Lucy was tired. She yawned and sat up from her bed, coughing and scratching her head. As she brushed her teeth, took a shower, and got ready to school, her mind was completely blank about what happened yesterday afternoon. The plan wasn't getting to her yet, but she will soon.

With bread in her mouth, Lucy ran to her couch where her bag was and headed to school but stopped by her door when she felt another person's presence in her house.

Lucy turned. "Is anybody there?"

No response. Lucy blinked and shrugged it off.

Then she heard the shower.

"What the- I swear I turned it off."

Lucy put her bag down, walking towards the bathroom to turn the showers off. The closer she got, the louder the shower got, like someone was using it. There were footsteps inside the tub, soap dropping, and heavy breathing. Lucy was no longer suspicious but within instinct, she thought there was a homeless person that walked in her house.

She ran to her kitchen to grab her broomstick then back to the bathroom, ready to hit the intruder.

Taking slow, cautious, and silent steps, Lucy grabbed unto the shower curtains without a sound, prepared to hit whoever the person was in there.

When she opened the curtains, Gray turned with both of his hands on his soapy hair, fully naked.

Lucy's eyes widened, she felt like her eyes drop to the ground. The sight of Gray naked in her shower was not what she wanted to see first thing in the morning.


No matter how many times Lucy tried convincing herself that what happened this morning was a dream, it wasn't. Gray walked Lucy to school, but they hardly talked. It was hard trying to talk to the guy who had a book on his face. Gray was so focused on what was on his textbook that Lucy couldn't even lift the muscle to speak.

In class, Lucy sighed.

"Whoa, did something die in here or what?" A familiar voice came from beside her.

Lucy faced the voice, it was Levy. "Hey..."

"What's wrong? You look like a dead mouse."

Should she tell her? Lucy motioned Levy to come closer and told her the whole thing.

Levy was bewildered. "You agreed to what!? Lucy! I didn't think you'd stoop so low!"

The blonde cried, "I know right? So it was a bad idea after all?"

"I personally think approaching Natsu by starting a friendship sounds better. It's more natural."

Lucy sighed.

"Plus, I think if you did manage to get Natsu by Gray's offer, you'll need to think of how you're going to explain yourself to him. Have you ever considered Gray falling for you?"

"Ah, that," Lucy crossed her arms on the desk. "We made a deal that there's no falling in love."

Levy sweat dropped. "That's like asking for the impossible. So, since you said yes, how are you going to work it out?"

"I really don't know," Lucy's eyes narrowed. "Gray broke into my house to take a shower."

"He did what?"

"Hey, in my defense, I used the passcode you gave me to get into your house," says Gray from behind the two of them.

The two girls turned to Gray wearing eyeglasses with a book in one hand. Levy slightly blushed; Gray looked good like that. She studied Gray's expression though; his eyes were completely glued to Lucy like there was no one else around. Could it be...?

"What do you mean passcode? I don't remember giving them to you."

"We exchanged phone numbers and I gave you Natsu's locker combination. You gave me yours and you said it was the same as your house."

"Oh my god! That means I really didn't give them to you! Geez, who gave you the permission to!?"

"Our deal," Gray answered firmly then smirked. "By the way, I meant to ask you but I forgot... What is a Vagisil? I saw it in your shower."

Levy bursted out laughing. Lucy turned deep shades of red and pink as Gray walked out of her class. Gray 1 Lucy 0.

"Meet me at the rooftop during lunch. Natsu and I will be there."

Natsu stared at Gray curiously.

"What's with that ridiculous smile of yours? You look kinda creepy."

Gray closed his book and removed his glasses. "Did you finish your debate yet?"

The pink head shrugged, scratching his head and fixing the scarf wrapped around his neck. "I got lazy."

"Dammit Natsu, I worked really hard to tutor you. Don't make me regret it."

"I know, I know," Natsu inched closer. Gray stared nervously.

"What?" Gray asked, blinking, staring into his eyes.

Natsu hummed, studying Gray's surprised expression. There was something different about Gray today, Natsu doesn't know what. That's right, Gray's skin is much smoother, and his hair is puffier than usual, and his smell. He almost smells like...

Like a girl.

"Are you okay?" Natsu asked, concerned.

"Where the hell are you getting at?" Gray raised his brow. "I'm fine."

"You smell like a girl."

"Oh. I showered at Lucy's house because you were taking too long in the bathroom."

"The girl that wrote you a love letter?"

"Uh, yeah, her."

Natsu grinned, sitting back into his chair with a more relaxed expression. "Then I don't have any problem. You're with the girl you like!"

Gray almost choked at the last statement. "I don't like her."

"What?" Natsu was taken back. "You shouldn't get her hopes up like that."

I wouldn't be getting her hopes up, you will.

"I won't," Gray sighed. "I know what I'm doing."

"If you say so..."

"Let's go grab some lunch. I'm hungry."

Natsu's smile grew wider. "I thought you'd never ask, my man!"

"How do you know Lucy? I haven't seen you hang out with any girls but Erza and Wendy."

Gray took a bite off his musubi and flipped a page of his textbook. Natsu chugged on his drink.

"Eh. She seems like a decent person. Not somebody who wants to pounce you."

"Aren't you being too hasty about your decision though? You still have to get to know her better."

"Since when were you the sophisticated one?" Gray raised a brow. "You're the one who forgets people after they confess to you."

Natsu scratched his head, trying to remember what Gray was talking about.

"Someone confessed to me?"

"Yeah. Twice."

"Twice?" Natsu was so confused. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

The door to the rooftop swung open and Lucy came out. Just like a light switch, something clicked in Natsu's head as the blonde walked to them, tightening the jacket wrapped around her waist nervously. Gray looked up and smirked, giving her a small wave. Lucy smiled genuinely and sat by Gray. Natsu's eyes were wide.

"That girl-"

"I got you milk tea, is that okay?" Gray handed Lucy's drink.

She blinked and took the juice box from Gray's hand. "Thank you."

"You-" Natsu stared with his mouth wide open. He pointed at Lucy.

Gray and Lucy looked at Natsu with false confusion.

Natsu couldn't believe what he's seeing.

"You're the girl who confessed to me!"

Well duh, thought Gray and Lucy together.

"Are you sure? Maybe you got the wrong girl," Gray commented.

"No, no! She's the one!"

"You sure? Was her name Lucy?"

Natsu thought hard but the fuse on his head exploded. His face turned pale but innocently answered.

"She told me she liked me... But she never once told me her name."

Oh. Gray glanced at the girl who clung on the railings. It was Lucy's turn to turn pale this time because Natsu was right.

Its Lucy's fault.

"You done fucked up," Gray whispered to Lucy. She could only whimper as her reply.