Apache: Fierce scalp taking master of death

(An apache is seen bludgeoning an american settler to death with his war club.)


Zulu: The fierce South African killer who carved out one of the largest empires in Africa under the blood soaked reign of Shaka.

(A Zulu warrior brutally slashes away at a rival tribesman with his Zulu Axe.)


To find out, we've assembled a team of world class fighters to test history's most lethal weapons. Using 21stcentury science, we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.

No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death to decide who is…THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR

Here in our elite fight club we have gathered doctors, medical scientists and weapons experts to test out the lethal arsenals wielded by each of our combatants to determine who would win a fight between two warriors who never met in a face to face duel:


Circa: 1830 A.D.

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 140 lbs.

Armor: Rawhide Shield


Circa: 1826 A.D.

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 165 lbs.

Armor: Ishlangu shield

"This is going to be a battle of two of the deadliest lightly-armored warriors from the North American and African continents. The Apache preferred to surprise their enemies while the Zulus fought in large scale battles. It will be a phenomenal match between these two.

"I'm going to side with the Apache on this one," Dr. Armand Dorian answered, Most of the Apache's weapons can be used from all ranges; I think that's definitely going to play a factor in the outcome of this matchup."

"I'm going with the Zulu this time," trauma biomedical engineer Geoff Desmoulin countered, "They were drilled extensively under some of the harshest conditions of their day. Weakness was not tolerated and when you're called 'the Spartans of Africa,' you have to be some damned tough sons of bitches."

Apache' is the collective term for several culturally related groups of Native Americans residing in the southwest, a fiercely proud group of people who initially fought the Spanish and later the United States government in a series of colonial conflicts ranging from 1851 to 1906.

"They were forced to adopt a style of guerilla warfare to compensate for their technological disadvantage against their foes," Mack explained, "They would ambush at extremely close ranges and disappear right afterward. It gave them a tremendous psychological advantage. Many of their combative tactics were eventually adopted by the military."

The 1850's saw an influx of American settlers into sacred tribal lands, seeking to harvest their natural resources, thus leading to various encounters.

"Imagine a man with his face covered in war paint, charging towards you shouting with a large blade in his hands. The Apache were merciless to their foes and were a constant threat to anyone who tried to settle in the southwest. They will indeed be a formidable challenge to the Zulu." Mack finished.

The Apache brings an assortment of lethal handcrafted weapons to today's battle:

Short Range: Knife

Mid-Range: Tomahawk

Long Range: Bow and Arrow

Special Weapon: War Club

Today the Apache will go against a new powerful opponent , the Zulu warrior.

The Zulu are the largest South African ethnic group, originally coming from a clan in what is today Northern KwaZulu-Natal. They formed a powerful state in 1818 under the leadership of their famed king Shaka.

"Shaka was credited with changing the nature of warfare in South Africa," Mack started, "From the implementation of new weaponry to the mobility of the army to the development of his famed 'buffalo horns' formation tactic, he led his people into the 'warrior mindset' for which they became famous and which he used to his advantage when expanding the Zulu Kingdom's boundaries.

At the height of their power, the Zulus were a citizen army called up in times of war with all men being required to perform military service from the age of 19 up until the age of 40, when they were then allowed to marry and went on the reserve list. They fought in various battles against neighboring tribes and later the British in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.

"They were far from primitive, using innovations that were unheard of in their region of the world, innovations that made them a military superpower across all of South Africa and enabled them to make a brave stand against the technologically superior British forces invading their homeland," Mack concluded.

The mighty Zulu comes equipped with an innovative arsenal which helped establish their military might:

Short Range: Zulu Axe

Mid-Range: Iklwa

Long Range: Isijula

Special Weapon: Knobkerrie

Up first will be the Zulu with his short range weapon, the Zulu Axe.

"The Zulu Axe had a half-moon shaped blade made of iron and was attached to a straight wooden handle," weapons maker Dave Baker explained, "It was 2 ½ feet long and weighed 2 ½ pounds."

Zulu expert Earl White stood before a leg of beef with the axe in hand.

"Alright Earl, you have 15 seconds to do as much damage as you can. Are you ready?" Geoff called out.

"Ready!" Earl shouted back.

"Then on 3…2…1, chop 'em up!"

Earl lunged at the beef and brought the axe down in a vicious overhead swing, leaving a deep rend down the side that extends several feet. Drawing back he went for a horizontal slash that created a crossing slash. He again reared back and went for a third slash, going diagonally and creating an almost star-like marking before Geoff called out "Time!"

Dr. Dorian made his way over to assess the damage, "This is one of the hardest wounds to repair," he said running a finger along each wound, "All the crisscrossing leads to a lot of bleeding with almost no chance of sewing your victim back together. The depth of the cuts alone can kill."

"You are dealing with a very one-dimensional weapon," Apache expert Snake Blocker commented, "Mine is longer, faster, you can use it one handed and you have more options in battle."

The Apache responds with the weapon he is most famous for. His knives.

"The knives Apaches used were mostly made of stone or bone and attached to wooden handles," Dave explained, "Steel would later become available to them through trade. It was eight inches in length and weighed a pound."

"I see that you have more than one knife at your disposal," Geoff said walking into view as Snake Blocker stood at a table with six knives laid out.

"Apaches typically carried more than one knife on them at once," If they can carry twenty knives they'll carry twenty knives if they have twenty knives they will kill twenty people. Snake Blocker replied closely examining one with a blade made of sharpened stone.

That's perfect for the tests we have set up for you," Geoff said motioning towards five pig carcasses suspended from the ceiling and a gel torso nearby, "You're going to show us how accurate these knives can be when thrown, and then you're given a target to show the hack and slash techniques upon," he said patting the torso on its head, "Whenever you are ready."

Snake nodded scooping up five of the knives and approaching the line where the five pig carcasses were suspended twenty yards away.

Okay Snake, On 3…2…1! Do it!" Geoff called out.

Snake nodded and tossed the first knife through a pig's throat. Readying his next blade, he tosses it and sticks it in the pig's gut. The third knife would find its mark in the third carcass' chest, followed by the fourth knife finding it in the chest of another. With his last knife in hand, he chucks it hard at his last target, catching it right through the pig's eye.

With his five targets incapacitated, Snake picks up his final knife and makes his way over to the torso, plunging it into the victim's chest and ripping all the way down until its gel body ended, pulling it out and slicing the torso's throat wide open. " Dead Zulu " Snake exclaimed proudly.

Looking at your first target, you managed to pierce his windpipe, instant kill," Dr. Dorian said making his way over to the second suspended pig carcass and rifling through, "Your second knife found its way into the intestines, deep enough to hit the spine, another kill," he said before approaching the third and fourth targets respectively, "These next two you hit in their chests, but the placement is different. With the third guy, you struck his lung, going to incapacitate him, but not kill right away, then you also broke some of his ribs, which could in turn hit the heart. With the fourth guy, dead center in the heart, another instant kill," the doctor reported before reaching up to pull the knife out of the last pig carcass, "Your last shot, piercing his eye and severing his brain stem, another instant kill."

"On to the next target ", Dr. Dorian then approached the torso and inspected the deep gash left by the knife, "This last guy, you've completely disemboweled him. He's gonna bleed out within seconds, even faster if you can make his innards spill out like this," he said scooping up a length of fake intestines, "Your last strike was deep enough to sever the windpipe, another dead Zulu "

"You used six knives for six kills, very impressive," Geoff weighed in.

"Keep in mind, not every warrior has that perfect of an aim, what if you miss? Zulu expert Earl White said. " if you miss, we have your knife as well."

After an impressive display of short range weapons, where do our experts stand?

"Both weapons are just great, the Zulu Axe is made of superior materials and the knives are very versatile, but yet I can't decide which weapon to give the edge to." Geoff states.

"I will give it to the Zulu axe" Doctor Armand says. "It causes severe cuts on the body and just a cut alone is enough to kill, on top of that, if the Apache throws his knives and misses, he has disarmed himself, and with that, he has only a rawhide shield to defend himself against the Zulu Axe when he is up close with the Zulu. Edge Zulu Axe. "

"While Doc presents a valid argument, they have their own advantages, the Axe is deadliest up close while the knives are deadly at both short and long ranges, but the Apache is deadliest at close ranges, its basically a wash, Edge even" Mack counters

In short range weapons, our warriors are evenly matched!

Coming up, both warriors break out two iconic weapons for their mid-range arsenal when an earthen battle axe goes up against a deadly spear


Now it is time for both warriors to break out their mid-range weapons. The Apache will start things out with an iconic weapon used by many native tribes, the tomahawk.

"The tomahawk is a weapon measuring 14 inches in length and weighing typically around two pounds in weight," Dave explained holding up a handcrafted replica, "Its blade can be made from stone, bone or iron, and was often decorated with silver, beads and eagle test the weapon's lethality, fellow Apache expert Alan Tafoya will test a tomahawk made from each material.

Alright Alan, we have two ballistic gel targets. One which will be in Zulu garments and carrying an ishlangu shield .You will first test the stone tomahawk and on the second you will test one made from a horse's jaw," Geoff said motioning towards the two targets, one a bust and the other a torso, "So whenever you are ready!"

Alan Tafoya nodded and grabbed a stone tomahawk before making his way over to the bust. Letting out an Apache war cry, he brings the axe down on top of the skull, tearing off the back of his target's head. With his first inanimate opponent dispatched, he grabs the horse jaw tomahawk and slices it straight down the middle of its face to rip it wide open, before following up by burying it into the torso's neck until it's touching the spine. With the face already destroyed, he proceeds to swinging the tomahawk at the ishlangu shield, penetrating slighty amd pulls it out the way and swings the tomahawk into the left pectoral and then slamming it twice into the sternum.

Dr. Dorian approached the obliterated bust while putting on his gloves, " Alright Alan, you've completely destroyed this in just one blow," he said fishing around inside of what remained, "We've got a skull split open like an egg and most of the brain destroyed, this is an instant kill."

He then made his way over to the torso to assess the damage, "Your first blow ripped this man's face open from right between his eyes down to the bottom of his chin, instant kill. Your second blow connected with the man's spinal cord, in the process severing his jugular vein and carotid artery, another instant kill. Your third blow alone shattered three ribs and punctured his left lung, might not be an instant kill, but will cripple him, and then your blow to the shield did achieve penetration, but did not touch the man behind it, your blow to the chest shattered the sternum and destroyed his heart, major, major damage."

In addition to close range combat, the tomahawk can be used as a throwing weapon. Alan will show off its effectiveness with three metal-headed tomahawks.

"High speed is up, whenever you are ready," Geoff called out readying his cameras while Mack stood nearby with a radar gun out.

Alan grabbed three iron-headed tomahawks and walked over to where three circular wooden targets were set up, each with a red 'X' painted in the center. With a mighty heave, he chucked the first tomahawk, striking just south of the target, switching his aim towards the second target and launching it forward, managing to strike the target head on, and then lastly throwing the last one and landing it just above the target. "Whoo! Dead Zulu" Alan says.

"We are getting readings of 29 mph for your first two throws and 32 mph for your last," Geoff reported.

"Okay, according to the readings we got, the Zulu will not be able to dodge the tomahawks at at a distance of eight feet where at about say twenty-two feet, he'll be able to dodge it." Geoff says

"And what if you miss with your throw?" Earl chimed in, "There's always the possibility of that happening and if you do, you've wasted a weapon."

"Apaches typically carried two tomahawks on them at once. I would still have a backup option." Alan countered.

"You also can't forget that your weapon is made from flimsy material, mine is much sturdier and more reliable," Earl added.

"And what weapon will you use to counter?" Snake asked.

"We'll be happy to show you." Earl says with a smile.

The Zulu team fights back with the Iklwa.

"The Iklwa was a short spear Shaka himself introduced to replace the throwing spears his tribe had previously used," Dave explained, "It was 2 ½ feet long with a dagger-like iron blade that was about half the length of the overall spear, a design that makes it good for both stabbing and slashing attacks."

"I understand you are going to show us how this spear was used in conjunction with the Ishlangu and you are going to do so against an armored torso," Geoff said motioning towards a ballistic gel torso outfitted with a Apache garments and a rawhide shield placed in front of it, "When you are ready you may get into position."

Earl nodded and readied his weapons.

"Earl, are you ready?"

Earl roared in reply.

"Then on 3…2…1, charge!"

Earl beat the butt of his spear against the ox hide shield, a psychological warfare tactic used by actual Zulus. After his display he launched himself towards his inanimate opponent, using his Ishlangu to hook the Apache's rawhide shield out of the way before stabbing the spear through its unprotected torso. Pulling the spear out he then used the blade end to slash the dummy across the throat.

"That shield definitely has more worth for offensive tactics than I anticipated. Nice," Mack spoke.

Dr. Dorian made his way over and removed the leather belt, "Your first strike managed to puncture a curve in the upper intestine, which will cause bodily waste to openly spill into the interior of this man's abdomen, which will cause sepsis. It won't kill him right away, but putting it bluntly and for the lack of a better term, will be a shitty way to die."

He then inspected the neck wound, "Your slash to the neck was an instant kill, slices his windpipe open."

You would need to be pretty close to use that on an Apache and the place where we are most dangerous is right up close, I doubt your shield would stand up against our tomahawk" Snake Blocker spoke up.

Both teams have demonstrated their mid ranged weapons, where do our experts stand?

"The edge no doubt goes to the tomahawk, I wanted to give the Iklwa the edge, it may be deadly when paired with the ishlangu, but he has to be right up close to effectively use it, and with the tomahawk being a throwable weapon and the apache carrying more than one, I doubt the Zulu will be in range to use it. Edge tomahawks." Mack states

"I disagree for that reason and give the edge to the Iklwa," Dr. Dorian countered, "that coupled with its combined use with the Ishlangu. When used properly you are both able to cancel out his defensive capability and strike the fatal blow in one sitting, that alone will create a nightmare for any opponent. Edge Iklwa

The tiebreaker fell down to Geoff

"This is another close comparison, I like the Iklwa because it is deadly when paired with the ishlangu but I like the tomahawk as well because it is very versatile, I'm calling it even on this one." Geoff says

"To me the edge still goes to Iklwa " Dorian says

"It's okay man sometimes we agree and sometimes.."

"No, I'm right!" Dorian says smiling as they all laugh.

In mid ranged weapons, our warriors are even again.

Up next, both sides unleash their long range arsenal and then later on, we have a duel to the death. Stay tuned!


Now it is time for both warriors to bring their long range weapons to the table. Up first is the Apache with another iconic native weapon.

"The Apache bow is four feet in length and made from a single piece of wood with animal sinew for bowstrings," Dave explained, "Its arrows are two feet in length and tipped with stone or metal arrowheads, their ends jagged and barbed to cause more damage."

Alan stood before another ballistic gel torso with the bow and arrow in hand, readying a line of arrows. An ishlangu shield placed in front of the Torso for inspiration.

"I'm gonna kill that damn Zulu." Alan Tafoya says

Alan loads his first arrow and fires a shot that catches the target right through its nose with a sickening 'thuk,'wasting no time reloading and firing a second shot that caught his inanimate opponent in the gut, and then a third that ran through its side, hanging out of the dermis at an awkward angle. He reached for the line of arrows and kept firing, all of his arrows finding their mark. When his ammo was expended, the gel torso was left a literal pin cushion. He then fires his remaining arrows at the ishlangu, each penetrating slightly.

"Every shot you made connected. I am truly impressed by the accuracy," Dr. Dorian said walking over to assess the damage, "Your first shot alone would have obliterated the man's nose and sever the brain stem beneath, an instant kill shot, and there are several other interesting shots as well," he said reaching for one wedged between the ribs, "Here is one that would have pierced the aorta, another to the neck that would have severed the spinal cord, and lastly one to the jawline that would have penetrated the base of the brain."

"Your shots to the shield achieved penetration but did not touch the man behind it."

"And each shot came in at roughly 65 miles per hour," Geoff reported with his radar gun, "That would be damn near impossible for someone to get out of the way just in time."

"That's going to be hard to top," Mack said while Alan smirked at Earl.

"I can beat that." Earl says not impressed

For long range combat, the Zulu used a throwing spear, the Isijula.

"The Isijula was a short-bladed throwing spear that could be accurately thrown over a distance of 30 yards," Dave explained, "It was 4 feet long with a thin, pointed iron tip."

Earl stood at a range with 3 throwing spears ready.

"Alright Earl, we want to test this spear's accuracy, range and stopping power," Geoff said motioning towards the range, "In doing so, we've set up 3 targets, one at 5 yards, one at 15 and the last at 30 yards. When you are ready you can get into position."

Earl got into position with a spear ready.

"Earl, are you ready?"

"Yes!" he shouted back.

"On 3…2…1, let 'em fly!"

Earl chucked his first spear at the 5 yard target, getting it in the center of the chest. Reaching for his second spear he drew back and sent it flying high, striking the target just beneath its collarbone. Scooping up his third spear he stepped forth and threw it high, soaring through the air and coming down with a blow that nearly dropped the foam target from its perch.

"Much more accurate than anticipated, another impressive display," Mack commented.

Dr. Dorian made his way over to assess the damage done to the targets, starting with the first.

"This guy you've managed to score a direct hit to his heart, that is an instant kill," he said before making his way over to the second, "This guy you've nailed just below his collarbone in his pectoral muscle. You're going to sever the vital blood vessels located around here and will cause an instant bleed out for another quick kill," he said making his way over to the last target, "This guy you struck him in the liver, not going to kill him right away, but will cause a lot of pain. If he doesn't get medical attention fast he's going to be a dead man. Altogether you've scored two instant kills and one delayed."

Alan steps in and says " It did better than I thought it would, but it is still is no match for our bow and arrow."

Both sides have presented the long range capabilities of their respective warriors, but what do our experts think?

"I'm definitely gonna have to go with the bow and arrow on this one, it has superior range, accuracy." Geoff started.

"I'm with you all the way on that," Dr. Dorian seconded.

"Me three," Mack added before they spoke in unison, "Edge, bow and arrow."

In long range weapons, the Apache takes the edge with his bow and arrow.

Coming up, both warriors break out their special arsenal and then later on, two fearsome tribal warriors meet on the field of battle in a duel to the death to determine who is 'The Deadliest Warrior!'


Now the time has come for both sides to reveal their special weapons.

"The war club was a bludgeoning weapon used in close quarters combat by the Apache," Dave explained, "It consisted of a stone head covered in rawhide on a short wooden handle, measuring it at two feet long and weighing two pounds."

Two targets have been set up for Snake, one a bare skull and the other a ballistic gel bust and also wearing a Zulu head dress

With a mighty swing, Snake manages to completely shatter the bare skull and then follows up with another swing to the gel bust, still managing to crack the skull like an eggshell.

"Both of those are instant kills," Dr. Dorian said inspecting the splintered remains.

"What worries me about that weapon though is that it looks likely to break very easily," Geoff said, receiving nods of agreement from Mack and Dr. Dorian.

"That, plus the Zulu will just block that toothpick with the ishlangu" Earl smirked, "I bring a club with superior reach and durability".

" What weapon will that be?" Mack asked

"We bring in the knobkerrie" Earl replied.

"The knobkerrie was one of the simplest and hardest clubs ever made," Dave started out, "It was a thin wooden club made from ironwood that was tipped off by a solid ball. It could be used for throwing at animals in hunting or used for clubbing an enemy's head. Altogether it was 35 inches long and weighed 3 pounds."

"Alright Earl, we have the same test set up for you, one to the head and one to the torso," Geoff said motioning towards a fresh ballistic gel dummy.

Earl nodded and got into position.

"On 3…2…1, smash 'em up!" Geoff shouted

Earl brought the club down on top of his target's skull, obliterating it down to the eye sockets and drawing cheers from the panelists. He then reared back and went for another swing, striking the chest with a sideways strike. As he walked away from the bludgeoned dummy he turned around one last time and flung the club towards his target, the knob end striking it dead on in the face.

"Just absolutely brutal!" Geoff chuckled.

Dr. Dorian made his way over to assess the damage, "Damn, you've just compressed this head so far it exploded from the inside out. The only thing holding all the bone fragments inside is this guy's skin, yet I'm seeing you only generated a PSI of 150, it would be an instant kill. Your strike to the chest generated a PSI of slightly less than 300 PSI. You struck him in an area where you would be shattering the ribs guarding his heart, again causing massive amounts of internal bleeding and disruption of the heartbeat, another near instant kill. Your toss struck this man directly in the center of his face, shattering all the bones and cartilage underneath, which would cause bone fragments to fly backwards into his brain and cause an instant kill alone."

Both clubs have done their damage, but where do our panelists stand?

"Again this is going to be another very close test to call for me because these are two miniature wrecking balls these guys are packing, but when it comes down to it I have to look at the durability and reach. The knobkerrie was able do worse damage than the war club in both required strikes, no doubt helped by the ball shaped tip. I'm giving my edge to the knobkerrie." Geoff started.

"Agreed, the fragility of the war clubs plays against it". Edge Knobkerrie Mack says

"Agreed, edge Knobkerrie." Dorian concluded

In special weapons, the Zulu gets the edge with his Knobkerrie

Coming up, our panelists gauge the X-factors of each warrior and then after that, it's a battle to determine who is the 'Deadliest Warrior,' the greatest stealth fighter in North America? or the latter day Spartan of Africa?


And now Mack will gauge the x-factors of each warrior.

"Ferocity will be a major x factor, one one end you have a great stealth fighter who is fighting to protect his land and the other a brutal killer, we rate the Apache an 88 and the Zulu an 89."

"Next is training, this no doubt goes to the Zulu, they were trained in a very brutal training program implemented by Shaka, the Apache is a guerilla fighter, the Zulu gets a 92 to the Apache's 80."

"Up next we have intimidation, on one hand, you've got a man shouting at you with paint on his face and on the other hand, Zulus would pound the butts of their spears against their shields and shout nonstop at their foes before engaging them, both men are given a 90 each."

"For physicality, you have the Apache, who is slightly smaller and sleek and great at carrying out hit and run attacks, on the other you have the slightly larger Zulu, we rated the Apache a 90 to the Zulus 87."

"And for killer instinct, the Apache is fighting against a trchnologically superior force and the Zulu is fighting to expand his empire, the Apache is given a 93 to the Zulu with a 92, a razor thin margin."

Our scientists and weapons experts are done testing the results and the time has come to decide who will be the victor. To ensure the battle won't be decided by a single lucky blow, the battle will be simulated one thousand times in a duel to the death.

Who will win in a battle of two of the most feared tribal warriors on their respective continents?

"In the end there can be only one. Let's find out," Mack said.


The battle begins in a small forested area. An Apache is seen walking through it and comes across a stream. He had recently survived a battle with some rival Zuni. He bends down to get a drink of water when he suddenly hears running footsteps. He quickly reacts and draws his bow and strings an arrow on it.

The footsteps come to a sudden stop. He is scanning the treeline when suddenly spear is hurled out of the bushes and nearly hits him. He quickly fires an arrow into the bush, nothing. He strings another arrow when he again hears running footsteps.

He turns to his right and sees his company, a Zulu. The Zulu pounds takes the Apache's arrow out of his ishlangu shield and tosses aside. He then charges at the Apache. The Apache then fires another arrow and it hits the Zulu in the side. He shakes off the pain and yanks the arrow out of his side. He throws it at the Apache's direction and gives a mighty yell at the native American. The Apache stares at the Zulu and then runs the other direction.

The Apache then stops and turns around to fire another arrow at the Zulu who only rolls under it and gets up and continues his charge. The Apache drops his arrow and withdraws his tomahawk and continues running.

Yhe Zulu catches up and then takes another isijula and hurls it at the Apache who lifts his rawhide shield to block it but the spear goes through his shield and cuts his backhand. He grunts and throws the shield aside, when he does that, the Zulu is right in his face and thrusts his iklwa attempting to stab the Apache in his heart.

The Apache quickly jumps back and draws his tomahawk and catches the iklwa and manages to pull it away from the Zulu and the Zulu quickly rushes forth and they both are locked in a brief struggle.

They try to push each other back. Eventually the Zulu's larger size helps and he manages to push the Apache down and quickly draws his Zulu axe and brings it down to hack the Apache's face open but he rolls quickly out of the way and draws his extra tomahawk and swings back at the Zulu, the Zulu blocks with his ishlangu and pushes the Apache back into a tree. He then charges with his ishlangu held in front of him. The Apache quickly moves out the way and rolls away and then throws his tomahawk at the Zulu's exposed back.

The tomahawk cuts into the Zulu's back and he screams in pain but his intensive training helps him shrug it off and he turns around to face his opponent. He then reaches to his back and pulls the tomahawk out of it and tosses it aside.

He pounds his ishlangu with his axe and yells to intimidate the Apache, the Apache in return points at the Zulu and motions his finger across his neck. Both then charge and once again, the Zulu held his shield protectively in front of him but the Apache dodges to the side and brings his tomahawk down onto the Zulu's forearm, the Zulu once again shrugs off his horrid injury and bashes the Apache away with his ishlangu shield causing him to stumble back. Seeing an opening, the Zulu swings his axe and it cuts into the Apache's side.

The native American screams in pain but refusing defeat, draws his knife and stabs the Zulu's axe wielding arm causing him to stop the axe. He then tackles the Zulu to the ground and quickly gets up and takes our another knife.

The Zulu is now incredibly furious and draws his last remaining weapon, his knobkerrie. Both warriors know it has come down to this and stare intently at each other. Both wanting to kill the other for their people.

With a mighty yell, the Zulu charges again at the Apache and the Apache expected this, as the Zulu approaches, the Apache rolls around and with his knife, quickly slashes the Zulu in the hamstrings putting him on his knees and slices his shield arm causing him to drop the ishlangu and then tosses the knife into his back.

With his opponent at his mercy, the Apache draws his war club and slowly walks to face the Zulu. The Zulu can only look into the eyes of his opponent.

With a mighty war cry, the Apache brings his war club down onto the Zulu's skull smashing it like an eggshell.

With his opponent defeated, the Apache takes the knife out of the Zulu and licks the blood off of it. He then gives a mighty, loud war cry in victory.


Winner: Apache

Apache: 511

Knife: 206

Tomahawk: 102

Bow and Arrow: 90

War Club: 113

Zulu: 489

Zulu Axe: 144

Iklwa: 211

Isijula: 13

Knobkerrie: 121

In what has turned out to be an incredibly close match, the Apache barely emerged victorious largely in part thanks to the versatility of his knives, tomahawk and his bow and arrow. The Zulu proved to be a very formidable challenger. His deadliest weapon being his Iklwa, which scored more kills than any other weapon in the simulations.

"The Apache won because he was deadly at all ranges. His skills with his knives helped him in the end. Coupled with the fact that the tomahawks also can be used at longer rangers and his skill with the bow is what made victory his, but the Zulu's training and ishlangu and Iklwa combo made this very close. It could have gone either way." Geoff Desmoulin says.

(We see the Apache walking back to his people. He holds his wound but is victorious. He has claimed the Zulu's iklwa both as a trophy and a souvenir of his most powerful for.)

Next time on Deadliest Warrior: It's a battle between two deadly native warriors:

Zande: The Central African savage who utilized psychological warfare and brute force to instill fear into the hearts of their enemies.


Hawaiian Koa: Native slaughterer of Hawaii who combined dance and lethal martial arts into one vicious fighting style...

Who will be…The Deadliest Warrior?!


Well that concludes my first chapter! I want to give a special thanks to Metal Harbinger for allowing me to use weapons testing done in the matched of these two warriors and for giving his weapons edges to help me decide for myself. Please review and tell me if you agree or disagree with the outcome.