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From inside the kitchen of the Abbadon house, a young-ish woman watched in amusement as she saw Harold and Boris get dragged away by Irline, Patricia, Stella and their friends. She shakes her head and goes back to preparing dinner with a smile on her face. As she's about to cut up the Cooked chicken, she hears the door open and she looks as her brother casually walks in, making a slightly soft mechanical walking sound.
"Yo, big sis! What's cookin?" he asks as he gets a drink from the fridge. "Anchorage, you already know whats coming up, so while your here, make yourself useful and help me make desert, will you?" she asks, a little annoyed at being disturbed. Anchorage, or Arc as everyone usually calls him, let's out a long groan and sighs in frustration. "Uggghhhh...fine. Better than doin nothin all day. So what must I do?" He asks, now totally excited. She gives him a "WTF?!" look and shakes her head.

"You..." she gives him a tray with a 4 layer dark chocolate cake with vanilla cream and strawberries on top and he nearly drools all over it, his tounge extended and dripping saliva, his eyes wide as they focus on the gigantic cake in front of him. "...can put that in the fridge. Aaaaand make sure that Cyberdemon behind the door there doesn't lay A finger on anything" she continues as she casts her ruby red eyes to the door, where a tall, caramel skin-coloured black-eyed figure was trying but failing miserably to hide once he was caught.

"Meh. Ol' Spider Mastermind still grumpy and bossy and short tempered since the day she was summoned. Not surprising at all." Cybie remarked, earning a small laugh from Arc and a glare from the woman. "If you even think about trying to get some of my cooking before its served to the rest of the house and thinking you'll get away with it, you got another thing coming, Cybie. Trust me, I know when food goes missing." She sternly warns him.

"Oh come on! Why's it always me you blame? What about Manfred? That fat blob of-" "IM NOT FAT!" -geese and oil? Remember he stole all the stuff from the vending machine in the Fazbear house next door? Huh, do you remember that? Huh?! Do ya?!"

She just looked at him with a very unimpressed look on her face and slowly shakes her head. "Silas the Cyberdemon, you are thee BIGGEST drama queen, most terrible liar and the most annoying half demon I've ever met. You know? So do me a favor and go...I dunno fix your rocket launcher or...annoy the Gatekeeper or something and let me finish here before I rain down Hell's hot lead on your caramel ass." She threatens with glowing red eyes.

Silas was about to counter but after she turned around, he caught himself staring at her behind, her long legs and her very curvy body. He was actually very surprised by this, as seeing her in her demon form, you know: Giant brain with sharp teeth, red eyes and small arms mounted on a metal chassis with 4 long robotic legs and a powerful Minigun cannon. He was surprised to see the outcome of her transforming into human. She was basically just so DAMN sexy! He quickly snapped out of his perverted thoughts after hearing Arc walking to get another drink. Fuck, how can anyone live with that robotic sound he makes when ever he walks?! And its even worse when he runs dammit!

Sighing in frustration, he leaves the kitchen and was on his way to the basement to upgrade his rocket launcher when he catches site of the dining room. His eyes widen and his mouth starts overflowing with drool. Its was one of the rare times when such a big meal is prepared. Loads of cooked Chicken, Beef, Lamb, just about every other type of meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, bottles of juice, wine, beer, Fanta and water. Dessert trays full with pudding, custard, cake and ice cream.

He went to take a closer look at the table with the gigantic amount of food on it. And he found 1 fly buzzing around the place and landing in a bowl of fruit. He narrowed his eyes as he slowly reached to grab that annoying fly. Due to the demonic robotic tech in his body, he can easily complicated stuff...like grab a fly with just 2 fingers. He was 10 millimeters away from getting it when-


"OUCH!" He yelled in pain as 5 green-yellow balls of plasma collided and melted his left arm, exposing his cybernetic arm and making him shake his arm in attempt to cool it down. He casts his vision over to the entrance to the kitchen and sees Arc with 2 extra arms transformed into plasma guns. He raises his organic right hand and shakes his finger and head, in a "Uh uh uh" motion.

"Dude, ya have to hit me with those FREKIN' YELLOW PROJECTILES OF YOURS?! FUCK, YA KNOW HOW MUCH THAT HURTS?!" "That teaches you not to mess up a great meal, dumbass!" "WELL YA DON'T NEED TO SHOOT ME WITH THAT PLASMA CANNON OF YOURS!" Arc looks at him with a 'I thought that we've already been through this look' and raises his 2 plasma guns. "One, Sky told me to watch over the food so it dosent get spoiled by big hungry guys like you. and Two, dude. If you want someone with Plasma cannons, go to Gipsy or Crimson or Ex. Mine are plasma guns. How many times have I got to tell ya that?"

"What eve's, man." Arc then gestures that he is watching Silas and in a dramatic effect, walks backwards into the kitchen and disappears from his sight. Sighing in defeat, he turns around, his back faces the table...

...and comes face to face with a burnt, damaged phantom with a humanoid body, and a hat with a propeller on top.

PWAAAAAAAAEEEEEEAAAAA! It lunges at him and disappears.

"WOAAAAAHAAHAAAAAA!" He jumps a kilometer high in the air and comes down with a-


In a matter of seconds, the house's residents (the dark-skinned willoy boy wearing a silver tank top with red shorts, a few Lost Souls, a fat guy with pale peach skin and green eyes, an old man with dark grey hair and ghostly pale skin and pure white eyes, along with Arc and Sky) run into the dining room and stare at the scene with wide eyes.

Food mixed with table pieces and splinters was thrown everywhere. The group hears a moan and soon find Silas trying and almost succeding in finding his way out the mess in the center of it all. Arc helps him get up and gives Silas a very scared pained look. "Dude, you are soooo dead. It's been nice knowing you." Silas gives him a confused look and it deepens when Arc starts slowly backing away from him. Arc points behind him and quickly runs away.

Silas hears heavy breathing behind him and realises what he has done. He slowly turns around to be confronted face to face with Sky (Who just so ya know is a good 50cm shorter than him) who's eyes are glowing with absolute anger. "S-S-Sky, l-l-lets, lets just t-t-talk ab-ab-about this for a second! O-okay? What ha-happened w-w-was-" "YOU. SON. OF. A. GATEKEEPER! YOU ASSHOLE!"

She lundges right at him and slams into him, who in turn, slam into the wall, causing a small crater and large cracks. He gives up trying to speak to her about this and pushes her off him and begins punching her. She kicks him in his groin, trips him and starts strangling him. He tries in vain to get her off his neck and throws her over his shoulder and she flies and hits the wall, breaking through it and hitting the stove. She painfully, accidentaly burns her hands and quickly gets off before Silas breaks the stove even more.

She then sees him transform his left hand into a powerful rocket launcher and when he looks up, he sees that she has sprouted 2 robotic arms, each with a 3 barraled minigun. Before he could react, she lundges at him again and this causes him to fire 3 rockets through the roof of the house. She quickly gets up, but he beats her to it, picks her up and spins her, her firing her cannons while spinning. She grabs him and in some wierd way, they crash through the back of the house onto the beach. They glare at each other, 10 meters apart, anger and abosulute hate in their glowing eyes.

Just then, Ex and his group, run onto the beach and look at the scene with unimpressed eyes. "Oh not again." Silas hears him mutter. He takes one more look at Sky and they charge towards each other, screaming a warcry.

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