A/N: Hey guys! I know that I have a few other popular stories out there, and I promise you I'm working them, but sometimes my creative juices just flow and flow and flow, causing me to create more for you all. I've been watching this show called Life Unexpected on Netflix, and if you aren't familiar with it you should be. I thought of this idea with our favorite Chuck characters and a bit of a different storyline, but the same premise. I hope you will read, it'll be a good one! I love writing AU, just because it's fun to see how different the characters can be in a different world. Enjoy!


Sarah Walker awoke easily, breathing in deeply and stretching her arms out. The weekends were the perfect time for her to relax and figure out what the upcoming week would entail.

"Thank god you have today off." The voice of her boyfriend, Bryce Larkin, interrupted her moment of peace.

"I don't know if it's a good idea to stay home. I mean, am I one hundred percent sure that Johnson can take my surgeries without killing anyone?" She responded, sitting up and throwing her legs over the edge of the bed. Sarah and Bryce were two of California's top surgeons. Sarah had chosen Cardio as her specialty of choice, as Bryce went with Orthopedics.

"Johnson will be fine. We'll just stay in bed all day and not worry about a thing." He pulled her back into the bed, putting his lips on hers.

"Fine," She kissed him back with a smile, "But I get to call in at least three times." She completely exited the bed this time, knowing full well that he would keep her if she didn't. Bryce stared at his girlfriend in wonder, loving the way his white button up looked on her, his favorite pink "booty shorts" (as he liked to call them) standing out underneath the bottom portion of the shirt.

"You're the devil!" He called as she left the room. Her head popped back in for a moment, as Sarah Walker always had to have the last word.

"Oh trust me, I know." She winked. The two shared a decent-sized loft in the city, not too fancy but a good place for two. They had been together for about four years, living together for two. As Sarah made her way to the kitchen, she pondered the life she had. A college degree from Harvard, the perfect boyfriend, the perfect job, nothing in her life could bring her down. She usually made an English muffin and some fruit for breakfast, but this particular morning she was feeling pancakes. "You know what, screw paperwork." She said aloud. She never let her personal life come before her work, but she felt as though Bryce was drifting further and further away. She was one of the most diverse women on the planet, as she was a surgeon, she could dance, and her cooking skills were beyond that of the average housewife. It only took her ten minutes to whip up the perfect pancakes, eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit for her partner in crime.

"Breakfast in bed? You must've done something wrong." Bryce smirked as Sarah re-entered the room.

"Or I just wanted to be amazing for once." She set the tray of food down on top of his stomach, resting her legs on either side of him as she seductively climbing on top of him.

"You know, this really isn't fair. You shouldn't be teasing me if you're going to work." He playfully whined.

"I thought we just talked about my day off?" Sarah planted a soft kiss on his lips, careful not to spill the tray of food.

"Sarah Walker, not going into work anyway? Is this an episode of Punk'd?" Bryce mocked looking around for hidden cameras.

"Oh please, I know how to take a personal day." She frowned.

"Really? And when was the last time you took one of those?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Just shut up and eat your breakfast. You're going to need all of your energy today."

"And why is that?"

"Because we aren't leaving this bed. Bryce Larkin, are you prepared to spend all day in bed with me?"

"I am." He smiled. "Sarah Walker, are you prepared to stay in bed all day with me?"

"I am." She smiled in return. The two shared the food in front of them, looking forward to the completely uneventful day ahead.

"You can't say anything, Gracie." Sydney McAllister said to the five-year-old next to her. Cloudyvale's Home for Girls had been Sydney's permanent residence from birth, as her birth parents had given her up when she was born.

"But where are you going?" Gracie asked.

"I have my father's name, I saw it on my file. I'm going to find him, and hopefully my mom." She said confidently, packing her things in a hurry.

"Will you come back?"

"No you dummy, that's the point of running away."

"Can I come?"

"No Gracie. Look, I'll come back for you okay? But you have to stay here and tell Ms. Lucille that you don't know where I went."

"But that's lying…"

"Do you want me to come back or not?"

"How do you even know if your parents will sign the forms?" The kid was smarter than she was supposed to be at five years old.

"I don't, but it sure beats staying here."

"But you're my best friend."

"I know, and you're mine, but I can't be here anymore. I need to get out of here, Grace. And my parents are the only ones who can do that." She snuck out the front door easily, as Ms. Lucille was the heaviest sleeper on the planet. Collecting spare change around the home for many years, Sydney had finally saved up enough to effortlessly afford a cab and hotel for the night.

"Where to, young lady?" The cab driver asked, throwing an odd look her way.

"The nicest hotel closest to the city." She responded. Butterflies entered her stomach as she drove away from the girls' home. The one thing she had wanted since the age of four was to find her birth parents, and her dream was finally about to come true.

Becoming a surgeon had always been Chuck Bartowski's plan. His father, Stephen Bartowski, had been one of the world's greatest general surgeons, creating the infamous Bartowski Method that many doctors used nowadays. He certainly had never thought about the early hours as a child, but had gotten used to them through his intern years. This morning was just like the rest, full of patients and procedures to go through. Chuck to SoCal General Hospital since completing his internship, but decided to return after finding out that his ex had left and was now the head of Cardio thoracic surgery at Los Angeles Hope. His contract had been up in Kansas, and he wanted to start somewhere fresh, with the warmth contributing to his decision greatly. He didn't know that Sarah had moved out to California, and he wasn't sure it was a good thing that he knew now. They had a pretty rough past, neither of them really wanting to give each other up. But with finishing med school and going through their internships, it wouldn't have worked out anyway. Chuck always figured that if they were both available and were to somehow meet again, they would have a second chance.

"Dude! Check this out." Chuck's best friend Morgan bounded up to him, thrusting a chart into Chuck's face.

"What the heck is that?" Chuck squinted at the picture on the top of the chart.

"A parasite." Morgan smiled slyly.


"I'm going to remove it." Morgan put his hand up for a high-five, and Chuck had learned not to leave him hanging.

"It's wrapped around all of the intestines, Morgan. Isn't that a bit risky?"

"Exactly, that's why I'm the best!" Morgan left Chuck standing at the desk on the pediatric floor, which had been Chuck's specialty since his first pedes case three years ago. He had thought a lot about choosing General Surgery as his father had mastered it, but chose Pediatric Surgery when he realized that he would be saving the lives of people's children and reason for living.

"Thinking a little too hard today, aren't ya?" Ellie Woodcomb wasn't only Chuck's sister, but his other best friend as well. She had chosen Neuro Surgery, while her husband Devon was the Cardio master of SoCal Gen.

"You know me." He smiled.

"How's everything with Lou?"

"Great actually. She's amazing, and not only because she's the best Orthopedic Surgeon here…" He trailed with a slight chuckle.

"Just don't screw this one up." Ellie teased.

"You know, I don't think she'd let me if I tried."

"Who wouldn't what?" A vibrant looking Lou walked up to the siblings, carrying two coffees. "Sorry, Ellie. I would've brought you one if I knew you were here."

"Nah, it's okay. Devon and I got one this morning." She smiled. "Have a good day." She walked away as quickly as she had appeared. Chuck looked to his girlfriend and kissed her warmly.

"Well hello to you too." Lou chuckled slightly.

"How was your night?"

"Perfect, I didn't spend it alone."

"Oh really? Are you trying to tell me something?"

"Actually yes. I'm telling you that we should spend every night in the on-call room." Lou stood up on her toes and kissed him back, not worrying about the people around them.

"Wow, if it means free coffee and morning kisses like this, I'm all in."

"Mr. Bartowski, there's someone at the front desk in the lobby asking for you." The nurse behind the desk coughed subtly and interrupted his conversation with Lou.

"My schedule is full today, Susan."

"She says it's an emergency and asked for you specifically." Susan shrugged.

"I'll come find you later?" He looked to Lou.

"Yeah, I'll be here." She smiled again and kissed him quickly, walking away.

The hospital was huge. Sydney had been to a hospital only once in her life, two years ago when she broke her leg jumping off of the swings at the park near Cloudyvale.

"Mr. Bartowski is on his way down, you can have a seat." The woman behind the counter interrupted her thoughts.

"Thanks." Was her short reply. What if he hated her? Or didn't believe her and sent her away? Sydney didn't necessarily need her parents to take her in, she just wanted questions answered and needed their signatures in order to become emancipated from the foster system.

"Hey, someone is looking for me?" Chuck walked up to the desk, and Sydney noticed their similarities almost instantly. The same mouth and nose for sure, she knew the moment she saw him that he was her biological father.

"That blonde girl over there." The woman pointed to Sydney, and Chuck froze. He was looking straight at a miniature Sarah Walker.

"Uh, can I…help you?" He stumbled.

"Yeah, I kinda need you to sign something for me." She responded with confidence.

"Do I know you?" He stared.

"I don't think so. I mean, unless you call giving me up for adoption knowing me." She sassed.


"Yeah, I'm your biological daughter."

"I'm sorry, my what?"


"Okay, yeah I got that." He sat down slowly.

"I need your signature in order to be emancipated from my girls' home. I'm going to live on my own."

"How old are you?"


"And you think you can live on your own?"

"People my age do it all the time. Look, I just need your signature." She grabbed a piece of paper out of her backpack and handed it to him. "Oh, and also if you could figure out who you slept with fifteen years ago, that would be great."

"Sarah Walker. That's your mom." He said, without hesitation. He quickly signed the paper after the girl shot him a weird look.


"Yeah." Chuck had no clue what to say. What the heck do you say to an abandoned teen? "What's your name?"


"Did Sarah give you that name?"

"What kind of a question is that? She gave me up, obviously she didn't name me."

"Oh, right." He felt himself turning red.

"Do you know where she is?"

"Los Angeles Hope. It's not too far from here, maybe twenty minutes."

"Cool, thanks." Sydney stood up and walked away. Chuck sat there for a brief second before jumping out of his seat and catching up to the girl.

"Wait, let me take you. Maybe she'll be less shocked with a familiar face around."

"If you say so." The two exited the hospital and made their way to Chuck's car. It wasn't anything fancy, just a normal sized Honda Accord. The ride in it wasn't fancy either, as Chuck had no clue how to make a conversation with a surprise kid.

"So uh, you go to school?"


"Right, of course you do. How is that?"


"Do you get good grades?"

"I guess."

"And you're in a girls' home?"


"Do you maybe want to actually have a conversation?"

"Look, Chuck is it? I really just want this next signature. So spare me the small talk and awkward conversations because I don't need them."

"My god you sound like Sarah." He shook his head slightly.

"I don't think that's a compliment."

"You look like her too, you know. So much like her. The hair, the way you carry yourself…the eyes." The last part escaped his mouth softly.

"Everyone talks to me about my eyes." Sydney laughed.

"It's hard to find that blue anywhere else. I used to tell Sarah that she stole the color straight from the sky, which is probably why it's a little more dull now."

"I'm assuming you guys aren't together?"

"Me and Sarah? No. We split up sixteen years go."

"A year before I was born?"

"More like nine months."

"Guess I was wrong about the kind of guy you are. How could you leave a pregnant woman alone?"

"Oh look, we're here." Chuck avoided the question completely.

"I have to speak to Sarah Walker, it's important." Chuck pleaded with the nurse at the front desk of Los Angeles Hope Hospital.

"Doctor Walker is in surgery right now, I'm sorry."

"You a friend of Sarah's?" A good looking man came over to Chuck and Sydney.

"Uh, sort of." Chuck replied.

"Are you a doctor?" The man pointed to Chuck's scrubs.

"Yeah, I'm over at SoCal General. Doctor Chuck Bartowski." Chuck stuck out his hand.

"Bryce Larkin." The man responded, taking Chuck's hand.

"And I'm here to talk to Sarah." Sydney jumped into the conversation.

"Have we met before?" Bryce stared at the teen.

"Will everyone stop asking me that?"

"Sorry, you just look like…"

"Sarah." Chuck finished. "This is Sarah's daughter. Well, my daughter too actually."


"Yeah, don't choke buddy. Look, I need a signature from her, so could you go ask for it or something?" Sydney asked.

"You sound just like her." Bryce stared in amazement.

"I don't care what I look or sound like, I just need the signature!" Sydney erupted, not wanting to hear any more about the similarities between her and the woman who gave her up.

"Sorry. I can see if she'll come out of surgery, but that's not really like her. You could be here a while."

"Well then I guess I'm waiting." Sydney sat down forcefully, crossing her arms across her chest.

"I'll be back." Bryce looked to the father and daughter. Why hadn't Sarah mentioned this? It wasn't really something to bring up on a first date, but at some point she should've trusted him enough to tell him that she gave up a kid. His trek up to the fifth floor was slow, as he wasn't sure he wanted to interrupt an emergency surgery. The day off they had hoped for was crushed when one of Sarah's patients went into cardiac arrest and needed an emergency triple bypass procedure.

"Larkin, where are you going? Not going into Walker's OR?" Doctor John Casey put a hand on Bryce's chest as he inched closer to the OR door.

"It's important, John." Bryce responded. John Casey and Bryce Larkin weren't exactly friends. The more experienced Orthopedic surgeon was the head of the department, and made sure Bryce's life was always miserable.

"Important or not, your girlfriend is inside someone's chest."

"I know." Bryce shouldered passed his superior, entering the operating room anyway. He grabbed a mask and held it over his face as he entered.

"How's everything in here?" He asked subtly. Sarah looked up from her patient for an extremely brief second, looking back down just as fast.

"What the hell are you doing in my OR?" She snapped.

"I have to talk to you when you're done."

"Great. That wouldn't be now, so get out."

"How much longer?"

"I guess you'll find out."

"Sarah," His voice took a darker turn than normal, causing Sarah to really look at him, "How much longer?" He repeated.

"I'd guess an hour tops." She knew something wasn't right. Bryce knew better than to enter her operating rooms in the first place, let alone ask how long a surgery would take. This obviously had to be something more than a mid-afternoon hook-up idea.

"Okay." He nodded slightly, exiting the surgery. Sarah didn't have time to think about what the reason for his interruption could be, but she was sure she would be finding out very soon. She went as fast as she could through the surgery, making sure to do everything properly. She had a resident close, as it was minor and easy. Bryce was waiting outside of the room when she exited, looking stressed and nervous.

"What was that about?" She demanded in true Sarah Walker fashion.

"Why didn't you tell me that you have a kid?" He blurted. Sarah froze.


"You heard what I said, Sarah."

"I've never told anyone I had a kid." She whispered.

"Well, she's here. With someone named Chuck?" Bryce said.

"Chuck? He's here?" Sarah asked worriedly.

"So is your kid."

"Why? How did they even know I was here?"

"Maybe you should ask them that."

"I can't talk to them."


"No, Bryce. You don't understand…"

"You better go down there and at least say something. Your daughter needs your signature." Bryce walked away after the last word, leaving Sarah to stand outside of the OR in silence.

Sarah knew that Sydney was her daughter the second she saw her. She felt as though she was looking at a younger version of herself. She stood across the lobby, watching the teen cross her legs and flick her ankle in irritation. She started towards her daughter when Chuck's face entered her line of vision. Sarah caught her breath, feeling the same way she did all those years ago. Composing herself, she walked up to the two.

"You needed me?" She looked to Chuck. His chocolate brown eyes softened as he looked into hers.

"Not me, her. Sydney, our daughter." He signaled to the young blonde sitting in the chair next to him.

"I just need a signature." Sydney stumbled over her words, noticing the similarities everyone talked about.

"For what?"

"I'm getting emancipated."

"From your parents?"

"From the girl's home I'm living in. I don't have parents." She emphasized the last part.

"You were never adopted?" Sarah frowned.

"Doesn't look that way, does it?"

"But the social worker said-"

"The social worker lied. Can you please just sign this?" Sydney handed her the paper.

"Yeah." Sarah responded softly. She took the paper and grabbed a pen from the pocket of her white coat. She signed the paper quickly, handing it back.

"Thanks." Sydney gave her short nod.

"Of course."

"Okay, well, I'll take you back to wherever it is you need to go back to." Chuck broke the moment of silence between the two.

"Whatever." Sydney walked away. Chuck looked to Sarah before following his daughter.

"How could you not tell me?"

"I don't know." Both of their faces saddened.

"I know we had our problems, but really? You couldn't even tell me that you were pregnant?"

"I didn't know until after you left."

"Don't give me that excuse, Sarah. You're a doctor."

"I'm sorry, Chuck. I am."

"Sorry doesn't really do me any good, does it?" He shook his head and caught up with Sydney. Sarah hadn't meant for any of this to happen. She thought that Sydney would've gone to a nice family without questions of where she originally came from.

"Hey," Her thoughts were interjected by Sydney's voice, "I have a question for you." The teen had turned around before completely leaving the hospital, Chuck staying outside the entrance.


"You have a really good paying job, I'm sure you have a place to live, and I know that you're probably not drowning in debt which means you come from a wealthy family just like Chuck. So why didn't you want me?" Sydney held back the lump in her throat.

"I did want you," Sarah held back her own tears, "But I couldn't. It's one of those cliché stories of how I wanted a better life for you than two parents going through surgical internships and eventually becoming so busy that they don't have time for a normal life. I wanted to keep you, I promise you that."

"I didn't have a better life. I had a really crappy life."

"I'm so sorry, Sydney."

"Me too." The teen turned around and walked away once more, leaving the hospital completely.