Officer Magnezone's Exploration Team Files

Name: Nocturne

Species: Cacnea

Category: Cactus Pokemon

Type: Grass

Gender: Male

Personality: He's fairly caring, and a pokemon of not many words. He isn't very good at pep-talking, so he leaves that to others, although he can be a good teacher. He loves drinking lots of liquid due to his species' adaptation to the hostile environments of the desert, and refuses to lose at a chugging contest. He isn't really one for starting conversations, but when he does, others tended to listen, since he rarely does talk. Atlas sometimes calls him Noc for short.

Member of: Team Firestorm

Preferred Moves: Grass Knot, Magical Leaf, Needle Arm, Feint Attack, Payback, Spikes

Fighting Style: He is a somewhat offensive attacker, although he waits for the opponent to move normally, so he can counter and use different attacks. He uses magical leaf to distract opponents while he trips them with grass knot, then uses feint attack. Needle arm is his favorite move, although it doesn't hit that many pokemon super effectively, he thinks it's cool when the spikes on his hands extend to make his arm like a morning star.

Strategy: He waits for the opponent to move, and then uses grass knot to trip them, then uses feint attack to hit them. If they ready another attack, he uses sucker punch to get the drop on them first. He is virtually ineffective against other grass types, but he doesn't let that stop him. He will fight to the bitter end, if it came down to that.

Preferred Items: Desert Sash

"Sandstorms help me more often than not."

Quote: "I can hold my own weight in liquid!"