The Warrior Princess and the Writer Prince

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not so far away, there lived a warrior princess. She was a pretty girl who thought she could leap tall buildings in a single bound. She carried the weight of the world on her shoulders as she worked alongside her two knights in blue armour to hunt down monsters.

One day, she met a ruggedly handsome prince. He was a writer, not a warrior, wielding his rapier wit rather than a weapon. She found him annoying. He interfered in her quest to rid the world of evil. And she thought he was like a nine-year-old on a sugar rush. But he was clever and insightful, so she let him follow her as she tracked down monsters. Together, they took down tigers and arrested zombies. They defeated traitors and diffused bombs.

Slowly, the princess started to like the prince. She saw that he was charming and caring, smart and funny, and kind to dogs and children. The prince, too, was smitten. He began to bring her coffee every morning so that he could see her smile at him. Then, one magical night, the prince and princess kissed under the moonlight. It was amazing.

The prince began to hope that the princess would open her eyes and see that she was not alone, that he was right there waiting for her. But the princess had built a wall around her heart and would not let the prince in.

One dark and stormy night, a sleeping dragon awoke and set out to destroy the princess' world. The dragon sent a huntsman after the princess. The prince tried to protect his princess by secretly making a deal with the hunters. The princess was furious when she found out, and refused to listen to his pleas. She sent him away. The princess traced the huntsman to his lair. She fought valiantly, but the huntsman was strong and vicious and left her to die. As the princess hung over the chasm, desperately clinging to her life, all she could do was think about the prince.

Pulled from the brink of death by one of her loyal knights, the princess thought long and hard about the years ahead without the prince in her life. She knew that the time for her had come for her to break down the wall she had built around her heart.

She went to the castle and told the prince what was in her heart. The prince kissed her, first with passion, then with tenderness, and the princess knew that she had found the kind of relationship that she had always wanted.

In the days that followed, they loved and laughed and fought and loved some more. The prince and princess were content in the knowledge that they would be together – always. And the world around them rejoiced in their happiness.