Chapter 2: Being Apart from Those Who Near

At the Love and Pet, all the Winx except for Musa were doing their own activity. Tecna was chating with Timmy. Then, Stella walked towards her and whined about her new phone that she bought from Earth.

"Techna, I have a problem. Can you stop talking to your boyfriend and help your friend here?" Stella whined.

"Alright Stella... What is it?" Tecna asked.

"You see it's my phone. It's hard to swipe the screen," Stella said.

"Stella your phone is not a touch screen phone. It uses buttons," Tecna explained.

"What do you mean? Can you explain it to me?" Stella enquired.

"Urr.. Stella..," Timmy claimed from the computer screen.

"Oh, shut up Timmy," Tecna said.

Suddenly, Tecna was glowing brightly. Both Stella and Tecna were surprised. Tecna dropped Stella's phone. Stella looked at it for a while before yelling.

"Girls! Something's wrong with Tecna!" Stella yelled.

Bloom came into Tecna's room. Flora looked up from her flowers. Aisha turned around from the pets. True, Tecna was glowing and she was also fading.

"Stella, what happened? Why is Tecna glowing?" Bloom asked.

"I don't know. It just happen," Stella answered.

"Girls, help me! I'm fading!" Tecna shouted.

Before they could do anything, Tecna became purple all over. Tecna yelled, but not in pain. Aisha tried to grab Tecna, but Tecna was already vanished.

Back in Jump City, the city's secret lab was contacting the Tower. The Teen Titans received their call and went to the lab as soon as possible.

"We don't know how it happen. We're sure that everything was safe," a brunnete woman wearing lab coat said.

"Please, you must get it back. It is really precious," a man wearing glasses stated.

"Don't worry sir. We'll get the stone back," Robin assured.

"Robin, I'm done completing the data. Though, I haven't got anything yet," Cyborg spoke.

"And I didn't sense anything negative. Which is weird because something bad obviously happened here," Raven claimed. Robin nodded and turned facing the scientists back.

"I'm sorry, but we have to do more investigation. We hope you can be patient," Robin announced.

In Gardenia at the Love and Pet, Musa has just arrived. Bloom, Stella, Flora and Aisha told her everything that she had missed. Musa was really surprised.

"We must find her! She's our best friend," Bloom announced.

"But how? Usually, she's the one who had a brain like a detective," Stella declared.

"But now in this case, she's the one who's missing. So now, what do we do?" Flora asked.

"Let's use a tracker. Let's track her energy," Musa informed.

"Her energy? I think you might be onto something Musa," Aisha said.

"Right! Let's use the signal from her cellphone!" Bloom stated.

The Winx track their friend using the signal from Tecna's cellphone. Oddly, they found that Tecna was still on Earth. Though, she was just in a different city.

"Look! It said that Tecna is somewhere in a city called Jump City!" Flora said.

Musa was stunned. The name of the place remind her of what her father told her.


"So she's older than me? Where is she now dad?" Musa asked.

"Your mum once told me she sent her to Earth. Now she's somewhere in a city named Jump City," Musa father informed.

"Dad, why does she never tells us about this Raven girl?" Musa enquired as the feeling of jealousy started to flow in her heart.

Flashback ended

She's older than me. What does that means? If dad don't know much about this Raven girl, then who's her father? Musa thought deeply.