Chapter One: Questioning Answers

They caught me. They caught me. They caught me.

Those words just didn't seem believable. But then again, I did believe it, it was the fact I didn't want to believe it. All this time being cooped up, feeling overly confident in my own safety.

I was a fool, to think I was safe. And now here I lay. Imprisoned behind these damned steel walls.

Wait a minute… The cage is being lifted! What's going on? Where are they taking me!?

Suddenly, I smacked face first into the floor of the metal box.

"Ass hole…" I muttered in de

It was that moment I could hear a conversation between two individuals.

"Let him out, now!" An angry male voice exclaimed.

As the cage door opened, I gasped. A large hand reached in and pulled me from the steel box. I cringed as the nauseating fluorescent lighting shone in my eyes.

Under quick evaluation, I found myself in an office-like structure. Laying in a fetal position on an office chair, behind a large desk still bound by the metal cuffs and neck brace.

"Where are you going!? Untie him!"

I could feel my heart rate pick up almost instantly. What was he going to do to me? Fight me like a man? Cut my limbs off? Didn't seem rational but this doesn't happen on the norm.

The grunt inserted some commands through a keypad on the neck brace, and metal cuffs binding my arms and legs.

"Are you sure about this, sir?"

"Get out of my face!" The more masculine voice asserted.

And with a flash of movement, the grunt was gone.

It was that moment I decided to play dead, hoping that would at least do something for my case.

"You can sit up, Damian. I'm not gonna hurt ya, bud."

I remained silent, trying to formulate an irrational plan. Although my chances of success are one in a googolplex it's still a shot. But that was when rationality struck again informing me of my, also captured, friends.

I sighed, knowing there was little I could do at this point. Besides grin and bear it. With a grunt I lifted myself upright and sat in the office chair.

To my surprise I was within eye level of the man, despite my short size.

I leered at the man before me. His smug, falsely welcoming grin hidden behind his scruff beard.

"Ahh there he is… Now before we start throwing punches at each other, I want to say I am incredibly sorry for that whole thing. I told them to take you peacefully but ya know… Grunts."

I remained silent.

He chuckled, "Umm… Anyways, I didn't bring you here to hold you prisoner."

I snarled, "Then why did you bring me here!?"

"Woah… Calm down, bro. Just let me get to that. Ohh and uhh I should add that I can understand everything you're saying so please don't cuss me out, thinking I won't know what you're saying. Heheh."

He can understand me? But he's a human…

"What did you do with Sir Greninja and Buniot?" I snarled.

"Who?" the man cleared his throat, "Ohh! The Bunnelby and Greninja, they're fine if that's what you're wondering. They'll be released with you in no time, I just need a couple of answers."

It was that moment I could feel the shrapnel still stuck under the pads of my feet, as thought reminding me of what probably was their fate, "I'm not telling you anything until I see them."

"Fine," he picked up the mobile radio from the desk and pressed the side with his thumb. He then looked down at a sticky note with various words of text upon it, "Bring subjects… 241 dash 33 and 241 dash 34 to my office, now."

There was a long pause before the radio replied, "Just to confirm that is the... Greninja and Bunnelby, correct?"

"Yeah… Hurry it up, I haven't got all day," he planted the radio on the table, "Sheesh these guys can be so slow sometimes. Anyways… You like coffee?"

I remained persistent with my endless scowl.

He shrugged, "Alright… So you're one of those kids who drinks energy drinks all the time. I get it. Man, this generation is weird. But I guess-"

"Stop talking…" I growled.

His eyes widened in both shock and awe with my statement.

What am I thinking!? If I keep acting like a hard ass he can have Sir Greninja and Buniot killed… or even me!

I cleared my head and sighed, "Sorry."

"No, I understand. It must be pretty tough almost being captured by Team Plasma and turned into a Pokemon. Glad they got what was coming to them, though."

My eyes widened, "Woah… Wait a minute, here. Them? Don't you work for Team Plasma? I mean isn't this…"

The mans face was blank, and that was when a sudden realization hit him, "Ohh! Is that…? Did you think this was? Nonononononono!" He chuckled, "First of all let me explain some things, Damian. I don't think I even told you my name yet. I'm Dominic Price, the… CEO if you will, of Team Alpha."

I had something for his reply, but I wasn't prepared to say it just yet.

"I've been watching you for quite some time. Our nerd guys here know their way around techie stuff and let's say I have access to a lot of cameras. Even that little microchip they planted in you when you were at the base."

I about panicked, "Microchip?"

"Yeah… don't worry, though. We disarmed that thing back when you were in the Frosty Forest so we could use it. What? Did you think they were stupid enough to throw some shock collar on your neck and let ya go? Ha! They're dumb but not that dumb."

Although his attempts to be amusing were very try-hard, I wasn't amused… I was shocked. Scared even.

They've been watching me this whole time?

"Anyways, after that whole blowup with the Plasma base recently. Our guys saw there was a bunch of the TP geeks coming after you. So that's when our guys stepped in and boom! Here you are, safe in sound."

It didn't make sense. He saved me. Why would he save me? Unless he wanted something…

There was a loud ringing, followed by a voice coming through an intercom,"Sir, I have the subjects here."

"Well, bring em in!"Dominic huffed.

Though the door came a man holding two Pokeballs.

"Let them out and leave. Thank you."

The grunt nodded and released none other than Buniot and Sir Greninja and with a twirl he was gone.

To my dismay, they were bound together as I was previously. Not to mention knocked unconscious.

"See? They're fine. Can we continue our talk?"

"Sure," I couldn't help but notice Sir Greninja's headband was gone, as was Buniot's necklace, "Team Alpha… So… Your guys are the ones who killed Sir Greninja's mom?"

Dominic raised an eyebrow, "Killing Pokemon?! That's against out standards of conduct! Whenever this happened it definitely didn't come to my attention. Otherwise I would've that person hell. I'm sorry that had to happen to your friend if there's anything I can do, let me know but first can move on please? I actually have a meeting after our little talk so let's cut to the chase."

"I need your help with something. Well… Someone actually. Someone you've had contact with recently."

I stood up in the chair, "I'm not telling you anything about Azelf, Mesprit or-"

"Dude! Relax, alright? They're no concern to me or anyone. I'm not talking about them, just chill out okay?"

I sighed, "Then who is this person… Or Pokemon?"

"What do you know about MewTwo?"