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WARNING: This story contains scenes of graphic intense violence, frequent use strong adult language, suggestive adult themes, and mild sexual content. Read at your discretion.

"Shh, don't try to fight it. It's okay. Everything will be fine. Just relax and go to sleep."

An old man with a long white lab coat was standing over a metallic casket with many buttons and a small on-board computer on the side. Within the casket, a voice could be heard. The man inside was screaming in agony and pain, making a futile cry for help. He banged his hands against the casket and shook back and forth to escape. It was hopeless.

"Wow, you're really putting up a big fight here, not like all those other players, they just laid there and accepted their fate. But I guess I should expect that from you with your kind of background." The old man continued to stand by the casket, staring anxiously to see his machine work.

Suddenly, a large flash was emitted from the casket, which nearly lit up the entire room with a near-blinding light. It dim down shortly after, and the voice coming from inside the casket seized. It was finished.

A few seconds after the silence, the computer attached to the casket turned on, and began making a large list of numbers and letters, as if it were scanning the subject inside. The old man watched over the computer and examined every number that ran across the screen. Suddenly, the computer stopped producing the fast rate of numbers, and came up to a tab labeled "Analysis."

"Alright, let's see what kind of player you are." The old man said while using the computer to look up various information of the subject. On screen, the old man could view everything about the person, including any medical history, birth date, family history, and any other parts of private information. Anything about the person inside was all revealed to the old man on one screen. "Oh, a military man, huh? Pure history of a military family too, so it must be tradition. Served for at least 4 years in the Army, and even became a member of the Special Forces. Oh, good for you. You must have been proud to have gained such power to kill more. But what's this," the old man's eyes widen after reading into the subject's history further, "a mission gone bad? A three man mission to assassinate a target went south, and you were to blame? Ah, I see, you ended up killing all of your buddies and failed the mission. Must have been tragic, since you were later discharged for being labeled with PTSD." The old man began to access multiple tabs across the screen until he reached the section "Settings." "You must get mad from time to time, don't you? Well, maybe not too bad since you got treatment, but I'm sure it's still in your mind somewhere. So, why not reveal the true monster that lies inside you."

The old man went to a slider, which was labeled "Mental Stability." He grabbed the slider with the pointer, and pushed it across to the very end of the screen. A warning labeled opened up, but the old man closed it quickly. "You're going to be my favorite tool, young man." The old man began to smile. "But what about a name? What would suit your ever-changing attitude?" The man pondered the question for a short period of time, then came up with a name. "Well, I guess with your PTSD, you might get a little "flippy" at times, won't you?" The man laughed at his terrible pun, and in the name section of the screen, he typed in "Flippy."

After placing all of the final settings, the old man went to the confirmation screen and activated the machine. Another flash of light, though not as bright, was emitted again, and the metallic casket began to make little sounds of beeps. The old man stood back for a bit, staring at his new toy. He then turned around to marvel at a large pillar. The pillar stood at an incredibly tall height, with multiple wires and lights attached to it. As he looked around the room, he could see dozens of other metallic caskets that were similar to Flippy's. Each one had a large wire that ran across the floor and was attached to a big machine on the pillar.

The old man stood still with both his hands on his sides. "It's almost ready. All I need now is a server admin to control this new world. But who could be mad enough to do such a job?" The man put his finger to his chin as if he were actually thinking of an answer. He already knew who it was. "Well, might as well be me. It's my toy after all."

The man slowly walked by the machine and went upstairs. At the top of the room was an office that was labelled "Administrator." The old man went up to the door's security panel and typed in a short 4-pin code. The door slid open, and revealed a room with a window that looked down the room with the caskets. On the other side lied another metallic casket, this one looking bigger and more decorated than the others. The old man walked towards the casket, and stared at the beauty of his creation.

"I just can't wait to play!" The man said excitedly. With a few button presses on the console attached to the machine, the casket opened slowly, releasing a short breeze and fog after being closed for such a long period of time. The old man then slowly laid his body across the casket, and placed a weird helmet on his head, which had a wire attached at the top. He securely attached it to his head, making sure it was neatly placed. The man then closed the casket until he heard a "click," knowing that the casket was now sealed completely. As the lights inside the casket lit up, he looked upward to see a screen, which he stared at it for a long time while the screen made moving pictures. Suddenly, the lights inside the casket began to become brighter, and his head began to feel funny as the helmet on his head began to tighten and vibrate while making a funny sound. A loud flash was finally emitted, completely blinding the old man.

It would be a few minutes before the old man could open his eyes, which were completely dilated from the flash of light. As he slowly opened his eyes, he noticed that he was in an office similar to his own, laying on a small twin-sized bed. He was still wearing his usual scientific attire, the one he was wearing before entering the casket. He sat up slowly, feeling a little weak around the body. He got out of the bed and stood up, stretching his arms and legs until he could be mobile. He exited the bedroom, where he would enter a large circular room of pure white. Behind him lied the bedroom which he had just woken up from. Across from him, on the other side of the room, was a door that led to a long hallway and then at an elevator. To the left of him lied a large, solid glass double-door that had a key pad on the side. On the top of the same door was a sign labeled "Server Office." Finally, to his right, there was a large window that gave a clear view outside. The man walked over to see what was outside. There was nothing but pure whiteness.

"Hmm, perhaps I should have created a world template from the outside before entering." The man said, stroking his short beard with his right hand. He shrugged. "No matter, I can just do it from here anyway."

The man did an about face and went to the door of the Server Office. With a few button clicks on the key pad, the double-doors slid open, and he walked into the room. Inside he could see computer screens scattered across the walls, and many technological machines working constantly across the room. To the far end lied a huge screen with a small cube computer laying at the bottom. The old man walked over to the computer desk and sat on the old, leather rolling chair before the desk, and sat forward to the computer. He pressed the power button on the side, and one word was visible on the screen: Name.

"A name, huh?" The man leaned backwards on his chair, scratching his head slowly. "Well, I don't want humans or anything humanized, that's just plain boring and unoriginal. So, why not something a little cuter."

The man leaned forward again and typed quickly a new title for the newly created world. The title was Happy Tree Friends.

"Oh how adorable. This is going to be exiting." The old man continued to type in more lines of code, detailing the structure of character details and environments. He was creating an entire new world from scratch. A virtual one.

After finally typing in his last line of code, he submitted the work, and was given a screen showing all of the subjects inside the game. In total, he was given twenty-one "players", with over thousands of unlabeled AI.

"Let's see, we got Flippy, Handy, Cuddles, Giggles, Flaky, Petunia, Pop, Cub, Toothy, Lumpy, Russell, Mole, Lammy, Splendid, Lifty, Shifty, Cro-Marmot, Mime, Sniffles, Disco Bear, Nutty, and a variety of other characters. And they are all ready to play! Let's get started."

After making sure every "player" was ready, the old man clicked "Start" and a bright light flashed across the world along with a loud banging sound. On screen, the old man could see his world suddenly appear from mid-air. Land was morphing across the ground, buildings were erected, clouds were formed; everything from A to Z was created. In detail, the world look like something of a cartoon, especially since a variety of houses were created out of trees. After only a few short minutes, an entire universe was created, with its own history and environment to make it unique.

The old man continued to view the screen, examining every detail of his world. From his perspective, he was in a giant tree that lied in the center of a city. His world was now alive and ready to be played with. Then, at the corner of his eye, he saw something moving. It was a red porcupine that was walking around the corner of a street, moving nervously around the sidewalk. Then another creature, a yellow rabbit, appeared from another corner of the street. In just a few short minutes, the entire area, which resembled a small city that contained multiple buildings and homes, was crawling with animals that walked and acted like human beings. The old man made an excited expression on his face. "Oh boy, look at them. They look so adorable!"

The man sat up straight on his chair, switching from a happy smile to a confused face. "Now, how should I start the first day of my game?" The man looked up, thinking of something marvelous. "Well, since it is definitely a big day, with me being a newly made god and this being my new creation, why not celebrate with a carnival." The man leaned forward again, and typed up a scenario on the screen. With just a few simple lines of code, a large flash was emitted, and, out of nowhere, a large carnival was erected in the park, and all of the people were there, having no idea that a change in scenery had occurred.

"Okay, to make this fun, let's place you here," the man said while dragging a green bear with the title "Flippy" over his name, "and let's place you here." The man now began to drag a yellow rabbit named "Cuddles" over to a carnival stand that provided a small game. The game was a dart throwing game, were you would be given a couple of darts and would try to pop balloons at the end, then receive a prize. Cuddles was the player, and Flippy was behind the stand, handing out the darts to players.

"Now, we wait and watch." The old man leaned back and stared at the big screen, which was hovering over the two innocent creatures without their consent. Cuddles was given a couple of darts by Flippy, and began to throw them at the balloons. His first two throws sadly missed, but his third throw hit the balloon directly in the center, making a loud pop. Cuddles jumped with joy, ready to receive his prize. But Flippy started to shake violently. His breathing became deeper, his eyes became emerald green in color, and his teeth turning into razor-sharp blades. Cuddles was too excited to notice that Flippy grabbed a handful of darts in his hand, and tightly gripped them in his fist. Cuddles turned around at the last second, seeing Flippy in a ready position to throw darts. But he did not throw the darts at the balloons; instead, he threw them at Cuddles. One of the darts struck Cuddles straight in the eye, puncturing the inside of his eye gushing out blood everywhere as he ran around screaming in agony. Flippy, smiling at his excellent accuracy on the first throw, then threw multiple darts at once, shooting straight through Cuddles' body and taking bits and pieces of his internal organs with them, all flying across the carnival before hitting a light blue otter on the other side, killing him as well. Flippy then jump out of the stand and made a loud and evil laugh. Everyone in the carnival began to panic and scream while Flippy killed every soul he could reach, and murder them in the most violent way imaginable.

The old man felled back from his chair, laughing on the floor and almost crying. "Holy shit, that was amazing! Really, all the guts that flew out of him, and now he is going to kill everyone else! Man, that's just too fucking hilarious." The old man then stopped laughing, wiping a small tear from his eye, and sat back in his chair. His faced then returned back into a serious look. "However, I do believe we can still do better. So, instead of doing this, let's try this."

The old man leaned forward again to type in a new scenario, completely making an entire new setting. With one click of a button, a loud sound was made, and a bright light shined across the world.