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Chapter 22

Lucy's POV

The light was blinding my eyes which caused me to stir in my sleep. After failing to go back to sleep, I decided to open my eyes. It's morning already. I looked over my shoulders to see Natsu still snoring away against my back. Both of us naked. I couldn't help but admire the sight in front of me. This man would soon be my husband. I leaned forward to give him a kiss on his temple which caused him to stir in his sleep before creaking one eye opened.

"You're up already?" He managed to ask through his croaked and husky voice. I have to admit, I'm such a lucky girl. My husband to be is so hot and sexy at times.

"Yes so now wake up. We got plans to do today." Natsu groaned before wrapping his arms tighter around my waist and snuggling even deeper into my back causing me to giggle. "Natsu stop it that tickles." Natsu pulled away and looked at me with both of his eyes now.

"I love you."

"I know." And I leaned forward to kiss him on the lips. He tried to pry my mouth open but I quickly backed away, leaving Natsu blinking in confusion at me. "Not now, didn't we say we got things to do the whole day?" I said before scooting to the edge of the bed. Natsu scoffed before resting his cheek against his palm where his elbow was planted on the bed.

"Tch, party pooper."

"What did you say?" I glared at him which he immediately change his face expression to a happy one.


"I figured so." I smugly walked away from the bed with a blanket wrapped around my body that I missed the mischievous face that Natsu had on. He quickly scrambled off the bed before giving a smack on my butt earning a loud shriek from me.

"Natsu!" He gave me his wide toothy grin at me. "Last one to the toilet has to make the breakfast!" And he was off. I couldn't help but to shake my head upon Natsu's behavior. Sometimes, he can be so mature but sometimes, he can be so kidlike. But this is what I loved about him.

So after taking a shower and getting changed, I made our breakfast as always so it wasn't any different today. We ate quickly before leaving our apartment as we headed for our main objective of the day, Sting. I managed to inform Ezra that I wouldn't be able to come into the office today and gladly, she was fine with it.

Upon entering Sabertooth's building, I could feel a lot of eyes were on us but Natsu just gripped my hand tighter, letting me know that he was there beside me as we headed to his office. When we reached his level, Natsu let go of my hand as he slammed his door open. I was shocked by his sudden outburst so I decided to stay put outside while he and Sting talked things out.

"Natsu?" I could tell Sting was surprised seeing him here.

"Yes Sting, it's me. I think it's time you and I have a one to one talk." Sting threw the file he was holding onto his desk before walking over.

"Fine. Bring it on." And I couldn't help but to release the breath that I didn't know I was holding. Phew, and here I thought they were going to fight. What was I thinking? Both of them are professional men so they obviously knew how to talk things out as adults. I heaved out a huge sigh of relief but soon regretted it once I saw they were at each other's face. Oh my god!

I quickly hid behind the door when I saw they were throwing punches at each other. I didn't know what to do. How do you stop a fight between two guys? The thing is you don't. You let them fight it out. But I just couldn't stand here and watch it. I decided it was not a time for me to be a pussy so I plucked up my courage before storming into the room.

"WILL YOU GUYS QUIT IT?!" They both paused at whatever they were doing as they looked at me. Their hands in each other's hair. "Look at yourselves. Fighting because of a girl. Is that what friends supposed to be?" They looked at each other before looking down, probably feeling guilty after what I said. "If you guys are already contented beating each other up, I suggest you guys apologize to each other right now."

"Even me Luce?!" Natsu protested as he got up from Sting. I gave him my deadliest glare as I folded my arms across my chest and looked at him. Natsu backed away a bit as I could see sweat was starting to form on his forehead. I was proud that I could make Natsu be afraid of me.

"Yes, even you." Natsu sighed in defeat before he turned his gaze back to Sting.

"Sting, look I'm sorry for ditching you all of a sudden but please understand, I love this woman. She means the world to me." I tried to stay fierce but I couldn't help but to blush when I hear his confrontation. "Can we just make up and be friends again? I would like you to be there for our wedding." Sting looked at me before looking back at Natsu again.

"I'm sorry too Natsu. I guess I just couldn't accept her." He pointed at me. "But maybe I can now after all, she's one kind of a girl." Sting smiled at Natsu which caused Natsu to smile back as well.

"Yeah she is." I decided to walk to Natsu so that I could stand beside him as I wanted to say something to Sting too.

"Sting, I promise I will take care of your good friend for you. I will even let you guys have time for each other."

"Thanks." This was the first time that I actually saw the good side of Sting. His smile was also genuine and sincere. "Alright, enough with this sappy scene. Get out of my office. I still got work to do you know." I couldn't help but laugh when I saw Natsu and Sting started bickering with each other. I walked out of his office on my own while Natsu got kicked out by Sting.

"That asshole!"

"At least you guys got to make up." I said as we got off from the lift and headed to where our car was parked.

"Yeah, yeah." I could tell that Natsu was actually happy but men being men, they won't show their emotions.

"So where to now?"

"You'll see." I managed to catch onto Natsu's sly smile before we got into the car. I was trying to persuade him on the way to tell me or at least give me hints but all he did, was ignored me. Hmph, and he said he loves me. "We're here." Natsu announced before exiting the car. I got out of the car as well but I still was confused on where we were heading to.

"Er Natsu, what do you mean we're here? All I see is shops and-" I immediately stopped talking when my eyes came contact with the jewelry shop. My eyes widen in surprise but I didn't want to assume anything yet so I turned my gaze to Natsu to confirm and he did when he nodded his head in reply with that goofy smile of his.

"Come on." Natsu held his hand out and I gently placed my hand on top of his. He entwined his fingers around mine before he walked us into the shop.

"Hi everyone! Juvia is pleased to welcome you. Oh is that Natsu-san?"

"Hey Juvia. Yeah it's me and meet my fiancé, Lucy." I waved at her before she jumped in front of me and clutched my hands together with hers.

"Oh! It's finally great to see you Lucy-san!" I smiled as I looked at her warmly.

"And you too Juvia."

"Oh well, what can I help you guys today?"

"Well…" I decided to help Natsu finish his sentence.

"I'm here to get a big fat diamond ring on my finger today." I couldn't help but to smirk at Natsu. I saw Natsu surrendered as he raised his hands up in reason.

"Whatever my woman says." He told Juvia and immediately she nodded. I couldn't help but to squeal before following her in tow.

"Okay, right this way." She led me to the counter where she took out a whole display of pretty diamond rings. My eyes immediately sparkled upon seeing the whole range of collection. I was literally picking up every one and trying them on. I even showed Natsu every single one, telling him it was so pretty so he told me to get it but I declined as I wanted to try another one. I heard Natsu heaved a huge sigh as he sat beside me, resting his face against his palm where his elbow rested on the counter. I could tell he was getting restless.

"Hey Natsu, aren't you going to get yourself one?" Natsu blinked his eyes before looking at me.

"Should I?"

"Of course you should. Hey Juvia, will you show me the range of collection for men?"

"Sure thing."

"Hey Lucy, I don't really know what I want."

"Should I help you?"

"I guess." Then as Juvia placed the tray beside the women's collection, I scanned through and immediately one pair brought my attention to them. For the women, it was a simple yet beautiful diamond ring whereas for the men, it was a simple band that just so happens to match them together. I took them out carefully as I looked at them in awe.

"Natsu, I think these are perfect for us." Natsu inspected the rings on my palm before grabbing the diamond ring. He slid the ring onto my finger before looking at me with that warm smile of his.

"Yes, it's perfect." I couldn't contain the tears that were pooled at the corner of my eyes as I let them fall. Natsu leaned in and gave a peck to my forehead. "So are you going to help me wear mine or what?" Natsu's remark made me chuckled before I brought my hands up to rub my tears away. I grabbed the ring that was enclosed in my hand as I helped to put it on for him as well. He gave me his wide toothy grin as he held his hand in the air to show off the ring.

We or do I mean Natsu, paid for our purchase before we left Juvia's shop after bidding her farewell and thanking her. We got into the car as we headed for our last stop for the day, house viewing. After Natsu's proposal to me, he told me that we should buy a house that we both love and start to live there together instead of bringing any of our past along. I couldn't help but to agree so we looked through the newspaper last night to see the available house. There were a few that met our criteria but there was one that Natsu and I was attracted to. So here we are, heading over to the house to meet the agent to view the place.

Once we reached, the agent greeted us before giving us a tour of the place. One word, it was marvelous. I absolutely loved it. Natsu was talking to the agent as I stepped out of the balcony of our future room. I could imagined myself sitting here as Natsu's head was resting on my lap. We didn't get any peace and quiet for long as our kids came running and tackled us.

"So Luce, how do you like it?"

"It's perfect Natsu." I said as I turned around to face him.

"I feel the same too. I can already imagine our future here together." I looked at him with wide eyes.

"I was thinking of the same thing too." Natsu closed the distance between us as he came to wrap his arms around my waist.

"So is that a yes?" I too, wrapped my arms around his waist.


"Hmm, two yes in two days. I can get used to this." I couldn't help but to giggle before nuzzling my nose against his.

"You're so full of yourself Natsu Dragneel."

"And soon, you'll be Lucy Dragneel." He closed the gap between us as we kissed each other, passionately as the sun started to settle down in the background. I couldn't ask for a better life than this. A life with Natsu was all I ever needed. I couldn't be any happier that fate actually brought us together. Funny as it all started from the interview.

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