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Chapter 24: The Ambush Part 2

Stormy dodged all of Starfire's lasers as she gave them an annoying smirk. Musa casted Sound Wave Attack and light red waves were coming toward Stormy. Stormy cast Illuminated Cloud and huge clouds surrounded her in bright neon colour. It protected her from Musa's attack.

"Wow! I didn't know she can do that!" Musa yelled.

"I can do a lot more than that, Musa! Why? Surprised?" Stormy teased.

Musa growled and Raven threw a shelf toward Stormy. Stormy was nearly crushed by the shelf. Then, she casted Data Flash. The shelf was struck by a green lightning and it ended up broken in pieces. Raven, Starfire and Musa were shocked. Stormy frowned at Raven.

"What is wrong with you?! I can see that you're a witch! But why are you helping them?!" Stormy asked.

"Because she's my sister!" Musa answered.

Then, Musa casted Soundwave Attack and light red waves came towards Stormy.

Raven used her black energy to lift furnitures and threw them at Stormy. Raven floated on Stormy's north as Musa floated on Stormy's east. Meanwhile, Starfire floated on Stormy's west. She was shooting green bolts at Stormy.

Stormy growled startling all three heroes. Then, she casted Illuminated Cloud and the bright neon clouds surrounded her. it protected her from all their attacks.

"What are we gonna do now? She has a shield!" Musa yelled.

"Can't we keep attacking her? At least until she came out of her shield that is formed by clouds," Starfire said.

Then, Stormy let her shield disappeared slowly. The three heroes were surprised and wonder why she would do that. The disappearing shield revealed a smirking Stormy. She shot her hand in the air and yelled,

"Virtual Tornado!"

Green and grey wisps was forming all around Stormy. Musa gasped as Raven flew letting Musa and Starfire flew behind her. Musa was actually getting a little scared by the scene. This is the first time she ever see a strong combination of a witch and fairy power.

"Friends, look!" Starfire yelled, motioning at what is forming around Stormy.

Raven and Musa change their view from Stormy to what appeared around her. The wisps was becoming a slow green and grey tornado. Stormy started to laugh evilly. Raven squint her eyes as she formed a black shield around her friend, stepsister and herself. Five seconds later the tornado started to blow rapidly, lifting all the furnitures in the room.

"I am the strongest witch ever!" Stormy yelled. The walls were starting to crack when the tornado got stronger.

"What are we going to do? Raven, you are the same as she is. Why can't you do what she does?" Starfire said.

"What?! I'm not evil, most of the time," Raven claimed.

"Wait, I think she's on to something. If the Trix can combine their power with Techna why can't you?" Musa stated.

"Because, to combine dark and light magic needed a special connection. The Trix has the stone that give them power over Techna. Plus, the stone is strong enough to connect Techna with all three of them," Raven spoke.

"But, WE have a connection too. We're sisters. Let's combine OUR power!" Musa suggested.

Stormy's tornado got stronger as she tried to make Raven dropped her shield. The shield transformed into a shadow of a black bird. Then, it vanish within a second leaving Starfire behind. Stormy was startled and growled again.

On the roof, Raven and Musa floated in a meditation stance. Raven told Musa that she study about the combination of dark and light spell before. Though, she never thought that she would have to used it one day, now she find out her connection with a user of light magic. As for Musa, she gave a complete focus to her stepsister's incantation. Then, both of them had their aura dances around them. Raven's black aura and Musa's red aura started too mix.

Raven and Musa opened their eyes in unison. Both of them had white pair of eyes.

Their figures turned into black and red energy. Bright sparkles and dark glows surrounded them. A few seconds later, it reveales a girl with long dark blue hair. Her eyes were slanted with red iris. Her skin was pale like Musa's. Her outfit was the same with Musa's Believix form, only now it was black and red. Her forehead had Raven's chakra stone, but now it was black. She had the same pairs of wings that Musa had. However, she had bigger pairs of wings and they were black with a little bit of red on them.

Meanwhile, Starfire was still battling Stormy. The rest of the team was already there. Somehow defeating Stormy was harder than defeating Darcy and Icy. They figured out it might be because she was the one who dropped her blood on the stone. Bloom casted Dragon Heart, but when her attack exploded in contact with Stormy's tornado, it did not change anything.

"Robin! I don't think I can keep this up anymore!" Cyborg yelled to his leader.

"Me too! I'm too tired!" Stella shouted.

"Where are Musa and Raven? Gahh!" Flora screamed in pain when Stormy sucked her into the tornado.

"I am going to destroy you all!" Stormy shrieked as more of the heroes and fairies were sucked into the tornado.

Suddenly, a huge brutal black wave collided with the tornado making it spins slowly. The heroes and fairies crashed on the ground except for Aisha, Bloom and Stella who managed to fly before hitting the ground. Stormy was surprised and that gave them time to backed away from Stormy.

Stormy looked around trying to find the source of the black wave.

That was when she saw, her.

"Who are you?! Why are you interfering?!" Stormy yelled.

"My name is Operetta! And I'm gonna rock out!" She screamed and then smirked with her dark red lips.

She took a deep breath and gave out a large wail. The wail produces brutal black waves that cause the ground to shake. Stormy casted Illuminated Cloud to protect her. The other Titans and Winx were all shocked to see the girl battling Stormy. They were all wondering who she is. Stormy let down her shield when the wail stopped.

"Wow, who's this Operetta girl?!" Bloom asked to no one specific.

Stormy casted Data Flash and green lightning struck. She grinned evilly as one of the lightning nearly struck Operetta when a flash of black energy flash on her right hand. A guitar appeared defending her from the lightning. The guitar was shiny black with a red mark, the same mark from those that appeared on Raven's body once.

"I do not know who the girl is. However, she is very gorbkas!" Starfire shrieked, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

"I am not going to let you win! Data Flash!" Stormy casted.

"Calm down, Stormy. What if I sing you a song, from hell?! Gloomy Sunday!" Operetta yelled. She started strumming her guitar.

As she sang, dark red waves with red notes flew toward Stormy. The waves was so vicious that it killed all three monsters that belong to the Trix. The fairies struggled to keep the shield they build together in good shape. Stormy was nearly defeated, but she had one more spell that might work against Operetta. That was what she tought.

"You're gonna be sorry after this! Virtual Tornado!" Stormy shouted.

The green and grey tornado started to form again.

"Uh oh," Beast Boy claimed.

"Will she be the fine?" Starfire asked to no one specifically.

"AZARATH METRION ZINTHOS!" Operetta yelled startling her friends.

A huge red bird appeared and squawked loudly before flying high toward the sky. Then, it dived toward the tornado and Stormy in a high speed. Stormy was surprised by the eerie large bird coming toward her. The bird collided with the tornado and Stormy. The explosion was strong enough to wipe almost all part of the forest. There, on the ground lay Stormy, out cold.

Operetta landed on the ground not far from Stormy. The heroes and fairies came running toward her. They were happy that she help them knocked Stormy out, but they still needed to know whether she was with them or just another villain getting rid of the competition.

However, when they got close enough to her, she collapsed. On the ground, black and red aura dances around her. Her figure became a form of energy and it divided itself into two, then it became two figures.

"Musa? Raven?" Aisha said.

"What?! They are Operetta?!" Robin yelled.

"No way... they were so cool!" Cyborg shouted.

The four Titans and four Winx helped their friends up. It did not take long to wake them up. They were not out cold. They were just tired. When they were busy trying to help their friends, they did not notice that the Trix were healed. The Trix already went to get the stone.

"You think you have won?! Well guess what?!" Icy screamed from the air.

"We still have Tecna! We're never going to let her go!" Darcy shrieked.

"I don't think so girls," Zack claimed, the stone in his hands.

The Trix were shocked.

"The stone! Get him!" Icy ordered her sisters.

The Trix flew toward Red X in a high speed. Zack, the famous Red X was standing in the throne room. The room's walls were almost destroyed. It was caused by Stormy's tornado earlier. The Trix flew closer toward Zack. Zack threw the stone upward with his strong arm. It flew 4 feet in the air. Zack took the X weapon from his back. The Trix were startled. Within a second, Zack threw the 'X' toward the stone. It blew up on contact, enough to make the Trix gasped.

"No!" The Trix yelled in unison.

Techna who was floating in the same room like a virtual avatar, snapped up. Her eyes return to normal. She felt a dizzy all of a sudden. She started to collapsed. However, Zack managed to catch her before she fall. She ended up lying in his arms, face to face with the blonde teen.

"Techna, you're okay?" Zack asked.

"Zack... I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I wanted to stop, but I couldn't," Techna said.

"It's okay, Pinky. It's not your fault," Red X said.

Red X helped Techna up. Techna felt really good to be herself again. Being under control was horrifying. Techna can see what she did. She knew what she did, but that was the only thing she could do when she was being under control. She cannot move her body or even her face.

"You will pay for this, human! How dare you destroyed the source of our power?!" Icy screamed.

After that, the Trix started to glow. Their clothes, hair and makeup were changing.

The Trix lose their new power and were now in their former form. They were really angry and shocked at what just happened. They had everything and it was gone less than 24 hours.

"Looks like you're back to zero, Trix," Stella said as soon as all of them approached the witches.

"I don't think so. This is not over! If we can't have Techna, no one can!" Darcy yelled.

By using their old spell, the Trix shot a dark beam toward Techna. It was so fast, they could not do anything.

Except when the beam nearly hit Techna. Techna froze in her place. Suddenly, Red X pushed her out of the way.

Zapp! Red X took the hit. A few gasped was heard in the room. Blood started to come out of his body.

"Zack! No!" Techna shouted.

She shot toward him. Some of her friends were murmuring among each other.

Robin knocked out the Trix while they were not looking. Musa and Aisha created a cage to keep the Trix from doing anymore damage.

"Zack, can you hear me?" Tecna enquired.

Red X did not answer her. He started to look really pale. Blood kept dripping from his body.

"Oh no... Zack...," Techna pleaded.

"Wow... You look cute when you cry...," The ex-villain complimented.

"Please, hang in there, Zack," Tecna said.

One of her tears dropped onto his face. He lifted his right hand and wiped out her tears.

"I guess this is the end for people like me. Techna, I'm sorry," Red X claimed as he remembered how he had been harsh on her before.

"Don't say that. We can still save you," Techna stated and glanced at the Winx.

"Techna, I want to tell you something," Red X spoke.

Techna move her head closer to him so she can hear him clearly. Suddenly, he pressed his lips on hers and his hand was behind her head pushing her toward him.

Techna was shocked, but then she started to relax a little bit. She let Zack pushed his tongue into her mouth.

When they stopped, Techna opened her eyes. Zack was smiling at her. His blue eyes staring right into her eyes and he still had the charming smile that always make her melt. Techna could not help, but smile back. Still, tears came down her cheek.

"Farewell my lady...," The blonde teen said. He closed his eyes and collapsed in Techna's arms.