alrighty, this is a story of Kya being pregnant and Lin being there for her. I am trying my best to make this the best story i have written by being more descriptive. will update ASAP. Lin is 25 Kya is 28. so read review and enjoy.

Lin opened the door to the apartment she shared with Kya, on the third floor of a building in downtown Republic City. Eyes half lidded with exhaustion from the past weeks events, thanks to various stakeouts, raids and paperwork courtesy of her mother, all in the hopes of moving up in rank and it was working. "Kya? I'm sorry I'm late. I know we had dinner reservations at eight but I have some great news, I got pro- what's this?" Lin had rounded the corner of their bedroom to find Kya looking down at the ground, a suitcase next to her, packed with various clothes.

"I'm sorry Lin. This is not going to work."

The earthbender stood frozen to the spot. Completely shocked at what the woman, she had been dating for five years, was telling her. "I-" She took the two large steps that separated her from the bed and sat down next to Kya, shoulders slumped as though she had just lost a fight she knew she should have won. "Is it something I did?"

"No, yes, ugh I don't know." The waterbender began pacing around the room trying to sort through the thoughts that were currently running wild in her mind. "It's possible that it was something you did but right now, it's all me."

Lin watched, totally confused, as her girlfriend continued to walk around the room like a headless arctic hen. "Kya, whatever you did, or whatever I did, it isn't a reason for us to split. Please, sit down and tell me what's wrong. Whatever it is, we can fix it."

Kya stopped her movements and looked down at her, trying to plead with her bright blue eyes that usually held wonder and kindness. "Lin, don't."

"Do you want to travel for a year again?" Standing up, she began to flail her arms, as though it would help Kya decide to stay. "I'll take the time off. If you want to go on your own, I'll be here when you get back, just like always."

"I'm pregnant!" Lin sat back down, completely taken over by disbelief. "I am so sorry Lin. I don't know why I did it. It only happened once."

"You cheated on me. I should have known."

Kya sat down next to her, completely blindsided by what she had just heard. "What do you mean 'I should have known?'"

"Well let's see, you've been avoiding me like a plague, it's always me initiating sex and when I do, you are so distant. I should have put it together sooner."

"So what? Because I wasn't in the mood for sex that instantly means I'm cheating on you?"

"Yes! Isn't that why we are talking about this? Because you are pregnant. Last time I checked, I can't reproduce!" Lin's hands were shaking from her outburst as she pushed her black locks out of her face, breathing in and out as she calmed herself down, trying to think rationally instead of acting on impulse like she usually did. "How uh, how far along are you?"

The waterbender fell backwards on the bed and let out a sigh. "Three months. It happened when you were on that recognisance mission for five months. Between you with work and me travelling so frequently, I was lonely and I missed sharing a bed with you. I was drunk and I swear it was the only time."

"Three months. So if you had an affair three months ago, were you planning on telling me?"

Kya let out a sigh as it dawned on her. She loved Lin with all her heart and they had told each other everything since they were children. This would have been the first thing she was willing to keep from her if it hadn't been for a little accident. "No."

"You didn't sleep with him in our bed, did you?"

"Spirits no! I would never do that to you. To us!"

Kya held her breath when she felt Lin's strong hand place itself on her abdomen. "It's strong. I can feel its heartbeat. It's so, fast and strong," Kya closed her eyes as she felt her love's hand trail itself up her body, coming to rest over her chest, "just like their mother. Kya, I love you and I want to be with you. I didn't travel with you for a year, drinking cactus juice and taking part in numerous hippie dances for you to get away this easy."

"But I cheated on you, I'm pregnant with another person's child and I put our relationship at risk for nothing."

Lin leaned down and placed a gentle kiss to Kya's lips, wiping the tears of guilt away with a calloused thumb. "I don't care. You cheated on me and it's now in the past. You're pregnant with another person's kid, we'll raise it like our own and even if you did put our relationship at risk, it just proves that we are stronger than we thought."

Kya wrapped her arms around the young earthbender's neck and pulled her down for a kiss. She pulled away when she heard something rip. Looking down up at Lin, she cocked a questioning eyebrow. "Really Lin?"

"Why have a blade if I can't use it? Besides, a month or two and you won't need these clothes anymore."

"You're ruining the mood."

The two women lay together in bed, light panting the only noise between them. Kya rolled over and snuggled into Lin's side, the feeling of relief at knowing she and the love of her life were going to be okay, flowed through her body. Sitting up, she rested her head on Lin's chest, a content smile on her face. "Lin, you know a lot has to change yeah?"

"Like what?"

"Well, I don't know how I feel about raising a child in an apartment. If they turn out to be a bender, they need space to practice."

Then it dawned on Lin, a piece of important information she had yet to consider. "Is the father a bender?"

"I think so. I honestly can't remember. I think he might've been an earthbender."

"An earthbender." The metalbender's lips quirked upwards into a smirk. "That would be nice."

"It could be a waterbender. I don't think we should worry about the bending until we cross that road."

They slipped into a comfortable silence, eyes drifting closed as fatigue began to take over. "Have you told your mother and father yet?"

"Mm, not yet. If things went south with us, I was planning on going to theirs and just move back in. They aren't exactly going to be happy about this."

"Why not?"

"Well, it's their first grandchild and it's going to be a bastard." Kya regretted the word as soon as it left her mouth as she felt Lin tense up. "I'm sorry, I didn't mea-"

"There is nothing wrong with growing up without a father. I'm living proof of that. My mother did a fine job of rasing myself and Su on her own and I will return the favour to our child." She took in a few breaths as she calmed herself from her little speech. "What else do you want changed around here?"

"I have two things in mind but you aren't going to like it."

"Lay it on me."

"I want the bike and sword gone."

Lin sat up, letting the blanket fall away from her as she stared down at the person, demanding, she get rid of the two things she loved. "Not happening. Sokka gave me that sword as a present, that he made with his bare hands. And that bike is a one of a kind… nearly. It's currently the fastest thing on wheels."

"It's only a matter of time before I convince you to get rid of it."

"You can try."

"So earlier today when you came home, you had something to tell me?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah, I got promoted. You are now sleeping with Captain Lin Beifong of the Republic City Police Department. This means I get a pay rise, a few extra days off a year and I will be serving as second in command." Expecting a kiss in response to the good news, instead she felt Kya leave her embrace and throw up over the side of the bed onto the bedroom floor. "I'll go get a mop and bucket."

"Ugh, sorry."

"It's okay. We have a couple more months of this so I might as well get used to it."