I usually like driving, but to have to drive from Montana to the Tri-Cities nonstop is not something I really like. I pull into the parking lot of the local hospital in the Tri-Cities to find my favorite person. As I walk in, the smell of the hospital washes over me. I do not mind the smell too much since i have been spending most of my time here. After looking at the hospital map, I find the reception desk and walk over with a small smile.

"May I help you?" the nurses ask with a painted on smile. She must have been working the long shift to cover for someone. I do not miss those days of working extra shifts for people who either do not show or beg you to take them.

"Could you page Dr. Cornick for me? I am an old friend of his," I say with my smile still on my face. The nurse nods and picks up the phone to page him. Five minutes later, the man I have not seen in years walks around the corner with his black hair combed back and his wise gray eyes searching my own hazel eyes.

"How did you find me after all these years?" Samuel asks once he is before me. We share a small embrace for a few minutes and I motion for him to follow me outside. He puts his hand on the small of my back like always while we walk out to the car.

"Bran told me where to find you," I say once we are out the door.

"I do not have long because my shift ends in about thirty minutes. Can we talk after? How long are you here for?" Samuel says. We stand at the car and I open the back door to let him see the sleeping child in the back. Samuel looks in, stiffens and then turns to me quickly.

"What? This is how you," Samuel begins but stops for a moment. "The last time I saw you you were walking out of my life after we just got married, I waited years for divorce papers. That was nearly four years ago. What is the meaning of this?"

"This boy right here is your son and he has been asking about you constantly. He needs you now more than ever and Bran agrees with me on this," I say.

"My father knew about this and never said a word? Why did you not tell me you were pregnant?" Samuel growls, his eyes turning white. "Look, we can talk about this when I get off work. Tell me where you are staying and I will meet you there."

"A small hotel not too far from here. I will be there when you are done with work," I say, giving him a card from the hotel. I close the door softly to get around the car, but Samuel grabs my hand and looks at me with sad eyes.

"You are still beautiful after all this time, Marie," Samuel says softly. Tears fill my eyes as I look at the man I have loved dearly for so many years. I pull my hand from his to get into the car and drive to see the Columbia Basin pack alpha. Bran was right, Samuel would have many questions and would not take my disappearance well when I was pregnant with his only living child. I arrive at the hotel to check in and get my bags up to the suite I booked. My darling son is a champ in helping me with his stuff even in his half awake state. Once he makes it to the room, he climbs into the bed and falls back to sleep. I smile as I tuck him in, kiss his dark hair, and sing his little lullaby. An hour later, there is a soft knock on the door and I slip my bath robe on to open the door. Samuel is out of his work clothes and he has takeout in his hands.

"Hi," Samuel says with a little smile. I open the door wider to let him in and I follow him to the eating table after closing the door to the bedroom.

"He is sleeping after so much going on," I say with a small cough.

"Well, I want to talk about all that happened after you left just after we got married. Where have you been and why did you wait to find me?" Samuel asks.

"Bran told me the truth about what happened between you and Mercy, also why you really wanted to run away with her. It made me panic because that was my sister that you wanted for having children with and she and I are walkers. Yet, you found me and told me you loved me all those years. After you told Bran about our marriage, he said the truth and then I got to thinking. I packed everything I could take with me and went off to start my life over. But every time I wanted to go get a divorce lawyer, I could not do that to you and then I found out I was pregnant with your baby. Bran was the only one that knew about our son and told me it may be best to stay away for a bit. He visited when our son was a baby and he was a proud grandfather. It was not until recently that he agreed it would be best if you got to see your son," I say. Samuel makes us two plates, saving some for when our son wakes up.

"I see," Samuel says softly. "What is his name?"

"Alexander Samuel Cornick," I say. Samuel looks at me with proud eyes to hear his son was named after him. "I thought I would lose him like we did with our first baby, but he is a fighter just like you and he has been pushing through like a normal healthy baby boy."

"He is beautiful like you," Samuel says with a smile. "Does Mercy know you are here?"

"Not yet, I am going to call her later if she is not busy with her mechanic shop. Bran tells me you are living with her," I say with a hint of jealousy in my voice. Samuel pretends not to notice my jealousy. "Does she know you are married and still have feelings for her?"

"No, but she knows I care about her very much," Samuel says. The door to the bedroom opens that are later accompanied by little feet. We both turn to see Alexander rubbing his beautiful gray eyes as he shuffles over to me. I smile when I pick him up to sit him in my lap and kiss his red cheeks.

"Hi, baby," I say sweetly.

"Mama," Alexander yawns. He moves some of his hair out of his face and looks over at Samuel. "Who you?"

"Hello, Alexander," Samuel says. "I am Samuel and I am your daddy."

"Mama say I have your name," Alexander says. Samuel chuckles and looks up at me.

"Yes you do have my name and you are beautiful like your mama," Samuel says. His voice and words send a shiver down my back and I can see he does not hate me for leaving him.

"Baby, why don't you go watch some cartoons in the bedroom while I talk a little more to," I stop when I am not sure what to call Samuel right now.

"He is my daddy so he is called daddy, mama," Alexander says for me. I nod before kissing my angel softly on his forehead and let him shuffle back to the bedroom, closing the door behind him. Samuel moves closer to me to hold my hand in his and smiles.

"You did great these past few years raising him, Marie," Samuel says. I caress his face with my free hand and he leans his head against it.

"I missed you so much, Sam," I whisper. Samuel inches closer to kiss my lips softly and he smiles at the feeling of our lips together once more.

"I missed you too, baby," Samuel says sweetly.