Hi, I'm back this is a Criminal Minds/Avengers crossover, I've seen all Marvel movies and know some things from the comics so I'll try to keep it as accurate as possible. I'm taking inspiration from evgrrl09's Profilers of S.H.I.E.L.D. story here. any way enjoy

Spencer Reid entered the round table room, he could already tell this case was a bad one, JJ and Garcia were tense standing at the front ready to present the case everyone was in the room except Hotch,

"Where's Hotch?" Kate asked the question that every agents in the room was mentally asking, Spencer knew that for sure

"We're getting a new agent" JJ bit her lip she knew Derek's death was still a hard subject for the entire team

"Do we know them?" Rossi asked JJ hoping it was someone who already knew the team dynamic

"No" JJ shook her head, "I just saw her walking into Hotch's office, I've never seen her before"

"Okay" Spencer nodded joining in the conversation.

All agents were cautious of Penelope, the death of her husband had taken a toll on the entire team, but it hit Penelope and Talia the most, sadly that was expected, but she and Taila had seemed to overcome Derek's death in about 5 months they were still both sensitive of the topic but had gotten over most of their grief it seems.

"I hope she's nice" Garcia smiled, she knew what no one else knew. Derek was alive and working for S.H.I.E.L.D. the top secret government organization, but she couldn't tell anyone, only S.H.I.E.L.D. agents her and Taila knew that Derek was alive, he was granted permission to see her after he spent 2 months moping around the helicarrier and drinking to his hearts content, but no one could know so she still had to act like Derek was dead. The rest of the team nodded in agreement with Garcia hoping the new agent was friendly and would fit well into the team dynamic.

"I see you've done well with the undercover unit" Hotch mused looking from the file to the woman standing in front of him, she had light blond hair, bright green eyes, she didn't seem that physically toned, but she seemed to hold well in fights she'd been in in the past

"I've only had 1 or 2 cases go cold while I was working on them" She smiled brightly

"Well then welcome to the Behavioural Analysis Unit Agent Stride" He stood up to shake her hand

"Thank you sir" She smiled shaking his hand

"Let's go meet the team, we're starting a new case today" He exited his office, Amanda Stride nodded briskly following her new boss

Hotch and Amanda entered the room, all agents turned to see the newcomer, Garcia slimed bounding over to the new agent

"Hi, I'm Penelope Garcia the tech analysts and current active fairy godmother to all agents in need" she smiled warmly, Amanda smiled, knowing that she was taking the place of Derek Morgan on the team, Penelope's husband

"I just want you guys to know, I'm not taking Derek's place, I just hope I can be as great an agent as he was" she told the team quickly

"I'm sure you will" Rossi smiled getting up to shake Amanda's hand. All of the agents went to get to know their new teammate while Reid was giving her the death glare from his seat the others couldn't see his glare, she saw it and gave him a cheeky smile, winking at him before turning to meet the other agents.

"Okay" Garcia went back to the front of the room, "we have a bad one this time, get ready to head to the sunshine state" pictures of 4 deceased people appeared on the screen all the agents looked at the pictures of their tablets or file for Reid's case.

"Cause of death?" Amanda asked

"Single gunshot wound to either the head, neck, or heart" JJ said flipping through her tablet

"Adam Samson 44, Phoebe Bander 57,Gavin Dwyer 35, and Lily McKay 42" Garcia read off the names and ages off the victims

"He seems to have a type" Kate muttered

"If I'm thinking correctly I'd say these are assassinations" Rossi muttered, both Reid and Amanda shared a knowing look at the mention of assassination but the team didn't notice

"Let's just find the Unsub" Hotch said quickly, "Wheels up in an hour" the team disbursed from the room to grab their things.

Reid grabbed Amanda by the wrist pulling her into the copying room shutting and locking the door, "What the hell are you doing here?" He hissed angrily

"My job" She deadpanned

"I have it under control" Reid narrowed his eyes at the female agent

"I see that but boss man wants it done quicker, it's been 10 years Spence you've been on assignment for too long, this isn't even your speciality" She crossed her arms in frustration

"He was fine with it for the first 9 years, and this isn't your speciality either" He growled, the light flickered above the pair, Amanda raised an eyebrow in Reid's direction, who relaxed and the light stop flickering

"He gave you slack because you were mourning me" She muttered her eyes going soft

"We all were" He muttered

"But I'm back now and I need my partner, so I've come to help you finish up" She smiled warmly.

He nodded smiling, "Let's go and keep your cover"

"I remembered that" She muttered narrowing her eyes at him, "And I like yours, a nerd that's amazing" she snickered

"Shut up" He muttered exiting the room, she calmed down following him out, Garcia noticed Reid who looked annoyed and Amanda who was snickering exiting the copying room she smirked sensing a relationship between them, but not knowing the true connection between the two.

I hoped you liked it, I enjoy writing things by myself so I will probably not use a beta but feel free to leave some advice