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The Tok'ra Queen

Chapter 1: The joining

Long ago, far far waway ;).

Ra had unveiled her conspiracy Egeria knew she had to flee. Her Tel'tak already received heavy damage but she somehow managed to open a hyperspace window. Something was wrong, it was hard to thing straight, her other half was dying. The hyperspace drive was damaged and the strange data from the sensors indicate that she wasn't in the right hyperspace. She used her computer for projections and the results where clear she would be subjected to extreme time dilatation. For her it'll be only three weeks until she arrives but for the universe centuries maybe even millennia will pass. With her limited data she couldn't really nail it down. That is if she survives that long. Serena, her host, her other half was dying she would use a stasis field and hoped her children will still have a presence when she arrived. What Egeria failed to notice is that the malfunction also altered her course she'll arrive in five weeks on a planet known but still lost to both the Goa'uld and the Tok'ra.

1985 Devon

Hermione Granger, knew that it was wrong to run away. That the adults will be angry that her parents will be worried but she just couldn't take it anymore. Why do they have to go on excursions, outside activities and other such stupid things anyway? It is not as if they learned something this way. She was sure it was just so that those stupid boys think that they are good at something too. Angry she resumed on her way dedicated to walk all the way home no matter how long it will take. Luckily she had paid attention and knew which roads the bus had taken. It wouldn't be that hard to find her way home would it? Sometime later she was lost and it was getting darker. Hermione's anger was long gone and replaced with fear. She wanted to see mummy and daddy again, tell them that she is sorry, that she'll never do it again. She was sure her mind played tricks on her there weren't big monsters waiting for her in the dark, and there wasn't a strange noise in the air, no that it is all ridi …Before her eyes a flash of light, shadows of strange rings. When it was over a woman with a source of light was standing before her. She was bleeding! Hermione began to scream she tried to run away but fell over. The woman came to her. She screamed, she yelled, begged the woman not to hurt her. The woman used raised her arm and had a strange device on her hand, Hermione calmed down. The woman spoke to her but she couldn't understand her. "Sorry, I don't speak your language." Hermione told her, but then she thought how ridiculous as, if she understands that. The woman raised her hand again strange colours came from the device on her hand Hermione fell unconscious.

"Hello Hermione, I'm Egeria"

"Who, what, where am I? Who are you? What is happening?"

"I'm sorry young one I was dying and had no choice but to join with you. We are in your or now our mind, at least that is the best explanation I can give you. I'm Egeria a being that lives in a symbiotic relationship with its host most of them humans but we can use some other species as well."

"Symbiotic that means we profit from each other? And the woman was your former host or was it you? I don't really understand."

"Can we agree that you let me explain and you'll listen and ask questions afterwards?"

If she had a body Hermione would blush. "Sorry it is just so confusing, I'll listen."

"Don't worry that was to be expected. I apologise for joining with you unprepeared but it was a matter of life and death." Egeria began to explain Hermione about the Goa'uld, herself, her children the Tok'ra. Each time she began to share her knowledge and memories in a direct way so that Hermione has an easier time to understand. She promised Hermione that she won't force her to be joined. If she refuses Egeria will leave, even if it means her death. But she expresses her hope that Hermione will at least host her until Egeria can find a willing other host. In the end Hermione agreed to the joining but she wanted to go home to mum and dad.

"I know but once I allow the complete joining you'll be overwhelmed for quite some time. I have memories and knowledge worth centuries and then there is the loss of Serena. I fear that if we join your parents will be worried for some days while we both adapt to the new situation."

"Can't we let them find us and join then? I could say that I'm ill for the time we need."

That was a surprisingly good idea. Form Hermione's mind Egeria knew that the adults will search her and the longer she'll be lost before repairing the more problematic it would be to explain. It wasn't done normally but the symbiont could not only heal a body it could also give symptoms that would lead to the conclusion that the body is ill. So they agreed Egeria would let them be found but seemingly unconscious so that they'll have time to merge while lying in the hospital. While that'll worry Hermione's parents, or soon their parents it won't be as bad as staying away. They will most likely assume that she passed out from exhaustion and will come around.

Emmet and Daniela Granger were beside themselves. How could those teachers lose their girl! They instantly joined the search but when she wasn't found by nightfall they were defestated. The media began to become interested, the first rumours that the girl might have been kidnapped hit them like a hammer. They couldn't sleep trapped in a nightmare while still awake imagining the worst possible scenarios whenever they were left alone with their thoughts. The next day everyone tried to dissuade them from helping with the search again. Trying to reason with them that staying at home might actually help should Hermione find help and call and plenty other reasons. But they were well beyond to be reasoned with. They were dead set on going to their car driving out there and finding their daughter! Joining one of the search teams the two relentlessly where calling for their girl. During a pause in the afternoon one of the policemen took them aside and informed them that one of the other search teams have found their daughter. She was on her way to the hospital. They gave their keys to the officer's partner so that he can bring their car to their home and leave the keys with some of their relatives holding out there while the other drives them to the hospital.

Egeria had not expected to be as surprised and overwhelmed by the joining as Hermione. She was only a child so she did not expect great revelations, she already was surprised how advanced the humans on this planet were. Most of Hermione's memories where not surprising, a loving family, cruel other children mocking her for her intelligence and desire to learn, but then there were the memories of when strange things happened around her. And both now knew it was Hermione who was responsible for books flying to her hand and similar things. Hermione couldn't really process the joining. Travel between planets, aliens, centuries of memories, genetic knowledge she now understood why it will take time before she can act normal again. Her doctors were at loss why she didn't wake up. All vitals were normal and while one might pass out from exhaustion not for two days and ongoing. They became worried and it showed so Emmet and Daniela became worried two. Egeria and Hermione noticed this and agreed that it is time to wake up soon. They agreed to hide her new nature and use Hermione's name for the foreseeable future. Egeria planned to slowly uplift the humans of earth by becoming the foremost researcher in several fields. Hermione agreed that she would enjoy such a career. Both agreed that they won't give humanity access to hyperspace technology before they had a look around. But that could wait until they were of age; patience is after all the virtue of the Tok'ra.

They woke up and were lovingly embraced by their parents. The doctors ran some additional tests and delayed their release for a few days but they found nothing that would explain the late wake up and in the end they let it go. After the happy home coming with several neighbours and relatives visiting their parents became more serious. It wasn't really a scolding but they expressed how worried they were and that it was wrong to run away like that. After a heartfelt apology they let it go with a mention that they already had their punishment after all. For the next time Hermione could go nowhere without adults watching them closely. The teachers were a bit miffed but couldn't really be cross with one of their best students for very long. Her peers were the first to notice the changes, she still was a bookworm, always studying but she stopped her know it all play. She turned down how often she offered to answer but most noticeable she stopped correcting her peers all the time. But she also stopped to care about them, their opinions, everything. They couldn't get a raise out of her no matter what they did and when someone tried to hit her she simply caught his arm and twisted it. All those who witnessed it relayed the message Hermione Granger is not someone you want to cross. The adults noticed a different change one that her peers would not really notice. She read different material, she worked on different themes. Before the incident the girl always worked religiously on the schedule and worked ahead according to it. But now she kicked the schedule in the wind, she reads advanced books on physics and math, writes letters to scientists, started even reading scientific journals and writing suggestions to authors of articles there.

1988 University of Exeter

After the testing Universities from all Britain offered a scholarship for their little girl, some offers came even from other parts of the world. But their dental praxis wasn't established that long so they still had debt to pay this was also the area where their relatives and many friends lived and sending their child alone wasn't an option at her tender age. So even if some more prestigious Universities offered only the ones close enough were in the run. In the end Emmet and Daniela decided together with their daughter that the University of Exeter and physics as well as math would be the best choices. Still they had a hard time with this path since letting her go here meant less adult supervision and that was hard to sell on them. So in the end Daniela worked half time for the last three years and they were supported by the University staff. Hermione and Egeria felt overly patronized but without revealing their joining there was nothing they could do. Of course they took their studies like a fish swimming and now after only three years she graduates with two masters and is already accepted for her post graduate studies in both fields. Needless to say that there weren't any prouder parents on the graduate ceremony than the Grangers. Hermione and Egeria were happy about the new freedom they will gain with an office, lab time and so on there will be time they can schedule without supervision. That will allow them to do necessary repairs and alterations on their Tel'tak as well as experimenting with Hermione's powers and how they relates to what can be done with a Kara kesh. They already knew that Hermione's powers became much more stable and controllable since the joining. That could have several explanations, like the Naquadah in her blood, the improved focus but it could also follow a natural path. Their first experiments proved that the Kara kesh helped to focus those powers made it more precise and easy to work with them. One thing they really wanted to do is program the ship to do a scan of earth to see if there are any remains of the Goa'uld or other alien species. During their initial repairs of the scanners they noticed that their power could help if they were able to leave a residue that gives values that can be interpreted by the computer. They improved their prototype until it could even find the Tel'tak under cloak, even though not in real-time but they didn't need a battle ready sensor anyway. It took a few weeks to prepare the operation and then several days to analyse the results but it was astonishing. There was a Chappa'ai in a military complex in the USA without a long observation they couldn't be sure if it was active or not. There were several minor items in museums and such they decided it wasn't worth the trouble to retrieve them at least for now. More problematic were one active Symbiont with a stack of Goa'uld technology as well as an active sarcophagus in Latin-America. From Antarctica they got very strange energy readings.

They needed a plan of action an active Goa'uld on earth could not be tolerated and the sarcophagus could contain another one just waiting to be found and opened. A second closer exploration run showed that the Goa'uld was using Nishta to control his slaves and seemed to have a very limited stock of items. From their observation they could conclude that he is certainly no Tok'ra. So they worked under the educated guess that he was stranded on earth after the rebellion. They had already worked a long time on arming their ship and where now installing two plasma lances. They programed the ship to assassinate the Goa'uld when a hit was secure. After only 12 hours they got a mission accomplished their ship returned as ordered. 5 hours later they had an opportunity to fly back there they connected their ring transporter to the one present and teleported in. They used the still active Nishta to instantly take over ordered Seth followers to transport all items to their ship and then released them after whipping the memory of the last few days with the Kara kesh. In Latin-America they deactivated the sarcophagus opened it and Egeria instantly killed Hathor before she even had time to act. The observation of the Chappa'ai showed that it was not in use so there was seemingly no actual thread to expose earth should the System Lords still be out there. The strange readings in Antarctica were a harder nut to crack, Egeria's knowledge could not identify it but it had similarities to several technologies the Goa'uld used. They decided to use plasma to drill through some of the ice in hope to get better readings. They found an active ring transporter connected and explored the outpost of the ancient. Unknown to them Hermione luckily was identified as ancient through her genes. By using the chair they could access a large part of the database before the power run out. While they couldn't recreate ZPMs they were confident that they can now create generators that will allow maintaining the outpost defences most importantly generate and fire drones, hyperspace scanners and a cloak while the defences are not active. For the hyperspace scanner they would place several satellites using tested residues added to the normal scanner that they constructed based on Egeria's Goa'uld knowledge and knowledge they learned from the database. Given their schedule problems so that they won't get caught they predicted that their planed planet defence will be ready in 1992.

Late 1989

They were utterly shocked. While testing new scanners they found a hidden society all using the powers Hermione had. Instantly they used their cloaked Tel'tak to investigate. Afterwards they did some field infiltrations using a cloak based on Hermione's powers working in combination with the Kara kesh. Egeria was not amused their society was appealing and what they call research was laughable. But the worst part was that they found out that they'll contact Hermione in the summer of 1991 inviting her to their magic school. And obviously saying no isn't an option. Should their parents refuse Hermione will become a ward of the minister and their memories of her will be erased. And that damn law that each magical child has to get those OWLs or their equivalent was international!

"That is NOT an option Hermione. I don't care how this world looks just like a nice fantasy world you saw their history, their laws it is disgusting. And we want to uplift humanity with their dammed isolationism that won't be an option should we chose living in this society."

Hermione reluctantly agreed with Egeria. But what could they do? They were already on the Hogwarts list and moving would not really help given magical tracking.

"We get some information. Especially on how they track people and this so called "magic" and if there are methods to avoid it. That means books but also placing some cloaked bugs in the right places most likely some departments of this ministry. We search the magical districts of other countries and search if there is one that is more lenient maybe allowing home-schooling for those of non-magical birth. But ultimately we'll have to come clean to mum and dad sooner than we expected."

Hermione became frightened. Will her parents accept them? Will they turn them over to the government for experiments? Egeria could feel it and assured her that in worst case they always could take the Tel'tak to get out. Their parents will be confronted with her being different nor matter what. They decided that they'll bring up their idea of a company to introduce their advanced technology gradually to the world. Since they earned good money from royalties and prices (and recently a salary from the university) so their parents could pay back their debt and move with them if necessary.

June 1990

After they took some time to further study the magical world, methods to detect and counter it as well as preparing their business proposal as well as contingency plans like having their ship nearby should their parents call the MI5 or something like that, they asked their parents if they could have an important talk anytime soon. The next weekend they waited in the living room prepared with all reading material and some objects for demonstration, when their parents walked in. Well what does our little doctor want?

Mum dad do you remember when I was lost for some time …