Part 2


That is what was going through Marshal Pentecost's mind as he laid in his hammock on the front yard, his eyes closed and a small smile formed on his face as he day-dreamed.

By now, he should have been in a coffin as a skeleton in lightly-ripped clothes from years of being underground. But thanks to being resurrected by the Artifact of Life almost 120 years ago, he is currently immortal. Although, being immortal did come with showing age.

And the only thing that describes how old he his hair. It's as white as snow. But other than that, he looks just like the way he did look like when he was commanding the Hong Kong shatterdome during the 1st kaiju war from 2013 to 2025.

During the 4th OH\kaiju war, their Jaegers turned human. And he was given the exciting task of teaching them how being a human works... and he will admit that even though it was frustrating dealing with over-curious, hormonal, mischievous teenage Jaegers (who at the that time had the IQ of a 3 year old), it was the most fun he had ever had in a very long time.

With the family of 16 still teenage Jaegers, all of them and him going under his and their ranger's surname, along with the teenage human hell-spawn and their Gatekeeper going under the 'Abbadons', the teenage human kaiju and Godzilla going under 'Zillias' and the teenage animatronics with Freddy, 'Uncle Goldie', Jeremy, Fritz and Mike obviously going under 'Fazbear' and their respected surnames, he expected very funny adventures...

He expected for there to be romance at some point...

He expected a lot of shouting, chasing, things breaking, and fighting...

He basically expected chaos.

What he did not expect at that moment...

...was the very loud sound of an M-134 Minigun paintball gun rotating and shooting out paint-balls and some screams of pain, fear and evil laughter.

Which, to say the least, caught him very much off surprise. He yelped in surprise and jumped on his hammock, which twisted him and itself clockwise and tangled the poor Marshal, then twisted anti-clockwise, then clockwise again, and vice-verse for about 10 times before it finally ejected the Marshal.

He tried to stand up, but the world around him was spinning and as he tried to unsuccessfully get his balance straight, the door to the front house flew open and coming out crouching to try to avoid the ricocheting bullets was the 2nd tallest boy in the town. He has dark skin, white hair, VERY bright blue eyes and wearing a white tank top with black jeans and blue takkies.

He dives under a barrage of bullets and crawls up to the Marshal. "MARSHAL!," he tries to yell above the noise of the firing weapon, "WHATS GOING ON!?". "THE NIGHTMARES HAVE SOMEHOW GOTTEN THEIR HAND ON CORWIN'S MINIGUN!" he explains. "THEY WOKE ME UP FROM MY RELAXATION!" he continues grumpily. "OH NO! WE CAN' HAVE THAT!" the boy shouts in shock.

Just as he was about to say something, the shooting stops, just as suddenly as it began. The 2 men cautiously rise and look over the fence...and their eyes widen in shock. They look around the front yard of the Abbadon house, well, what's left of it. The 3 fence's white paint now had multiple splotches of red paint and some of it has been shattered. Some bushes were repainted to kind of look like they have a lot of cherries on them, the grass looks like a war zone and the main thing that drew the boy and Pentecost's attention the most...

...was Carlos.

He was standing in the middle of it all, mouth wide open and eyes as wide as body was covered in red paint and if one looks at his head closely, in which is where everyone was looking at right now, they saw several fragments of his skull trying to rip their way out of the skin covering it. No one moves a single muscle as they watch Carlos's chest slowly stop expanding until...


He makes a gurgling noise, falls on his back and spits out about a cup of blood which is BLUE in color. Everyone's, except Pam-Elizabeth, mouth drops in shock. Pam's eyes flash red for a split-second and suddenly all the Nightmares drop unconscious. Doug, ignoring the Nightmares being unconscious, tries to piece together what just happened. "I-I-I-Is he-ee-he-is he-is he-" he stutters. "Yes...he is. ARCHIE!" Pam interrupts Doug and startles everyone by that.

20 second later, out the front door steps a very tall, willowy boy with bright smooth peach skin with long-ish fingers, a bald head and pitch-black eyes. Although he looks at the scene wide-eyed, he isn't shocked or surprised. "Let me guess. Nightmares?" he asks in a Scottish accent.

Pam just nods and heads into the house, the FH following and caring the unconscious Nightmares into the house. Archie walks to Carlos's corpse and shakes his head, "tsk, tsk, tsk. So, the' ever goin to be a time where i's don't hav' ta resurrect ya? I guess not." He raises his arms, and takes off his elbow-long gloves, revealing forearms that look like that they have been over-tanned, as they are very red in color.

He cracks his knuckles and raises his arms above his head, as if he is summoning something from the sky. All of a sudden, a high-pitched wiring sound is heard and his arms glow read. Carlos's corpse starts glowing and starts pulling itself together.

Everyone stares in wonder and that turns to shock as Carlos's eyes snap open and he literally jumps onto his feet. "I'M BACK AGAIN, BITCHES! WHERE THOSE LITTLE NIGHTMARES?! IM GONNA RIP 'EM TA SHREDS!" he exclaims with so much energy.


"Why you little-COME HERE!" His mouth glows blue and a second later, an orb of blue-red electric energy shoots out of his mouth faster than a speeding bullet. It should have hit at least one of them...

...but because of their quickness, it misses them...

...and hits the willowy, dark-skinned, bald figure behind them. The person screams in pain as the sound of walls being crashed through are heard. The Nightmares then quickly come out of hiding and continue their snickering and teasing. Carlos's eyes turn bright green and he slowly starts to hover above the ground and his finger-nails turn into white claws. "I'M COMMIN FOR YA! RRAAAAAA!" He then proceeds to charge after them, and is followed by a flying Pam as she follows them.

Everyone tries to process what just happened, looks at each other, shrugs and goes back to what they where doing. "Well...this day has been...interesting." Doug struggles as he picks up his mail. "You can say that again." Doug jumps at the cool, whisper voice behind him and he jumps again and falls on his back when he turns to see who is behind him. Samson just snickers, crosses his arms and keeps a grinning face.

"Jeeze dude! You have gotta stop doing that!"

"Doin' what?" he innocently asks..

"That...scare...jump-surprise thingy that you guys do!"

"Okay, okay...not. Hehe." he giggles.

Doug shakes his head, picks up his dropped mail, stands and takes a look at Samson. His pale peach skin has a golden tinge to it and has white eyes with black pupils. He's wearing black sandals, a pair of beige shorts, an olive-gold T-shirt, and a Brown cap. He sees what appear to be flaps covering where his ears should be, hanging from the cap.

"Where in the world have you been?" Carlos asks while adjusting his cap. "Out with Chichi, who's...I dunno where she is." he shrugs. "Well that's good for-"


Carlos literally jumps, for the umpteenth time when an he hears an ear-piercing shriek behind him, onto Samson who holds him bridal-style. He jerks his head and sees a short girl with blue eyes. She has blond, flat hair with a lot of stray strands sticking out, wearing a very short blue skirt and a T-shirt that says "LET'S PARTY!" with small blue, green and red triangles on it that reveals her lower torso and belly button.

"Dougie, you are so easy!" Chichi exclaims cheerfully. He hears laughing and looks at the Marshal and the boy next to him. "Ex, what's so funny" he asks in curiosity.

"Nothing. Its-its just-"


Ex is interrupted and everyone jerks their heads to the sky to see 3 rockets being fired into the sky and exploding. They then fall to the ground to avoid a barrage of bullets being fired in multiple directions.





They crouch and make their way through the gap between the 2 houses to the beach. Once they get their, however, they stop in their tracks and an unimpressed look forms on all their faces. "Oh, not again." Ex exhales in annoyance as the group watches a man with a rocket launcher for a left arm and a women who has 2 arms turned into 3 barreled cannons fight.

Well, there you have it. Second chapter. I feel so proud. Anyways, I'll update whenever I can. Thank you, my current reviewers! Chao! :)