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The Tok'ra Queen

Chapter 2: But every child wants to learn magic!

Devon June 1990

First their parents thought it was a joke and really neat tricks with the Kara kesh, but then they used the rings to transport them to their ship they couldn't deny it any longer. They accused her of killing their daughter when they learned that she is still there they demanded that Egeria leaves her. When they decided to let Hermione talk alone their dad argued back:

"How can we know that this is Hermione? It could be that alien telling us lies. Daniela could be right and Hermione is already dead." Emmet sat down a resigned look on his face.

"Well there might be a way to convince you. Those wizards have what they call mind magic or mind arts best known as occlumency which is the discipline of shielding your mind and legilimency which is usually the offensive variant of invading once mind. For any normal witch or wizard it takes years to matter one or both of these but the Tok'ra have a high discipline over their mind and Hermione is also an exceptional disciplined human so it was easy for us to learn both to a sufficient level. So the Kara kesh would allow us to link our mind to yours. As said usually legilimency is invading but if both party are willing and careful it should allow us to show you what our joining truly means."

It became a very long night with Hermione and Egeria answering many questions and establishing a mind link with each of their parents four times to share with them what they couldn't explain in words or what wouldn't be believed without it. Daniela looked at her daughter and said,

"Well it is really late. Sorry dear that we aren't as accepting as you may wish but it is really a lot to take in. That ship we visited earlier can really travel in space? And if yes at what speed?"

"It is ok mum I was expecting that it is difficult for you. The ship can travel in space and it's speed is very high especially if we use the hyperspace drive then we can cross vast parts of the galaxy in a reasonable time."

"Well then we should head to bed now. I would propose a picking on the moon for tomorrow while we discuss this further." That got a grin on Emmet's and Hermione's faces. "Oh dear ehm or should I say dears? How shall we call you? This really gets confusing"

"Hermione is ok and you don't have to address us in plural it would be weird. We merged into one person after all and only distinguish in internal discussion between the two parts that makes us me."

Next day they prepared for their trip into space. Emmet and Daniela thought the last time they were this exited were as little children. "Can we go to the Mars instead? I would be the first man on the Mars even if I let you go first." His women laughed. "No problem dad but you realise that there is a high possibility that you never can tell anyone, right?" "Yea, but it is every little boys dream to be like Neil Armstrong." Their parents could not end to stare out of the windows during the flight. Daniela was delighted watching the blue earth beyond her. Upon reaching Mars the females on board agreed to let Emmet have his moment and thus he walked out with a Union Jack in his hand and recited Neil Armstrong's famous words. After some side outside they had their picking in the storage area while Daniela and Emmet asked questions that came to their mind. They made plans for the new company and agreed to prepare a move to Canada which was a country with reasonable magic laws for muggleborns who doesn't want to change societies. It shouldn't be a problem for Hermione to get a job at one of the Universities in Canda or in New England her PhDs will be done by 1991 so that won't be a problem. Still they wanted to give Britain a chance since Emmet and Daniela would like to stay at home in Devon so they would be prepared to move but also propose to magical Britain an alternative solution.

With Daniela and Emmet in the know it became considerably easier to work on their Tel'tak, the satellite sensors and the Antarctica outpost. Often it even became family time and Daniela and/or Emmet accompanied them. It wasn't as if Hermione really had to spend all her time to do real research since a great amount of her publishing is simply derived from their knowledge based on Goa'uld and Lateran tech and knowledge. The Antarctic station however proved to be more problematic than they anticipated.

"So we can't pick what system gets powered up with the chair? We have to provide power for all systems that go at least into the ready state when we activate it?" Hermione asked.

"It seems so. That makes it much more problematic to provide enough power without using some of the more advanced power generators the Ancients had at their disposal. And we either lack the material or the knowledge, often even both to construct those." Egeria answered.

"Well isn't this fantastic!" scowled Hermione but she had an idea. "We could reprogram the starting routine so that only those systems we want get powered up, but we had only a peek into their database before it powered down so we have to spend a lot of time learning by doing if we want to go that route."

They found out that many systems run separately and can be activated without using the chair or powering up everything. They were disappointed that all defence systems as well as the manufacturing systems were not part of those. First they rejoiced when they found that they could reactivate the databases but were disappointed to find out that a feedback loop severely damaged the stored information most likely from the time of their first visit. They worked out routines to repair lost data but it will only be a fraction and it will take a lot of time.

Devon June 1991

In May 1991 they were ready for the visit of a Hogwarts Professor. Hermione gave their parents each an amulet.

"This is a personal shield generator working on a combination of energy-matter-manipulation, or magic as they call it and Goa'uld technology. It is charged by a highly advanced cell and will not easily deplete. But even then we should retreat at once, if things get problematic since I couldn't test if this shield will block all possible attacks the wizards regularly use"

"Do you have one too honey?" Daniela asked. Hermione simply cancelled the camouflage on their Kara kesh. "This gives me an even wider range of options should the need arise."

Minerva McGonagall was smiling when the girl opened the door.

"Hello, my name is Professor McGonagall and I'm from Hogwarts. Are your parents here my dear?"

"Hello my name is Doctor Granger, please come in we were expecting you Professor."

Was that girl mocking her by claiming to be a doctor or were her parents insane? But no she remembered the girl was named Hermione. Nevertheless she followed the girl into the living room.

"Well I assume you have many questions. Usually I start with a demonstration so that you can be sure that magic is real and then …"

Mr. Granger waved the rest of her speech away.

"Not necessary Professor we are well aware that "magic" exists and that our daughter is capable of performing it. We are however not amused that your laws try to force us to send our daughter to the only school you have in whole Britain for magic. Forcing her to drop out of our system and thus destroying her chances in our society while your society is biased against her for the circumstances of her birth. Did I forget something darling?"

He looked at his wife.

"Mr. Granger I can assure you .."

She was interrupted again this time by Daniela.

"Only that our daughter wouldn't drop out of school since she graduated already from university too and now she has two PhDs. She is quite famous and has many regular contacts around the whole world I wonder how one would explain her vanishing?"

McGonagall looked with wide eyes at Hermione who pointed to some reading material on the table.

"First of all you don't need to panic I found out about magic triangulating strange reading from I had from a few measure stations. Hadn't I been able to see through certain charms and walk through this so called "muggle repelling charms" I wouldn't have found out about it at all. So the likelihood of another scientist finding out this way is extremely small. But as you see it would be problematic for me to regularly attend Hogwarts. We would propose a system similar to Canada where home-schooling is combined with workshops and camps for the practical work that is not advisable to learn and train at a non-magical home. We also have the advantage that the Canadians already have a course worked out for us all that Britain is missing is the institutions for the workshops and such. So we propose that I'll attend Hogwarts each Thursday, Friday and Saturday till 4 PM. That could be easily explained as secretive work for some projects for my company or the government or something like that."

Did that girl just refuse going to a magical school? Did that little big-head tell her what they should do? She maintained her composure and tried to reason with the Grangers.

"I'm sorry but the law clearly states, that she has to attend. It is for the safety of all, magic has to stay secret and the dangers of unsupervised training are just too high. She could severely injure herself while out of range of competent help."

"Well it works in Canada and in several other countries but in Canada Hermione could learn in her native tongue and since it is in the commonwealth we could easily live and work there for some years. If our proposal is too problematic for you we are prepared to move there. We just wanted to try first since our friends and family live here in Devon." Emmet replied.

At first McGonagall wanted to tell them to go, if they think Canada is so much better. But then the information she was told before caught up with her, the girl had to be extraordinary smart for those accomplishments and while she personally thinks that her early success made her quite arrogant it wouldn't be much work to ask Albus, if this proposal could work.

"Mr. and Mrs. Granger, Hermione (she refused to call that little brat Dr. Granger) I hope you understand that this is unexpected and that I can't decide to accept or decline your proposal on my own. I'll bring your case to my superiors and will be back in two weeks, if this is alright with you?"

Daniela smiled "It certainly is Professor. We will have to settle this matter until mid-June though because we have to decide on an offered position at a University for Hermione at that time. Ket me walk you out."

The same evening Minerva brought this case to Albus and the other heads of house. The positions were clear Severus thought it would be best for all if that "arrogant brat" goes to Canada, Filius and Pomona thought it would be a great loss, if they wouldn't offer her a place at Hogwarts. Albus heard all out and called Septima to join the discussion. The Arithmancers maintained the closet links to muggle science since they often could profit from them. Even after the statue several Arithmancers became prominent mathematicians on the muggle side but this tradition died out in the 19th century. Septima was beside herself that Hermione Granger might become a student. She confirmed that the girl was well known, she was awarded something called the "Fields Medal" and there was talk that she gets nominated and quite probably awarded the so called "Nobel Price" too. She explained to them that it is similar to being awarded the golden "Flamell Claudron" or the "Hecate Chapelt" or similar awards. After being quiet for some time Albus made his conclusions known:

"It seems that she and her parents are right. It would be most problematic to let her vanish without many muggles asking questions. And while Severus has a point that it would be the most easy solution for us to simply let her go to Canada since Septima confirms the muggles won't think it strange for her to accept a position at a University in a foreign county it would mean for us to lose a bright student. We also have to consider what light it would shade on magical Britain, if we can't find a compromise here. We are currently running to host the Quidditch World Cup and the more liberal countries will certainly use it against us if we "scare a bright muggleborns away" as they would call it. For Hogwarts it wouldn't be a problem the rules for those having commitments in the muggle world weren't used for a long time but they are still part of the Hogwarts charter so the proposal won't need any rules changed. But we need to get the department of education on board so I'll invite Cecilia Abbot for dinner she is one of the more moderates there. I would ask you Minerva and Septima to join and will also invite master obliviator David Jenkins."

Minerva was confused "Why would you invite Mr. Jenkins?"

"Obliviator is the only job in the ministry where being a pureblood hinders your advancement. The best are all muggleborns and half-bloods since they have the most frequent contact with the muggle world. David was a muggleborn in Hufflepuff who graduated with honours and is now deputy head of his department. He can give Cecilia a good overview just how problematic it would be to let Miss Granger vanish from the muggle world."

They had a pleasant evening. After Septima explained how Dr. Granger is connected and published all around the world not to mention the media coverage about her Jenkins came to the conclusion that it would cost more than the whole budget his department had for a year to let this girl vanish from the muggle screens. And they had to call in for help of magic governments around the world. All agreed that this wasn't an option. Cecilia also took in the information about the old Hogwarts rules and the question that might arise should they not offer her a place in Britain. Later she gathered additional information and talked to several of her colloquies in the department of education. Somehow Ludovic Bagman got wind of the situation and almost begged her on his knees to offer the girl the proposed compromise. It wasn't easy but in the end nobody wanted to take any blame should Fudge not get the world cup or should any other diplomatic problems arise. The special permission was granted but she was tasked to inform Dumbledore that it was a special permission and not a general waive or acceptance of the old Hogwarts rules.

So McGonagall returned to the Grangers and informed them that their compromise was accepted. She was given permission to work with them on the details but was put out that the Grangers insisted on Hermione being present and having a say. She always maintained the position that one never discusses rules with children. Wasn't it enough that she already got special treatment?

When it was time to visit Diagon ally one could even say that the girl was polite but she never met a muggleborn who showed such a lack of passion when offered to learn magic. She could have sworn that the girls parent were the children looking at everything in awe while the girl was all business and just wanted the work down the list as fast as possible. After visiting Gringotts and several shops without an incident it was time to get the girl her wand. Olivander as usual tried to sneak up to his customer something he shouldn't have done with this girl. A kick in the groin and two punches later her father stopped her from inflicting more harm to her assumed offender. McGonagall instantly started to scold the girl but stopped when her mother intervened. Until she was at Hogwarts it was her parent's job to discipline her after all and it seems that now at least they were ready to do so.

"Hermione Jane Granger! What was that? Explain this instant why you attacked this man."

"Ah come on that was a LEGITMATE case of self-defence! A stranger approaching a girl and invading her personal space from behind …"

Before she could go on Daniela interrupted her

"Well missy this particular girl she was by three adults one of them well versed in magic." she also made a pointed luck at her wrist where her Kara kesh is hidden under cloak giving her daughter a clear hint to drop the damsell in distress act.

"Well you made me take all those self-defence courses and now you are complaining that I have developed reflexes? That is unfa…"

"Stop right there young Lady! First you'll apologise to the man you attacked in his own shop. And then you will have to read two fiction books of my choosing and compose a report of them for me. And if you talk back any more I'll add watching non-documentary TV on top of that."

McGonagall thought this woman is crazy when she heard the choice of punishment, but before she could say something Olivander made himself know. First he chuckled but then he couldn't hold his laughter Emmet and Daniela couldn't hold their grins either while Hermione scowled.

"Well she has a point when she says I sneaked up on her. A rather unique approach on punishing your child I must say."

"Well she works a lot so we can only ground her for limited time and then she starts working on her equations on her board or reads articles, books and similar stuff. She just enjoys her research so much that punishing her to spend time alone in her room is more like a reward. So we had to become more creative." replied Emmet with a smile. He continued "So young Lady, don't you have something to say to this gentleman?"

In the end she left the shop with a 10¾ inches vine wood Dragon heartstring wand but the wand maker refused to explain why it is supposedly good for transfiguration or what theory is behind the choice of wands. After a heated argument she was lead out of the shop by the adults of her group.

"Creepy old wanker." "You can't explain it with logic it is a form of art Miss Granger." she quoted him in a mocking voice. "Pfff."

"Watch your mouth missy." came from her mother. "Yes mum" Hermione rolled her eyes. She knows we are older than one thousand years and she is still chastising us. "Don't roll your eyes on me. And when we are home we are talking some more about you violent behaviour. With your disguised Kara kesh you can easily produce a shield to protect yourself and you and I both know that you did not develop any reflexes in those courses. Hermione scowled. Thousand years of experience and she still got the better of me.

It was agreed Hermione will arrive at Hogwarts having the theory for several lessons already prepared. As precaution she was only allowed to get lessons one year ahead so that she does not overtax her magic into exhaustion. Of course she did not tell them why she was certain that this precaution wasn't necessary. So although she thought little of most of the theoretical work of the magic folk she prepared so that she could take whatever lesson happens to come up in the first two years and whatever the teachers gave her to prepare for the self-study sessions in the castle. The professors agreed on the Canadian material as guideline for which magic she can learn at home and which has to be done at Hogwarts. Snape threw of course a fit, since only very few pre OWL potions were mentioned in the supervised material and insisted on the arogant brat to have proper potion lessons. The Grangers agreed on a trial basis so long it won't make problems with Hermione's schedule and it actually brings her forward. They did not mention that the last criterion was entirely up to Hermione.

September 1st 1991 fell on a Sunday Hermione agreed on taking part at the welcoming feast and of course the sorting but she would floo from her Head of house office first thing on Monday so that she can have breakfast with her family before going to work. Her official Hogwarts days were Thursday, Friday and Saturday till afternoon. So she boarded the Hogwarts Express on September the 1st kissed her parents goodbye. She shared her compartment with two other girls Susan Bones and Hanna Abbot both were less silly than Hermione expected. Just after their journey started someone knocked at their compartment door. After they called "Come in." a chubby boy asked them if one of them had seen his toad. They hadn't but Hermione asked Neville for the Toads name and then to think of Trevor as good as he can while he was touching her wand. She used the image projected by the boy and the name to summon the Toad with her Kara kesh but making a show of it as if the was doing so with her wand. Little later Neville had Tervor back in his hands and was invited to share the compartment with them. When they started to talk about houses Neville confessed that he wants to become a Gryffindor but thinks he might end in Hufflepuff. This does not sit well with Susan and Hanna.

"So you think Hufflepuff is beneath the other houses, or what?"

Hermione tried to mediate.

"All houses have their strong points Neville. And I think you should be proud, if you are chosen for Hufflepuff. Loyalty, friendship and hard work are all admirable traits. But I think Gryffindor would suit you well too. It is not only for glory seeking reckless boys, it also holds up honour, chivalry and of course true bravery and that can only be achieved if you overcome your fear."

"Well for you it is easy you are a Ravenclaw through and through." said Hanna.

"I'm not so sure. When I was younger what I do in my non-magical job is not all about books but often about thinking and experimenting. The magical methods of finding new spells and such is vastly different from the non-magical one and in resent time it is really often about finding so called lost knowledge. I learned to prove things in a more methodical way, confirm what I my theories in experiments and to be always critical. If it wasn't for the whole Blood issue I might be a Slytherin since I'm quite ambitious. For my Hogwarts experience it is more important for me to make some I goo friends and I really value a good work ethic so I think I'll be a Puff."

Susan and Hanna beamed at her when she finished. Neville seemed to be deep in thought. They started to talk about their daily life their expectation of Hogwarts. The other three were astonished when they learned that Hermione will be only a part time student at Hogwarts. That simply was unheard of. But given that she already did work in the muggle world it was understandable. At some point during the journey a blonde pounce with two gorillas in two rudely interrupted them searching for Harry Potter. Since the boy wasn't in their group he left shortly after but now Hermione had to hear all the Harry Potter rumours and stories recited from the three exited kids her. Egeria and Hermione had long since decided to take the whole story with a great strain of salt and those fiction stories were easy to see as such for someone brought up in the non-magical society. Man those isolationists must really be bored to hell. I wonder if the WWN might regularly report that they have nothing to report. Hermione giggled internally at Egeria's comments.

A giant man was standing with his lantern calling for the first years sending them down a slippy bath towards the lake. Suddenly they heard splash laughter and a boy cursing his broken glasses. When they turned to origin of the sounds they saw boy with messy black hair holding some broken glasses and soaking wet. The giant man apologised that he couldn't dry the boy and ordered all to board the boats. Hermione used the general excitement to dry the boy's robes and repair the glasses. Both charms. that she already could do without her Kara kesh. The boy muttered "Thank you." She smiled "You're welcome." She hurried to board the boat where Susan, Hanna and Neville had saved a place for her.


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