WARNING: The following material contains racist comments and obnoxious bikers so reader discretion is advised.


(Five Caucasian men dawning black leather jackets with a skull that sports a smug grin and cross pistons patch with ''Outlaws'' on it, a few wearing bandannas wrapped around their heads, pants and biker boots point their shotguns and sidearms at the camera.)

Outlaws Motorcycle Club: The vicious one-percenter motorcycle gang whose sole purpose is to rid the world of their enemies, the Hells Angels.

(Members of the Outlaws are seen riding through the streets of Chicago. They ride up to a tattoo parlor owned by the Hells Angels and open fire on their enemies.)


(Five Hispanic men wearing normal clothes with FLCs as well as ski masks on point their firearms at the screen.)

Los Zetas: The ultra-violent crime syndicate whose merciless killings and executions make them feared in Mexico's criminal underworld.

(Zetas Sicarios are seen sneaking through a quiet neighborhood in the dead of night. They break their way into a house and proceed to gun down members of their rival, the Sinaloa Cartel.)


To find out, we've assembled a team of world class fighters to test history's most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.

No rules. No safety. No mercy. It's a duel to the death to decide who is...THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

Last time both gangs emerged victorious in a difficult and harsh turf war against equally vicious gangs...

(The last Outlaw is seen emptying the magazine of his TEC-9 into the body of the last Irish mobster.)

...But what will happen when the two gangs meet each other and battle for control of the streets?

(The last Zeta sicario dismembers the last Medellin cartel sicario with his chainsaw.)

Here in our elite fight club we have gathered doctors, medical scientists and weapons experts to test out the lethal arsenals wielded by each of our combatants to determine who would win a fight between two organized crime groups who never engaged in gang warfare.

Outlaws Motorcycle Club

Founded: 1935

Circa: 1994

Height: 6'

Weight: 180 lbs.

Membership: 2,000

Activities: Robbery, Auto Theft

Los Zetas

Founded: 1999

Circa: 2009

Height: 5'10''

Weight: 175 lbs.

Membership: 300 (only an estimation)

Activities: Video Piracy, Sex Trafficking

''Here it is gentlemen, the final criminal match up of the modern bracket for back for blood. To conclude this we're having season three's deadliest criminals duke it out when the Outlaws Motorcycle Club take on the most dangerous drug cartel from Mexico the Los Zetas.'' DeadAliveManiac started off.

''This is a great match because on one side you have the only biker gang that can pose a real threat to the Hells Angels and on the other you have at the time we're using them Mexico's most powerful drug cartel. These two groups are very dangerous and much like other groups that fought in this fic before them if you looked at them funny you're dead.'' Zivon96 commented.

''I agree, the Outlaws have that reputation of murdering anyone who had anything to do with the Hells Angels, you have a Hells Angel friend? You die, you're allied with them? You die. The Los Zetas are incredibly notorious for indiscriminate slaughter and beheadings of their rivals and anyone who crosses them.'' MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior added.

''These two have beaten back the Irish mob and the Medellin cartel respectively so let's see who will win the title of season three's deadliest criminal organization alongside the Yakuza. Let us begin the weapons review boys.'' Its Rice Man concluded.

To spill the blood of the Hells Angels, the Outlaws used deadly improvised and high-powered weapons to complete their agenda.

Melee: Fireman's Axe

Short Range: Ithaca Model 37

Mid-Range: Intratec TEC-9

Long Range: AK-47

Explosive: C-4

In turn, the Mexican kingpins massacred all who stand in their way with a mix of improvised and high-tech military-grade weapons.

Melee: Chainsaw

Short Range: Remington Model 870

Mid-Range: Heckler Koch MP5A3

Long Range: Colt M4A1

Explosive: Dynamite

When these two criminal outfits needed a weapon to mutilate the competition they bring two different improvised tools of the trade.

The team now reviews the footage of the Fireman's axe and the chainsaw from their debut episodes before coming to their decision.

''No contest on this one, the chainsaw has the intimidation factor and the sound of that thing will be the last thing you'd ever hear.'' DAM started off.

''I disagree and give this one to the axe simply because it isn't clunky and doesn't run off gas. The axe will allow the Outlaws to sneak up on the cartel and hack them to death whereas the chainsaw's noise will expose you and potentially get you killed.'' Zivon countered.

''Well for me I think the chainsaw wins regardless I mean, look at the carnage it causes! The Outlaws need to get past that damn blade if they want to get up close to use their axe. So yeah, the chainsaw gives the Los Zetas the edge.'' Demigod said.

''I really gotta stick with the chainsaw on this one. While it may run on gas we seriously cannot ignore the carnage and intimidation that comes with that weapon. Outlaws are tough but no one is brave enough to deal with a chainsaw.'' Rice Man concluded.

In melee weapons, the edge goes to Los Zetas for their chainsaw.

For short range weapons, both these criminal groups brought in two powerful shotguns to deliver the necessary message.

The panel now reviews testing of both the Ithaca Model 37 and the Remington 870 in their respective episodes before they come to a final decision.

''I call this even since they're both pump-action shotguns.'' DAM started off.

''I find myself agreeing, no real difference between the two honestly.'' Zivon seconded.

''Same here, even all the way.'' Demigod added.

''Pump-action, 12 gauge shells, whoever gets that first shot off gets the first kill and possibly the win.'' Rice Man concluded.

In short range weapons, the edge is even.

For mid-range weapons, these two criminal forces brought in two similar submachine guns to riddle the opposition with lead.

The panel now reviews the testing of the TEC-9 and MP5A3 in their respective episodes but it doesn't take them long to come to a decision.

''I give my edge to the MP5 because it has more range, more rounds and once again, WAYYYYYYYYYY more range.'' DAM started off.

''Can't argue there, the TEC-9 is a puny gun compared to the MP5. It's also more modular too.'' Zivon seconded.

''It also has more muzzle velocity so I agree with your opinions.'' Demigod added.

''The TEC-9's smaller magazine size will cause the Outlaws to blow through bullets faster meaning no more to shoot the cartel with. Edge MP5.'' Rice Man concluded.

In mid-range weapons, the edge goes to Los Zetas for their Heckler Koch MP5A3

For long range weapons these two organizations bring in the modern world's most famed rifles.

The team now reviews test footage of both the AK-47 and the M4A1 in their various appearances before they come to their decision.

''I call this even since these two weapon systems are some of the best in the world. Whoever gets the first shot gets the kill as we tend to say a lot.'' DAM started off.

''You know me boys, AK wins in my opinion for reliability.'' Zivon countered.

''I have to call even too, we've seen so many comparisons like this and when in the hands in crime groups it evens out.'' Demigod added.

''The Outlaws and Zetas have members who were in the US and Mexican armed forces but for the Outlaws they have members who retain their training from the military so I have to give this to them.'' Rice Man said.

In long range weapons, both groups are even.

And finally, for explosives these two criminal organizations used two potent and powerful tools to blow the competition away.

The team now reviews the testing of both the C-4 and dynamite in their previous appearances before they finally come to their decision.

''These are two lethal weapons here but in the end I think we'll have to give the edge to the C-4 for being an actual weapon designed for war.'' DAM started off.

''I agree, both can be stationary weapons but dynamite was designed to clear out mines, not kill people so the C-4 wins.'' Zivon seconded.

''The c-4 gets it since it is a weapon that was designed for warfare like DAM said.'' Demigod added.

''Took the words out of my mouth boys. C-4 gets it all the way.'' Rice Man concluded.

In explosives, the edge goes to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club for their C-4.


Welcome back to the Fight Club, here we reviewed the weapons used by criminal organizations notorious for their levels of violence against their enemies.

For melee weapons, the chainsaw obliterated the fireman's axe.

''Much more intimidating and the sound will definitely mess with your head and get you killed.'' DAM explained.

Edge: Los Zetas

For short range weapons, both the Ithaca Model 37 and Remington Model 870 were deemed equals.

''They both have similar stats, are pump-action and fire 12 shells each which puts them on an equal playing field.'' Zivon explained.

Edge: Even

For mid-range weapons, the MP5A3's range and magazine size outshot the TEC-9.

''It's also more modular and has proven its worth in modern warfare.'' Demigod explained.

Edge: Los Zetas

For long range weapons, both the AK-47 and M4 were deemed equally lethal.

''One has more range and tighter grouping, the other can be just as accurate and is super reliable.'' Rice Man explained.

Edge: Even

And finally, for explosive weapons the more potent and damaging C-4 blew the dynamite away.

''It's actually made for combat unlike dynamite which is used to clear mines.'' Metal explained.

Edge: Outlaws Motorcycle Club

And now, our resident metalhead and computer wizz Metal Harbinger will evaluate the x-factors.

''Let's get this metal thrashing mad!'' the Metalhead excitedly.

''For training this one went to the Los Zetas with an 80 to the Outlaws' 79.''

''For logistics and the Outlaws will be readjusted to an 80 with the Zetas since they both can buy high powered weapons and build their own bombs.''

''For influence the Outlaws have an 86 to the Zetas 85.''

''For brutality both groups are even with an 80 each.''

''For intimidation the Zetas take it with a 95 to the Outlaws 89.''

''For killer instinct the Zetas and Outlaws will be rated even with a 91.''

The panel has now concluded looking over the x-factors and weapons of our warriors and will now input the data into the simulator. The battle will pit 5 Full-patch members of the Outlaws against 5 Los Zetas sicarios.


(Outlaws are seen getting into a brawl with members of the Hells Angels in Chicago. One Outlaw takes his TEC-9 out and kills a Hells Angel with several rounds to the chest.)

vs. Criminal

(Los Zetas sicarios are seen beheading several members of the Sinaloa cartel with chainsaws.)

Which criminal organization will reign supreme?

''In the end, only one side will stand tall. So let's see who it is.'' Metal said as he hits the button.


-Outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia-

It was dusk in the suburbs of Atlanta in a small Mexican restaurant and after the last customers have left the staff closed the eatery for the night and pulled blinds over the windows. Inside it was revealed that once business hours came to an end the local Los Zetas cartel cell in the city would conduct their illegal drug operations and 5 sicarios are seen prepping a new shipment of cocaine to give to local street gangs to distribute for them in hopes of netting a huge profit and dominating organized crime in Georgia.

Los Zetas: 5

However, they have been put on high alert when one of their drug shipments was attacked and after the members who were in charge of it were murdered a local biker gang had taken the shipment for themselves and it was only after murdering a member of the Outlaws MC they found out the culprit.

''Necesitamos atraer a los Forajidos a una trampa. Nadie se mete con nuestras drogas y se sale con la suya.'' (We need to lure the Outlaws into a trap. Nobody messes with our drugs and gets away with it.) one of the sicarios said.

''Definitivamente no dejaremos que se interpongan en nuestro camino para establecer territorio en esta ciudad. Eliminaremos a estos chicos blancos.'' (We definitely won't let them get in the way of establishing territory in this city. We will eliminate these white boys.) the ringleader said as he smokes a cigarette.

While they were getting another shipment of drugs ready in the back parking lot they did not notice five Harley-Davidsons coming to a halt in front of the restaurant. After one of their brothers was murdered by the Los Zetas the Atlanta chapter President had ordered these specific members of the club to scout any front the cartel might be using and it was only after beating and torturing the information from a drug dealer working for the Zetas they were able to find this place.

Now they were prepared to act and prevent the cartel from gaining turf in the area since this was their home.

Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 5

''This is the place boys, time to kill some wetbacks.'' the lead Outlaw said as he grabs his Ithaca.

''Damn right, fuck these illegal fuckers they're getting sent back to Mexico in coffins.'' another armed with a fireman's axe said.

After they gather their weapons they approach the entrance of the restaurant and the leader went to look through the windows only to see that they're blocked by the blinds. He motions for his men to wait as he places his ear onto the window and after a few seconds of silence he heard Spanish being spoken in the dining room. Taking Spanish in high school helped him out and he heard them say a few things about his club.

Smirking to himself he looks to his men and points toward the window and not needing any confirmation the two Outlaws take their TEC-9 and opens fire through the windows.

Meanwhile, the cartel sicarios were seen getting a late evening meal for themselves before they headed out to meet the local street gangs to give their drugs too. The leader pours corona for his men before raising it for a toast.

''Aniquilará a los forajidos.'' (We will annihilate the Outlaws) the lead sicario said as he raises the glass of corona only for the sound of gunfire to fill his and his men's ears.

''Qué demonios?!" (What the hell?!) another sicario shouted in shock.

Recognizing that they were obviously being shot at the lead sicario shouts for his men to take cover and grab their weapons but one of his men was unable to reach cover before he was struck multiple times in the chest from the Outlaw shooting through the window with the TEC-9.

Los Zetas: 4 - Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 5

Seeing his fellow sicario fall one of the Mexicans pulls out a stick of dynamite from his backpack and lights the fuse. He waits for the shooting to stop before rushing up to the window and chucks the stick of dynamite with all his might.

The sound of the burning fuse caught the attention of the Outlaws and seeing the explosive they all rush back for cover but the explosive detonates catching the TEC-9 wielding Outlaw in the blast killing him.

Los Zetas: 4 - Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 4

Peeking out from behind a tree the lead Outlaw sees his man dead on the ground and only responds with a growl.

''Alright, let's fucking get in there and kill these pussies!''

With their weapons in hand the Outlaws quickly rush into the restaurant and the two sides spotted each other right away. The Zetas were able to score first when one of their members armed with an MP5 puts his weapon up and opens fire on the Outlaws killing one of them with a salvo of lead into his stomach and face.

Los Zetas: 4 - Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 3

The Outlaws all kick over a few tables to get some cover for themselves and they found themselves pinned. The lead Outlaw tries to aim his own TEC-9 but the gun was shot from his hand annoying him even more.

''Goddammit boys, let's wait for them to reload before going for a shot.'' ordered the lead Outlaw.

''You white motherfuckers die here!'' shouted the lead sicario in perfect English as he shoots at them with his M4.

One sicario offers to hold the bikers back as the others make a run for it and just as the lead sicario and his comrades make a run for it an Outlaw armed with an AK-47 quickly takes the weapon and aims around the corner of his table and fires a short burst into one of the Mexican's back dropping him.

Los Zetas: 3 - Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 3

The lead sicario could only watch his man drop before turning the corner into the kitchen and back exit narrowly avoiding a bullet aimed for his head. With his boss out of the room the remaining sicario takes his Remington and opens fire on the Outlaws pinning them behind cover some more.

Waiting to hear the pump-action go off the Outlaw with the AK leaves his cover to try and gun the Zetas down only to be shot straight through the face with buckshot sending his mangled head corpse flying backward through the restaurant's doorway and out onto the sidewalk.

Los Zetas: 3 - Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 2

''Holy mother of fuck!'' shouted the lead Outlaw.

''We gotta kill that pussy.'' said his subordinate.

The lead Outlaw and his subordinate wait for the Mexican to finally go for a reload and hearing this he orders his comrade to rush toward the Mexican and distract him enough so that the he can take a shot with his shotgun. With the go from his boss the Outlaw rushes out from behind cover with a shout. Seeing the crazy biker coming at him he quickly pumps a shell into the chamber and aims at the biker and fires but just as he does buckshot struck him in the side killing him.

Los Zetas: 2 - Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 2

The lead Outlaw looks at the fallen Mexican with a smirk before looking to where his comrade was only to see him with a single bullet in his chest where his heart would be.

Los Zetas: 2 - Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 1

Shaking his head in disappointment he looks toward the kitchen where the other Zetas ran through and sees a fire axe in a glass box on the wall. Smashing the glass he picks it up and rushes out of the building to see the back parking lot where the Zetas had their drug van parked. He walks over to it and taking out a small C-4 charge from his cut he places it under the van in case he needs it for later and hearing footsteps he was greeted by gunfire which prompts him to leap back into the restaurant just avoiding a bullet to the chest.

The sicarios were waiting for him and wanting to handle the last Outlaw himself the lead sicario orders his subordinate to take the van and drive away so as to not risk having their drugs stolen from the biker gang.

The sicario nods and as his boss heads back into the building to kill the last Outlaw he turns the ignition on they both didn't see or realize the Outlaw had the detonator in his hands and he presses the button and the van explodes in a beautiful spectacle and the Mexican was vaporized instantly.

Los Zetas: 1 - Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 1

The explosion made him jump in shock and he inwardly growled in anger at losing his men and drugs. Now it was really personal so heading into a nearby storage room where they stored their weapons he grabs a chainsaw and heads into the restaurant to find the biker. He makes his way into the dining room to see the surviving Outlaw casually taking a sip of the corona he and his men were about to drink earlier and this really annoyed the Mexican.

''Don't touch my corona.'' said the sicario.

The Outlaw didn't responds and took a sip of the drink from the bottle itself before looking at the cartel sicario with a blank expression plastered on his face. A few seconds of silence filled the destroyed room and the Outlaw just chuckled lightly at the Mexican.

''You wetback fuckers are in the wrong city because this is Outlaws territory.'' the Outlaw said.

Before he let the Mexican respond the biker threw the tequila bottle at the sicario causing him to move his head out of the way and taking the chance the Outlaw charges forward with his axe ready to chop the sicario to pieces. The sicario responds by bringing his chainsaw up to try and manages to swat the axe away leaving the biker open for an attack. Quickly pulling the string on his chainsaw the tool roars to life and he goes for a swing with the power tool.

Thanks to his opponent using a clunky weapon the Outlaw effortlessly steps back to avoid being disemboweled and watches as the sicario brings the chainsaw back toward him to go for a thrust. The slow chainsaw failed to reach his stomach in time so the Outlaw sidesteps and grabs the the Mexican from the back and throws him toward the counter. The sicario's stomach hitting the edge of the counter knocks the wind out of him and causes him to drop the chainsaw in the process. Growling in anger he attempts to leap over the counter to grab the tool but was stopped dead in his tracks when the sound of flesh bring chopped into was heard.

His eyes went wide and his head jerked forward at the same time and he reaches for the back of his head to feel the handle of the axe. Slowly turning around he stares wide-eyed at the Outlaw who only smirks at him and waves goodbye. The Outlaw had taken the chance to bring the axe down onto the back of his head and even though he was done for the sicario attempts to grab the Outlaw only to fall face first onto the floor.

Los Zetas: 0 - Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 1

The Outlaw looks at the dead body in front of him and sighing in relief he walks over to the bottle of corona he threw earlier and scoops it up. He then takes a sip and with a very obvious grossed out look on his face he looks at the camera.

''Mexican piss, yuck!''


Winner: Outlaws Motorcycle Club

Outlaws Motorcycle Club: 528

Fireman's Axe: 3

Ithaca Model 37: 50

Intratec TEC-9: 90

AK-47: 202

C-4: 183

Los Zetas: 472

Chainsaw: 4

Remington Model 870: 50

Heckler & Koch MP5A3: 120

Colt M4A1: 202

Dynamite: 96


Training: 79/Training: 80

Logistics: 80/Logistics: 80

Influence: 86/Influence: 85

Brutality: 80/Brutality: 80

Intimidation: 89/Intimidation: 95

Killer Instinct: 91/Killer Instinct: 91

Following a violent back and forth encounter it would be the Outlaws MC who emerged victorious. They won a phyrric victory with 52.8% of the wins to the Zetas' 47.2%. It was thanks to their love of brawling and powerful C-4 that won the day.

''It was a very close battle but the Outlaws managed to win since cartel members are known to abuse drugs more so than the MC. The MC were also crazy in a fist fight which is another thing that tipped the battle in their direction.'' DAM explained.

''I thought the cartel was going to win since they had such a high propensity for violence but I guess the Outlaws were just as violent as them. The dynamite was also a tool used to clear mines and using it in a fight can work but doesn't compare to the C-4.'' Zivon seconded.

''Darn, I also thought the cartel's high levels of brutal violence would win but as Zivon said, the Outlaws can be just as bad too. I thought the chainsaw was also going to be a factor in this as well.'' Demigod commented.

''The cartel faired really well but the Outlaws just managed to pull ahead and win so I'd give respect to both sides. Now, how would the Outlaws fair against the Yakuza I wonder...'' Rice Man said.

(The surviving Outlaw was seen leading a group of new members toward an abandoned parking lot where another Los Zetas drug shipment was being prepared. The cartel sicarios hear the noise and before they could react the Outlaws whip out their TEC-9s and open fire on them killing them all in the process. The Outlaws come to a stop at the drug van and steal the contents inside.)


Next time on back for blood, it's a battle between the 21st century's most vicious terrorist organizations.

Islamic State of Iraq: The Salafi Jihadist organization whose ultimate goal is to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East.


Abu Sayyaf: Moro extremists who wage a bloody insurgency against the Philippines government for independence.