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Ever since their date, Hazel and Naruto had grown even closer, they were always together, Frank was incredibly Jealous of Naruto for the attention he was getting from Hazel, it had been a few weeks since their first date and had decided to go out once every weekend.

Hazel was walking hand in hand with Naruto around the Tiber, " So what are we going to do today Naruto?"

Naruto placed his chin in his hand in though, "Well, we could go see that new movie playing in town, you said you had wanted to go see it."

Hazels eyes lit up and smiled brightly at Naruto, "You mean the "King of Sparta" with Tristan McClain!?"

Naruto smiled down at his girlfriend and nodded, receiving a squeal of excitement from Hazel and a kiss on the cheek, "Your the best, I hope you know that Naruto!"

Naruto smiled at her praise, "I live to please."

Hazel lost the excitement in her eyes as she seen 4 black specs racing down the hill towards them. One was a teen with ocean blue eyes, and black hair carrying an elderly woman. The other three were snake like beings easily gorgons, they had reptile scales, and long flowing hair with dangerously long sharp nails.

Naruto looked to hazel with a serious look, "Stay here, I'll go help him out."

Hazel looked at Naruto worriedly, " Be careful Naruto"

Naruto smiled showing his teeth and disappeared in a blur, by the time he had reached the fight, the teen was lying on the shore of the Tiber with the old lady smiling at him, " So you were the child of prophecy, I must say the rumors I heard of you were nothing short of incredible. It takes much to defeat a god."

Naruto drew his sword and held it in a reverse grip, "Another God huh? The kid must be new to not have noticed the overwhelming power rolling off you, can't understand why the Gorgonz couldn't see it."

The woman smiled at him, "Senses sharper than any dagger, not exaggerated, excellent, you will be quite useful in the near future."

Naruto pointed his blade at the Goddess, "I don't let fate carry me through life, as you know, I'm not from this world, therefore in theory, the gods of fate are unable to bind me to there will."

The goddess smiled at him, "Would you be willing to test your theory? They bind the very life force of every being in existence, if you are wrong, then you may mysteriously die of a heart attack in your sleep."

Naruto smirked at her, "Always have, I see no reason to stop tempting fate now."

The goddess smiled at him, "You truly were one of my best ideas, I am happy I sent Hestia to collect you."

Naruto glared at the Goddess, "I am here to clean up my mess, I heard about what you gods did to Gaea, and you wonder why she wakes? I may see your point of view, kronus death may have been justified for him eating you and your siblings, but it was cruel for him to do what he did. Personally, I don't care what happens to you gods, but I do care what happens to the innocent people that will be caught in the crossfire of your war."

The goddess sighed and looked at him, "I can see why you hate us, but I have risked my existence to help the mortals."

Naruto's glare never left his face, "That may be, but it does not excuse you and your fellow gods from meddling in the lives of the mortals since ancient times. Face it, gods are greedy and selfish, I see little difference between you gods and Kaguya."

The goddess started to glare at him, " We may have entertained ourselves for the past millennia using the mortals, but our influence allowed them to achieve what they have today."

Naruto was growing angry, "And what have they achieved? Where I'm from, we fought in four great wars, but here, they have only fought three and the death count has already far exceeded our own, and they were started by the Romans and Greeks, the children of the gods. No matter how much good you think you do, it will never be enough to replace the hundreds of millions of lives your interference in the mortals world has caused."

The goddess glare seemed to dim at his words, " Then how do you see us making up for what we've done?"

Naruto's eyes soften, "You can't, but it doesn't mean you can't try. You can start by fixing your past wrongs, I've read stories of Calipso, set her free. Zeus wronged her for something her father had done, it doesn't mean she is to suffer like her father."

The goddess lost her glare and offered a small smile, "I can see you offer more potential to help us gods regain ourselves than I originally had hoped. I can see how our influence has allowed such tragedy to occur, I will try to repent for our mistakes."

Naruto smiled at her, "Which goddess are you anyway? I'm only able to tell your a God, just not which one."

The goddess smiled, "Juno, goddess of marriage. I can see you will have an admirable home life in the future, if you manage to survive this."

Junk disappeared in a flash of golden light. Leaving Naruto with the unconscious teen, naruto picked him up and carried him over his shoulder to the infirmary.

Naruto hadn't left the kids side all day, waiting for him to wake up. When Naruto heard a groan from next to him naruto looked over to see the kid stirring.

The kid looked at Naruto seemingly confused, "Where am I?"

Naruto looked at the teen seriously, "You are in the infirmary in New Rome, My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I found you lying on the shores of the river."

The teen nodded while still lying down, "I can't remember very much before I woke up, but my Name is Percy, Percy Jackson."

Naruto smiled, "Well Percy, since you swam through the Tiber, you need to know you lost your blessing of Achilles, so you are now vulnerable to be hurt."

Percy looked at him confused, "Blessing of Achilles?"

Naruto nodded and said, "You would need to bathe in the river Styx in the underworld to receive such a gift. The last person to gain it was Achilles himself. Which means, you're either lying about not being able to remember, or someone has wiped your memories."

Percy looked down at his hands and sighed, "Wiped? Annabeth"

Naruto looked at Percy and felt sorry for the kid, he could tell when people were lying, and this poor confused kid wasn't lying, "Hey Percy, It's fine, I've had my head smashed into stuff so often I've had memory loss enough times to be able to write a novel on the subject, your memories will return if you give them time. Now come on, It's tradition to introduce a New comer to the Preator."

Percy just nodded sadly and got up shakily, Naruto wrapped percy's arm around his shoulder to support him as they walked.

Percy looked at Naruto, " So who is this Preator?"

Naruto smiled ahead, "She's a good friend, and an even greater person."

Percy saw the admiration in Naruto's eyes and decided to comment, "From the look in your eye, I'd say she's great in bed to."

Expecting a laugh from the blonde but surprised by the irritated glare he was getting, "Reyna is a great person, but I already have a good relationship with my girlfriend. I understand you didn't know but now that you do, I suggest you don't say something like that again, especially around Reyna or my girlfriend."

Percy started to sweat looking at the heated glare he was getting and quickly said, "Sorry, Sorry, won't happen again."

Naruto smiled at him and said, "Good, but take my advice, if Reyna heard something like that she would send her mechanical dogs to neuter you the most painful way possible. Fair warning, their teeth are poisonous to our kind, so it'll hurt a lot worse."

Percy subconsciously placed a hand over them to protect themselves causing Naruto to burst out laughing, "Take it easy newbie, she won't go that far unless she hears you, so again, don't say it."

Percy nodded quickly before entering the Senate.

Reyna grew a smile when she saw Naruto walked in the Percy, " Hey Naruto, is this the kid you found on the shore?"

Naruto nodded, "Yeah, he says he can't remember much else but his name, I couldn't sense he was lying, but he feels incredibly powerful, my guess is this is the work of the gods, if my hunch is right, then He's already been claimed."

Reyna furrowed her eyebrows, "Strange, usually a demi God isn't claimed until after they arrive here. It raises many questions and leaves no answers. My Name is Reyna, and I am the Preator, what's yours?"

Percy looked at her and gave a small smile, "Im Percy Jackson"

Reyna nodded and looked back to Naruto, "Ill leave him under your command until we can get an idea who his parents is, dismissed."

Naruto nodded and walked Percy to the cohort's barracks, "Happy to have you with us Percy, but when you're able to move your gonna wish you had broke your legs."

Percy starts to sweat at the sadistic smile plastered on Naruto's face and really didn't want to know why but asked anyway, "Why?"

Naruto's smile grew as he glanced over at him, "Because I push my subordinates past their mortal limits and beyond, you'll see what I mean from the demonstration your new brothers and sisters will give."

Percy gulped nervously and was already starting to wish he was still asleep.

When the two reached the barracks Naruto was greeted by Hazel who threw her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss which he gladly returned with his free hand, "Welcome back Naruto, is this the kid?"

Naruto nodded, "Hazel, this is Percy Jackson, Percy, this is my girlfriend Hazel, daughter of Pluto, or Hades for the Greek mind."

Percy smiled and offered his hand which she took and nearly crushed Percy's hand in the shake, causing Percy to flinch in pain, "Strong handshake, is everyone here like her?"

Naruto laughed while hazel giggled, "Nope, those are just the results of the training Regime you're going to be performing soon."

Hazel glared at him in mock horror, " But Naruto! He's just a boy! You are going to break him in his first week."

Naruto laughed at her antics before slowing to a chuckle, "Well, if he can't handle it, he could always practice the Roman ways of combat."

Percy could see the pitying looks from the Windows, it seems they had already guessed that Percy was joining the 5th cohort.

Frank came out the door with the pity look and placed his hand on percy's shoulder, "Names Frank, before you go into training, know he doesn't force the training, but it would be good for you, if you survive it."

Percy could almost swear he heard his muscles screaming already.

Naruto laughed heartily and looked at Frank, "Come on Frank, don't scare the poor kid, he won't die from the training, kids can do it."

Frank glared at him, "Kids who practically spent every day since they were born training, your a prime example Mr I can crush mountains."

Naruto growled at him with a glare, " It was an accident! You all wouldn't leave me alone until I showed you all my Rasenshuriken."

Frank returned the glare, "Dude, if it was an accident it only proves his situation is all the more hopeless." Frank ended by pointing at Percy who was now officially terrified of the "training" Naruto will put him through.

Naruto scowled, "Frank, you just volunteered to do the demonstration of course six."

Frank paled and tried to run, but was stopped by Naruto grabbing his collar, "Where do you think your going my oh so precious volunteer?"

Frank got on his hands and knees blubbering prayers to any God that would listen while Naruto pulled Frank outside leaving Percy sitting down with his back to a wall as he watched Naruto put a piece of paper on Frank's back, Percy looked to hazel and asked, "What's so bad about course six?"

Hazel was almost concerned for her friend but knew that Frank had become rebellious ever since Naruto and her started dating, she understood that what Frank was doing would get everyone killed if he did it on an actual quest or in war, so she let Naruto do it.

Hazel looked to Percy, "Course six is the hardest level that normal demigods can't finish, there are twelve courses, but only Naruto has been able to finish them all, not just because he created them, no he wanted to make them as hard on him as possible. But there was a limit to how far he could take it before it would become ineffective. Naruto even placed a reward for anyone able to make it passed a course, 6 and above are incredible rewards like stuff from his home, weapons, shirts, advice, knowledge. It was all there, but so far, only Naruto can pass any of them above 6."

Percy looked to Frank who was just sitting there so decided to comment, " If this is a course then why is Frank just sitting there?"

Hazel became serious as she said, "Because it's a technique from his home, it places the person who is holding the seal in a part of Naruto's battles as a kid up until he left a couple months ago. The illusions are incredibly effective in showing you just where you are when compared to Naruto. Right now Frank is in the chunin exams illusion, the illusion imbues the person wearing the seal with Naruto's knowledge of the situation, and his emotions towards the people in the illusion, it's almost like you are reliving his experiences."

Percy looked on in wonder as Frank arched his back and screamed in agony, causing the seal on his back to burn away.

Frank came out of the illusion and glared daggers at Naruto, "Sometimes I really hate you."

Naruto smiled at Frank, "You're welcome, now move so I can introduce Percy to Zabuza."

Frank glanced worriedly at Percy but moved away.

Naruto smiled at Percy, "Hey Percy, you ready to go? This is only level one, so a civilian could do it."

Percy looked Nervous but walked over not even realizing he got his strength back, before Percy sat down naruto grabbed his shoulder, "Be warned, time with pass incredibly quickly in the illusion, you will live through all of my past experiences, as well as my pain, but you will be able to interact with the world around you just like I do. You will be going with my old team on my first major mission with my team, they will interact with you, you will be put in my shoes, all of your abilities will carry over to the illusion."

Naruto and Hazel continued to watch over Percy for the next hour until his eyes snapped open with an agonizing scream, they both watched as the seal on Percy's back smoldered to ash.

Naruto pat Percy on the back as sweat roll down his face while he panted deeply before looking at Naruto, "How…. did….you…..survive….that hell?"

Naruto smirked at him before saying, "If that's all its gonna take to get you to ask that, then hope and pray to your parent that you never reach course 11 or 12, that is something I'm still having nightmares about."

The thought of something being more terrifying than a psycho using mist to silently kill off his opponents is something to be feared. and if normal civilians could do this then exactly how weak is he?

Naruto noticed the solemn look on percy before smiling at him, "Percy, the reason I survived that was because of my feelings towards my friends, I desired to protect them, even if it meant my life, those were just illusions I think you know that, so you limit your potential because you know they aren't real, when thrust into a life or death situation I'm sure you'll come out on top."

Percy grew a smile at Naruto's words before saying, "Thanks man, I was wondering if their was any way to become faster, those guys were moving too fast for me to track."

Naruto gave percy a sadistic smile before saying, "Prepare yourself Percy Jackson, when I'm done with you, your mere presence will send fear through an army of cyclops!"

Percy wanted to run from the look he was getting from Naruto but kept still too afraid to move.

Naruto tossed percy some pieces of paper earning a confused look from percy, "Put them on your wrists, it's the same concept as the seal I used for the illusion, just much more physical based."

Percy did as he was told and immediately felt the effects, his arms felt like they were stuffed with rocks making it 10 times harder to move.

Percy looked to Naruto for an explanation, "Their seals man, if you know your stuff you could blow the living hell out of everything, as well as hold supplies in without adding weight and saving a good amount of room for other stuff."

Percy smiled at him and nodded, "I hope this doesn't mean I'm gonna blow up."

Naruto laughed at the comment but walked away leaving a very afraid percy behind, not realising Naruto took it as a joke when it was a serious question.

Naruto spent the remainder of the day spending time with Hazel. The two went into the clearing they had found the night of their first date and sat with their backs against a tree with Hazel leaning her head on Naruto's shoulder.

The two sat in silence for a while just enjoying each others presence before Hazel broke the silence, "Hey Naruto?"

Naruto looked at Hazel, "Yes Hazel-chan?"

Hazel still didn't know what the suffix ment but continued, "After this whole mess with Gaea is over, what will we do? I'm sure you would want to go back home, a-and I want ot be with you."

Naruto saw how hurt Hazel felt about the thought of him leaving her, so Naruto wrapped his arms around her and pulled her onto his lap much to the darker girls embarrassment, "It all depends, what happens between now and then, what happens when with us right now, and what happens before I leave. But, if I'm honest with myself, I find myself wanting you to come with me, there aren't monsters to hunt down demigods in my world, a new era of peace has come. And besides, I might not be able to go back, the gods like to mess with peoples lives, and from how well my life started, they might just consider making me immortal, just to make sure I am here to entertain them for all of eternity." Naruto shivered at the thought.

Hazel smiled at him before wrapping her arms around his neck in a deep hug, "Thanks Naruto, I guess that we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, it does seem to early to make assumptions that the gods would be willing to send you home."

Naruto rubbed up and down Hazel's back causing her to shiver at his touch before he wrapped his arms around her lower back and pulled her in further before kissing her which escalated quickly to Naruto exploring Hazel's mouth with his tongue which Hazel moaned and melted into.

The two were pulled from their exploration by Percy who snapped a twig, Percy blushed deep crimson when he saw Hazel sit atop Naruto, "Uhh, uh sorry, sorry, I'll come back another time, sorry for interrupting."

Hazel glared at Percy but stopped when Naruto called him back, "Whats up, new soldiers aren't usually allowed out here without an escort unless it's important."

Percy lost his blush and saluted mockingly, "I have discovered I heal by stepping into water, I discovered this fact when I was sparring with frank, he managed to cut me and caused me to fall into the river. The water moved to my gash and healed it in a matter of seconds."

Naruto looked positively curious, "Hmmmm, usually, people from this world don't have a healing factor as good as mine, Hazel, I need to examine this with Kurama, this may lead to who his parent is."

Hazel sighed in disappointment but got off of him and let him stand, "Ok, Percy, what i'm about to do is strictly between us, only Reyna, Hazel, me, and you know of the existence of what i'm about to do, if octavian caught wind of this it would seriously hurt my time with Hazel."

Percy nodded in understanding but was completely shocked when Naruto was enveloped in his nine tails chakra. It only got weirder when Naruto started talking, "Hey Kurama, you know what we need to do right?"

Naruto continued to talk to himself getting a look of worry from Percy while Hazel just tried to decipher the conversation with what Naruto was saying, when Naruto finally Nodded, Naruto walked up to Percy and placed a hand on his shoulder.

Percy was filled with warmth as the hand Naruto had on his shoulder emitted a powerful glow, when the glow died down Naruto looked surprised with mild disbelief written on his face.

when Hazel noticed she gained a worried look on her face before asking, "What's wrong Naruto? It's nothing bad is it?"

Naruto smiled at her before turning serious back towards Percy, "Kurama is telling me your blood has traces of salt in it, blood is a mixture of chemicals and water, if there's salt in your blood, the only god I know that rules the ocean is Neptune, or poseidon for the greek mind."

Hazel was utterly shocked at what Naruto had said, "Wait, are you saying?"

Naruto nodded and turned to percy, "It's incredibly rare, as a matter of fact, the only other person I know who is a child of pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter is Hazel, she's a daughter of pluto. Percy, it seems you're a son of Neptune."

Percy was shocked into silence which is hard to do, but eventually he started to speak, "M-my dad, i-is god of the sea?"

Naruto nodded and said, "It seems so. We should tell Reyna, she would want to hear this."

Nodding at Naruto, percy and hazel followed naruto to the senate to face Reyna.

Unknown cave

a loud rumbling sigh shakes the dark area before the voice of Gaea booms to life, "Another child of those infuriating gods. It seems that I will need Naruto if I'm going to win, but what is this feeling I get when I'm around him? It almost hurts, it reminds me of when me and Uranus had first started seeing each other, it was such a wonderful feeling. But I can't, how could I? he's trying to stop me from taking vengeance on those who hurt my children."

Gaea sighed in frustration, "Why now, why after so long, I find myself falling for someone?"

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