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The 4TH great shinobi war had ended only a couple weeks ago with Naruto finally able to seal Madara and kaguya away into the geto mazu, But where peace reigns supreme in the elemental Nations, a dark force stirs due to the defeat of kaguya in a whole other dimension.

Mount Olympus War Room

A brown haired man strokes his beard and says, "The Titanomachy has just ended, and we already have another prophesy. This is rather troubling."

A large built man walks through the doors of the war room and says, "Zeus, we have an affirmative, Gaea is waking."

Upon hearing that name the now named zeus walks nervously and says, "Perhaps it is due to our interference with Typhon in the Titanomachy, I hereby order disconnection between any and all contact between us and our children upon further notice, the only exception is the right of claiming. Those who go against my orders will be punished accordingly."

A beautiful woman walks to Zeus and whispers something into his ears causing his eyes to widen slightly.

Zeus responds by saying, "I grant your request to bringing him here, he may prove useful in the coming days. But, I forbid you from interfering with our Greek and Roman children, I do not wish to see our children at each others throats again Hera. In order to bring him here, one of us must alter his genes and claim him, I have already sworn not to bear children along with my brothers. I will leave the decision to you all, if you can't come to an agreement, I give my wife the power to intervene and decide for you."

With that Zeus leaves the room to allow the other gods to fight over the next hero.

Naruto's new apartment

After the war, Naruto returned to find his old apartment completely destroyed, forcing him to move into a much more spacious apartment.

Naruto wakes up from a good dream, he had dreamt of the end of the war, Ino had confessed to having a crush on him since the academy, much to hinata's fury, in the end Naruto denied both of them, he couldn't choose to feel more for another of his friends, and he didn't want things to be weird with them afterwards, he had said he was willing to give them both a chance by going out with the both of them separately of course, and see where it goes from there, but what Naruto wasn't expecting was to enter his mindscape to meet all nine bijuu along with an extra human sized figure.

The figure was eyed suspiciously by the 10 inhabitants of the mind and whistled, "Wow, how you manage to keep from getting a massive headache from nine different beings is beyond me, me and the others usually struggle with two!"

Naruto stepped towards him and asked, "Who are you? why did you bring us here, more importantly how did you get here?"

The figure giggled and stepped out of the shadows to reveal a beautiful women in a white toga. The woman smiled at Naruto and said, "I am Hestia, goddess of the Hearth."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and asked questioningly, "Another god? You're not going to kill me, steal my friends and do god knows what with them are you?" Naruto flared his chakra while the nine Bijuu followed their container.

Hestia smiled and shook her head and said, "I'm here to ask for your help, you see, from where I'm from, there are multiple types of immortal beings, but the most dangerous would be the Primordial Gods, the Titans, the Giants, and us, the normal gods who inherited the world from the Titans after my families rebellion. The defeat of this worlds goddess Kaguya, may hold a factor in waking the primordial god, and our ancestor, Gaea goddess of the earth. My queen chose me to come and offer you a chance to come to my world to help us deal with our problem, you are one of the few who have managed to defeat an immortal."

Hearing the goddesses explanation, Naruto turns to the nine Bijuu and asks, "Think we can trust her?"

Kurama spoke up saying, "I believe we can, she feels different than Kaguya, calmer more gentle and welcoming, but at the same time incredibly powerful, she is definitely not human, if she wanted to kill you and take us, then i have little doubt she could do it."

Naruto sighed at the explanation and watched the other Bijuu nod their head in agreement.

Naruto turned back to hestia and said, "I'll do it, but what exactly do I have to do?"

Hestia began to explain how she would have to change his genes to the point he is related to her. Naruto looked at her and said, "No offence but i'm happy with who my parents are, i'm not sure i would honor them very well if I suddenly lost my mother's genes."

Hestia smiled at him and said. "Thats the good news, I've looked into your genes and you already share many of my personality traits, all I would really have to do is supercharge your mothers genes thus making you half mortal half god and you would be able to survive the experience."

Naruto couldn't help but ask, " so you're saying that if I don't become half God then their is a chance I would die going to your world." Putting it out more like a statement instead of a question.

Hestia nods and says, " We need to get moving soon, if time is similar in my world then the best time to get you into the Roman legion is in a couple minutes, write a note or something and say your goodbyes."

Naruto crossed his fingers and said, "Multi-shadow clone jutsu!" Naruto sent the clones away to let his friends know and walked up to Hestia.

Naruto nodded and said, "Im ready to go to."

Power filled the room, followed by a flash of light and then darkness.

New Rome Senate

I scrawny teen dressed in a purple shirt, legionair armour, and jeans came running into the large open room screaming, "Preator Rayna! Preator Jason was just reported missing!"

All in the room stood with slight concern while the 'Preator' asked, " What happened Mike?"

Mike tried desperately to catch his breath and said in between pants, "Jason... Was... Last seen... Asleep... In the... Barracks... Until he... Vanished... Into a... Flash of light."

Mike continued to pant heavily while Reyna looked utterly afraid before saying, "Gather the Legion, if a Preator goes missing then their must be something going on. Send out massive search parties, if this is a matter pertaining to demigods then the culprits couldn't have gotten very far."

At that moment a large clap of thunder shook the Senate, all of New Rome felt the tremors. The group of officials looked through the glass in the ceiling and saw a large black hole opening in the sky, lightning cracked while the winds roared before a yellow glow appeared in the center of the black hole, the light grew seemingly brighter and larger before the Preator's eyes widen and shouts, "GET DOWN!"

Everyone in the room hits the floor while a crash is heard and an earth shattering boom followed by a cloud of smoke in the center of the room, everyone looked up and saw the hole was gone.

Looking into the hole that took up a major portion of the room Reyna rushed forward to an unconscious blond haired teen, checking his pulse, she orders a centurion to take him to the infirmary due to his injuries.

Looking at the carnage of papers shattered glass and the 15 ft crater now decorating the Senate Reyna feels that whatever transpired tonight was no mere coincidence.

The next morning

Naruto wakes up with a groan feeling like he just got hit with the ten-tailed Bijuudama... Again. Feeling the comfort of a bed naruto hears whispers while struggling to sit up, suddenly pain flared in his head but quickly vanished due to the bijuu chakra from his nine partners.

Naruto tries to look around the room but is met with incredible blurriness clouding his vision, after blinking several times to get rid of the clouds and sees he is in a bed surrounded by oddly dressed people looking at him.

Naruto rubs his head and tries to stand up but is stopped by a rather pretty girl with hazel eyes and light brown hair.

The girl pushes him down gently but Naruto resists slightly panicking looking around the room, unsure of where he is and who these people are.

The girl looks him in the eyes and says, "Calm down, lay back and let us ask you something questions."

Naruto wanted to panic but found the sight of the hazel eyes surprisingly calming, so Naruto props himself up on the backboard and asks, "Where am I?"

The group of individuals looks at each other before looking back at the blonde while a shorter dark skinned girl stepped forward and said, "You're in New Rome, Roman city of demigods, and seeing as you've passed the barrier you must be part imortal or a monster."

Naruto looked at her and said, "Can you refrain from using the word monster around me please? It brings back some very uncomfortable memories."

The girl nods and looks back to Reyna who in turn asks, "What is the last thing you remember?"

Naruto pinches his chin in thought and said, "I was in my apartment when someone claiming to be a god appeared with a flash in my room says her name is Hestia, explains something about gaya rising or something, also about sending me to her world or something, next thing I know im here."

The group looks at Naruto like he grew a second head until Reyna asks, "Hestia? She is the greek counterpart to Vesta, I'm not sure what to think about you claiming to be another world, but that black hole you came out of last night was something I haven't seen before, and with the gods one can't be certain of anything."

Well since his best friends are giant talking toads he could imagine weirder things happening.

Naruto looks at Reyna and says, "My name is Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki, Jinchuuriki of the nine Bijuu."

The group looks at him questioningly and Reyna asks, "Bijuu, Jinjuriki? I am not familiar with those words."

Naruto looks at her bewildered and suddenly the idea of him being in another world seemed to become easier to believe, naruto says, "Bijuu, as in great tailed beast, Where I'm from there are nine of them in all, each with a set number of tails, ranging from one to nine. The greater the number of tails the stronger the Bijuu, the strongest being Kurama, my partner and the self proclaimed, "The great kyuubi no kitsune!" Nine tailed demon fox. I won't lie when I say the guy is an egomaniac."

Just then Naruto's eyes narrowed catching everyone by surprise when he shouts to no one in particular, "Oh quiet down Kurama, you know it's true, everyone else would agree with me, right eight-o?"

Naruto begins to sulk whispering something about unsupportive Bijuu.

Reyna is a little shocked at the display of facial change and asks, "Um Naruto are you alright?"

Some of the group start whispering about him being crazy which catches his ear causing him to say, "You know if you're going to talk behind my back I'll just let you talk to the egomaniac, fair warning, Kurama has a sadistic sense of humor, my eyes will glow crimson and slit, don't freak out or call him a monster, he's sensitive about it."

Again the group looks at him like he's crazy while his eyes are shut, moments later his eyes open revealing exactly what he described.

Upon seeing the looks on their faces, Kurama laughs demonically while his eyes water, causing their eyes to widen further from the change in his voice.

Kurama chuckles again and says, "Greetings mortals, you are in the presence of the great Kyuubi no kitsune! Bow down to my awesomeness! hahahaha."

A few of the members of the group run out of the room screaming monster at the top of their lungs causing Kurama to sulk in the corner, switching back with Naruto who gets up and glares at them.

Naruto's glare increases as he says, "I told you not to us the word monster around Kurama, now he's gonna be sulking all day."

Reyna finally recovers and gives a quick apology before saying, "We just don't have knowledge of this, but that reminds me, you explained what a bijuu is but not a Jinjiriki."

Naruto corrects her saying, "Not jinjiriki, Jinjuriki, it means the power of the human sacrifice. you see, there are certain people chosen to carry a demon since an early age, I had Kurama since the day I was born, the reason the word "Monster" is taboo to us is because Jinjuriki are treated like the demons they carry, I was denied my own existence up until a couple months ago, always putting up with hate filled flares, beatings on a daily basis, insults, scrutiny, heck, I was kicked out of the orphanage at the age of five, been on my own ever since."

The story made those that listened want to cry all but one shorter kid with a staff who asked, "Why exactly were these Bijuu placed inside of people?"

Naruto answered the question with a cautious glare towards the kid, "The bijuu were incredibly powerful creatures made of pure energy, my partner kurama could level a mountain with a single swipe of one of his nine tails, so the founder of the sealing technique used to seal bijuu sealed them in people to keep them as weapons or just for security purposes."

The shorter kid gained a smile grin before it vanished as quick as it appeared but it did draw Naruto's attention, Naruto commented to him saying, "Don't even think of it shorty, if one Bijuu is enough to blow up a mountain without trying, imagine nine of them with a single person able to access their full power, by the way, when all bijuu are brought together then they gain the power of a god respectfully a god of pure destruction."

The kid grumbled something under his breath but said, "You can't blame me for wanting to use them, if they're as powerful as you say then why dont you demonstrate?"

Everyone looked at him for a response and found his eyes harden when he said, "If you don't mind me blowing up your home then I'll be more than happy to, but unless you have a mountain you want moved i'm afraid I wont help you, besides, it takes a seal master to seal even one bijuu, and it takes the biju's full cooperation in order to access their power, and they don't like people like you shorty. You remind them of a bastard snake back home.

The teen walked out of the room gritting his teeth.

Reyna turns back to Naruto and says, "I never introduced myself, my name is Reyna. Leader of the Roman legion. We can finish talking about the Bijuu later, right now they don't seem like a threat, but if it's true what you said about Gaea rising, then we must prepare. And if the gods sent you, then there must be a reason for it."

Naruto getting a good look in Reyna's eyes sees something that he is familiar with, he will have to get her to talk about it later but for now, " My theory for them bringing me here may be connected to my fight against Kaguya, she was incredibly powerful, easily rivaling the power I felt come off of Hestia, I managed to defeat her so I guess you could say I'm as close to being able to defeat a God as you can get."

Most looked at Naruto like he was crazy. A broad chested man with a scar over his eye stepped forward and said, "You? Defeat a God? Haa, now I know you're making this up."

Naruto didn't so much as blink at the comment until he said, "Who's to say? I'm sure stranger things have happened, from what I've been told, I'm a prime example, falling from the sky like a meteorite crashing down in a crater and surviving with minimal physical trauma."

The man stepped back and grumbled. Reyna again speaks, "I'm surprised terminus hasn't kicked you out of the city yet, from what you've told us, which either you're too trusting or incredibly stupid, you seem to be a living weapon."

Naruto frowns and says, "I used to hide my status, but after the war, I grew proud of my status, I finally earned the recognition of my village, and now I'm here, again to stop something. If I truly am here to help, then I will end whatever is coming and go back home."

Reyna smiled at him and said, " We would be honored to fight with you." An older man stepped forward and said, "I find it hard to trust him, we must discuss this with the rest of the council."

Reyna gave a nod and said, "Until then, I'll have him under observation by the 5th cohort."

The man nodded and walked out to summon the other councilors.

Reyna turned to the dark skinned girl and said, "Take Naruto to the barracks and get him situated, keep him comfortable until we come to a conclusion."

The girl saluted and walked Naruto out the door after letting naruto get dressed.

The two walked for a while, the girls smiled seeing Naruto's eyes light up looking at New Rome, she comments, "You know, New Rome was modeled after the original, but was designed to fit modern times, but we still mix our culture to make it feel more like home."

Naruto smiles and says, "I haven't seen anything like this place, I mean I've traveled quite a bit but I've never seen a place this nice before. If I ever get home I gotta get baa-chan to remodel the village. It is nice but this place blows it out of the water."

The girl giggled and said, "I never introduced myself, my name is Hazel, Hazel Levesque."

Naruto smiled at her and said, " it nice to meet you hazel."

Hazel looked back at him and said, " So tell me about your home."

Naruto's eyes lit up and started talking, "The name of my village is called konohagakure no sato, or the village hidden in leaves. My favorite place in the village beside the Ichiraku Ramen stand is the hokage monument."

Hazel looks at him confused and asks, "What's a Ho-ka-gay?"

Naruto looks at her and says, " It means "fire shadow", he's the leader of the village and the strongest ninja in the country. Our continent was split into many different countries, but the main countries were konohagakure, kirigakure, sunagakure, kumogakure, and iwagakure. But the land that the villages rest on belong to the Daimyo, or the government leader of the country. The nations are split into five elements, fire, earth, wind, water, and lightning, each village is ruled by a kage, the kage is the military leaders and main foundation that keeps a hidden village stabilized, while the Daimyo supplies their money and support, it's the kage's job to maintain the village and keep its people safe. I had wanted to be the hokage when I grew up, but after my time as a shinobi, I grew wiser and eventually found another reason to want to become hokage."

Naruto's eyes start to water thinking of his friends.

Hazel managed to understand most of what Naruto was saying but before questions we're asked hazel noticed they arrived at the 5th cohort's barracks.

Smiling at him hazel said, "We're here"

The two walked in and they were immediately bombarded with questions and people wanting to know about Naruto. Naruto jumps and hangs from the ceiling from surprise, which causes everyone to gawk at him.

Naruto looks down at them glaring and says, "Don't do that! If I hadn't known you weren't hostile I could have killed you."

Hazel voices everyone's question, "H-how are you doing that!?"

Naruto looks at her questioningly and says, "Doing what?"

Everyone looks at him incredulously and says, "standing on the ceiling!"

Naruto looks towards the ceiling and then looks back, "Everyone can do this where I'm from. It's actually the basics of the basics, it's control exercise."

Everyone just continued to gawk until Naruto grew a mischievous Grin. Naruto performed a few quick hand seals and shouted, "sexy jutsu!" Were used to be a blond teen guy now stood a blond females revealing everything but what's hidden behind clouds.

The majority of the male population was knocked unconscious from a massive nosebleed while the females blushed deeply. The blond teen was replaced in a poof of smoke with Naruto who fell to the ground laughing and rolling on the floor holding his gut.

The females glared at him with crimson blushes and asked, "What the hell was that!"

Naruto continued to snicker but said, "The perfect way to incapacitate any and every guy. So far I haven't found a person able to resist it's power!"

Naruto gloated while the girls grew massive tick marks and approached the blonde menacingly.

Upon his feeling like he was in danger he looked to the girls and immediately paled. The girls were walking towards him slowly but their killing intent was rolling off them in waves while Naruto was sweating Bullets.

Naruto tried to defend himself saying, "Now now girls, I didn't mean anything by it, it was just to snap you out of your shock."

Naruto was now terrified, he started crawling backwards away from the advancing party stuttering, "I-i can, uhhh, I can show you something cool!"

The girls didn't stop coming, they had officially wanted to maim the blonde.

Naruto began praying any God that would listen, blubbering.

Then the girls pounced on him, the last thing anyone heard that day from him was an ear wrenching scream of pure agony.

The next day

Naruto woke up and immediately jumped back seeing hazel and started begging.

Hazel burst out laughing until it slowed to a snicker and said, "I think you've been hurt enough, besides, we remember something you said before we knocked you out about showing us something?"

Naruto beamed and said, "If you want to see then I need a large open space you guys don't mind me decimating."

Hazel had a thoughtful look and finally nodded saying, "I'll talk to Reyna, for the meantime, head to the dining pavilion and get something to eat."

Before Naruto could say he didn't know where it was she was gone. Naruto huffed and decided to bring out his emergency ramen and started eating.

When naruto finished he went to find a quiet place to meditate, he enjoyed meditating in the morning, all was calmer and more peaceful.

He found a place on top of a hill with a rather large pond, he sat in front of the pond lotus position, and started gathering Nature energy. But it was different, more tainted, harder to control, it almost hurt to take it in, but after a while he opened his eyes to see himself surrounded by half donkey half human hybrids and girls in dresses, some were cuddling him which he found weird.

Naruto looked down and found one girl with her head in his lap, naruto commented on the scene around him saying, "Ummm what's going on?"

The girl lying in his lap jumped up with a blush and ran into the crowd, one stepped up and asked, "What were you doing? We felt a pull come from here and found ourselves unable to resist."

Naruto was completely confused, Until he saw another of the girls walked out of a tree and asked, "What are you guys?"

They looked at him confused until one stepped up and said, " We are nyads or nature spirits."

Naruto nodded his head in understanding and said, "I was trying to relax and absorb the natural energy in nature, that may be what you felt. I'm a sage, or that's my official title where I'm from."

The crowd opened up and revealed Reyna, who walked up to Naruto and said, "Official title? What are the abilities that come with it?"

Naruto thought for a moment and said, "Well, I can feel the energy course through every living thing, and I can spread my senses over a wide range around me, as well as increased speed and strength, I can also use the energy to enhance my own natural abilities. It also allows me to feel the intentions of people within range of my senses."

Reyna looked at him calculatingly and whistled, two automaton dogs walked to Reyna's side and sat. Reyna said, "These are my pets, they can sense a lie. Is everything you said about your world, the gods, and your abilities true?"

Naruto answered immediately with no fear of the dogs, "Yes, everything I have said up till now has been true. The natural energy in this world, it's different, I've felt it tainted, but something else, it feels angry, upset, alone even. I can't help but feel angry towards you for some reason, It's something I haven't felt before."

At the end of his statement Naruto hears a feminine laughter in his head, and he suddenly feels dizzy, naruto passes out while in sage mode.

Naruto finds himself in a deep forest facing a mountain side. But what's weird is the mountain side is shifting, it seems to be the Rocky face of a woman.

The woman looks down at him and smiles, the woman opens her mouth and says, "Hello Naruto."

Naruto is instantly on high alert while he says, "How do you know my name! Who are you?"

The woman smiles and says, "I'm sure you've heard of me, you've described me a little while ago."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and said, "Gaea"

The woman's smile grew and said, "Very good, I felt you use my power and I grew interested in your abilities, so I dug into your memories and I seen everything."

Naruto snarled at Gaea and said, "You had no right to enter my mind!"

Gaea frowned and said, "I could say the same for you standing on my domain. But I seem to be drawn to you, you must feel my pain considering your childhood. All alone, hated by everyone for something you couldn't control. And now the gods curse you again to fight their own war. It's simply too much to ask of a child, I may have bred my children to fight the gods but even I care more for my own children than they obviously care for you."

Naruto frowned and said, "You have a point."

Gaea smiled but it was dropped when he said, " But this does concern me, I was part of the reason you are even here, or so I'm told, so it's my responsibility to clean up the mess."

Gaea couldn't help but grin at naruto and say, "You certainly are mature for your age, but the reason I am angry is because I gave the earth to my first born, the titans, and then they were sent to tartarus. The gods hurt my children and so I am simply playing my role as a mother. The gods must pay for hurting them, and poisoning me!"

Naruto looks at her questioningly and asks, "Is that why it hurt to absorb your natural energy?"

Gaea nodded sadly and said, "The mortals have constructed machines that burn my life force, and take my body to use as construction material. It has been going on for millennia."

Naruto couldn't help but feel pity for the Goddess, all she wants is to stop feeling pain, and in truth, the gods did strike first against the titans, and in turn fueled their mothers wrath. It is the nature of a mother to protect her own.

Naruto sighed before saying, "I would be lying if I said I didn't feel sorry for you. But I know anything about a war with a God, it wouldn't just be the gods that suffer, it would be both demi gods and mortals. And waging a war that will involuntarily harm innocent lives is something I have sworn to prevent."

Gaea scowled but said, "You know the cruelty of mortals, and have seen the evil of God's I simply wish to wipe the world clean, to start over and give the earth back to my children."

Naruto returned the scowl while saying, "By killing those who were not responsible for your pain, I'm not sure about this world but I'm sure that the people here today weren't even alive back then in order to interfere with you and your children. If it were against just the gods and there was a way to avoid major casualties then I wouldn't interfere, but I'm afraid that if I caused this mess, I must be a part of stopping it."

Gaea scowled but then sighed and said, "I will awake, I will rise again, and I want you to join me, I will return for you."

The world faded from Naruto's eyes, faded into darkness.

5th cohort barracks

Naruto awoke with a gasp and sat up choking.

Naruto felt a comforting hand on his back and turned to stare at Reyna who wore a worried look towards him.

Naruto sighed after his coughing fit and propped himself up.

Naruto looked to Reyna and said, "Thanks"

Reyna smiled and said, "Not a problem, now would you like to explain why you passed out? The nymphs were worried sick about you, you paled one second then you're lying unconscious and unresponsive the next."

Naruto looked at her with seriousness and told her about his meeting with Gaea, as the conversation went on, Reyna's face became more and more concerned.

At the end Reyna asked, "Are you sure? If this is what she said then this is troubling and must be reported to the council."

Naruto nodded his head and said, "I'm sure, but is it true? Did the gods really hurt their own parents?"

Reyna looked at him and said, "It's much more complicated than a simple who attacked who."

Reyna went into description in how chronos ate his children in order to keep the throne for himself. Followed by how Zeus tricked chronos and freed his siblings.

Naruto nodded in understanding and said, "That explains it, no father should harm their child, let alone eat them."

Reyna looked conflicted but nodded her head in agreement and said, "The council is contemplating your worth, if they decide to accept you, which I find unlikely now that Gaea is coming for you, you will be placed under a commanding officer and proceed to train under them to acquire our skills in combat."

Naruto shook his head and said, "With all do respect, I already train myself into the ground, and judging from what I've seen in the training fields on the way to the mountain, I'm much further ahead, but I will respect your decision to put me under someone else's command."

Reyna scowled, not used to having her legion insulted she says, "Without a demonstration of your skills it can't be helped. Unless you would like to spare with me, I could judge your skills based on how well you defend against me."

Naruto chuckled and said, "You misunderstand, I wasn't referring to the new guys."

Naruto vanished and reappeared behind Reyna holding a bronze dagger to Reyna's throat Before Naruto finished, "I was trained by the strongest shinobi in the elemental nations, I don't brag often but if you placed me in a fight against the best in your military I would most likely win."

Reyna paled when she felt the dagger against her neck, but it got worse when Naruto vanished without being seen.

Naruto pulled away from Reyna and handed her back her dagger she carried.

Reyna looked dumbfounded when she asked, "How did you move so fast?"

Naruto chuckled and said, "I was trained by the best in the shinobi world, when you have a demon trapped in your stomach you must be strong in order to ignore temptation."

Breaking free from her daze Reyna looks at Naruto and says, "I want to see your skills in battle, I will set up a match for you in the arena. Just like you said, you will fight 20 of the best in the legion, if you win you won't have to train under a commanding officer, but you will still take orders from them until I see fit to promote you."

Naruto nods before walking away before turning and saying, "You know, living hell myself, I learned not to show my pain, you seem to be a master at it, I'm not going to pry, but if you ever need to talk, I'll be training."

Reyna's eyes widen at how fast he was able to read her, but before she could retort, he was already gone.

Reyna sighed before walking out of the room and shutting the door behind her.

Secluded field, outside New Rome

Naruto was working on a new technique he was beginning to develop before he heard the snap of a twig and turned to see the short teen from the infirmary smiling at him.

Naruto glared at him and said, "I don't know what you want, nor do I care to, but if you're here for my friends then I suggest you think again."

The teen bowed and said, "I haven't introduced myself, I'm octavian, and I..."

Octavian was interrupted by Naruto saying, "I don't care, I've felt your true intentions and your looking more and more like an old war hawk that tried to kill me and take my friend. So if you know what's good for you, you will leave me, and my friends alone."

Octavian scowled but left without a retort.

Moments later another snap was heard causing Naruto to scowl and turn, Naruto was happy to see Reyna walk out.

Reyna walked up to Naruto and asks, "What did you mean about Octavian's intentions?"

Naruto sighed and said, "Octavian has a mountain of hatred towards you, he hides it rather well, but you can't hide the way your energy moves and spikes when something happens or someone you have feelings for is near, be those feelings good or bad. Your intentions are pride in the Legion, I can also sense, sorry, regret, betrayal, and a small amount of love, I've noticed it whenever you hear the name Jason Grace."

Reyna couldn't speak, he read her like a book, it can't be denied that his ability to sense emotion is incredibly powerful.

Naruto noticed the way Reyna stiffened as he read her intentions, he Naruto could say he felt a sense of kinship.

Naruto sighed before saying, "It's alright Reyna, you're secret is safe, I'm not one for gossip. Besides, the way you feel means you haven't told him yet. I-I understand how it feels to want something, you know you can't have. It hurts, we all have our way of coping with heartache, mine is training into the ground. If you want you could join me some time."

Naruto smiled at Reyna who just looked at him shocked he could read her so easily but shook the thought and said, "I'd like that."

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