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Chapter 3

The interview has been going well so far, thank God, though we kind of had a bad start.

"So what does your company actually do? I heard it is a law firm right?"

"Yeah it is and we have pretty damn good lawyers to bring down any crook or cranny around." Natsu looked away and mumbled something which I kind of caught it. "They should be put down to justice." But of course I acted like I didn't hear, didn't want him to think I was intruding.

"I see." I acknowledged while I was writing down whatever he said down on my notebook and decided that my next question shouldn't relate anything to his work in order to decrease the tension. "Ok what about your personal life? What do you do when you're out of work?"

"Hmms... Nothing much, I basically have events or parties to attend. Other than that, I just stay home and rest."

"What about a girlfriend?"


"Then what about going out on dates with girls?"

"Don't want to. I find them all troublesome. They are all just after my fame and fortune."

"Wow, that's a pretty boring life you have." I didn't realize I said this out loud.

"And yours is amazing how?" Natsu retorted. I put my pen and note book down on the coffee table and folded my arms.

"Well Natsu, can I ask if you love your job?"


"Because I do. In my job, I can express who I really am when I write down my articles." I paused for a while before continuing. "Can you express who you're really are when you're at work or when you attend these parties or events?"

Silence filled the air.

"I take that as a no. Well if that's the case, shouldn't you find something to do that you practically enjoy when you're out from work? Since you said girls are out of your list, then that's out of the question of finding yourself a girlfriend so yeah."

"Wait." Natsu raised his hand at me in a stop sign. "You don't even know me so how can you assume?"

"Well… I'm just good at reading people. It makes me good at my job." I couldn't help but wink at him with a smile.

Natsu scoffed before leaning forward towards me. "Okay Lucy, if you think you know me that well, why don't you attend this party that I have this coming Saturday and prove me wrong?"

It was my turn to scoff back. "Why should I? I already read you like an open book. You didn't even deny it."

"Well I didn't want to prove you wrong and was just being nice to you instead."

Should I accept his invitation and prove him wrong or is he just trying to make a fool out of me? Someone, help me decide please.

"No." I answered sternly before continuing. "I'm not going to attend this party with you. You can just be tricking me and I will end up as a fool so no thank you. Furthermore, I'm only here to interview you and never see you again."

"Feisty, I like."

Before I could argue back, we were disturbed by some knocking on his door. He shouted back in acknowledgement causing the door to open, with Mira coming in and walking towards us.

"Natsu, you have another meeting in 5 minutes." She informed him as she stood in front of us.

"Eh? So fast, I thought you've opened up my time slot longer with her." I swear he was pouting like a kid. I only blinked my eyes in confusion.

"I tried to Natsu but I couldn't so-"

"It's alright Mira and Natsu." I cut in while I gathered my stuff before standing up. "I will go now. Thank you very much for opening up your time to me once again. I think I've got what I wanted." I said before I bowed slightly and walked off.

"Wait, Lucy."

I stopped and looked over my shoulders, my eyes landing on the person who called for me. He was standing up from his seat on the sofa. "Yes Natsu?"

"We still have 5 minutes. Mira, she'll be out in 5. Tell the person, whoever it is to wait alright?" Mira nodded before walking out of his office, shutting the door closed after her.

I was kind of dumbfounded. He didn't have to make the person wait. I was actually done with him already. "Is there anything you need Natsu?"

"Yes, we were not done." He walked towards me which caused me to back away until I couldn't anymore. Now that we were this close together, I couldn't help but realized how much taller he was than me making him towering over me, my back against the wall. "So is a yes?"

I managed to dump all my files into my sling bag so my hands were free making me grip the strap instead. "The answer remains the same, no." I stared into his eyes, not looking away even though he was invading my personal space.

He chuckled before grabbing my chin. "I'll make you say yes then." And before I knew it, I felt a pair of lips came in contact with mine.

I was absolutely stunned. I quickly slapped his hand away which caused him to back away from me. I covered my lips with my arm and stared at him.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" I said. My voice barely audible as I could feel tears were starting to form in my eyes.

"Like what I said; to convince you." Natsu stepped closer to me, obviously not aware about giving people their personal space.

"Go to hell!" I said and was about to give him a slap across his face but he managed to grab my wrist, stopping midway in the air. I just glared at him, not letting my guard down.

"Come to the party with me." He said and surprisingly, with such pleading eyes. The way he looked at me, I would have thought they were so soft and caring if the unexpected event didn't occur earlier. What does this guy want from me exactly? If I don't say yes, there's a huge guarantee that he won't let me go but if I said yes, it would seem as if I'm giving in to him. I don't seem like I have a choice do I or maybe…

"Tch, fine." I replied before flicking my wrist away from him. I didn't even give him time to speak as I quickly responded back.

"If you can find me!" I stuck out my tongue at him before dashing out of his office. Little did she know Natsu was very appalled by her actions and he couldn't help but to be dazed at her sudden disappearance.

"Natsu!" Mira came running in. "What the hell just happened?"

Natsu couldn't help but cover his face with his right hand while he used his left hand to hold onto his stomach as he started to laugh out loud. Mira looked at him like he was crazy.

"Natsu…" Mira started by dragging his name. "What did you do to her?" She asked as she placed her hands on her hips.

He stopped laughing before walking over to refill his glass of whiskey. "Nothing Mira, why are you assuming I did something?

"Natsu, I always see girls come walking out your office bored or expressionless but not for Lucy, something happened. I can smell it." Mira ended her explanation with crossing her arms.

Natsu just shook his head before walking over to his window to look outside and coincidentally, when he looked down he saw Lucy just exited out of their building. She was looking left and then right, as if deciding which way to go before coming to a conclusion and walking off.

Natsu couldn't resist but to grin upon seeing her and that's when he decided, he was going to find her at all cost.

Back to Lucy's POV

It was such a great feeling to finally be home after a long day at work. I dropped my stuff on the floor before walking over to my living room to slump on my sofa.

Yes, I lived in a small apartment but I didn't mind because I could easily afford it plus it's comfortable. For the price and size of the apartment, I could get a living room, a kitchen where I can cook my meals and store my food in the cabinets and fridge, a bathroom in the hallway followed by a bedroom at the end.

I decided to turn on the television though I know I won't be watching it while I lied on the sofa and used my phone to check out social media.

"Stock markets are rising due to Fairy Tail corp. Natsu, the Managing Partner of Fairy-" I quickly switched off the television once I heard the news caster was mentioning about the last person I wanted to think of. Natsu Dragneel, the guy who kissed me for no reason. I feel my face getting hot upon remembering the kiss.

Damn him! Why am I getting hot and embarrassed for? This is some rich bastard we're talking about. Obviously, he's teasing you so why are you getting flustered for Lucy Heartfilla? The thing is; why was he so persistent in making me go to this party with him? Tch, he won't be able to find you anyways so just forget about him and all about this.

I decided to get up and head to the showers instead, hoping it will cool off my mind which it did. After having such a good, long and warm bath, I came out feeling fresh in my pair of shorts and tank top currently drying my hair off with my towel.

I grabbed a glass of milk from my fridge and was about to head into my bedroom when I heard my phone beeped. God, it must be about work. I hung the towel around my shoulders as I held the glass in one hand while my other hand reached for my phone that I left on the coffee table earlier.

'Hey' Unknown number? I don't recall giving my number to anyone recently.

'Who is this?' I replied back as I drank my glass of milk and the text came back relatively fast and I almost choked on my milk upon seeing the reply.

'You told me to find you didn't you so I did(:' This must be a joke.

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