Officer Magnezone's Exploration Team Files

Name: Connor

Species: Mudkip

Category: Mud Fish Pokemon

Type: Water

Gender: Male

Personality: He is a level-headed pokemon, who is also an excellent leader that stays cool in the heat of battle. He is very caring for his team members, and as such, often puts their safety ahead of his own. He is very endurant, as there is recorded evidence of a hole of considerable size piercing straight through his center mass when Vulcan the Charmander found him on the beach. This was later healed by Chimecho, Wigglytuff's Guild's cook and medic. Strangely, prior to a few months ago, there are no recorded Mudkip taking up residency in the area.

Member of: Team Firestorm

Preferred moves: Ice Ball, Ancient Power, Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Mud Bomb

Fighting Style: While not having opposable digits to throw or use items, he uses his quadruped stance to maneuver around opponents while tackling them or using Ancient Power. He isn't a strategist, but has proven to be an effective leader in many situations, such as with the Capture of Drowzee the outlaw.

Strategy: With a wide variety of moves to pick from either close or ranged combat, Connor is very versatile in his strategies. His preferred style is to ram into opponents with Ice Ball, then slam them with Ancient Power. Although both of the previously mentioned moves were not recorded as being able to be used by his species without a crossbreed, he is somehow able to use both. When faced with many opponents, he heaves the entire ground with Ancient Power similar to earthquake, following up with an Ice Beam Sweep. All around an unpredictable opponent.

Preferred Items: Stamina Band

"Hunger's a Killer in Mystery Dungeons. And I hate being hungry."

Quote: "Some people just need a boulder to the face. I can oblige."

So... This is the exploration team files. I'll fill them in as I get more of my OCs up and going in Firestorm Origins. Enjoy!