Run damn it run!

I can't keep running. This is becoming insane. I've been running for about 10 hours. I somehow escaped that wind blast from the wind bitch and the slacker. Somehow i got a level 3 curse seal out of it. But that's not my problem at the moment, trying to avoid the Leaf Anbu, with a broken arm, and no way to defend myself other then my wits.

Think damn it. Orochimaru wont welcome me back, he probably thinks I'm dead. Probably with a good reason.

A/N: Hopefully you enjoyed this really short prologue, I will update soon, unlike the last story. This story will be completely different from Canon, as it will be exclusively a adventure following Tayuya. I didn't pick pairings yet, that will be something down the line. Possibly OC though. Unsure. R/R? I'll take any ideas as well. :)