear and he doesn't want to be deaf in his young age. Yukio also grimaced after hearing the shouted and he also knows who the hell is that voices belong too.

"Kagami-kun, I'll go deaf if you're yelling that loudly." He answered with the forever stoic voices he had.

"Kuroko, do you know how mad coach is? Hurry up and get your ass up here before something happens!" Kuroko sighed. He totally forgets to inform his partner that he'll didn't come to school. Well, no use crying over spilt milk.

"Kagami-kun, is coach there?" Tetsuya asked and Kagami answered that their coaches were right now being calmed by the other second years. "Please give her the phone, I'll talk with her." He can hear how Kagami stuttered on calling the coach.

"Ku-ro-ko-kun…" Kuroko sweat dropped when he heard his name being called by the coach with the sweetly-dangerous voice he heard. "Where are you? Don't tell me that you're just waking up?" Bingo! She was right with it but Tetsuya stay calmed.

"Hah, coach, I forget to inform that today I can't come up no matter what."

"Hah!? And what is the absolute reason for you can't come to school no matter what?"

"Today is my mother death anniversary." He can hear a gasped from the girl coach. "So, I want to visit her grave. Forgive me for didn't inform it earlier."

"Huh. Ok, but remember, another time when you really had a circumstances like this, please informed me or Kagami-kun or the other member earlier, okay?" She scolded and Tetsuya released a relieved sighed.

"Hai, I understood." With that he hung up. Yukio who was besides him, had clearly hears all the conversation between his brother and his basketball team.

"Your coach is absolutely scary. I don't know how you all can keep it up with her like that." He commented. Tetsuya smiled hearing it. It's not foreign for him to hear someone's talking about their coach being scary like that. The team that they had practice match with will commented about her, even the other first year in the basketball team also talked about her how, she was scarier than they parents but in time, they began to feels accustomed with her.

"But, that's what made Seirin stronger. Without her, Seirin will never win against Kaijo." He exclaimed and Yukio can't deny. Even though Seirin was build two years ago, they're strong. "Didn't you have to tell you coach that you'll be absent from practice today, nii-san?"

"Ah, I almost forgot." He said before he takes his cell phone and flipped open it. That's when someone called him. He frowned when he sees the ID that makes Tetsuya curious. He leaned forwards to look at the ID too.

"It seems Kise-kun had been so attached with you, nii-san." Tetsuya said as he stands with Yukio's jacket still over him.

"Huh, don't mention it, Tetsuya. He's the bigger problem for me." He said before decided to answer it together with informing him about his plans.

"Ah, Kasamatsu senpai~" Yukio twitched when he heard the blonde model voices.

"What do you want, Kise?" He asked grumpily.

"You're mean ssu~ I just want to ask where you are. I didn't saw you at school at all and Moriyama senpai said it's weird for you to be late~" Kise whined much to Yukio's displeasure.

"Tch, Kise, tell Moriyama to tell coach that I can't come to practice today."

"Ehh~ Why? Are you sick, senpai? Want me to visit you today ssu~" Kise exclaimed.

"No! I'm not sick and no matter what, don't come to my house. Not that you know where my house is." He sighed. "I'm currently at Tokyo. Today's my mother death anniversary, so tell them that I can't go. Ja…" He immediately hung up after explaining the situation. He knows that Kise will definitely ask him more question.

Yukio sighed as he stands before stretching his body. He takes the cushion on the floor and put it back to its places so that it didn't blocking the way. Tetsuya walked out from the bathroom with a fresh faces. "Nii-san, there's another extra toothbrushes so you can use it. And don't worry, it's still new." Tetsuya informed and Yukio thanks him.

Tetsuya make his way towards the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator so that he can make a breakfast. He saw the honey and immediately knows what he had to make. He'll make some pancakes. He made a reminder to thanks Kagami for teaching him how to cook pancake.

Yukio was standing in front of the mirror inside of Tetsuya's bathroom, brushing his teeth while scratching his head. A dark blue towel was on his left shoulder. He was sighing when he remember that he didn't bring any of his clothes together with him. Well, can't be help since he didn't know that he'll sleep on the house with his brother at all.

It all happen without him plans at all.

Well, he can just buy clothes on their way to their mother's grave. He spit on the sink and rinse his mouth. He put the tooth brushes back to the blue cup. He realizes that everything that on the house was in blue and white color. The tile on the bathroom also was blue. He exits the bathroom and inspects the house more since he was kind of busy yesterday to look around.

He realizes that the house was neat just like the owner who likes neat places. Tetsuya alone keep this house properly. As expected of him. He inherited all this from mother. This is the first time for Yukio to see Tetsuya's other side since when they still a kid; Tetsuya was not much a neat and clean person like now. It must be their mother who taught him. He was a little bit jealous when their mother always gives Tetsuya with what he wants.

His life with his father was not the thing he likes. His or rather their father was a busy type person. Their father own a company so you could say that they from a wealthy family. But for Yukio, that's not what he wants. He only wants to spend more time with his family but he always being occupied by the client that keep on coming for non-stop.

How he wished their father can spend more time with him together with Tetsuya since he had found the younger after 10 years.

"Yukio nii-san, what are you doing here?" He turned his head to look at Tetsuya who's wearing a blue apron.

"Nothing, I was just looking around this house. I like the decoration." He said.

"Well, mother's the one who decorate this house and buy all the furniture." Tetsuya answered. "Breakfast is ready, let's eat nii-san."

"Ah… eh, you can cook?" He asked back. Tetsuya nodded his head.

Tetsuya and Yukio can be seen walking with a bouquet of white Lilly flower on his hand. They made their way towards their mother graves. Yukio put the flower on top of the graves before the two of them clapped their hand two times and started to pray for their mother happiness at the other world.

Mother, how are you there? I'm fine here even without you. And you know what mother, your prediction about me and Yukio nii-san will definitely met had come. We meet at Kaijo High when we're having a practice against them, of course on basketball. I was surprise to see that Yukio nii-san was there that I think it was just someone who resembles him. But, how wrong I am when Kise-kun yelled his name.

I truly was shocked. Because there's no one with that name other than him. I regret my action not to greet or spoke to him when the practice match had end. I end up going back to Tokyo while thinking and pondering about my action.

But, yesterday, he suddenly stands in front of our house, waiting for me. I can't hold back the tears when he hugged me like the old time. How I really hope that mother would be there and of course together with father like when we're still one happy family.

I hope you will always give me you're blessed from there together with Yukio nii-san.

Tetsuya prayed while closing his eyes that Yukio also follows afterwards.

It's me, Yukio, mother. This is the first time for me to visit your graves together with Tetsuya. And, I'm sorry I didn't pay you a visit when you're still alive. I'm fool enough to always follow fathers order. I always thought that you'll be okay. I'm sorry for being a not responsible son. When the day I heard that you're already gone to the other world, I was devastated.

For the past ten years, I never forget about you regardless all that had happen. My love for you will never fade. Because mother is the only people that I treasure the most alongside with Tetsuya. Father, how should I say? He changes. Not that much though. What I know, he always busying himself with the work across the world that he rarely spends his time with me.

It's all happen after mother had died. That's when he changes. I really don't know the reason. But, it's okay. I know he was busy with all the work he had. I hope he didn't overexert himself though like how you'll scold him if he overworks himself.

And now, I'm happy. Really happy. I've found Tetsuya back. We're good as ever. I promise to you that I'll never ever let Tetsuya away from me anymore. I'll protect him from now on. I swear that to you mother. So, please look over us from there.

After finishing with their own praying towards their mother, they open their eyes and look up at the same before each turn they head to look at each other. They're smiles. After that, they leave the graves while chatting for a while before Yukio stopped at his track when he catches a glimpsed of a guy he knows well. Tetsuya looked at him.

"Nii-san, what's wrong?"

"Yukio…" A new voice that was not so foreign for Tetsuya to hear make him look at whoever person that Yukio look at. Tetsuya widened his eyes after saw the person by his own eyes.


End of Chapter 3

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