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Intro theme: Master Quest

There's no time to question my moves!

I stick to the path that I choose!

Me and my friends are gonna do it right,

You'll never see us run away from a fight!

To be a master is my dream…

All I've got to do is believe! –and I believe!-

I've got a chance to win.

I'm on my way to victory!


I can be a champion if I just believe.

I'm on a Master Quest!

I want the whole world to see! –and I believe!-

I'm gonna be the very best,

Cause all I've got to do is believe in me!


Chapter 3: Hot Sandile Geyser

After resting at the Pokémon Center and getting directions to Striaton City, Ash and Pikachu had set off down the road. For some reason, Iris and Axew had decided to join them without any talking or even inviting themselves verbally. Ash hadn't minded at first, thinking she might've just been heading in the same direction at the moment, but after a few minutes he decided she must've had some other reason, as they still hadn't parted yet.

"Okay, is there some special reason you're coming along with us?" Ash asked, turning his head towards her. "It's not like we fried your bike or something."

"I figured since you're new to Unova, I'd tag along and help you out." Iris replied.

"I can do things just fine, you know." Ash stated.

"Right. Says the guy who wildly tossed a Poké Ball at a Deerling."

Ash stopped walking. "I told you! It was distracted and off-guard, and that makes for an easy catch!"

Iris also stopped to reply. "And I told you, you need to attack first and THEN throw the Poké Ball when it's weak!"

"Oshawott!" Oshawott interrupted.

Ash was about to respond again when they both suddenly realized Oshawott had appeared out of nowhere and now stood between them.

"Oshawott!" Oshawott repeated. They all stared at it, confused. "Wott?"


After a moment, Iris thought of something. "Hey, is this the same Oshawott from yesterday?"

"Maybe." Ash replied. He crouched and petted Oshawott. "Thanks for the help yesterday."

"Oshawott!" Oshawott tapped its scalchop proudly.

"Well, that proves it." Ash remarked, getting back up. "But why are you here, anyway?"

"Pika." Pikachu agreed, getting down to talk with Oshawott. "Pika, Pikachu Pika Pika?"

"Oshawott! Osha osha oshawott osha!" Oshawott replied.

Pikachu turned to Ash. "So what's up? Why's Oshawott here?"

"Pikapi, Pika pika pika pika pika!"

Pikachu climbed on Ash's shoulder. Ash crouched again, his attention on Oshawott. "So you've been following us?" he asked. Oshawott nodded. "Why?"

Oshawott climbed on his shoulder, mirroring Pikachu's position. "Oshawott! Osha, wott osha Oshawott!"

"So you want to come with us?" Ash asked. Oshawott nodded enthusiastically. Ash smiled. "In that case, welcome to the team!" He proceeded to pull out a Poké Ball, tossing it upwards.

Oshawott jumped after it, tapping the center button. The ball opened, hit Oshawott with a red light….And then closed, falling back down. Ash and Iris were reasonably confused for a moment.

"Hang on, doesn't that only happen when…." Ash began.

"This Oshawott must already belong to someone!" Iris finished. "But who?"

After thinking for a moment, Ash came to a realization. "Wait, are you the same Oshawott from Professor Juniper's lab?" he asked it.

"Oshawott!" it nodded.

"Then that's it!" Ask stated. "But how to contact the professor…"

Iris interrupted him. "I know! There's a small Poké-Mart just up ahead a short distance!"

Ash looked at her. "So?"

"They might have a phone, and if not, we could always just ask for directions."

"Then let's go!"

A short time later found them talking to Professor Juniper at the previously-mentioned Poké-Mart.

"I was wondering where Oshawott was! He vanished a little bit after you left." Juniper said.

"Yeah. He wants to come along with us. Is that okay?" Ash asked.

"Yes, that's fine!" Juniper replied. "I'll send over his Poké Ball right away."

Juniper vanished from the screen momentarily. Then, the device next to the screen sparked as a Poké Ball appeared. Ash picked it up. "Alright, we've got it!" he said.

Juniper reappeared, and replied, "That's good. Oh, and keep an eye out! Oshawott likes to disappear sometimes."

"Hey, Professor Juniper!" A voice from the other side of the screen suddenly called. Juniper turned to her left.

"Oh! Shane! Perfect!" Juniper walked off-screen. After another moment, she walked back with the teen from yesterday. "Ash, you've met Shane already, right?" she asked.

"Yeah. Good to see you again, Shane! How are you?"

"I'm good. Nice to see you too! So you've got Oshawott now, huh?"


"I'm just checking on my teams right now. How many Pokémon have you caught so far?"

"Just a Pidove. Wait, teams?! How many Pokémon do YOU have?!" Ash exclaimed.

Shane put his hand on his head with a modest expression. "Nothing like the amount you're probably thinking about. I've just got two special teams of six and a few other Pokémon I caught a while back."

"Oh." Ash calmed down. "Anyway, what's the Striaton Gym Leader like? Have you met him?"

"All I'll say is this, Ash: When you get there, order the PKMN B Special. Rare, preferably."

Ash stared blankly for a moment. "…..huh?"

Shane adjusted his hat. "Anyway, I'm coming after you soon enough. I've just got a few more things to attend to, and then I'll catch up. See you later Ash!" The screen shut off.

"Huh?! Hey! Wait a minute! Shane! What do you mean 'order'?! Come back!" Ash yelled in vain at the screen. He proceeded to groan, and then sigh, in succession.

"Hey, Ash? Uh, Oshawott's missing." Iris informed him.

"What?!" Ash turned around, confirming that Oshawott was indeed no longer there. "Oh man…Great. Now I have to look for Oshawott while I figure out Shane's advice."

"Well, Axew and I could always help you." Iris offered.

As they walked out of the store, Ash considered Iris' offer. "I guess. It doesn't hurt to have some help."

"Good. With that settled, let's get going." With that, they began walking down the road.

And took all of ten seconds to fall into a pit.

Upon landing,-rather hardly- Ash groaned. "Oww…..that hurt…"

"Who would leave a pitfall in the middle of the road?" Iris questioned, having landed somewhat more softly than Ash.

"It's probably some type of trap." Ash guessed.

"If it is, who would make it?"

Ash opened his mouth to reply, but someone outside the pit responded first. "Sandile." Ash and Iris looked upwards at the voice, finding it to belong to a boy around their age. Said boy had green eyes, brown hair, and was wearing a green shirt with bluish grey shorts and green shoes.

Elsewhere, both Team Rockets were on the move. Without warning, Butch and Cassidy fell into a pitfall that the other trio didn't notice until they too fell in.

Butch and Cassidy collected themselves and landed on their feet...Before the trio fell on top of them, landing on literally everything that wasn't their feet. Once the teams collected themselves, they separated, taking aggressive stances towards each other.

"Well, well, Jessie." Cassidy greeted.

"Cassidy!" Jessie shouted.

"And Butcher!" James shouted.

'Butcher' fell over. "It's BUTCH YOU BUMBLING IDIOTS! I'LL 'BUTCHER' YOU!"

"Hey, what's this thing?" Meowth interrupted the humans to bring their attention to a small Pokémon that was glaring at them.

"Sandile! Sandile!" It spoke firmly.

"Yeah, threaten us all you want. You're too tiny to be scary." Meowth replied.

"What's it saying, Meowth?" Jessie asked.

"'Leave now, something terrible is happening.' Is what I get from it."

"Sandile! Sandile sandile!"

"Whaddya mean?"

"Sandile?" Ash questioned, pulling out his PokéDex.

"Sandile: The Desert Croc Pokémon. It lives often in the desert or in places with hot sand. A dark membrane protects its eyes from the sun. When this Pokémon buries itself in sand, it curiously leaves its nose and eyes above the ground."

"Interesting…" Ash remarked, putting away his PokéDex. "Thanks for helping us. I'm Ash, and this is Pikachu."

"And I'm Iris. My partner here is Axew."

The boy who helped them out began explaining. "My name is Dan. My family runs a resort spa hotel that's just a little farther down this road. Unfortunately, we're closed right now because of the Sandile."

"What happened?" Ash asked.

Dan turned around. "Come with me and I'll show you."

A short time later found them at the mentioned hotel. "See, our biggest attraction here is the hot-sand spa." Dan explained as they arrived at said spa. "For some reason, the Sandile just showed up and started messing around, making it look like this." He gestured to the destruction laid out in front of them. Everywhere, there were ditches, some fallen trees…even some overturned boulders.

"Whoa….I can't believe this!" Iris commented.

"I just don't get it." Dan stated. "It only happened a short time ago. I was helping tend to a pair of customers. They were just starting to enjoy themselves, and then the Sandile showed up. We thought everything was normal at first..."

Ash turned to face him. "I thought the Sandile caused all this? What about them showing up was 'normal'?"

"You see, the Sandile showing up is nothing new. They appeared often, usually relaxing. Dad mentions how they enjoy the hot sand too every time they show up. Then, they just suddenly started wrecking the place." Dan explained.

"I don't understand. Why would a bunch of friendly Sandile just up and rampage?" Iris questioned. "Especially if they enjoyed it so much."

"That's what we don't get either. It just doesn't seem to make sense." Dan replied.

"Well, we'll help out!" Ash proclaimed.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu agreed. They proceeded to leap over the tape…..and somehow, Ash was suddenly in trunks with all his travel clothes neatly folded behind him as he and Pikachu lay perfectly covered in the hot sand.

"H-how….." Iris first questioned how Ash changed into swimwear so quickly, let alone folded his clothes as well, but she then decided to question why he was in the sand the way he was. "What are you doing?" she asked.

"Well, if we're gonna help, we need research first." Ash responded.


"All you care about is checking out the hot sand." Iris deadpanned. She then discovered Axew pop up beside them, inexplicably in the exact same state. "Not you too…"

Meanwhile,Team Rocket 1 spied upon them, Butch and Cassidy having already decided to move on with what they were doing. "Just look at them, so relaxed and off-guard." Jessie commented. "The perfect time to steal Pikachu."

"Sandile!" The Sandile from before yelled at them. They turned around at the sound of its voice.

"Ugh, not this thing again." Jessie commented.

"Scram!" Meowth told it.

"Go away!" James barked.

It simply yelled at them once more, before burrowing under the sand and heading towards Ash and company.

"Ash, weren't we looking for Oshawott?" Iris asked, trying to get him out of the sand.

"That's right! I almost forgot!" Ash exclaimed, sitting up.

"Oshawott!" They heard, tipping them off that he was nearby. It simply took a glance around for them to notice him laying the sand by himself, his scalchop on his forehead. They walked over to him.

"Hang on, have you been here the entire time?" Ash asked. Oshawott's happy nods and tone of voice told him it was so. "Someone's enjoying himself." he remarked.

Suddenly, a Sandile with sunglasses leapt out of the sand and grabbed Axew with its mouth.

"What- Axew!"

"Pikachu, Iron Tail!" Ash reacted fast.

"Pika!" Pikachu's tail became a shiny metallic black as he prepared for battle.

"Wait!" Iris exclaimed. "If you attack it, you could hurt Axew, too!"

"Then what do we do?! If we can't attack, how are we gonna get Axew back?" Ash replied. Pikachu's tail returned to normal as his concentration faded.

Sandile moved a decent ways back, growling at them. "That one is the leader!" Dan exclaimed, pointing at it. "That Sandile is one that showed up first and initiated the attack!"

"We have to stop it!" Iris yelled. After a moment, she thought of something. "If we can get our hands on it, we could pry Axew out of its mouth!"

"Then what are we waiting for?" Ash exclaimed, moving ahead. However, Iris stopped him.

"Wait. I'll grab it first. Then we try."

"Why?" Ash asked.

"Just watch."

Iris began running towards Sandile. In response, Sandile used Sand Attack, which Iris dodged by jumping aside, and then quickly moved to grab it with both hands, fortunately succeeding.

"Now do I help?" Ash asked.

"Yes! Try to open its mouth with your hands!" Iris replied, struggling to hold the Sandile as it flailed.

Ash quickly moved over and began attempting exactly that. Pikachu and Oshawott moved to help too, but they couldn't really do much with Iris holding it off the ground. "Let go!" Ash yelled at it, pulling his hands in opposite directions.

Since it wasn't working yet, Iris decided to try another way: She used her legs to hold Sandile down, and put her hands on the roof of its maw. "Ash, you pull the jaw, I'll pulled the top!"

"Okay!" Ash complied, using both hands on the jaw. Unfortunately, this still didn't work. "Alright, Pikachu! Use Iron Tail now!" Ash commanded. Pikachu complied, charged up Iron Tail, and slammed it into Sandile's stomach, not only sending it flying, but also freeing Axew, who Iris caught in midair with a flip.

Irritated, Sandile leapt at Pikachu and Oshawott, somehow grabbing the former's whole forelimb and the latter's foot. "Dile!" it somehow growled without moving its mouth.

Just as it began running away, however, it suddenly lost its footing on the ground, and stuck to a magnet it didn't realize was there. "Where did THAT come from?!" Ash asked in shock, surprised by the magnet's sudden appearance.

Speaking of which, said magnet was attached to a rope attached to a construction vehicle of some sort. It was four-wheeled and small, barely big enough for both Jessie and James to sit inside.

"A twerpish question indeed…." Jessie began.

"The answer to come as we feel the need!" James continued.

"Bringing the white light of evil into your future!"

"Hammering justice on the black universe!"

"And carving our names in the rock of eternity!" Meowth chimed in.

"The fiery destroyer, Jessie!" Jessie waved a rose around.

"With thunderous emotion, I am James!" James held a violet's stem with his mouth.

"Wisest of the wise, Meowth!" Meowth held nothing, despite the yellow, flowery background.

"Now gather, under the name of Team Rocket!" the trio finished, posing as a giant R symbol appeared behind them on a starry background.

"Another new motto?" Ash deadpanned.

"Is this the 'other' Team Rocket you mentioned, Ash?" Iris asked him.

He nodded to her, before looking back at them. "I don't suppose we could just ask you to give us back our Pokémon?" Ash asked, already sure of what was going to happen.

"There's a problem with that idea, twerp: These Pokémon belong to us now!" Jessie replied. "James, high-gear! Time to get away!"

"Right away!" James responding. He started forward, and turned for their getaway.

"Get back here!" Ash yelled as the group gave chase.

"Mmmm... nope!" Meowth said, tossing a smoke bomb at them. It exploded, leaving the group behind as Team Rocket moved onward.

Higher in the mountains, Team Rocket decided to stop as they now seemed to have lost the twerps.

"We've finally caught Pikachu!" Jessie exclaimed in glee.

"With Oshawott and Sandile, we'll get a bonus too!" James intentionally rhymed.

"Now, let's contact the boss and tell 'em 'Mission Complete!'" Meowth added. They were just about to, when suddenly one of their front wheels sank into the ground, causing their magnet to sway. When they thought it was over, the other front wheel sank, rocking them once more.

"Saand!" Sandile called out as more of his kind appeared.

Meowth hopelessly swung his suitcase, trying to shoo them away. "Go away! Leave us alone!"

During this time, Ash, Iris, and Dan got to the top, looking quickly for Team Rocket. Iris quickly saw and pointed at them. "Guys, up there!"

"Dile!" Glasses Sandile shouted. In response, the other Sandile began digging. Shortly, Team Rocket found themselves sinking as the Sandile dug under them. Not wanting to be buried alive, they quickly abandoned ship as the vehicle was submerged. Somehow, the magnet lost its grip on Glasses Sandile, letting him back on the ground again. He began walking forwards with the other Sandile following.

"I think we ought to get out of here!" Meowth suggested.

"Why should we?" Jessie asked, irritably.

"Gee, maybe it's because our getaway vehicle's sunk and we ain't got another plan." Meowth droned.

Jessie sighed. "Better than a blast-off, I guess." They quickly fled.

Eventually, Glasses Sandile stopped, releasing Pikachu and Oshawott. As the two looked around, confused, they found themselves in front of a group of Pokémon that were scared and also confused. Said group of Pokémon consisted of a few Deerling, Patrat, and Pidove. Pikachu and Oshawott watched in confusion as the Sandile began to crowd around them.

At this same time, Ash and company had climbed up the cliff and hid behind a convenient natural rock that acted as a decent "watching unseen" spot. "There they are." Ash stated, quietly.

"I wonder what's up with those wild Pokémon?" Iris asked, also quiet.

Glasses Sandile, standing upon a conveniently raised part of the ground, began speaking to the other Pokémon. "Dile! Sandile sandile! Sandile!"

Just then, a hot water geyser erupted a distance behind them. One of the other Sandile started talking, apparently convincing the other Pokémon to go with them. Then, more geysers erupted, even one right next to the humans.

"A geyser?!" Dan exclaimed.

"Huh?" Ash questioned.

"Boiling water that shoots up from the ground." Iris explained.

"I know what a geyser is! I didn't know they could be hot, though." Ash replied.

"Geysers aren't very common around here. I've never seen one in this area before." Dan said.

As they spoke, more geysers erupted around them and the Pokémon group. Glasses Sandile seemingly told them to keep moving, as some of them looked around in fear.

"Looks like the Sandile are bringing the Pokémon somewhere." Iris observed.

Dan came to a conclusion. "The Sandile must be guiding them to safety!" he exclaimed. Iris and Ash turned to him. "Maybe that's why they came to the sand-baths! They were trying to warn us!"

"Oh! That might be why it grabbed Axew!"

"It was trying to help! That Sandile's alright!" Ash got out from behind the rock. "Hey, Pikachu! Oshawott!" he yelled, jogging towards them. Pikachu and Oshawott heard him, and walked over to him.

Glasses Sandile, noticing this, turned around. "Sandile! Sandile!" it exclaimed, walking back towards them. This caught the attention of the other Sandile, who turned around to help him. The group of wild Pokémon stopped moving upon taking notice that the Sandile were no longer guiding them.

Suddenly, the ground shook greatly, the rumbling of an imminent geyser quite clear. "That sounds huge!" Dan shouted.

There was a startlingly large eruption, followed by multiple other eruptions, some of which conveniently burst in such a way as to make a river flowing around a few lone platforms, one of which housed the panicked wild Pokémon.

Iris and Dan jogged up. "They're isolated on that little platform! There's no way across!"

"It'll be a big problem if another big one goes off!" Dan exclaimed. They then felt the rumblings of yet another giant geyser.

"Like right now!" Iris yelled. Ash ran to the river, and tried to step in it, but immediately pulled his foot back out. "Ash, you can't just wade through boiling hot water!"

"But we have to do something!" Ash replied.

"Sandile! Sandile!" Glasses Sandile interrupted. He turned to the other Sandile and apparently told them a plan, since directly after he found an uneven bit of ground perfect to bite down and headstand with it that was then trumped by another Sandile climbing up and biting down on his tail, using it the same way. The rest of the Sandile followed suit, making a rather tall tower.

"What are they doing?" Iris asked.

"I think they're making a bridge." Ash replied. He was proven right when the tower leaned over and created a small path over the boiling river. "Come on! Everyone, just run across!" Ash shouted encouragingly.

Unfortunately, they all remained firmly planted where they were. "What's wrong?" Iris asked.

"They're all too scared!" Dan replied.

"We have to help!" Ash exclaimed, running across the Sandile Bridge. At the other side, he stepped to the side and motioned with his arms for the Pokémon to cross. "Look, it's perfectly safe. But we have to hurry! Please!"

The Pokémon hesitated, but they managed to quickly get across. The Pidove even remembered that they could fly. "Okay. You go on ahead Pikachu." Pikachu nodded, following the last Deerling across. Before Ash could follow, he noticed the platform under the last Sandile in the bridge breaking off and collapsing. He quickly crouched and grabbed it just before it fell into the water, and held it up to his chest to keep the footing steady.

"Ash!" Iris cried.


"Don't worry!" Ash shouted back. "Okay Sandile, just a little longer!"


Suddenly, a large geyser erupted, sending a scorching hot waterfall at Ash.

"Oshawott, osha!" Oshawott shouted, running to the center of the Sandile Bridge and leaping as he fired Water Gun at it, fortunately stopping it from causing harm. Though he came to a grim realization midair: Gravity is a harsh mistress. He began plummeting towards the boiling river, helplessly.

"No!" Ash yelled in concern. He quickly reached for Oshawott's Poké Ball. "Oshawott, return!" The red beam shot out, luckily returning Oshawott to it in time. But then, another concern rose as the Sandile began slipping from his hand. He tried to keep his grip, but he lost it before he could even move to put away his Poké Ball. He gasped in shock and fear, but he felt something- or rather, someone- grab his hand. He looked up to see Iris smiling at him.

"That was pretty crazy, Ash."

"Nah, that was nothing." He replied. He looked over at Glasses Sandile. "Sandile, just one last push, alright?"


The next they knew, they were lift upwards and now holding the top of a mighty tower of Sandile….which promptly fell apart. The Sandile landed hardly, but they were okay. Ash and Iris landed in their own….unique manners. Iris' toes touched the ground, and she leapt away from the river, rolling. Ash first touched the ground with his feet, and then fell on his rear. Either way, they were mostly okay.

"That was close."

A short time later, having returned to the resort-spa hotel, they checked what was once the sand-bath to find that it was now a hot spring. Since they were friends, had helped figure out the Sandile mystery, and very much needed some relaxation after all that, Ash, Iris, and their Pokémon became the first ones to try the hotel's newest attraction.

"So, what does everyone think?" Dan's father, a man with brownish-grey hair and green eyes, asked with lighthearted smile.

"I'm a little sad about the geysers costing us the sand spa, but who knew we'd get a hot spring in return?" Dan replied.

"Yeah, the water's great now that it's not scalding!" Ash commented.

"Definitely!" Iris added.

"We now have a brand-new attraction." Dan's father stated.

"Hot springs are great, and really relaxing!" Ash exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Iris agreed. Even the Pokémon chimed in positively.

Meanwhile, back behind the spring, a particular Sandile surfaced, laughing to itself.

To be continued…

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Meanwhile, have EVEN MORE CHAPTER!

The screen shut off. Shane turned to leave, but Juniper's voice stopped him.

"Are you sure about this?" She asked, walking up to him. His confused expression prompted her to explain. "I mean, after what happened before, are you sure you want to continue your journey already?"

Shane sighed. "Yes, professor. It's been long enough since the three of us set out. Ash has reminded me of what we're all about."

"Alright. Then go get your friend and get out there. Enjoy yourself." Juniper said.

Shane nodded and turned to walk out.

It's always hard when the journey begins
hard to find your way, hard to make amends…

As he walked over to his bike, he looked back over the lab, and then the town. Then he turned to the Snivy on his shoulder. "It's finally time to finish what I started long ago. You ready, Blade?" he asked. The small grass-snake nodded. Shane took a deep breath and got on his bicycle, riding down the path.

But there's nothing you can't do,
Cause you've got the power inside of you!

They rode past numerous buildings, but none they wanted. Shane rode towards the store, and then turned a corner, heading towards his friend's house. Upon arrival, he got off, and knocked on the door.

It's never easy…
To make a choice.
To keep things inside….
Or raise your voice.

The door opened, answered by a blonde girl with a green bag. She wore a green beret with a white, horizontal stripe, a long white dress with an orange V-neck tank-top over it, orange stockings, orange shoes, and a single white wristband on her left arm.

But for everyone there comes a time,
When the light inside begins to shine.

It's not always right or wrong,
As long as your spirit's strong.

"Hello, Shane." She greeted.

"Hi, Bianca." Shane returned.

"It's time to go again, huh?"


Bianca took a deep breath, and smiled. "Alright. Let's go."

It's not always win or lose,
It's the road you choose,
The answer's within.

Shane nodded. Bianca stepped out, checking her bag to make sure her Pokémon were there. Convinced they were, the two began walking, Shane taking his bike and walking along with it.

It's not always black and white,
But your heart always knows what's right.

But let the journey begin!

They soon found themselves on the path leading toward Accumula Town. They both breathed deeply and slowly. 'It's finally time.' They both thought.

"I've already decided what I'm going to do." Shane stated. "I'm going to meet up with Ash and join him. I've still got to learn from him."

Bianca nodded. "I'll just be doing like before, then." She replied. Shane nodded, and got on his bike.

"I'll see you around, Bianca!" He called as he rode away, waving back.

So many choices….How do we know?
So many places….Where do we go?
What should I say?
What should I do?

Still we're together, me and you!

It's not always right or wrong,
As long as your spirit's strong.

It's not always win or lose, it's the road you choose.
The answer's within.

It's not always Black and White!
But your heart always knows what's right!

But let the journey begin,


"I think it's about time I finally got back on track." He spoke to himself as he rode along. Well, he had one pair of invisible ears to listen to him, but that was it.

There's nothing you can't do,
Cause you've got the power inside of you!
It's not always right or wrong,
As long as your spirit's strong.

It's not always win or lose, it's the road you choose.
The answer's within.

It's not always Black and White!
But your heart always knows what's right!

But let the journey begin,


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