I wake up to Samuel caressing my face and smile at him with a small stretch. Alexander is not in the bed with me, but I can hear him playing with someone in the living room. Samuel and I share a smile before he leans down and kisses my forehead. I can smell that he showered and rid the room of his blood.

"I am sorry," I murmur.

"No, this is to help you through this," Samuel says. Anna walks in with Charles behind her and they have food for us.

"Hey," Charles says. Anna smiles as she places the tray on the empty space on the bed before standing next to Charles. "Da asked me to check on you two and see how you are feeling."

"Peachy," Samuel and I say unison. It makes Anna giggle for a moment, but she stops when she hears Samuel growl.

"Be nice," I warn Samuel and he hangs his head in shame. "I am fine and apparently so is your brother since he is keen on scaring your mate off."

"No, it is okay! I should have laughed," Anna says quickly.

"Anna, relax," I giggle. I regret a few moments later when the twins move and it makes the three wolves panic. "For the love of god, I am okay!"

"Marie, we are worried," Charles says. I glare at him intently, causing him to take a small step backwards, but Samuel growls softly at me. I turn my attention to him and see that his wolf is not too happy at seeing me like this. I caress the side of his face with a smile on mine and he leans his head into my hand.

"Go ahead and eat," Anna says with a big smile. I nod as I watch them leave and then stare at the food that was brought up.

"You better eat," Samuel teases.

"I am not hungry," I grumble.

"Marie, eat or I will make you eat," Samuel growls playfully. I poke my tongue at him, but he takes it as a challenge and kisses me deeply. A moan escapes my mouth as the kiss makes us hold onto each other tightly.

"Hey, there are people in this house that has great hearing," Bran says from down the hallway. I laugh as I pull away from Samuel, but he gives a growl of frustration. "I heard that, Samuel."

"I wanted you to hear that, da," Samuel grumbles. In seconds, Bran is in the room with his arms crossed and a raised brow. He is ready to scowled us like we are little children.

"Care to say that one more time?" Bran asks.

"He did not mean anything bad, Bran," I say. I adjust the blanket over my stomach to have it cover my legs and wince at the effort it takes. "When can we go home?"

"You are not returning home until the pups are born and healthy to travel," Bran says.

"Bran, I cannot stay here for much longer. I need Mercy and I do not want her here being unmated with me already here mated and pregnant. Besides, it will be better to get us home where all of my doctors are currently," I say firmly.

"Marie, I am not sure being away from the pack would be smart after we made Samuel part of the pack," Bran says.

"Mercy. I need her. Find me a way to be with her," I snap. Bran raises his brows at my demand and the two men begin to panic when I get to my feet. "She is my sister and she was there when my son was born. I want her there with me when I go into labor and I will not take no for an answer."

"Marie, calm down," Samuel says. I turn to him with anger in my eyes and he whimpers as he takes a step back.

"Find a way," I demand once more. My legs become weak, causing me to fall over, but Bran grabs me before I fall to the floor completely.

"I am going to call our doctor and see what he recommends," Bran says.

"Your doctor is a vet," I grumble as Bran helps me into the bed.

"Better than nothing," Bran chuckles. He kisses the top of my head before walking out of the room and closing the door behind him. Samuel takes my hand to kiss my knuckles softly. I smile when he lays our hands over my much larger stomach. I have grown too big in the last week and it a little concerning. Only one child of a werewolf was born, Charles, and not many people recall much about her pregnancy because of how sad it was to lose her. We remain like this, in silence for a few minutes longer, when the twins move and I see a foot moving.

"Looks like someone wants to say hello," I giggle. Samuel smiles widely and leans down to kiss the little foot.

"Stay there a little longer, my darlings," Samuel whispers. As if the baby is listening, the little foot disappears and then the babies settle down a little. "Why do you want to go home?"

"Samuel, I cannot be far from my doctors and you know that. It is better for me to be back there near them in case something happens," I say. Samuel looks up at me with sad eyes in agreement with me. "I hate to leave the pack here, but it would benefit us all this way."

"I will see what we can do," Samuel says. I nod my head and close my eyes for a moment. "Get some sleep and I may have some news for you when you wake up."

"Okay," I grumble. Samuel helps me settle down for sleep and it is not long before I am fast asleep. It feels like five minutes later when someone comes to wake me up.

"Marie, wake up," I hear Samuel says. I groan as I roll onto my other side to try to ignore the evil person interrupting my sleep.

"If you do not leave me alone, I will cut your damn balls off," I growl.

"Well, then I think these pups will be the last grandchildren I have," I hear Bran say. I sit up to throw a pillow at them, but Charles grabs my hand and it throws me into a rage.

"Will your three Cornick men leave a pregnant woman to enjoy the only moments she has to sleep before anymore Cornicks come to rule this damn world?" I snap.

"Relax, darling," Samuel chuckles. He places a lap tray in front of me with foods I am sure the babies can tolerate. "I spoke to Mercy and it seems that they have everything under control back home. Adam and Mercy are going to come and pick up Alexander, but we will remain here until it gets closer to your due date. Mercy is to arrive a week before then to be here with you, but Adam will watch our son until we return. I do not want Alexander here in case a fight breaks out. Charles and Bran agree with me."

"But, our son has never been away from us like this and for that long. He will miss the birth of his siblings, Samuel, and you know he wants to be here for that," I say in defense of my poor boy.

"Marie, it is not going to be safe here because it is not safe even now. The pack knows about your ability to have children and they are becoming eager to see if you will bear their children. I am afraid that once they see the pups alive and healthy then they will push back. This is to protect Alexander so we can protect you," Bran says.

"Mercy and Adam are on their way here as we speak," Charles says right as I open my mouth to say something. My bottom lip trembles at the idea of my angel leaving to be so far away, but I know he will be in good hands while he is Mercy and Charles.

"Fine, but I want to talk to Mercy before she takes with him," I sniffle. Samuel leans to kiss the top of my head before Bran begins his talk about the upcoming wedding that needs to be done soon.