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A/N: The chapters are going to trade off between points of view and because it's Lockwood who is telling the first chapter… I assumed that he would probably call himself by his first name and not his last. Also, just in case you were wondering, summary is not entirely accurate; Lucy, George and Lockwood do in fact stay in the hospital but not forever. I have read very good stories in which the main character is hospitalized and if that was what you were looking forward to while reading this I hope you aren't disappointed. Sorry for boring you, just thought I should clear this up : )

Chapter 1

I gazed down at the case file deep in thought. Despite the reassuring presence of my colleagues, for the first time in a long time, I felt anxious about a case. The objective was simple enough of course, get in, secure the ghost, and so on so forth so why did I feel the tendrils of foreboding, rooting itself in the back of my mind? With a small shiver, I looked out the cab window at the darkening sky, the sun casting a blood red haze over the cautious world below. Most everyone was inside by this point except for the occasional straggler and kid on their way to their Night post. Every so often you could see a group of agents making their rounds on the city, handing out salt bombs and lavender candles and giving out tips to keep frightened families safe from any number of Spectre or Spirit.

With a sigh, I tore my gaze away from the city and mentally ran through the list of supplies that would be needed for our nightly escapee.

- Iron chains, George had been extra careful this time around

- Iron filings, three bags full at least

- Rapiers, yes these had been forgotten before

- Torches

- Extra batteries

- Tea

- Cookies…

I was broken out of my stupor when Lucy shook my shoulder

"Come on, we're here."

After paying the cab driver for his efforts, I ran to catch up to George and Lucy who were both already making their way up the cracked stone path that had been over run with weeds. "Why are we here again?" Lucy inquired, "It doesn't look like anyone lives in this place… I mean look at it!" After this pronouncement one of the shutters at the front of the house fell to the ground and splintered. Needless to say, all three of us jumped at the sudden sound, George even going so far as to take a few steps back. All to soon we reached the front door of the decaying mansion.

"In answer to your earlier question Lucy, that's because no one does." George shrugged while testing out the stability of one of the rotting steps, "The neighbors, Mr. And Mrs. Parkinson, who live over there, called us here." Both Lucy and I peered through the overgrown hedge to take a look at a small quaint house complete with a small box gardens and frilly curtains.

"Why couldn't they have had a ghost problem?" I mumbled under my breath while Lucy shot me a hidden smirk.

George continued, oblivious to our silent conversation behind him, "They claimed to have heard maniacal laughter coming from this very spot along with the occasional flash of light, that sort of thing… at least that's what they said over the phone." Finally, satisfied that the step would hold him, he climbed up. I quickly followed, a hand on my rapier to keep it from tangling in my long black trench coat, and tried the door.

"Locked." I proclaimed, shaking the handle to prove it.

"Now what?" Lucy asked attempting to peer through a grimy window, overrun by dust and vines.

"I guess we check around back for another way in…," I paused slipping the backpack off my back, "Or I could try to pick it?" I rummaged for spare bits of metal that were strewn throughout my pack from past cases and broken rapiers.

The door crept open with a squeak of its rusty hinges.

"I don't think that will be necessary." George said shakily

Please tell me if this is okay, I've had this idea for awhile now and thought it would be cool to expand on. This is only my second fan fiction so I am by no means an expert, if there is anything I can improve on please let me know. : ) - RandomWriter