I do terribly apologize.

I never expected this semester of college to be such a hassle. There's too much on my plate and it's difficult for me to balance catching up with my stories. I haven't even had the time to catch up with Fairy Tail and what not. I truly am sorry! I recently got into the nursing program, so I've been taking a lot of assessments prior to getting in. Life takes a toll sometimes, and truthfully (not trying to get personal here) but I have lost two of the most important people in my life. I'm currently trying to cope with it as well.

If any of you have read Crazy in Love and noticed I have deleted it, I do have my reasons for it, but I'll make it short. I'm sad to admit that I lost inspiration for that story alone and this story has reached its end. I am however, working on another Gray/Lucy story and ought to publish it some time soon after final exams have finished. I'm putting it out there, but I'm also warning you not to get your hopes up. Please stay tuned in.

Thank you for all the PMs and wonders of this story. I'll come back real soon!


P.S. Has anyone watched Zootopia? I know this is sooooo far from relative to FT, but let me know if you guys have watched it; I'd like to know your opinions on the movie! Ciao.