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Chapter 3

I clambered up the staircase as fast as my legs would take me. Lucy only steps behind me, fumbling with her torch and gear. Lockwood had already reached the landing and was tearing through the corridor at breakneck speed, his face a mask of excitement and concentration.

With a final puff, I stumbled onto the second floor, stopping only to push my glasses back onto my nose. Lucy overtook me her rapier already drawn, she had closed her eyes so as to hear better, while walking at a brisk pace, holding her hand out in front of her in case she ran into anything. This would have been extremely funny and I would have had a grand time teasing her about it but now I figured was not the best time considering the situation.

After a tense few minutes in the hallway in which Lucy Listened and I diligently recorded our experiences thus far, Lockwood came prancing back, his face a mixture of disappointment and frustration, "It up and left!" His coat collar was flipped up, whether on purpose or forgotten in his haste, and his dark brown hair was ruffled in a somewhat dignified way. Something Lucy and I agreed that we could never pull off. With a last huff he straightened and sheathed his rapier, "You hear anything, Luce?" The brunette shook her head slowly but kept her eyes tightly shut.

After a few more wasted minutes of pointless nothings, we voted to return to the safe haven of the kitchen, at least to get our bearings straight, and then, of course, we would make a prompt return to the upstairs floor.

"So Lockwood, what exactly did this ghost look like?" Lucy asked a thoughtful expression on her face as she munched on another cookie.

He raised an eyebrow, "Didn't you see it?"

She shrugged, typical Lucy, "Only for a couple seconds… and besides, you have way better sight than either George or I do."

"Hey!" I couldn't help but defend myself and my physic abilities, "My sight may not be as good as Lockwood's, but it's certainly better than yours!"

Lucy looked ready to strangle me, I'm sure she would have done it too if Lockwood hadn't slammed his fists on the table, effectively preventing the short tempered girl from jumping across the counter.

"Could you two stop it? I didn't get a good look at the ghost because it disappeared before I could corner it. I was just wondering if either of you had. " as an afterthought, he added, "There's no need to jump at each other's throats okay? We're in a haunted house with a, quite possibly, malevolent spirit and you want to fight over whose Sight is better."

We both looked away before giggling at the absurdity of the situation, returning to our vigilant watch over the door and in my case, the half eaten plate of cookies.

Seconds turned to minutes and, soon, we decided to explore the upper story once more, this time as a coordinated team. "Let's go find a ghost!" Lockwood flashed a confident smile, as way of a pep-talk, "Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and it will come to us!" Lucy shrugged with worry while I hurriedly inventoried our supplies, making sure we had everything we needed. Then, with great trepidation, our small three person party stepped past the boundary of the warm, inviting kitchen and into the dark, gloomy hallway that led to the stairs.

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