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Bian Zoldark had been surprised as the Granzon returned earlier than expected… and doubly so when its creator and pilot, Shu Shirakawa, had exited carrying a young girl in a bridal carry.

Professor Shirakawa was a relatively tall man, with shoulder-length wavy purple hair, sharp purple eyes that revealed few emotions and seemingly held a vast intelligence and a fair light complexion.

He was clad in a loose, button less white coat with light purple linings along the upper edge that folded out into two triangular shapes over the chest, and small shoulder pads the same colour. Underneath that he wore a dark blue vest like piece with a V-shape going across the chest and with dark purple trims followed by a light purple shirt with a muffler-like collar covering his neck.

On his legs he had a pair of dark blue pants and on his feet were a pair of white shoes. To finish it all off, he had a dark purplish thin scarf that presumable was wrapped around his neck, although it was impossible to discern as it was hidden by the coat's edge, that ended in two golden V-s with three small pendant like attachments on its points and a small gold oval just above them.

The man radiated confidence, his posture always strong and straight, not even the smallest inkling of uncertainty in his steps It almost looked natural for him to carry someone in a bridal carry, as he radiated an almost royal presence, although his frame was no larger than the average man's.

Not to say that he wasn't without faults, his attitude made him seem arrogant, and he often gave the impression of knowing things that he didn't tell. Coupled with being polite to a fault, it was little wonder that some people disliked the man.

Of course, Bian didn't dwell on any of this, instead focusing on the young girl that Shu had brought.

"What's this Professor Shirakawa? To think that you would return so quickly… and carrying a young girl to boot… What's the meaning of this?" Bian questioned his fellow scientist gravely.

"I must say that I had not anticipated returning so soon, but this young lady appeared unconscious in my Granzon, and with my limited amount of time I had little choice but to return here and leave her with you Professor Bian." The purple-haired man responded almost nonchalantly.

"In the Granzon? How is that possible? You are the only person able to access it…" Bian's mind reeled at the thought. Apart from Professor Shirakawa, no one was allowed to access the Granzon…

"Furthermore, she wasn't present when I first boarded, I am confident I would have noticed." Shu added.

Bian blanched at those words. She had somehow entered the Granzon while it was in operation without the pilot noticing? That was ludicrous! There was just no way…

"Could it be, a spatial-jump?" Bian voiced the only reasonable explanation that entered his mind.

"Perhaps, although somehow I doubt she performed it willingly, if her current state is of any indication." Shu's response held a hint of wonder, but nothing was betrayed on his features.

"Very well, I will have someone bring her to the infirmary. We will take care of her for now, and once she awakes we might find out more. Of course, we will exercise caution, as one can never tell." Bian said seriously.

"Of course. Very well then, Professor Bian, I will resume my previous plans and take my leave." Shu said graciously as he handed the girl over to a guard that had arrived during their conversation.

"Yes, farewell Professor Shirakawa." Bian nodded as he watched the man leave.


Yang awoke with a groan, her eyes slowly prying open. The first thought that crossed her mind, was that she most certainly wasn't in their room, as in that case she would have been staring at the underside of Blake's bed, not at a white roof.

Actually, it kind of looked like a hospital room… what the hell had happened to get her into hospital? She tried to remember, and slowly she started to remember the previous events.

A giant ring appearing in the sky, some kind of thing coming out of it… and her and her team being captured by some weird looking machines. Wait… captured? Where was she!? Where's her team?

She looked around the hospital room, but she was alone in there. What happened after that? Why was she in a hospital? And why was the letters on that sign so damn weird!?

She focused a bit on the sign, the only clue she had on her current location, but she could make no sense on the letters on it… if they even were letters, they were really elaborate…

Her musings were interrupted as the door opened, revealing a man in a doctor's clothing looking at some papers with a thoughtful expression. He got halfway into the room before he looked up and noticed she was awake already.

"あー、起きていますか。気分はどうですか?"The man said questioningly in a language she couldn't understand.

All she could give in response was a short:" What?"

He looked at her with a bewildered expression for a few seconds before tentatively speaking up again: "You have awoken. Are you feeling well?" He spoke uncertainly and with a heavy accent, but at least she could understand him now.

"I'm fine… I think. I feel fine at least…?" Yang was a bit uncertain about her condition, but couldn't feel anything wrong, so she assumed she had recovered… "Where am I?" She asked uncertainly.

"Ah, yes, you are at the New Tokyo General Hospital." The man (doctor?) stated helpfully.

"I have no idea where that is." Yang said blankly.

"Tokyo…? Japan…?" The doctor said uncertainly, becoming more and more bewildered as Yang continued to have a clueless look on her face. "Earth…?"

"Okay… still have no idea where I am." Yang said confused.

"Oh! Well… Do you remember your name?" The doctor then said questioningly with a worried look in his eyes.

"Yeah, it's Yang Xiao Long." Yang said aggravated.

The doctor looked at her with confusion written all over his face. "Yang Xiao Long…" He looked down at the notes he was holding. "Yang Xiao Long…" He said her name again, but this time he pronounced it wrong. He wrote something with a pen he had produced out of nowhere. "陽小龍…" Then he said something really weird in what she assumed was his language.

He looked at her again appraisingly, seemingly trying to figure something out. Before she could say something about it he looked away again and muttered something lowly, although she couldn't understand the few titbits she managed to hear.

"Hmm… well… I have some matters that I must attend to, I need you to stay here for a little bit longer. We need to make a few last checks before we can discharge you…" The doctor said awkwardly and left through the door.

Yang, not being one to listen to instructions much, got out of the bed, feeling a bit sluggish, but otherwise being just fine, and made her way over to the windows.

Looking out, the first thing that struck her was how large some of the buildings she could see were. The second thing that struck her was that the city she was looking at seemed infinitely much larger than Vale back home.

There was also a distinct lack of things she expected, like holographic street posts, but instead it seemed to her like there were a lot more people around the streets. For a few seconds she wondered if an unusual amount of people were on that particular street at this time, but ultimately she decided to postpone that line of thought in favour of the more pressing matter, where the hell was she!

Wherever she was, it clearly wasn't home, and judging by the way the doctor had said it she might not even be on Remnant anymore. At first she wanted to dismiss the thought as impossible, but that giant ring appearing in the middle of the sky was rather impossible as well…

She growled in frustration. This was all so confusing! Nothing made any sense right now…

She heard the door open again, and she turned around, expecting it to be the doctor from before. Instead, she was met by the sight of a tall man with long blue hair, sharp, cold and calculating blue eyes and fair, if maybe somewhat pale, complexion.

He was wearing a light-blue uniform with gold trimmings, dark-blue lines running down the arms with gold trimmings as well, over his shoulders were dark-blue shoulder guard like parts that were also gold-trimmed. Along the zipper the uniform was grey, as were the sleeves. Underneath the uniform it seemed like he wore a grey, high-collared shirt. He also had white/light-greyish pants, and a pair of nice grey shoes with blue… plates?

He looked to be from some military, but she couldn't recognize neither the uniform nor the insignia… Not in Remnant 2, In Remnant… 0.

"Hello young lady, I would like to have a word with you…" The man spoke out in a cool and authoritative voice.


Blake was having a bad day. First she wakes up to find herself in an unfamiliar location, then she was interrogated by some unpleasant looking man with a really bad attitude, being questioned about her purpose, how she got there (she would like to know that herself) and all manner of other things, with a lot of unfamiliar terminology being thrown about, leaving her utterly confused.

Then the man left, infuriated at having failed to get anything useful out of her. And then a blue-haired man with hair that somehow curved upwards with a few stray bangs hanging out and a long mane behind the head and red eyes entered.

He was clad in a black vest-like garment that left the chest exposed and midriff exposed and that had a high collar and dark purple trims. On his chest was some kind of chest plate, and underneath he seemed to be wearing a black shirt covering his entire upper body all the up the neck. He had black gloves and a tight pair of black pants as well as black and purple boots. He also had an off kilter leather belt around his waist.

He was also looking at her appraisingly in a slightly lecherous manner, an approving smile on his face.

"What?" Blake said, irritated and really tired.

"Yeah, well… I wanted to see this gal that had caused Hans Weber to storm out in such frustration. I must say, not bad, not bad at all…" The man leaned closer, resting his hands on the table.

"Umm…okay…?" Blake's eyes darted around the room, uncertain of what would happen next.

The man's eyes turned slightly more serious as he straightened out again. "Well, time and place, time and place… My name is Irmgard Kazahara, what's yours?" He then said with a smile.

She hesitated for a few seconds, she had already told them her name, although looking at this man before her, he didn't look like he belonged to the same group as the previous man…

"Blake Belladonna." She said curtly.

"Belladonna eh. A nice name. And? Why are you here?" He continued nonchalantly.

"I don't know…" Blake said softly.

"You don't know? That… is a bit hard to believe… Although…" The man looked thoughtful for a moment. "How did you get here?"

"I… I'm not sure… I remember some… thing… and then some type of flying machines… and then…w- I was captured… and then… nothing. Next I knew I was here." Blake looked at the blue-haired man with the eyes of someone pleading to be believed.

"Captured… flying machines… Were these machines… bug-like?" The man was deep in thought for a while before asking her a question in a serious tone, all traces of playfulness or goofiness gone.

Blake considered the question for a few moments. Had they been bug-like? She wasn't really sure… Then again, there was some resemblance to a bug…

"I think so, yes." Blake responded.

"I see… I'll have a word with the people in charge, I really don't think you did anything wrong…" The man gave a sombre nod and exited the room.

Blake really hoped he could do something to help her… she was really worried about her teammates, she had had no indication that she had been found together with them, and she worried that their situations might be similarly troublesome…

She could only hope…

Author's notes: And the fates of team RWBY is becoming clearer... or not. Also, why does Shu have such an overly elaborate outfit? Seriously, just trying to figure out how to describe it was really annoying. As for the hospital Yang was interred in, I just made one up, as I could find no reference to its actual name. The only thing I was certain about was that it was somewhere in Tokyo or its surrounding prefectures.

I would really appreciate if you would point out any faults or mistakes I might have made, as there is bound to be a few... Oh! I would also really appreciate it if you told me what you think of the story itself in an review. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and that you have a nice day.