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People would think him insane if he told them of the dreams he had of the person from another world and the conversations they had. Harry understood that his friend in the dream world couldn't be their all the time, he was in a group working to their enemy's lands to get to a mountain to destroy something. His friend didn't tell him everything and Harry understood that as he himself was in the middle of a war and he didn't tell him everything either. They both knew that they were both in a war well that he was in a war and it was just a matter of time before the war in Harrys world that was quiet for fourteen years would start again soon different wars, different people, and different weapons but a war all the same they both new one could die before they were physically in the same world together for now they were as content as they could be they knew a little about each other, but Harry didn't speak about his relatives except to say that he did not like them. He promised I will tell you some day but not yet and his friend was fine with that but it made him wonder what happened to make him not talk about them. For now though he told harry about his home and life in Mirkwood. If they were both honest they stopped being just friends a while back in the year they had been spending their dreams together they had developed feelings for each other but they don't touch, for they both know that if they do both will wake up abruptly.

Harry sighed and ran a hand through his hair and looked over at Legolas "Sirius has come to the conclusion someone is trying to kill me" he announced Legolas looks up sharply "what!" he replied sharply. "You know the wizard game that was restarted this year between my school and two others I told you about?" "Yeah" well the names were drawn at diner today and instead of there being three champions there were four. Except that with the age line that my headmaster put around the Goblet of Fire that name shouldn't of even been able to be entered into the tournament. Now on top of that someone had to trick the Goblet of Fire into thinking that there were four schools instead of three." Legolas looked at him "did your god father say all that?" "No" harry replied "some of it was our new defense against the dark arts teacher and he is a retired aruor so he is supposed to think through things like that" at Legolas's confused look he explained "an aruor is someone who worked for the ministry they hunt down dark wizards and people who break the law, and they bring them to the ministry for trial." "Ok so he is used to finding out plots like that?" " yeah I guess you could say so though everyone calls him paranoid I don't think he is though he does seem a little crazy." Legolas looked at him with a mixture of feelings in his face two of which were love and pride as he said with complete confidence that what he was saying was the truth "if they think you'll die then they don't know what you've done the past three years you'll survive Harry because it's you" harry looked up and smiled "you really think so Legolas?" "I know so, I'll see you again Harry I have to take over watch now" they rose at the same time as Harry replied "I'll see you soon Legolas" and with that they both woke up.

Harry woke with a start and looked at the time and groaned it was 6 in the morning. He fell back asleep for another hour as it was a Saturday. When he woke an hour later he dreaded going down to the dining hall for breakfast but when he exited the common room he found Hermione with a napkin and toast in her hand with she promptly gave him. She explained that she knew he probably wouldn't want to go to the dining hall so she brought him breakfast and she suggested that they could walk around the pond while he ate and talk. As they talked she told him why she thought that Ron was mad and avoiding him it was because he the youngest boy in the family was always in his brothers shadows and then he was the famous Harry Potters friend and that he was in Harrys shadow all the time though she knew harry didn't the time but he was all the same she said Ron knew it to but he was still jealous all the same.

On Monday Hagrid told harry basically the same thing but that still didn't help his problem.