"Please remember to not pressure your foot this time around, Murasaki-san." Kikyo sternly instructed at the uncompromising elderly man while healing his strained leg. Again. He waved off her words, literally, with a wrinkly tan hand. "I can still walk! So as long as th'old wrinkly body can move, I aint stoppin and no one's gonna stop me'h either! Tha' includes you, Kik'yo-sama!" He shouted rather vehemently near her head as she was kneeling down.

She took it in stride since she knew of his decreasing hearing. His wife, however, would not tolerate such pigheaded tendencies with or without hearing. Which is why Kikyo smothered her abrupt laughter with her white sleeve, again, when the elderly man held his head between his arms, groaning in pain from the sudden assault on the back of his head. Her azure eyes sparkled in amusement when his wife, a tiny wrinkled light tanned female, huffed in satisfaction while tapping a long wooden spoon on her other hands palm. "You won't be able to walk for much longer if you keep at it, you old coot. Listen to Kikyo-sama!" She brought her hands to her hips, a stern frown on her wrinkly tanner face. Kikyo glanced between the pair in open interest. "It is alright, Saiko-san. I am quite used to treating with difficult patients." She eye smiled at the reluctantly sighing older woman.

"That's right!" The elderly female brightened entirely. She laughed joyously, some healed villager's nearby peeking in curiosity. "Sometimes I forget that Kikyo-sama is harder on her patients than anyone I've ever met." Saiko laughed again at her husband's sudden pale face, and that was quite a feat since he was a shade darker than she was from his farming days. His head whipped towards an innocent blinking Kikyo. He paled as his dilapidated memories drifted through his mind. "Kikyo-sama, I'uderstand! These ol' bones'll rest! I promise!" He yelled desperately, the other patient's laughter and chuckles surrounding the peaceful atmosphere from knowing exactly how the other elder felt as they themselves went through the process once or twice.

Kikyo sighed out with a small smile. "Murasaki-san, this is the eighth time you have promised the same thing with no actions." She patiently responded.

He was instantly about to protest but his widened lids cringed at the familiar warm feeling before his body gave out, limp figure being laid gently back onto the futon by a chuckling Kikyo. It feels more like a habit now. Using my healing aura to a certain twist and numbing body's into sleeping unconscious. Saiko shook her head with a long sigh, thin lips forming a tired smile. "Thank you for that, Kikyo-sama. He never rests until you force him to." She tapped her wooden spoon against the palm of her winkled hand while exhaling an irked sigh from how pigheaded her husband was. Kikyo laughed out loud at that, "It is fine, Saiko-san. Murasaki-san will wake up to about three or four days. An excellent time for the healed flesh to harden naturally." She smiled up at the nodding elder woman who shook her head exasperatedly at her loudly snoring husband.

Bowing her head at the kind parting exclamations from the villagers, she calmly headed to her destination, her home where her younger sister should be practicing mixing healing herbs at this moment. Letting the straw door slide off her head, she entered and immediately froze at what was in sight.

Kaede deadpanned at the raw coincidence from her sprawled out form on the wood floor, covered in mashed up slimy green herbs covering the entity of her orange kimonoed self. And round one gooes toooo! The slime! Roaar! and the crowd goes wild! Kikyo slowly averted her eyes to the side, shoulders quivering and mouth set in a twitching tight line. "Kikyo-onee-sama!" Kaede yelled out in a desperate tone full of exasperation, embarrassment, and hope.

"I…see—that..the herbs ar-pfft—….winn..ing?" The older miko tried to ask while holding back her cackle. Some kind of deformed spinach mixed with a sponge? "Onee-sama!" Highly amused, Kikyo decided to restrain herself after that desperate call. "I understand, I understand." She chuckled, placing her bow and quiver full of arrows against the corner wall and walking towards her sighing-in-relief younger sister, carrying out the task of extracting Kaede from the slippery greenery moss-like slime.

"Kikyo-onee-sama? What did you decide to use as the trigger word for the Kotodama beads?" Kaede questioned curiously while moving the cold completed necklace in between her small hands. Kikyo hummed her response from behind the younger girl. Her hair will be shiny and spotless by the time I'm done with it! It will be fabulous hair! Gently sliding her gaped finger's through, she ran the small dark red traditional comb with the other hand down softly.

"What?" Kaede blinked in confusion. She had no idea what her sister just said. Or didn't say. Kikyo chuckled with a shake of her head. I wonder what her reaction would be? This Kaede is a tab bit more educated in identifying emotions but she is still just a child…."Beloved." She stated softly. Kaede froze from her comfortable sitting position and blinked wide eyes multiple times. She would have turned around had it not been for Kikyo's working grip on her long damp dark hair.

"Beloved?" She mumbled to herself, tasting the rather intimate word on her mouth. The older miko merely shook her head with a composed lower face but shimmering-with-mirth eyes. "Nevermind, I won't ask. The more I question, the more confused I get. How in the world does that work out?" Kaede grumbled to herself in half awe and half confused at the strange being her sister was. Kikyo laughed as she continued brushing Kaede's damp locks, hearing every single word her younger sister said.

"Do not worry. All in due time." She chuckled from receiving only a grunt as a response. Comfortable silence flowed throughout the steady calm brushing and Kaede's eyes were half way down in repose by the time Kikyo tapped her head to tell her she was done.

Brown eyes blinked open and then locked onto a pair of amused blue pair that were moving from their position. "Eh? Onee-sama?" Kaede narrowed her eyes in confusion at the sight of her sister calmly walking towards the straw door and raising it with one of her pale hands. She turned her head around and with an eye smile stated, "Am going to visit a friend. I will come back later, Kaede. Remember not to forget the herbal mixture that I just told you and mix the rest with their similar combinations." Kaede blinked and realized her onee-sama was waiting for a response. She nodded rapidly. Kikyo's eyes sparkled with merriment before she shook her head with a chuckle and walked through the swishing straw door.

Kaede stayed in the same position in bewilderment and a bit of skepticism (Her older sister didn't even take her weapon with her this time!) before she groaned out load, realizing that her onee-sama once again gave her more work!

Kikyo deeply inhaled, her body smoothing down to a more moderate state. She expanded her aura around her, not so far since she didn't want to use much of her spiritual power without her weapons, and brought it back in when she didn't sense any youkai of greater danger. Only the weaker ones were around and not for at least more than a few blocks. She raised her head and sighed extensively. White mists of prodigious clouds mixed pleasantly with the sky's baby blue pigment. They moved so….slow but at a fixed pace…I feel like I've done this before. She mentally raised an eyebrow at herself. Needless to say, am a nature nerd—Or more accurately, a nature hugger? Lover?

She reached the familiar clearing, smiling at the thought of what happened yesterday as she absentmindedly sat comfortably on the thin greenery beneath her. Her barrier wrapped itself comfortably around her figure, pulsing a pure transparent white before receding from sight. Eyelid's slowly lowered until half way in a soft numbing sensation from the peacefulness around her. This….is one of the better benefits from this world. It's nature is amazing. Note the bolding on the word. That's just how much it affects me. She blinked from her inner musing's when a pair of humanized clawed bare feet clad in red full garb materialized in her view.

Raising her head swiftly, she blinked when her azure light orb's latched onto familiar honey hued ones. She didn't have time to observe the white haired hanyou face as she instinctively eye smiled in open joy and relief, "Inuyasha!" Inuyasha flinched a step back in stupefaction from how bright and real her smile looked directed at him, feeling the skin on his cheek's heating up . He briskly turned his head to the side to conceal his reaction, but after a second nodded curtly.

Kikyo smiled warmly at the fact that he responded back, verbally or not an unimportant factor. "Did you just come?" She stared up at him, patiently waiting for his head to turn back down towards her. His eyes glanced to the miko and he carefully turned back, feeling his shackles lower gradually from her perplexing calm presence. "I've been here for a while." He gave her an uncanny look that said everything; 'You didn't sense me right in front of you?'.

She patted the greenery beside her with a pale hand almost obscured by her long white sleeve, smiling sincerely when he blinked at her then at the space her hand tapped and slowly plopped down next to her, glancing curious and a bit of cautious filled dark golden eyes at the powerful miko. "I put a pure spiritual shield around myself." She softly explained, taking a curious peek at the twitching appendages. "I at times may daze off, however, and for future references, I apologize in advance." She tilted her head towards him, smiling in apology with a tiny head bow.

His narrowed eyes were curiosity filled and he glanced cautiously at her figure. She chuckled at his intently probing stare. "There is no need to worry, Inuyasha. The moment I saw you, my barrier fell." That caught his attention and his eyes blinked back to hers in complete speechless wonderment. "Wha—..you trust me…that much?" The fact that he even answered to that blunt statement caused her azure eyes to widen and for her body to freeze in horrified embarrassment.

His wide golden eyes intently stared at the unexpected way she reacted with a tint of interest. When she could finally compose herself, she opened her mouth to respond only to flinch in shock as a non-audible squeak escaped her gaped lips. A subtle pinkish tone heated across her pale features, to hell with manners!, pale slender palms slapped themselves against the warm skin of her now-securely-covered-face. His advanced hearing! God dammit, his advance hearing!

Inuyasha stared at the lowered miko's head with slight amusement and interest at the unfamiliar reaction. That...tiny creature sound was as contrasting to the image as ever. The corner of his lips twitched up. His ears jerked in motion from the word's they failed to decipher out of her mumbled sentence. His eyes narrowed in confusion and he grunted in annoyance.

She sighed softly onto her palms, then slowly lowered her hands and raised her head back to his direction. Giving him a miniscule smile with pink cheek's aflame, "I…guess I do….huh." She whispered quietly, peering through her lowered dark bangs and instantly catching his own pair that was gazing at her with a foreign intensity. Second's passed in peaceful silence, both individual's too enthralled in each other to notice how time was passing with each flowing wind. Until they blinked abruptly at the same time, Inuyasha turning away rapidly with a loud nervous scoff while Kikyo's eyes slid to the opposite direction, focusing on a far far location waay over there. Awkwardness, how I have certainly not missed you…

"Tche, ya just keep getting stranger and stranger…. " He mumbled to himself all of a sudden. Kikyo smiled behind one of her sleeves, not saying anything on his slightly colored cheeks or that she heard his muffled words, wouldn't want to discourage him after all. He raised his head in attention and turned back to her, eyes focused on something else entirely. She tilted her head in question. "Why can't I sense…" He left it hanging, eyes narrowed in concentration. Her lips curved upwards from the question, she just knew he was going to ask sooner or later. "Ah…I usually conceal my emotions from emitting with my spiritual shield; it would be a great disadvantage towards powerful youkai after all." She nodded when his eyes lifted from its curiosity in understanding, leaning his head back.

"Neat trick, huh?" Her mouth hardly tilted upwards but her eyes were filled with open mirth. Inuyasha scoffed at such an informal comment from one of such status as the miko, but failed to obscure his half amused grin. "Keh, you're a strange woman….Kikyo." He considered her with focused eye's but at a much less tense posture than before, nonetheless still not completely relaxed. She warmly smiled at him, "So I've been told." She softly stated, loving the twitches his little white ears made each time she spoke quietly.

He gazed at her with that foreign intensity again to which she didn't back down from, staring directly back though with a softer look on her azure light speckled orb's. She internally wondered if they were unofficially having a staring contest? Mentally imagining an audience giving her a standing ovation when Inuyasha abruptly looked away first and searched inside his sleeve, she blinked out of her internal amusement when he took out his fist from the opposite sleeve and held his opening hand towards her, producing a small pale beige seashell with a very tiny dark red bow on the thinner part holding both bottom and top of the seashell together.

Her eyes took in the simple but lovely making, "This is….?" She tilted her head in question, gentle eyes raising to the honey hues of the male seated next to her. "It's not like I can use it so there's no sense in me keeping it. I'll give it to you." He said, boyish husky voice steady in its decision. Kikyo blinked out of her daze, only lifting her hand when he nudged the object in the air and gently took the offered seashell, placing it in the palm of her hand while opening the top lid with the tip of her fingers. She stared at the unsealed frail history pale cherry tint lipstick, a sense of emotions washing through her as she heard him, "The only thing's my mother left me were that and the Robe of the Fire-rat." He index pointed his clawed finger at the opened object in her hand. Her head raised when he finished his explanation and she frowned slightly at him,

"Inuyasha, this must mean so much to you, I-" "Don't worry about it, The robe of the Fire-rat is useful enough." He turned his head to the side with a half-smile, tone assertive as usual and giving her a small challenging glance since Kikyo seemed to be quite the stubborn woman at surprising times. Her mouth closed with a non-audible plop, one of his ears twitching at the sound. She closed the seashell gently and held it in her clasped hands, giving him a warm kind eye smile.

"I will treasure it, Inuyasha. Thank you." She knew by now not to bow since she wanted to be friends, not form a wall between them so she opted to instead give him her usual genuine eye smile. He peeked at her from the corner of his eye, features unconsciously softening then swiftly concealing them before she noticed.

Sensing a sudden desolation her direction, he turned back in confusion towards Kikyo, her gentle eyes raising to his own. "Was this from your mother…?" She questioned lowly, a whisper away. He grunted lowly, turning his head frontwards, staring past the faded tree lines in the distance."Yeah…" His voice mumbled out loud. She closed her eyes in understanding of what was not say and silent condolences. "Inuyasha…" She raised her head to find him already staring at her in question, eyebrows furrowed and his upper body turned her way, more than half of the tension that was in his figure gone.

Now I just feel a bit bad….. Sliding the gift in a secure place inside her left sleeve, Kikyo raised an alabaster white slender hand and glided closer towards a confused white haired hanyou, gracefully sitting back down with a foot of space left between both individuals. Her raised hand gently tugged one of his longer sleeves onto her hands grasps as he let her, entranced with the unfamiliar tender movements; half dazed orb's following in interest.

She felt the smooth fabric with her hands and sighed softly, "And I even shot so many arrows at something so precious to you….I apologize, Inuyasha." Her forlorn tone tore him from his mesmerized view of her pale slender hands on his sleeves, making honey hued eyes blink down to azure sincere ones. His features relaxed and he scoffed out a small fanged smile, "Hah! Don't worry about it, It's taken worse." She smiled warmly at his reassurance, a familiar fuzzy warmness spreading through her; Ah this feeling….I remember this from when I first started to watch the anime….."Are you sure it is alright for me to have such an important gift?" She questioned softly, eyes locking onto his when he turned his head to her. And I remember this smile in that scene. He scoffed lightly; curving his lips into that half smirk/half smile of his casually, "Yeah." Fangs were in sight when he assertively stated his firm decision. She eye smiled at him genuinely, "Alright."

"Inuyasha, there is also something I would like to give you." She chuckled when he froze on his spot from beside her and his head rapidly turned to her direction, wide dark golden orb's flickering with an almost childish expectation."The Shikon no Tama?!" He exclaimed, excited at even the thought.

Kikyo shook her head with a small teasing smile, "No." She deadpanned, hiding her amusement beneath her sleeve when he scoffed out loud in indignation with the words, "Keh! I knew it'd be too easy!" She instinctively patted his upper arm in mock encouragement, not noticing her overly familiar gesture till a surprisingly smooth larger palm enveloped her smaller hand and she froze in confusion.

Tilting her head to the side, her body seemed to freeze from the sharp gazing view of golden fixedly on her own frozen azure. He blinked, she blinked, and he promptly released his hold on her paler smaller limb, turning his head to the opposite direction while scoffing loudly. She did not even hear his scoff due to the loud drumming on her ears and she—fuck she was blushing. God fucking dammit! Her lips curved into a pout as she pressed the back of her hands onto her heated cheeks. There's not even a freaking point in trying to hide my reaction because with his wireless connection, he's sure to hear my god damn heart.

She sighed in resignation, placing her hands back down on her lap and turning her head to the side, observing how the white fluffy appendages twitched with every beat of her heart…now that's just unfair! Her pout became more prominent and she had to compose herself less she explode into pretty little itty bitty white dust. Her eyes focused on the little ears, eyes dazing slowly while following the motion's. "Ah—" she shook her head from her daze, Inuyasha's ears twitched at the sound, both standing in attention as he turned his head back towards her with a curious look.

"I do have something for you, but it's for a later date." She only smiled when he nodded his head in full curiosity and half caution. The ability to pretend as if nothing even happened is amazing in this place. Doesn't even feel like….whatever the hell that was, happened. "Nature's so beautiful." She said absentmindedly, basking in the falling warmth of the lowering sun and lazy cool breeze passing by them, their clothes' and white silver and ebony locks flowing with the wind simultaneously.

"Keh, you do daze a lot…" Inuyasha's interest piqued husky boyish voice brought her blinking down to turn and smile sheepishly at a half grinning/smiling face. "The surroundings are peaceful." She retorted as her answer, he only let out a half amused snort while giving her a glance.

Kikyo sighed in relief when she searched out with her aura and noticed the barriers were still active. Inuyasha feel's more…..closer..? I don't know if that was how it usually was in the anime but…she tilted her head in consideration, feeling relieved at seeing her home a few huts away in the distance. I wonder if it's because I was less reserved than Kikyo and more accepting..…she sighed, shaking her head from the upcoming headache at the thoughts wanting to eat her alive, black tresses shifting swiftly from her back to her back knees through their white ribbon hold.

I miss my bow. She let a tiny pout curve her lips. And my arrows. Siigh my babys! When her hand raised the straw door, she sighed in relief and chuckled when she saw Kaede sprawled out on the floor like a starfish with blankets at the side only covering a foot. Shaking her head at the image and wishing, for once, on the advanced technology of a camera she made her way to her weapons where they were in the exact same position she left them. She smiled as she traced her hand on the bow, white mist surrounding the places she tapped before it disappeared. It's almost like a feline kitty, my red Saigu-Yumi.

The tips of her fingers left the faded pulsing bow, then did the same to each of her arrows. She walked to her neatly placed Futon next to Kaede's, blandly realizing just now that she had been humming that same song since she entered her home…..glancing at a knocked out Kaede, Kikyo smiled in relief and a raised eyebrow at the comical sleeping position but resumed her almost silent humming while arranging her futon, then covering Kaede's body back with the thin covers.

As she finished changing into her white sleepwear yukata, her hand gently grasped the small seashell gift Inuyasha had given her, closing her eyes and adding a small spiritual shield towards the now-pulsing-white shell before the transparent white glow disappeared. She was no way in hell going to let this little seashell get broken. Placing the small object inside the unsealed box with the Kotodama beads, she sealed it again with a silent prayer and pushed it back where she got it from; under the wooden table the a corner. The moon's pale transparent cool rays only soothed her into sleep next to her younger sister who instinctively curled up to her older sister's familiar warmth.