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Chapter 1: The Changed Fate

In Jump City, Red X went to the Jump City's secret lab. Of course, he was really good at breaking in and stealing.

He saw a brunette woman in a lab coat coming his way. He hid behind the shadows. Then, someone was running after her. Red X carefully approached them.

"Do you think that it's real? Does fairies really exist?" the one who wore glasses said.

"Of course not. Though, we need to know what is that thing made of," the brunette woman stated.

"You're right, doctor. However, if it is true, someone that hold that much power can control every technology ever existed," the one with glasses spoke.

Red X's eyes were bulged under his mask. He stole the brunette's iPhone. He hacked it and found a map of the lab. There was a mark wrote 'New Room'.

"Gotcha," he whispered.

From where he was, he sneaked onto the elevator and went three floor downward. He used an old film to change the cameras. He went into the elevator and knocked out some workers. He used one of the workers outfit to fit in. He used a mask that lab workers used and glasses to cover his face.

It took him a second to find the new room.

There, he entered by using a stolen ID card. The room was huge and there was only one thing in the room. A purple stone written in a foreign language. There was a symbol on top of the stone. Red X was stunned. What is this? Is this suppose to give me powers? Red X thought with squinted eyes under his dark glasses. He used the computer to unlock the tube that encased the purple stone. The computer password was easy to him. Almost all the things in the room uses the same password. After having the unknown stone in his hands he quickly braked out of the lab.

In Jump City, Raven was staring at her mother's picture. Raven was in her room for hours as usual, but this time, she was not meditating or reading books. She was missing her mother. Her mother was dead, a condition that she wished her father was in. Her mother was a queen in a kingdom named Azar. Though, she left because she found her true love in a far place named Harmony.

Raven's mother once told her that Raven herself was Trigon's most powerful weapon. Raven's mother stole her and turned her into a witch. Alas, her mother was not strong enough, Raven was half demon. However, half of what she was then, come from her mother. She treated Raven like a real child and as time passes, her mother claimed that she was her daughter.

When she wanted to kept Raven from Trigon, she sent Raven to Earth. She also knew that Trigon will be looking for Raven so she left Azar and went to Harmony that was where she found true love. She was only able to contact Raven through Raven's dreams once a year and that is a day before Raven's birthday. When Raven joined the Teen Titans, Raven wanted to tell her mother when the time come.

That was when bad feeling came to her. Her mother was not in her dreams. Then, on her birthday, disaster happened. Raven knew what happened to her mother. Raven sighed as she placed her mother's picture in a small antique box.

In a mansion, in an underground lab, Red X was going through his computer searching for anything that he could used to read the purple stone. After hours, he finally managed to translate the writings on the stone.

It says 'I am your master, you are caged not to be free, Fairy of Technology, come to me!'

Red X was dumbfounded. Is this real?

He look closer at the stone. Nothing else than that. He shook his head thinking that he had stolen a precious stone for nothing. When he turned around, he hurt his arm. Blood came out from his arm. He groaned as he think that a famous thief like Red X could hurt himself from something stupid like that.

Little that he knew, that some of his blood dropped onto the stone and its symbol. When he was treating his arm, the stone glowed bright purple and not long after that, a figure of a girl appeared. The glow made Red X turned around to see what happened.

Earlier in Alfea, Muzza was talking with his father through her computer.

"What? What do you mean unnatural?!" Muzza yelled.

"Your mother died not because of sickness or accident. She was killed," Muzza's father announced.

"No... By who?!" Muzza shouted.

"She had a past that she wanted to tell me before she went away, but she never got the chance to tell me everything. However, she did tell me that had a daughter named Raven," Muzza's father informed.

"What? She never told me that," Muzza said.

"Maybe she wanted to wait for the right moment and I think this is the right moment for you to know. You are now a Believeix Fairy I'm sure you can handle it," Muzza's father stated.