One Piece: Truly Precious

Hello all. This is my attempt to write a One Piece time travel fanfic. I hope all of you enjoy it. This story was inspired by Luffy's Renewed Adventure by f-ckthesystem125 Ashes of the Past by Saphroneth, and King of the Ocean, Queen of the Sky by clashofthelegends, so some credit goes to those authors.

Note: The Straw Hat crew will be extremely overpowered in this story.

Note2: elements of this chapter come from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

He had done it. After years of searching, Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, had finally reached Raftel. The journey had been tough and filled with peril and obstacles, but they had finally made it to the end of the Grand Line and the resting place of Gol D. Roger's legendary treasure. Luffy had been ecstatic upon hearing that he was moments away from realizing his dream, but as the fog lifted around the legendary island, the crew of the Thousand Sunny saw that there was one final barrier blocking their way.

For you see, over the years, the Straw Hats had become one of, if not the most infamous pirate crews to set sail in the years since Roger's death. Even the Whitebeard Pirates could not match the reputation that the crew had gained. From toppling Warlords, to usurping Emperors, the crew had become something the Marines could not ignore.

Because of this, the Strawhats had been pursued by the biggest naval force that the New World had ever seen amassed, and as they reached their final destination, the time for their final confrontation arrived.

Led by Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, the Marines had brought their full might down in an attempt to stop the Straw Hats from reaching their treasure. The waters behind them were filled with ships flying the Marines' flag, and not just any ships either, these were the top of the line warships that had enough firepower to put those that had arrived as part of the Buster Call at Enies Lobby to shame.

These new warships were armed with repeating canons that fired high-yield mortar shells, exploding cannonballs weren't nearly enough to get the job done, and torpedo launchers situated belowdecks, not to mention the full complement of soldiers and a whole battalion of the newest versions of the Pacifista units, and all of this was now geared toward one goal. Stop the Strawhats from obtaining the One Piece and wipe Raftel off the map. At any cost.

As the Marines began their attack, the Strawhat Pirates began their desperate last stand, as they tried to clear a path for their captain, fighting with all they had to defeat the naval armada, but one by one, they all fell.

Nico Robin was the first to meet her fate. She fought valiantly, finally living up to both her current title as the Demon of Ohara, and her former rank of Miss All Sunday in Baroque Works. Using her Devil Fruit abilities, she tore a swath through the ranks of the soldiers, crushing their bodies and snapping their spines with the multitude of limbs she spawned with her abilities, but in the end, she was overwhelmed, and the marines finally put her down with several Kairoseki tipped bullets, ending the life of the Archeologist.

Next to fall was Usopp, the crew's sniper. He decimated many of the opposition with his pop-green rounds launched from his Kuro-Kabuto, using the various deadly plants to destroy much of the remainder of the infantry units and ensnaring several of the Pacifista. Unfortunately, he too met his end, when the remaining Human Weapons turned their guns on him and vaporized him with a barrage of their lasers, though before they did, he launched several seeds that erupted into massive vines that dragged several warships down to Davy Jones' Locker.

Chopper and Brook were the next ones taken down. The two of them fought hard, with the undead musician slaughtering the remainder of the infantry forces with his speed and swordsmanship, and the crew's Doctor succumbing to rage and grief, using his Monster Point to go berserk and physically rip apart what Pacifistas that were still left standing, along with scuttling several of the warships, but Admiral Kizaru used the powers of his Pika Pika no Mi to end their struggle, cutting them down with his Ama no Murakumo.

Sanji was taken next. Thanks to his skill with the two primary forms of Haki, he was able to hold his own against Kizaru, even going as far as being able to keep pace with the Light Human and cause the Logia user actual physical injury, but it was not to last. Using his Diable Jambe techniques, the third son of the Vinsmoke family managed to end the life of the Marine Admiral, only for him to be blindsided when Sakazuki himself entered the fray, getting his legs badly burned by the Fleet Admiral's powers, allowing Sakazuki to bury him with his magma.

Seeing that things were going downhill fast, Franky and Nami pushed Luffy into a lifeboat, ordering Zoro to protect their Captain, and sent them to the island while began their last stand on the Thousand Sunny. Using her mastery of the Science of Weather, Nami whipped up a monstrous typhoon and set it upon the enemy ships, even going so far as to releasing a fully powered Zeus to add to the storm's power. The cyborg Franky was not idle either as he unleashed every weapon in his and the Sunny's arsenal, draining every drop of Cola he had stockpiled in order to tear through the enemy armada. The two of them working together were able to sink the rest of the blockade, but Sakazuki survived and dealt with both them and the Sunny by drowning them with a veritable tsunami of magma.

The final stand came in the caverns of Raftel. Luffy and Zoro had made it to the island and followed a trail left by Roger deep into the island's core, before coming across a set of large metal doors that had the Roger Pirates' flag carved into the front. As the two of them prepared to open the doors and view the treasure that Luffy had sought for so many years, the remaining Strawhats noticed that the room was rapidly heating up. Realizing what it meant, Zoro quickly wrenched open the doors to the vault and shoved his captain through, slamming the massive gate shut behind him as he drew his swords, preparing to make a final stand against the Fleet Admiral. As Sakazuki rounded the corner, his body more magma than flesh, the First Mate of the Strawhats rushed forward with his blades coated in Haki, managing to deal a fatal blow to the Fleet Admiral, but not before said Admiral blew a hole through his chest with his Meigo technique.

As Sakazuki's lifeless body fell to the ground, Zoro held onto life long enough to sheathe his three swords, dying in a standing position with a resolute expression on his face.

And on that day, the Straw Hat Crew was truly and finally defeated.


"So, this is it," said Luffy as he looked around the room containing the One Piece, "this is the treasure of the Pirate King."

In the room were mountains of gold, silver, platinum, precious gems, priceless artifacts, and breathtaking crystals. In the center of the room was a crystal star that stood on a pedestal and gave off an aura that seemed to dance around the room. The One Piece was everything that Luffy had imagined, it was a treasure fit for a king with enough money to buy the world…yet it all felt so hollow.

Looking at the piles of treasure, Luffy was reminded of Nami. Looking at a set of ornate swords set with gems, he thought of Zoro. Looking at a model ship with a fish theme, the thought of Sanji and Franky. Looking at a golden mask, he thought of Sogeking…and Usopp, strangely enough. Looking at silver reindeer figurine, he thought of Chopper. Looking at a violin with gilded highlights, he thought of Brook. Looking at a large stone Poneglyph standing on the far side of the room he was reminded of Robin.

"This is what I dreamed about," said Luffy, "the treasure of the Pirate King, but I would give it all up if I could have my Nakama back."

"Is that what you truly wish?" asked a voice that echoed through the room.

"Who's there?" asked Luffy as he looked around.

"Step forward child," said the voice.

Luffy noticed the crystal star seemed to pulsate as the voice spoke, so he decided to investigate and walked up to it, "Are you the one talking? Who are you?"

"To answer your questions child," said the crystal star, "I am the one talking. I am the One Piece. The treasure that makes dreams come true."

"I thought all of this was the One Piece?" said Luffy as he looked at all the treasure piled around the room.

"All of this is just treasure," said the Crystal, "the One Piece is of far greater value than anything else in the world. The One Piece can make any dream, any wish come true. The One Piece can grant a person a single wish. Any wish. Roger wished to be remembered and his legacy passed on to the next generation, and I gave him the means to ensure that. Now that you are here young one, what is it that you want?"

"What I want?" said Luffy, "What I want is my Nakama. Without them, all this is nothing."

"Indeed, you have a kind heart and a pure soul," said the crystal star, "therefore, I will grant you your wish. You will be sent to the beginning of your adventure with all of your memories. However, you will need to train if you want to regain all of your previous skills. You will also be able to grant your crewmates their memories upon your reuniting with them. I will grant you one more gift as well. You will be able to awaken the memories of one other person who holds you very dear in her heart to this day. Remember these words, and good luck, Pirate King Luffy."

The crystal glowed and bathed the room in a blinding light. When the light faded, Luffy was gone along with the treasure.


Regaining consciousness, Luffy found himself in a tight enclosed space that he recognized to be a wooden barrel that, based on the movement, was floating in the ocean.

'What am I in here for again?' he wondered curiously before it all came back to him, 'Oh yeah! This is when I met Coby! Oh, I can't wait! Let's go!'

Alright, that's it for the prologue. One thing I should mention, the crew will have all the knowledge they had at the time of their deaths, but they won't have any of the physical attributes, so no instant muscles and such, so they won't be able to do everything at once and they will need to re-acquire some of their weapons.