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The only sound that followed Sänger's declaration was the terrified outcry of Adler.

"P-protect me!" He exclaimed once he managed to find words.

Of course, there wasn't really all that much left to protect him, depending on how high you rated the ability of the Rhinoceros-class to do so…

Because it was only really those and-

"Oh sweet! It's a boss! I'll get a crap ton of experience for beating you!" Tenzan cackled as he suddenly turned his attention towards Sänger's Type-0.

"Experience?" Sänger for his part seemed somewhat confused, unfamiliar with the game-lingo Tenzan was using. "Youngster, you do not get experience by defeating your enemies… It is gained through the surmounting of battles!"

Of course, the youth gave no response, instead coming forward with a fearsome downward slash, which Sänger received with his blade, before landing a punishing blow with the Type-0's fist.

The Valsion Custom was sent reeling, and only the GEIM system's support allowed Tenzan to survive the follow up from the ZanKanTou by minimizing the damage, saving the left arm and its Cross Smasher in exchange for taking a glancing hit on the torso.

Even so, the damage was far from negligible, even without the proper run-up, the ZanKanTou was a devastating weapon.

Furthermore, turning away from a pre-existing opponent usually wasn't the best idea.

Ryusei provided a fine demonstration by changing out of R-wing mode straight into a high-speed punch charged with energy, accompanied by a loud roar.

To its immense credit, the GEIM system tried to react accordingly.

Key word being tried.

The machine, still reeling and with a shaken pilot simply wasn't able to do what the system wanted.

The blow landed, causing notable damage to the right shoulder and thrusters.

With only a short delay to regain his bearings, Tenzan immediately set his sights on Ryusei.

"Ryusei!" He cackled.

"This isn't a damn game Tenzan!" Ryusei returned.

Tenzan kept cackling. "Don't try to pretend Ryusei! You and I, we are kindred spirits! We never got to establish who was better in Burning PT… But now we have a much better game to face off in!"

Tenzan tried to slash at the R-1 with the Divine Blade, but the motion of the right arm was slow, leaving it easy to evade.

In response, Ryusei pumped several shots into the now exposed shoulder joint from the R-1's G-Revolvers.

While the relatively small, low calibre weapons would have been next to useless against the Valsion Custom's armour, they were far more effective against the far more delicate machinery beneath.

Joint damage, rare few were the games that bothered to simulate such things, even when they tried for more realism.

Sure, Burning PT did, to some extent, but it was difficult to say what 'game' Tenzan was trapped in.

Tenzan's cackle turned into some kind of hysterics. "Shit, am I losing!? Fuck… gotta restart and grind some… Then I'll win! And kill you all!"

The Valsion Custom swung its left arm forward, charging the Cross Smasher.

But the GEIM system wasn't exactly the only one able to make predictions.

And in some ways, the T-Link system was better at it.

Not to mention that Ryusei saw and reacted to the arm moving in the first place.

The R-1 could easily get underneath the Valsion Custom's arm, causing the potent weapon to miss completely.

Ryusei remembered Ingram's words, and saw Tenzan's madness for himself.

With almost uncharacteristic sombreness, he charged up the T-Link Knuckle once again and landed a clean blow on the already damaged torso.

The force of the attack actually managed to launch the Valsion Custom a slight distance causing Ingram, who had been watching the confrontation unfold, to smirk in satisfaction.

He'd clearly chosen the better candidate.

"Huh… I guess it's time to… restart. I'll win next time…" With a last few pieces of absolute nonsense, Tenzan's Valsion Custom violently broke apart, a small explosion flinging parts of it far away.


With Tenzan's Valsion Custom out of the way, all that remained were Adler's Rhinoceroses, and while they could be fearsome, the pilots of the Hiryu and Hagane were used to fighting them by now.

And they had more than enough firepower to deal with them.

One was reduced to a burning wreck by several well-placed powerful shots, another torn apart by the impressive power of the blades of both the Type-1 and Type-2 Grungusts.

A third had its bridge hit by an Akashic Buster…

And the fourth was obliterated by concentrated cannon fire from the Hiryu and Hagane.

And so, finally, it was only Adler's Rhinoceros left, against the full complement of the Hagane and Hiryu, plus a quite determined Sänger Zonvolt.

The sound of Adler grinding his teeth could be heard quite loudly.

"How…? My masterpiece… My forces…" He said, disbelief strong in his voice. Then, he started cackling again.

"What's so funny?!" Yang exclaimed.

"Oh, it's nothing. I was just thinking about how your poor decisions will be your downfall…" Adler cackled some more.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ruby questioned, because, for some strange reason, she felt like he was talking about her.

"Oh, you know what I mean Ruby Rose. You jumped ship the moment the DC was put on the ba-"

"I did not betray Commander Bian's wishes." The young team-leader returned in a dangerously low voice, interrupting Adler.

Adler snorted. "Pretty words from a traitor. Who do you really answer to?" He waited, as if to see if any response would be forthcoming.

None came.

Ruby had no words to return, partly because she just couldn't quite process what Adler had just implied.

Unbeknownst to the others, Ingram simply smiled slightly, and, making sure all his communications were off, uttered to himself: "Of course, so that's what it was all about."

"Wow, that's a serious accusation to make!" Excellen first exclaimed in a somewhat joking manner before she turned dead serious. "I hope you can back that up…" Her tone though indicated that she didn't really want any more on the matter from Adler.

Adler, on his part, simply cackled once again.

"Can he seriously stop that already?" Yang said, clearly getting irritated.

A deep sigh from Sänger interrupted Adler's cackling.

"Is this tiresome waste of time over?" The severe man sounded quite done with Adler's talk. No response came, not from anyone. "Adler Koch! Prepare yourself!"

"What?!" Was Adler's only reaction.

With a mighty roar, the Grungust Type-0 took off, boosters flaring to take it into the skies.

As suddenly as it had risen into the sky, the black giant plummeted at enormous speed, increasing as all its boosters propelled it towards Adler's Rhinoceros.

The massive blade was hefted, and one by one the boosters attached to it roared to life.

As the Type-0 struck the ground it swung its blade up into an overhead downward slash, with a mighty roar from Sänger as accompaniment (and maybe also the Grungust itself?).


It was, in all honesty, an exceedingly simple technique. One might even say it was overly flashy.

Perhaps you could even say that it should have been quite simple to dodge.

That was, if not for the fact that it was delivered at quite obscene speeds.

Not only was the Rhinoceros rend in two, but even the ground beneath it was furrowed.

With a great heave the Type-0 tore the sword away, further rending not only the Rhinoceros, but also the ground itself.

"Wait… hang on… What happened?!" Adler screamed as the Rhinoceros suddenly exploded violently.

"我が斬艦刀に断てぬものなし! (There is nothing my ZanKanTou cannot cut!)." Sänger declared seriously.

"Whoa. Intense." Yang said appreciatingly. "So, what did he say? I assume it was something badass but…"

"He declared that there was nothing his ZanKanTou couldn't cut." Kyousuke explained.

"I'm inclined to believe him…" Blake responded.

"So… About what Adler said…" Ruby started, clearly struggling with something beneath.

"He sure said a lot of drivel, didn't he?" Excellen responded without any hesitation.

This response caused Ruby to become quite shocked.

"I might have been inclined to believe him…" Kyousuke said, earning looks from more than just team RWBY. "But I personally think Ruby is just too honest to be any kind of double agent."

"I also think so." Aya added with a benign smile. "I've come to trust you, all of you."

"First off, I wouldn't trust anything said by an enemy. Secondly, even I feel inclined to agree with the others on this." Katina slightly unexpectedly interjected.

A deep thoughtful hum was the first indication they had that Daitetsu had entered the conversation.

"I've never seen any of you girls as anything other than young, earnest and genuinely vested in helping us. I feel no reason to start doubting you now." The gruff old captain stated.

"No hostiles detected in this area." Eita announced.

"Excellent. Have all units return to ship for repairs and resupply." Daitetsu called.

But Sänger made no move to go with them.

"Boss?" Bullet asked.

"I cannot go with you." Sänger responded. "I can never return to the EFA."

"Are you serious?" Yang asked.

Sänger responded with silence.

"I see." Kyousuke said calmly. "I'm sure we'll meet again."

"Of course."


"How's the Princess?" Weiss asked the moment she got out of her Gespenst.

"She seems to be fine, but we can't know for sure before she wakes up." One of the crew replied.

"That's good…" Ruby said with great relief.

Blake on the other hand was looking at something else.

A new fixture in the Hangar.

"Yeesh, it's even bigger from here…" Yang muttered.

They all turned to look at the thing that had grabbed their attention.

The Valsion Custom.

It was quite banged up, especially the final blow had hit it pretty hard, but it was also in shockingly good shape.

The Hagane's mechanics were all over the thing, inspecting every last inch of it.

"I'm pretty sure it's the same as the original…" Ruby mused, drawing on her memories of the original Valsion from her time on Aidoneus.

"The original, eh? It must have been incredible to see it being serviced." Ryusei suddenly said.

At some point several of the others had arrived.

"It certainly was. It was quite exciting seeing it being put together as well." The young red girl responded.

"Oh, so you got to see that?" Ryoto asked, clearly a bit surprised.

"A bit, yeah…"

"Right. You were supposedly pretty favoured." Yang remarked. "Did you get to see anything useful about the Granzon?"

"The Granzon…?" Ruby fell into thought, then shook her head. "I never saw it being serviced, and it was already completed by the time I got there… I could tell you a bit about how the cockpit looks but…"

"That's not really all that useful unless you can point out any major flaws in it." Rai interjected.

She shook her head again. "Other than that the Professor seems to pilot without any protection…"

"That could be a flaw but… Why do I feel doubtful about exploiting it?" Ryusei said.

"Let's move on from this rather limited track. Professor Shirakawa has remained missing since the Hiryu encountered him." Ingram said.

The underlying message was that they probably wouldn't have to confront him again anytime soon.


Eventually Shine awoke, quite well too, much to everyone's relief.

It would have been heart-breaking if she hadn't after all they had gone through after all.

Joyce was also well, apparently, he had been being held at the Earth Cradle, who with Adler's defeat decided to kick out the DC and prepare to go on with their plan to hibernate until everything was over…

Quite silly, many agreed.

Ultimately, the Princess would be sent back to Riksent. With Adler gone and the DC Remnants he led crushed, the most immediate threat to her had been eliminated.

Not counting the imminent alien invasion, that is.

Shine herself had no counter argument, it seemed she sensed no danger to herself in the near future.

Now all that remained was the Aerogaters…

Author's notes: It's... been a while, hasn't it... Life's been fun lately. I know it might seem weird considering last chapter, but I do plan on having the Valsion Custom added to the roster, as per the 'secret'. It's practically cannon anyway since this is the particular one that becomes the basis of the Type-CF later. The question is who to give it to...

The absolute last part was a bit lazy, I'll readily admit. So feel free to tell me off for it... Oh well... Finally time for the Aerogaters. It sure was nice of them to sit back and just watch your little civil war resolve itself... Almost like there's something else going on in the background. それも私だ.

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