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Chapter 1

'Argh, work you stupid brain!' I cursed in silent as I was working on my new article.

Yes, hi people. Don't think you've met or know me but I'm Lucy Heartfillia. The Fairy Tail mage? Nah, that is just in the anime. Here, I'm a journalist and I love what I do. I love writing basically, what I don't love is-

"Lucy! Get in here!" that, getting disturbed while I'm having trouble cracking for new ideas.

I heaved out a huge sigh before standing up and walking over to my boss's room and yes, meet my boss, Ezra Scarlet. Don't get me wrong, she's nice and all but when it comes to work, it means business to her.

"Hey Ezra." I took a seat in front of her which it was separated by her desk.

"Hey Lucy, sorry to call you out so sudden but I need you to do something." Ezra threw the newspaper that she was holding onto down on her desk. "I need you to get hold of him and get an interview." I looked at who she was pointing to and oh god, it was Natsu Dragneel. Of all people, she needs me to interview him. I groaned and face palmed my forehead. I hated people like him. Rich, handsome and they think they are all that. I can already imagine how the interview is going to turn out like.

"Why?" I asked as I removed my hand from my forehead.

"Because" She paused as she stood up and walked around her table. "He's the thing now." She took a seat on her desk, just beside me. "If we can nail him, our agency will have the hits. We got to do this Lucy, I'm begging you."

I let out my second sigh for that day before pushing my reading specs up my nose bridge. "Why me Ezra? Why can't it be Levy or even Juvia?"

Ezra stood up and placed her hands at her hips. "Because I know you got it. Furthermore Natsu is single and he's around your age so he might be more willing to answer all our questions seeing a pretty girl is the one doing it." She finished her explanation with a wink.

Thanks Ezra and with that, I got a new assignment on hand. I went back to my seat and threw the file that Ezra passed to me on my desk. It contained whatever information we already have on Natsu Dragneel. I immediately fell to my seat and couldn't help but to look up at the ceiling while lazily spinning my chair from side to side.

I was about to close my eyes when a familiar blue hair appeared above me.

"Hey Lucy."

"Hey Levy." I turned back down so I could face her at eye level. "What's up?"

"What was that all about, new assignment?" God, did she just have to remind me? I let out my third sigh for the day.

"Yeah…" I grabbed the file that I just thrown earlier and handed over to Levy. "Ezra wants me to interview him."

Levy flipped the file open and her eyes turned wide upon seeing his picture I believe. "Natsu Dragneel? The most famous and richest guy around, is she serious?! Why so sudden?"

I placed my left elbow on the table so that I could use my palm to support my face. "She said is to increase our agency's popularity which I'm really not sure if it will actually help though."

Levy positioned her thumb and index finger just below her chin like she was thinking. "Actually that might work." Immediately, Levy slammed the file back on my desk together with her palms and leaned closer to me. "Hell, who knows Natsu might be attracted to you. After all, he's still single and he's our age." And she just had to wiggle her eyebrows at me.

I gawked at her upon hearing that for the second time of the day. Seriously, are all these ladies for real or are they just having fun mocking me? Levy's giggles broke me out of my thoughts.

"Hell no, that's going to happen." I stood up to grab Levy by her shoulders. "But if you are so kind to leave me right now, I have to think up for some pickup lines to use." I finished my remark as I spun Levy around and gave her a slight push, signaling to her that I need to get back to work.

"Whatever you say Lucy..." Levy replied back over her shoulder with a smirk before giving a wave and walked off to the direction of her seat.

I turned back to my desk and I came to face the file that was opened by Levy. I grabbed his photo with my thumb and index finger as I couldn't resist admiring his good looking features. His slanted eyes, his pointed nose, his outrageously wrong choice of hair color. I stopped right there as I giggled to myself. I made a point to myself to ask him about his hair if I got the chance to and his amazing smile ok wait what? Snap out of it Lucy.

I lightly slapped both of my cheeks to get myself back. This is entirely Ezra and Levy's fault that I'm thinking of such thoughts about him. I decided to get into Zen mode and pick up the phone to make the necessary calls to get the interview arranged.

The day has come for the interview. After many tries and errors, my appointment to interview him finally came through. That's what you get for trying to nail him in the business I guess. I was walking down the street as I made my way to his office building. 'Hmm... 125 Magnolia Street. This must be it.' I looked up from my phone as the GPS indicated that I have arrived my destination and immediately, I was dumbstruck.

It was such a high rise office building. I didn't expect it to be this tall! And, and I was wearing this.

You're wondering what I usually wear right? Well my standard attire that I will wear will be socks that went up just above my knees, a flare skirt and a top. This time I decided to choose a stripe top to match with my reading glasses. I look like a dork compare to all these people leaving or entering the building. All in suit and tie. I can feel their eyes on me.

Argh! I'm going to kill you Ezra!

I decided to man up and enter the building. I thought the building will be like every other building but I was wrong. I was very awed by the place. I stood in the middle as I looked around the interior of the building. It was so mesmerizing. I didn't know I was in my own world that someone was clearing her throat loud enough to get my attention.

I faced back down and realized it was the lady behind the counter. I believed that was the reception so I walked towards her.

"Sorry, I got carried away." I said sheepishly. "I'm here to see Mr. Natsu Dragneel, I have an interview with him."

She raised one of her eyebrow at me before looking back to her computer, typing something away which I believed to check if I was telling the truth. I was back to looking around my surroundings as I waited with holding my files in front of me.

"Nope, Mr. Dragneel doesn't have any appointment today."

"Thank- Eh what?!" I almost dropped my files but quickly got back my composure and leaned against the reception counter, slamming my files together on it. "That's impossible! I made the appointment last week. I even have an email confirming it."

Again, the lady looked like she didn't believe me because she raised an eyebrow at me, her hands on her keyboard still. I huffed out loudly before I hysterically tried to find my phone from my ridiculous messy bag. After managing to pull my phone out, I quickly scanned my inbox to find the email.

The lady seemed impatient because she stood up and leaned towards me. "Look lady, everyone or I mean girls are only trying to nail our boss for a meetup or interview but at the end it's all just a scam because all they want to do is get into his pants so if you don't mind." She paused and started to look around as if she was finding someone or something and I guess lady luck was not my side today because of what she said next. "Guards!"

"Eh, what? No, no this is all a misunderstanding because I have proof!" I replied back defensively still scrolling through my emails but from the corner of my eyes, I could see that two guards were already making their way towards me.

"Alright lady if you let us escort you out." One of the guards said as he held his hand out.

"No!" I slapped his hand away and leaned towards the reception lady, shoving my phone in her face. "Look, does it seem I'm lying? Check with the person who signed this off." I brought my phone back to my face to look at the email signature. "Mirajane! Why don't you call this person?" I turned back to face her again.

Before she could answer me, the two guards came to my side and grabbed both of my arms and started to pull me away.

"No! Let me go! I have all the rights to sue you guys for accusing me!" I screamed as I struggled under their hold.

"What the hell is going on here?"

Suddenly, everything seems to freeze at that moment. The guards looked over their shoulders and I couldn't help but to follow as well.

Who in the world… Wait, pink hair, slanted eyes and sharp nose. Crap, is that Natsu Dragneel? The reception lady came running towards him.

"Sir, this lady was claiming that she has an appointment with you but on my records, I can't seem to find any."

Natsu didn't ignore the matter instead he looked to the side and called for whom I believed he was looking for, his secretary.

"Mira! Did you set up any appointment for me today with a lady?"

A white hair lady came walking to his side as she scrolled through her iPad. "Yes sir, you have an appointment with a lady named, Lucy. Are you she?" She looked at me with such soft eyes and a smile.

I nodded because I was afraid to speak at that moment.

"Good, then that's settled. I will head up first and you can escort her up." But before he left, Natsu walked towards the reception lady and ever so slowly, he bent down so that his mouth meet her ears with hands in his pockets. "If I ever see you miss out any appointments again, I'll see you out through the door myself."

I yanked my arms free from the guard's hands. "And I will see you guys out myself too." I stuck my tongue out to them before walking back to the reception counter to grab my files.

Little did Lucy know Natsu saw the whole escapade and he couldn't help but be impressed by her.

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