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"What do you mean, gay? You're joking, this can't be happening. You're not gay." Stan harshly stated at his former best friend. "You're just upset that Bebe went with Clyde and not you."

"I am gay Stan! I didn't want to tell you because I didn't want you to freak out!"

"How could you not tell me after all these years?! You slept in the same bed as me. You watched me change Kyle! How am I suppose to feel?" Stan pushed his shoulder, hard. Hard enough that Kyle fell to the ground, his graduation robes stained with the fresh summer grass. "How many times have you jerked off to me?! Nevermind, I don't want to know. Don't ever talk to me Kyle, I'm glad I'm going to a different college than you."

"Beep. Beep. Beep."


"Beep. Beep. Beep."

Kyle exhaled deeply as his emerald green eyes shot open. With his blood still boiling from his nightmare, he extended his hand to turn off his alarm. Kyle groggily pushed himself off from his bed as he placed his hands on his face. Trying to both calm himself down and wake himself up at the same time. After a few deep breaths, he pushed himself off the bed and began his daily routine.

His eyes were droopy, his mind was spinning and his heart was heavy. With one good look in the car mirror, he patted his cheeks in order to prepare himself for the day. Kyle made his way towards the entrance of Hells Pass Hospital, the time read 6:34 AM. He was always on the morning shift and for an ER doctor, he was lucky he didn't have to stay late or get called in too many times. Kyle had been with the hospital since he graduated Yale's Med school three years ago. Striving for nothing but the best, he settled with working as an ER doctor, because he wanted to be there to help out those when they needed it the most.

When the town heard that he was returning to South Park, everyone was skeptical. They didn't understand what would bring him back and whenever anyone would ask him, his only response would be that he wanted to help those who could not help themselves. There is more to it, but no one needed to know, nor did they ever bother to ask.

"Kyle!" The perky blonde at the nurses station cooed, handing him a few different colored folders. "Did you hear about the reunion? Seems like Wendy is in charge of it, her being class president and all. Can you believe it's been ten years? It feels just like yesterday I was checking out your ass in the hallways." Kyle rolled his eyes, a soft smile on his lips.

"It was just yesterday Bebe, I heard you very clearly comment on it." The woman blushed, shrugging her shoulders. "And besides, Clyde wouldn't be too pleased hearing you talk like that." Bebe shrunk in her chair. Kyle taped the folders onto the blondes poofy hair, a friendly chuckle leaving his lips.

"Well, anyways Kyle. I hope you're going to go. It would be nice… Seeing everyone together once again. Wendy can't wait to see you." Kyle scoffed, pretending to be interested in the papers in his hand.

"We'll see. I'll decide if I want to go or not. It would be nice, yes. But I'll only go if I can get off work." Bebe pouted as she leaned back in the chair.

"Yeah, Wendy wants you to meet the kids."

"How does Stan feel about that?" Kyle retorted, venom dripping in his words.

"Why wo-" Bebe began quickly getting cut off as an alarm rang, signaling them of an arriving ambulance. Bebe jumped up from her chair, running over to the telephone. "Yes? Heart attack? Okay, we will prepare." Kyle put his folders down on the counter, running down the hall towards the docking bay. Two large EMT members rushed out of the bed of the ambulance into the sliding doors of the ER room. Kyle beckoned them towards him, quickly going to the side of the person on the stretcher.

"Time since last episode?" He asked, a hand going to her wrist and his eyes going to his watch. "She's fading fast."

"Ten minutes ago, in the ambulance. We gave her a quick shot of medicine, but it didn't seem to do the trick." Kyle gave a nod, pulling out a small flashlight from his breast pocket. He moved to the woman's head and lifted up her eyelid, flashing the light in her eye. Her eyes twitched, responding to the actions. He let his eyes examine her features. He know he's seen her before, but he couldn't put his finger on it. She didn't look to be too old, but now wasn't the time to admire her features or how familiar she seemed to him.

"She's going into cardiac arrest. We have to stabilize her vitals." They rolled her into the proper room. Doctors and nurses began to file into the room. "Lift in three, two, one, go!" He commanded, switching her from the stretcher to an actual bed. "Start CPR while we get the defibrillator!" Kyle began running around the room, getting a needle and filling it with the proper medicine. He stuck the woman's arm, quickly dispensing the liquid into her bloodstream. He ripped open the top of her shirt, exposing her skin. After a moment, he turned around and began to rub the pads together on the defibrillator. "CLEAR!" He yelled, placing the pads near her heart and ribs. Her body jolted, the heart monitor going flat. Narrowing his eyes he looked around the room. The air seemed to leave the room, silence reverberating all around them. "Turn it up higher… CLEAR!" Kyle yelled, putting it on the woman again. It was getting close to the two minute mark, it was now or never… "CLEAR."


Everyone exhaled deeply as they watched her heart rate increase to normal. The woman groaned loudly, not moving from her spot. Nurses and doctors flooded to her side, adjusting her in the bed and trying to get vital signs that weren't documented until now. Kyle placed the Defibrillator back in it's spot as he walked over to the EMT in the corner. "Did anyone ride with her? Any form of identification?" Kyle asked the man, a pale and shaking hand running through his curly red hair.

"Her son is in the waiting room, throwing a fit apparently… Mike went out to comfort him, but apparently he is having a difficult time." Kyle shook his head, tugging at the back of his hair in annoyance.

"Alright, I'll head out there to let him know." Kyle grabbed what paperwork he could with the events that just happened and with a deep sigh he straightened his back and walked out into the waiting room. "Who was with the woman that was just carried in?" Kyle asked, not looking up from his paperwork. All the color in his face flushed when he finally found out the womans name.

"I can't believe they let a kike take care of my mom." The deep voice harshly said as he approached Kyle, sending a shiver down his spine.

"C-C-Cartman…" Kyle mumbled, his voice shaking just as much as his fingers. He licked his lips desperately, his mouth going dry almost instantly.

"Just tell me how my mom is Kyle, I don't have time for this shit." Cartman demanded, peering down at Kyle. "And if you don't tell me everything that happened I will sue you, your job; fuck this whole town if I wanted to." Kyle gulped, closing his eyes to try and gain his composure. He stood up straight again, emerald green eyes opening and staring up into chocolate brown orbs swirling with worry and anger.

"She is stabilized Cartman. I did everything I could, but it's up to her now to recover. She's getting transferred to the Cardiac section of the hospital till they can transfer her to Denver." Kyle felt his cheeks turn red as he examined Cartmans features.

"You better have done every damn thing this fucking piece of trash hospital could do. I swear…" He crossed his arms over his chest, Kyle then noticed that he was wearing a fine designer suit, one that was obviously professionally tailored to suit his body.

"Right… It would help me out knowing what happened. I'm assuming you were the one to find her." Kyle pointed towards two empty seats on the side of the room. He began to walk over to them. He shook his head, trying to dismiss the feeling of being examined. Taking a seat in the chairs, he pulled out a yellow pen from his pocket and began to take notes. Cartman sat down next to him, his posture almost perfect.

"About time you asked for details kike." Kyle winced at the insult, but continued to take notes. "Well, we had just woken up. I was going to give her her medicine, she has HIV, so I need to make sure she takes it every morning." Cartman sighed tapping his fingers against his knees. Kyle noticed this and gave a sad smile.

"You still have that nervous habit…" Kyle mumbled as he observed the mans fingers. Cartman, understanding what he meant, brought his hands to his chest, grumbling.

"Shut the fuck up." He angrily whispered, trying to keep his voice down. "Anyways… I noticed that she wasn't really herself, she seemed to be in a sugar induced coma or something. She was there, but wasn't at the same time. It was like that time you forgot to take your insulin back in eleventh grade. Man that was funny, you eyes rolled to the back of your head and you seriously dented poor boys locker. Funniest thing that whole year." Cartman began laughing loudly. Kyle gripped his pen tightly, his eyes going up to the man.

"This isn't the time for that kind of laughter Eric! Your mom almost died! Fuck, have some sympathy!" Kyle yelled, stunning Cartman. His laughter faded as he lowered his head.

"Yeah… Right… Well my mom started breathing heavily, started to shake and shit, gripping her chest, so I called the ambulance while performing CPR. She was unresponsive until the EMT's got there…" Kyle finished the written report, looking over it quickly before closing the folder.

"Bring her medicine when you see her later, I want to make sure it doesn't interfere with what we might give her. You can either leave it with me, or Bebe… You remember her right?" Kyle put the folder in his lap, placing the pen back into his pocket. Cartman's eyes shot to Kyles face, nodding his head in acknowledgement.

"Who doesn't remember 'Big Tittied Bebe?' Nickname given by poor boy." Cartman responded, causing a sigh to leave Kyles lips. "But, yes yes. I'll bring the medicine you Jew." Cartman leaned back in the chair. "I didn't expect to have her come to the hospital while I'm back. Shit…" Kyle's thumb played with the folder, his eyes tracing the tiles.

"The reunions not for another month, why are you even here? Aren't you suppose to be in New York?" Kyle timidly asked, his voice low.

"None of your business Jew, take that big nose of yours and stick it in someone elses business." Cartman lashed back, standing up quickly. "I'll bring you the medicine." He coldly stated, walking away from Kyle and out of the hospital.

What did I say?