Naruto yawned and sat up from his bed before rubbing at his eyes and staring at the clock. He blinked a couple times to focus his vision as he scratched the tattoo on his abdomen. It was just reaching 6pm, the green digital clock read, and the blonde's stomach growled in response. It was just reaching dinner time, after all. He brought his eyes to the sleeping figure next to him and sighed in bliss. Sasuke looked so nice when he was asleep and that permanent scowl in between his eyebrows of his no longer present. Naruto felt strangely satisfied knowing that he was among the few whom have seen the brunet like this.

The two had taken a quick shower together before falling into the bed. They instantly fell asleep, both sated from their thorough orgasms. The house was completely silently and the remnants of the sunset shone lowly through the small crack of the curtains, colouring the furniture in a rich auburn maroon.

Naruto stared at brunet, trying to decide the best way to wake him up. He shrugged before pushing Sasuke off the bed and the brunet woke up instantly. "What the-"

The blonde grinned as he got up, opened the curtains and his wardrobe. "Finally awake, princess?"

Sasuke sat up and rubbed the bottom of his back, mumbling under his breath, "Jesus. Couldn't you have woken me up more cutely?"

Naruto turned to glare at the surgeon. "In your dreams!"

Sasuke shook his head as he got up and let out an exasperated sigh. "The Naruto in my dreams was charming and cute-"

Naruto flushed a fierce red. "Shut up!"

Sasuke smirked. "What?"

The blonde grabbed an ironed dress-shirt out of his wardrobe with black slacks. "J-Just get dress, okay? Let's go get dinner."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he picked up his clothes from the floor. "A date, then."

Naruto rolled his eyes and slipped into his trousers. His fist was just itching for a punch. "You can go home if you keep acting like that."

Sasuke pressed a kiss to Naruto's temple before reaching for his own clothes. "Hn. Dinner sounds nice."

Naruto laughed breathily. "You better be excited because I'm about to take you to the best food in the world!"

The brunet raised an eyebrow. "And that is…"

"My mom's restaurant, of course!" Naruto replied happily and flashed his signature smile. "It'll blow your mind, I promise. My dad will be there too!"

Sasuke finished the last button to his shirt before grabbing his tie and quickly wrapping it around his neck. "Meeting your parents, hm? I'm flattered."

Naruto stuck out his tongue childishly and made his way to the bathroom. "It's only because I'm hungry and you happen to be here."

The Uchiha rolled his eyes before following after the blonde. How typical for him to act so hard to get. Sasuke smiled, at least it made the chase that much more intriguing.

Naruto had just washed his face and now he was running a comb roughly through his hair. Sasuke wrapped his arms around Naruto's waist and sighed softly into the blonde's neck, breathing in the warm scent.

Naruto squirmed in Sasuke's hold as he felt the back of his neck heat up. "Let go of me, you shit. Man, I can't believe the great Sasuke Uchiha is this clingy, no one would guess."

Sasuke laughed lowly and only tightened his hold. "Well aren't you lucky then? Gaining the affections from no other, than himself."

Naruto rolled his eyes as he pried himself out of Sasuke's grip and hurried down the stairs. "Oh, lucky me," he replied mockingly with a light grin. They both knew that he was lying. The blonde actually felt unbelievably prideful, knowing a side to Sasuke that no one else knew. Sasuke wasn't cold or reserved, like everybody liked to believe. The man was actually sarcastic, sadistic and rather talkative when provoked. Naruto laughed at the thought of exposing the surgeon's true nature as he slipped on his polished black shoes. He knew it wouldn't work, no one would believe that their ideal dreamy, mysterious man was in fact, an arrogant pervert.

"Ready to go?" Naruto asked and opened the front door, letting in a crisp evening breeze. The blonde shivered and grabbed a nearby scarf on a hook before wrapping it around his neck. That should be enough, he deemed.

Sasuke nodded and followed the other outside. Naruto locked the door while Sasuke pulled out his keys. "We'll go by my car."

Naruto frowned as he caught up to the brunet. "What? You don't even know the way."

Sasuke turned to Naruto, his eyes promising tease. "I'm giving myself a reason to come back and spend the night, Naruto."

Once the words processed, Naruto pressed his lips shut and shoved his arms into his pockets as he trudged his way to the passenger's side of Sasuke's black car. Sasuke snickered and Naruto felt humiliated. Sasuke knew how much Naruto liked him yet he still had the audacity to torment him about it. What an ass.

The two drove in comfortable silence. It was interrupted here and there with directions given by Naruto. They soon entered downtown and it was already bustling with exhausted nine to five workers and busy pubs, flooded by the broken-hearted and reunited childhood friends. Sasuke loved the night, much opposite from the blonde. He smiled to himself thinking of how opposite they really were: sun and moon, light and dark.

Naruto then pointed to an underground parking space, pulling the brunet out of his thoughts. He followed the directions promptly. They parked and both got out before getting their parking ticket.

Naruto yawned and threw his hands behind his head as they walked onto the busy streets. His stomach was growling and the taste of his mother's cooking had his mouth watering. The downtown streets were lit a warm yellow that shone of the wet cobblestones from the earlier rainfall. Naruto breathed in deeply, thoroughly enjoying the crisp, cool air that freshened his lungs and gave his cheeks a rosy tint. Nothing did he love more than spending his free time outside. He was always either cooped in the hospital or in his car driving to the hospital. It was draining, if anything.

Sasuke shivered and dug his nose into his scarf before throwing a glance at Naruto. The blonde was whistling a swing tune and smiling at passing strangers as if it were a summer day. The cold didn't seem to affect him at all, he seemed to always radiate this natural body heat that Sasuke had taken notice from their earlier activities. Sasuke on the other hand, though he loved the night, he hated the cold like no other. His nose felt frozen and his fingers were numb inside the pockets of his jacket.

Naruto looked over to the brunet and laughed. "Cold?"

Sasuke glared for a response which only provoked further giggles from the blonde. "Oh come on, ice princess. Shouldn't you be used to the cold?"

Sasuke licked his cracked lips and instantly regretted it as another wave of frozen air washed over them. "Zip it, dobe. Are we near yet?"

"Actually we've just arrived," Naruto answered as he climbed up the steps to magnificent double glass doors with metre-tall golden lion statues on each side. Sasuke couldn't help but stare in awe at the beautiful restaurant after he entered. Everything was either shimmering gold or a deep, rich burgundy. From white marbled floors to glistening chandeliers to artificial water falls which led to small ponds where koi fish swam, it was clear that the restaurant was no ordinary family take-out.

"Impressed?" Naruto asked as he led the pair effortlessly through the tables and hurried waiters. He seemed perfectly comfortable surrounded by the high-class patrons. Women wore heavy jewellery, embezzled with priceless, exotic gems and gowns worth a student's college tuition. Men stood with dignity and pride, flaunting their wealth with merely just a cutting look and an arrogant gait.

Sasuke didn't answer the blonde, completely entranced by his surroundings. Naruto laughed at the brunet's enchant. The two eventually entered a secluded room with velvet curtains covering the walls and one beautiful table placed in the center.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as a waiter pulled out the chair for him. "A private room."

Naruto rolled his eyes and dismissed the waiters. "Don't get any weird ideas, Sasuke. I always eat here. It's my parent's restaurant."

A man in a black suit then entered before introducing himself as their main waiter. Kind, deep wrinkles settled into the cracks of his eyes whenever he smiled and he spoke with gentle grace, words falling into elegant but simple rhythm. He was an older man but seemed more welcoming than the rest of the waiters. He handed them each a menu and poured two glasses of a rich, cherry wine.

"So… what do you think?" Naruto asked after taking a satisfying sip from his drink.

"Beautiful," Sasuke replied with a small smile. He thought it was cute how every time he complimented anything, the blonde would shine with bliss.

Naruto grinned with all his teeth, clearly pleased. "Glad you think so! Nothing beats the Uzumakis!"

Sasuke then looked at the menu and pursed his lips. Intricate dishes with long foreign names stared back at him. It's not that he didn't eat finer dining very often, in fact, he went a few times a month with his own family. The only difference was, was that he never ordered for himself, for his family would usually already have the program ready.

Naruto watched interestedly as Sasuke's eyes scanned the menu. He chuckled to himself. Even with the brunet's permanent scowl and concentrated stare, Naruto knew that he was lost. He could see that Sasuke was faintly biting the inside of his cheek and he noticed how his eyes seemed to dart just the slightest back and forth.

He raised a finger to signal the waiter as Sasuke curiously glanced up. Naruto then flashed his winner smile before speaking confidently, "Two sets of the Kaiseki Ryori course please."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. Now that was something he recognized. A very traditional Japanese multi-course dinner. "Traditional," he commented.

Naruto shrugged and gave a sharkish grin after the waiter left the two. "Thought I'd order something you could handle."

Sasuke's lips curled in amusement. "Just like how you…" he then lifted his index and his middle finger, "… could only handle two fingers?"

Naruto flushed as he recoiled in his seat. "How could you? We are in-"

Sasuke sneered darkly. "Can't handle your own game, how interesting."

The blonde was fuming with embarrassment and frustration. "You fucking piece of shit, I swear to god when I get my hands around your neck-"

"Naruto-chan?" A soft voice called as the glass door to the private room swung open.

Naruto's anger immediately melted away as he stood up and ran to the figure at the door. Sasuke stood up and followed close behind, curious to who it was.

A beautiful woman who looked half her age stood with gorgeous fiery red locks, ivory skin and striking violet eyes. She was stunning to say the least, an absolute goddess. Next to her was a man with familiar golden hair, piercing blue eyes and the kindest smile anyone could ever have. The couple seemed to fit hand and hand, perfect for one another.

Sasuke knew right away that this was Naruto's family, not because of the resemblance between the blonde and his father, but because of the warmth the family seemed to radiate. The brunet felt instantly welcomed, a drastic difference from his own.

He suddenly felt nervous. The need to impress the couple was overbearing. He knew that his cold, reserved nature clashed with most. Normally, he wouldn't care but knowing that they were Naruto's parents made the pressure that much worst.

Naruto ran into their arms without hesitation. "I missed you guys!"

The couple returned the hug warmly before the lady spoke, "We were told you were here so of course we came to see you."

"We also heard you brought someone," the man added before smiling kindly at the brunet, "I don't think you've brought anyone else before."

Sasuke eyed Naruto curiously at the comment before stepping forward to introduce himself. "Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha. It's a pleasure to finally meet you two," he said as he bowed and shook the hands of the restaurant owners.

Kushina laughed. "No need to act so formal, dear. My name is Kushina and this is my husband, Minato. I run the restaurant full-time whereas Minato comes to help when he can. He's often busy with his work at Hokage Corporations."

Minato winked. "I assume your part of the Uchiha Hospitals?"

Sasuke nodded. "Yes, sir. I am a surgeon."

The man gave a throaty laugh as he patted the younger on his shoulder. "Like my wife said, no need for the formalness."

"Thank you," the brunet replied graciously before continuing their conversation through small talk.

Naruto beamed as he watched Sasuke interact with his parents. This was something very important to him as he was extremely close with his family. He visited them every week, maybe twice a week if he could. He was a mama's boy as much as he hated to admit it and seeing Sasuke make an effort to get along was refreshing and reassuring.

"It's been lovely seeing you, Naruto-chan. But we have to get back," Kushina said after ten minutes of talking. She then turned to the Uchiha before reaching for a hug. "A pleasure. Do come again, alright? But bring your family!"

Sasuke returned the hug in surprise. "Will do. Thank you so much."

Minato laughed as he nodded his head as a farewell. "Treat little Naruto gently, ne Sasuke? He's a precious one."

Sasuke laughed in return. "Of course."

Naruto groaned as he pushed his parents out the door. "You're the worst."

Minato laughed. "I'll see you later, Naruto."

Once the couple left, Naruto turned to Sasuke before gesturing for them to return to their seats.

"You have a very kind family," Sasuke commented after he took his seat.

Naruto beamed. "Thank you! They mean the world to me."

The waiter then entered with their first course and thus began the night. They talked for hours and hours: from hobbies to pet peeves to favourite memories. Naruto, of course, did much of the talking but that night, Sasuke never once found himself feeling bored or annoyed. The way Naruto would speak with so many expressions and colour to his stories left him fascinated. He loved how Naruto would scratch behind his ear whenever he would try to remember a certain detail. He loved the way the blonde would laugh quietly to himself after remembering a ridiculous memory. Naruto was so effortlessly cute, it drove the brunet nuts. Sasuke wanted to shower the blonde in affection and kisses but also wanted fuck him hard and make him beg against the nearest flat surface.

"Teme! Are you listening?" Naruto interrupted as Sasuke blinked out of his trance.

Sasuke smiled. "Sorry."

Naruto felt the back of his neck heat up. "U-Uh, it's ok. As I was saying…" Naruto then tried to continue his story but the look in Sasuke's eyes was more distracting than anything. The apology came so out of the blue, Naruto didn't know how to react. It was so different from what he was used to, coming from the ice queen herself. Sasuke seemed to be so focused and concentrated on the blonde, every single move seemed to be memorized. But above all, his gaze was soft, tender almost. It made Naruto's heart flutter and his hands tremble.

"Can you stop looking at me like that?" Naruto blurted out suddenly.

Sasuke tilted his head. "Like what?"

Naruto chewed at the bottom of lip. "Like…Like your mesmerized or something!"

"Who says I'm not?"

Naruto parted his lips in shock as no sound made it past his lips. He turned his gaze away from Sasuke's and tried to digest the butterflies in his stomach. He closed his eyes before taking a shaky breath. God fucking dammit, Naruto. Get a fucking grip.

Sasuke then took this chance to lean over and place a soft kiss to Naruto's cheek before pulling back into seat. "Charmed, Naruto?" the brunet commented before chuckling softly.

"Don't," Naruto replied quietly as he tried to calm his heart. He was a grown-ass man. He had a fucking PhD in medicine. He practiced mixed martial arts when he was free. Naruto couldn't believe he was reacting the way he was.

"The bill, please!" Naruto called as he stood up, still avoiding the brunet's gaze.

Sasuke watched, clearly pleased with the other's reaction. The main waiter then entered and shook his head, "Uzumaki-san, you know you are never charged when you come here to dine."

Naruto then sighed before pulling out his wallet. He then placed three one-hundred dollar bills into the waiter's hand. "A tip, then."

Before the waiter could refute, Naruto was out the door and back onto the streets. Sasuke struggled to keep up. "Fucking shit, dobe. Wait up."

Naruto breathed in deeply and exhaled relief as his flushed skin was cooled by the night air. They walked for a while in silence before turning a corner onto an empty street.

"Teme, you're the worst. I hate you," Naruto suddenly whispered.

The brunet raised an amused eyebrow. "Well that's too bad cause I like you."

Sasuke laughed softly as he was answered by nothing but an angry huff. Naruto knew he didn't have to reply, the way he acted was more than enough for an answer. Sasuke found it endearing, if anything.

They continued to walk in silence as the busy streets of downtown begun to die out. Exhausted store-owners with worn backs hauled in their signs while others packed the patio chairs and tables set on the cobblestone floor. Naruto smiled at those whom he caught eye contact with, as the night air cooled his cheeks and calmed his nerves.

They reached their car and Sasuke drove them home as soft jazz played on the radio, filling the space with comfortable ambiance.

Once they were home, Naruto pulled Sasuke towards the couch before sitting them both down. Sasuke raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything, curious to what Naruto had in his mind.

"Hey, Sasuke," Naruto called quietly, his eyes avoiding the other's.

"Hn?" Sasuke mumbled.

"Why do you like me?"

Sasuke smirked. "What a question."

Naruto frowned as his eyes shot up. "No seriously, why?"

Sasuke sighed as he relaxed back into the sofa. "I don't know. Maybe because I've never enjoyed someone's company so much. Maybe its because you persisted with me even when I treated you rudely. Maybe its because you're ridiculously cute and effortlessly handsome or maybe its because you taught me how to cook ramen?"

Naruto flushed fiercely as he listened carefully. He was surprised that Sasuke answered so easily without a second of hesitation. It made the blonde's heart melt.

Sasuke smirked as he brought his eyes to the blonde's. "And there's countless other reasons. Would you like me to continue?"

Naruto shook his head. He could only take so much in a day. "You know, you're a lot more talkative than I first thought."

The brunet chuckled softly. "Oh I'm not. I only ever say what needs to be said."

Naruto smiled shyly before sighing. "But I also didn't expect you to be so smooth."

Sasuke leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Naruto's lips but didn't reply. He had teased the blonde enough for today. "Tired, dobe?"

Naruto nodded sleepily and the two doctors got up before getting ready for bed. Naruto hadn't felt so happy in so long and he hoped Sasuke felt the same way.

After brushing their teeth and slipping into pyjamas, they both got into bed. Sasuke's arm immediately found Naruto's waist as Naruto leaned back into the brunet.

"Good night, teme," Naruto whispered.

"Night, dobe."

guess who's back.

So Sasuke's OOC at the end but I just like his character to be 100% direct and clear so hope that doesn't bother anyone too much.


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