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Sasuke sighed irritably as he finished another patient's report. He dismissed his nurse haphazardly and leaned back in his chair when he was left alone. The brunet had just finished another surgery, an arthroplasty for a young adult who busted her knee from continuous strain from playing football, and the early hours were starting to get to him. He rolled his shoulders and muffled a yawn as his gaze moved to the clock.

Standing up, he decided it was time for his coffee break. He made way to the Surgeon's lounge, not bothering to greet anyone as he passed before pushing open the heavy door. The coffee machine was already running, as always, and he quickly grabbed a mug and filled it up. Sasuke left his coffee black, he preferred it that way and believed that it was much more effective.

Neji, another surgeon but who specializes in ophthalmologic procedures, entered the next minute. He greeted Sasuke with a curt nod as he too made his own coffee. "Good morning."

"Morning," Sasuke replied quietly as he took another sip to his drink. Neji was one of the very few coworkers that Sasuke didn't mind. The man was efficient, mature and trustworthy, a couple things that Sasuke appreciated deeply.

"There is a new pediatrician today," Neji commented lightly as he stirred in the cream into his mug, turning the colour a chocolaty caramel.

Sasuke pursed his lips. "Did we really need another one?" He couldn't stand the Pediatrics floor of the hospital. It was constantly chaotic and noisy. It always seemed like there was no order, stressful if anything. Of course, he had respect for the workers who dealt with the children but that didn't stop his aggravation towards them.

Neji chuckled softly. "The pediatricians aren't so bad. Bless them for being able to handle those unlucky children on a daily basis."

"Tch," was Sasuke replied, "let's just hope this one isn't an idiot."

Neji sighed. "You say that about everyone."

Sasuke shrugged before bidding his farewell. He returned to his office and checked his schedule. The brunet wasn't due for a surgery for another two hours and had some time to kill. He took a seat and pulled out a stack of paperwork, it was always better to be ahead than behind.

A small knock interrupted thoughts. "Come in," Sasuke announced as he scribbled on some random notepad.

The door open and closed as one of his nurses, Sakura entered. "You've been summoned to greet the new doctor."

Sasuke rubbed at his temples. "Who gave the order?"

"Itachi-san did," Sakura replied with her eyes still on her clipboard.

Sasuke grimaced, now he definitely had to go. His brother was the head of the hospital and having to see the man everyday was driving Sasuke nuts. Sasuke was hoping that he could work at a hospital somewhere abroad but of course, his parents refused.

"Alright, thank you," he replied dryly as he walked past her. They both began walking to the elevator where two other nurses Sasuke had never seen before also entered.

Sasuke did his best to ignore them but their obnoxious voices were impossible to block out. One of them turned to Sakura. "Have you met Uzumaki-san?"

Sakura shook her head. "No. Is he nice?"

The nurse giggled. "Handsome and a heart of gold, if anything!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he zoned out of their conversation. Already, this new pediatrician had clearly won over the nurses. Sasuke couldn't care less if this new doctor was already being flirtatious with his workers as long as he did his job and did it well, keeping his personal and work affairs separate.

The elevator door dinged and opened before the doctor and three nurses filed out. Sasuke instantly regretted coming. Did he mention how much he hated the Pediatrics floor? Every time he came was an instant reminder why.

Sasuke heard him before he saw him. A loud, colourful laugh echoed down the hallways as they walked to the worker's lounge on that particular floor. When arrived, Sasuke was quick to stand by Neji. He didn't say anything as his eyes roamed over the new doctor.

The first thing the brunet noticed was the pediatrician's warm grin that lit up all his features. Azure eyes sparkled with delight as he shook the hand of his new coworkers and a healthy tan that glowed from his skin. His messy blonde hair suited him perfectly and the six scars, three on each cheek were intriguing in a way. The blonde was definitely near Sasuke's height and had a strong but lean build.

The man was definitely pleasing to the eye but Sasuke already found himself doubting the kindness that the blonde seemed to emanate. How could anyone be so goddamn cheerful this early in the morning? It was barely past seven.

"His name?" Sasuke muttered quietly to Neji.

"Uzumaki Naruto, he transferred from Konoha Hospital," the other replied.

Sasuke nodded. "Have you talked to him?"

"Yes. He's quite professional despite his messy attire," Neji answered as his eyes shifted towards Sasuke's judging expression. It was clearly evident that the Uchiha was analyzing the new recruit. Sasuke always seemed to do this, though Neji never understood why. What was the point of trying to understand someone if you were going to avoid them like the plague afterwards? "Go introduce yourself."

Sasuke scowled. As if he would approach the fresh meat first. He had been working at the hospital for a solid three years and already has been deemed one of the best in his field throughout the nation. If the blonde had any sense of politeness, he would have to approach his seniors. That's just how things worked, as traditional as it sounded.

Naruto grinned as he shook a hand of a beautiful nurse, Sakura. He had met over a dozen people the last hour and everyone so far has been kind. The hospital itself was modern and clean. It had a wonderful reputation and Naruto was more than grateful to be part of the team.

He quickly moved his gaze around the room and stopped at an unfamiliar doctor he had yet to meet. The man was talking to Neji, whom he had met earlier, and it looked like they were having a rather stern conversation. Then again, the man looked like he was the type to be constantly frowning.

Handsome, to say the least was what Naruto instantly thought. A clean-cut face with a sharp line and a thin nose accentuated the pale skin that contrasted the nearly black eyes and inky hair. His dusty pale lips were pressed into a tight line and carefully shaped eyebrows were knitted together.

Probably a hard-ass too, Naruto added absentmindedly as he walked towards them.

He smiled, making sure to show a straight line of teeth as he stuck out his hand. "Uzumaki Naruto, it is a pleasure to start working with you."

Naruto could see clearly the judgmental eyes roam over his body. The blonde raised an eyebrow. Was it normal to scrutinize someone so obviously? Naruto found it slightly rude, if anything.

"Uchiha Sasuke," the brunet finally replied as his eyes moved to meet Naruto's, ignoring the blonde's hand. His eyes flashed darkly. "Don't screw up."

Naruto sneered at the sudden behaviour. What an asshole. "Excuse me?"

Sasuke pulled his lips into a dangerous smirk. Seeing Naruto's eyes suddenly turn stormy was rather amusing. "Be grateful for advice from your seniors."

Naruto laughed incredulously. "Grateful? I-"

Neji coughed, purposely interrupting their small dispute. "Please continue this elsewhere when you two are somewhere private."

Naruto scowled before turning around. "Tch. I'll see you later, Neji."

Sasuke watched Naruto's back as the blonde walked towards a group of nurses. He felt strangely satisfied watching Naruto fume with anger. He hadn't expected the blonde to react so strongly to his words. Sasuke always greeted every newcomer the same but Naruto was the first to talk back to him. How fun.

Neji shook his head. "Tsk. Sometimes I swear you are sadistic."

Sasuke chuckled. "Why else do you think I'm a surgeon?"

The other stared at Sasuke with slight disbelief. He never could understand an Uchiha's dark humour.

Naruto smiled as he ruffled the hair of a twelve-year-old patient. He gave him an orange lollipop before continuing his way down the hallway. The blonde made sure to greet everyone with a dazzling grin and a polite nod. It was nearing the end of his shift and had promised to go drinking with a couple of new co-workers as a small welcoming party.

Naruto was confident that he gave a good impression; he never did find any trouble with getting along with new surroundings. He was used to constantly moving because of his father's job. His dad, Minato was the head of the International Affairs department of Hokage Incorporations, which of course, meant constant travel. Naruto grew up in Japan and finished High school America before getting his degree in London. It was his mother, Kushina's wish to return to Japan and to be honest; it felt great to finally return.

Naruto slipped out of his white coat and changed into his regular shoes before washing his hands in the employee's sink. He checked his watch and grabbed his bag. Deeming it late enough, he went to the elevator and headed for the main exit of the hospital. Shikamaru, Ino, Sakura, Lee, Neji and Sasuke were already outside waiting for him. Naruto was shocked that they were all off at the same time. As he shook Lee's hand, he stared curiously at Sasuke. It was quite evident that the two couldn't get along given the first meeting, why was the brunet coming?

They all separated in their own cars before agreeing to go to a local pub. Sasuke followed after Neji, their parking spots next to each other.

"I can't believe you're making me go to this," Sasuke muttered as he jammed the keys to his Lexus.

Neji sighed. "I told you already, it wasn't me. Itachi ordered me too. He said something about you being too antisocial."

"Why the hell does Itachi seem to control my life?" Sasuke asked rhetorically as he slipped into his car.

As Sasuke drove to the pub, he wondered if he should just ditch and go home. Then again, he really didn't feel like dealing with an irritated Itachi in the morning. Biting his cheek, he forced himself to follow behind Neji's car.

The smell of stale wheat and cheap beer wafted through his nostrils as he pulled open the wooden door after arriving. Grimacing, he picked a seat as far away from everybody as he could. His plans failed when Ino pulled on his sleeve and pushed him next to her. Thankfully, Neji sat on his other side. Problem was, was that Naruto was seated directly across from him. Dear lord, save him.

After the waitress came and took their orders, Sasuke settling for a glass of Black Russian, he was going to need something strong to deal with this crowd and Naruto ordering just a pint of beer, they all eased into a easy conversation, Sasuke excluded of course.

Sasuke took small sips of his drink, barely paying attention or following the conversation until Ino's elbow met his side. She stared at him expectedly and Sasuke threw a casted gaze at the rest of the table. Several pairs of eyes stuck to him, expecting him to say something.

Fuck. "Sorry?" He mumbled.

Sakura laughed and Sasuke wanted to punch the leer off of Naruto's face. "We asked you what made you want to become a surgeon? We're all sharing stories," she informed him briefly.

Sasuke shrugged. He didn't feel like giving a long story. "I wanted to be part of a medical field and surgery gave me the most passion."

Naruto snorted after licking off the foam on his top lip. "What a boring story."

Sasuke scowled and opened his mouth to retort but Neji beat him to it. "Uchihas are rather sadistic. Surgery suits them perfectly."

The brunet sent a venomous glare in the ophthalmologic surgeon's direction and Neji just smiled at him back. Naruto laughed nervously. He didn't know how to respond to such a twisted joke. "Is that so…"

Sasuke looked at Naruto. "Well are you going to explain yours?"

Naruto grinned. "I always liked working with kids and being surrounded by people. Nothing feels better than helping someone else. What better job for me than a Pediatrician?"

Sasuke tugged his lips into a sarcastic smirk. "How heroic of you."

The blonde growled and leaned forward in his seat. "At least I give a shit about the people I try to save."

Sasuke could feel his blood boil. How dare Naruto accuse him of something without even actually knowing anything about the brunet? "Tch. I take my job seriously. I don't need to show such fake kindness to prove it, unlike you, dobe."

Naruto reached forward and wringed his fist into Sasuke's dress-shirt. The Uchiha gave him a mocking smile, as if he was daring the blonde. "Say that one more time."

"Alright! Let's all calm down now!" Sakura interrupted nervously as she pulled onto Naruto's sleeve, easing him back into his seat. "This is supposed to be a happy welcome party."

Sasuke fixed the collar of his shirt and smoothed out the wrinkles newly formed into it, being extra sure to keep his cool façade.

Naruto frowned and pull his lips into a little pout. Cute, Sasuke noted at the back of his mind. "Not my fault that the teme here is such an asswipe."

"Don't be so childish, Naruto," Ino scolded. "You overreacted."

Though Ino was defending Sasuke, he couldn't bring himself to appreciate it. He wanted to see Naruto flush with anger, his eyes cloudy with uncontrollable rage and his body shaking with frustration.

Sasuke stared as Naruto melted into a conversation about his childhood with the others. Maybe coming wasn't so bad of an idea after all.

Naruto did his best to focus on Lee's story about his crazy sensei but for the past hour, Sasuke kept shifting his gaze towards the blonde. The brunet would look away and talk to someone else quietly for around ten minutes before briefly moving it back to Naruto and looking away again. It made the blonde painfully aware of the Uchiha's every move. He swallowed nervously as he watched Sasuke's eyes from the corner of his field of vision flicker down to his throat before back up to his lips.

Naruto had no idea what Sasuke was thinking. They haven't even known each other for a full day and they already have had a spat. It was clear that Sasuke didn't like him, not that Naruto cared but was it usual for someone to stare with such intent at a person they hated?

Sasuke brought the glass to his lips before taking a slow sip as he watched Naruto's Adam's apple bob. He quirked his lips into a small but smug smile. It was obvious that Naruto wasn't paying attention to whatever the kinesiologist, Rock Lee was saying.

"You're quite interested in him, aren't you?" Neji inquired lightly.

Sasuke moved his eyes to the other surgeon before narrowing them. "What makes you say that?"

Neji hummed, being used to Sasuke's intimidating behaviour. "Well, you haven't been able to keep your eyes off of him since that night as started."

"You make it sound like I'm some kind of creeper."

Neji chuckled. "That's not at all what I'm saying. I guess maybe it because he's your polar opposite?"

Sasuke looked at Naruto again. "Maybe."

Neji laughed. "Are you admitting to it now?"

"Hyuuga I swear to god I'll make your family go bankrupt," Sasuke mumbled and finished his drink.

"You can go ahead and try, Uchiha," Neji retorted.

Sasuke scoffed under his breath as he stood up and pulled his jacket over his shoulders. He pulled a twenty-dollar bill out of his pocket before laying it on the table. The brunet bid his farewells at everyone but the blonde, knowing that it would aggravate him. Turning around, he tried to leave but Neji stopped him.

"You're not going to say goodbye to Naruto?" Neji asked innocently.

Naruto stared up at him with bright eyes with a grin.

Sasuke gave a malicious stare. "As if someone like him, deserves a farewell from me."

"What the fuck did you just say?" Naruto snarled as he stood up from his seat. "Why are you looking down on me when you haven't even seen me work?"

Sasuke almost let out a wolfish grin but he kept his face still. "Then prove me wrong."

Naruto growled. "You bet I will. At the end of this month, my performance evaluation will definitely be higher than yours!"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow at the challenge. The monthly evaluations were something done by the board of the hospital to make sure that all their doctors and nurses were doing their best at all times. The team consisted of the president, Itachi and whomever Itachi would choose. They would show up at random times, carefully grading the workers before posting the results at the beginning of each month. Only one doctor was given a perfect score and Sasuke has held that honour for 13 consecutive months. As if Naruto could break that.

"Alright," Sasuke drawled. "And if you don't?"

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "Then I'll do whatever you want. But if I win, you have to do anything that I want."

The bet was simply too irresistible. A smirk played at the ends of Sasuke's lips. "You better be ready to be my slave, Uzumaki."

"Not if I can fucking help it!" Naruto argued, his cheeks flushing red with embarrassment.

Sasuke turned around and gave a lazy wave before striding off. "Say goodbye to your freedom, dobe. 'Night."

Naruto let out an exasperated groan as he fell back down into his seat. He looked at Sakura. "Is he always such an ass?"

Sakura shook her head and stared at Sasuke's old spot in awe. "He rarely even speaks at all. I've never seen him like this before."

"Looks like you're special," Neji commented quietly, laughing softly at the rosiness at spread to Naruto's ears.

"Whatever," Naruto mumbled. "There is no way I'm going to loose. Especially to a guy like him."

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