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Chapter 25: Entwine, Hearts and Blood

"Zack... Don't leave me...," Techna spoke.

"Looks like that Red X guy really turn into a hero, now. Just too bad, he didn't live long enough to be a hero," Stella said. She approaches Techna and place a hand on her shoulder.

"Isn't there's any magic that can fix this? I think, he deserves a second chance," Cyborg claimed. He started to feel guilty for torturing him.

"I... read about a spell before. Bios Turno," Techna casted.

Techna used an old spell that she read before. Techna love to study. The Winx did not know what the spell was because Faragonda and the other teachers never taught them that spell before. When Techna placed her hand on Zack's chest, the wound glowed purple and started to healed itself. Zack's pale face started to turned normal again. However, Techna's Believix form was fading.

As Zack coming to life, Techna change into human. Her friends started to look worry. Bloom suspect that her friend was doing something bad.

"Techna? My chest felt heavy," Zack said.

"Don't move so much. You're still healing," Techna advised.

"Techna? What did you just do?" Bloom asked.

"It's a back to life spell. Your friend just sacrifices her power to save... Zack. Weird... Usually, it takes one their life to give another. Their relationship must have been stronger than I thought," Raven claimed, remembering the same spell she read from Azar history book.

"Techna, why?!" Bloom shouted.

"Why did you do that? Do you really love him that much?" Stella asked.

"You have Timmy! Timmy had you!" Flora shrieked.

"I'm sorry! I love him and I don't care what will happened," Techna answered. "Honestly, I was prepared to die for him. Tell Timmy I'm sorry, but I can't let him die," she added.

"You had an awesome power no one have before. Why did you let it go?" Bloom enquired, confused and slightly angry at her friends action.

"What can I say? Not everything is a fairytale," Techna replied without looking at Bloom.

The new hero and the Fairy of Technology were smiling at each other. Their face got closer and Zack closed his eyes as he kissed Techna passionately.

At the Tower, the Winx were saying goodbye to their new friends and their friend who was now a human. Zack and Techna were now a member of the Teen Titans.

Robin and Red X promised her to teach her martial arts, but because of her high intelligence she will probably work more at the Tower than on battlefield.

"Robin, your leadership thought me that just because you don't have power doesn't mean you're not strong," Bloom said.

"Glad you think that," Robin claimed.

"I will give you the punch in the face if you ever tried to get near my man again!" Starfire yelled at Stella.

"Okay! Okay!" Stella shouted, scared at the Tamaranian.

Cyborg and Beast Boy were talking to Flora and Aisha.

"It's fun to hang out with you guys. By the way, good luck beating my high score," Aisha stated, reminding them about her high score in the video game.

"You don't need to worry about that," Cyborg spoke.

"HI'll hbeat hit hin ha hday," Beast Boy said. Flora giggled and Beast Boy shot her a glare.

"What's up with you, BB?" Aisha asked.

"I make him brush his teeth with a herbal toothpaste. Now his breath will smell like a garden for days," Flora answered.

Meanwhile, Musa was talking with Raven. Raven lent her the history book of Azar.

"Did they know where you are now? The people of Azar, I mean," Musa enquired.

"Only the Nobles and Knights. Mom didn't tell much people about me. It was too dangerous," Raven replied.

"I wish I can go there one day," Musa claimed.

Raven smiled at her stepsister. Musa looked so much like Matlin. Raven started to grown on Musa. In the same time, Musa was thinking about Raven who was strong enough to destroy the Winx. Who knew she had a stepsister that powerful? She smiled back at her.

Finally, the rest of the Winx said goodbye to Techna. It was hard for them to say goodbye to their brightest friend.

"I'll text you every day. You know, after I text Brandon," Stella stated.

"Thanks Stella. But maybe just once a week is enough," Techna said. Zack was standing right next to her.

"And I'll tell Timmy about you and Red X. I mean, Zack," Flora spoke.

"Thanks Flora. Tell Timmy I'm really sorry," Techna claimed. She shook her head as she remembered her ex-lover.

"You're always be my best friend Techna. We'll come visit in the holidays alright?" Musa spoke.

"Okay, Musa. Oh, I am going to have fun listening to Raven on how you become her sister," Techna said. Musa and Techna giggled.

"Techna, if you have the time, you can create new video games for Cy and BB. They're really good at it," Aisha claimed. Techna nodded, slowly.

"Techna, we are really going to miss you. Eventhough you don't have your powers anymore, you'll always be one of the Winx," Bloom stated. She held Techna's hands.

"Thanks Bloom. And I'm going to miss you too," Techna spoke. She and Bloom hugged.

"Don't worry girls. I'll take care of her," Zack said. Techna turned to look at him. They gave each other a quick kiss.

The Teen Titans and the Winx waved at each other. They leave in a colourful bus.

"So what now?" Beast Boy asked his leader.

"Well, the people are not zombies anymore. However, we still have to figure out why Blackfire came to Earth. Something tells me she did not come to destroy us," Robin answered.

The screen showed an incoming call from an unknown source. Cyborg type their password and a face was shown on the screen. The boy had brown hair, green eyes and was wearing a shirt with number 10 on it.

"Hi, my name is Ben Tennyson. I heard a news about alien coming to your city. The Plumbers would like to talk to you about it," the boy said.