First Harry Potter fanfiction. I haven't read Harry Potter for quite long, so forgive me if you find someone out of character.

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Summary: In which Ginny realizes that Harry and Hermione share something special – something she can never have with Harry. H/Hr.


Chapter # 1

Ginny looked at Harry, as they walked in the streets of Diagon Alley. She observed the lines creasing his forehead, and how he had tightened his lips, thinning them.

"Harry, what are you thinking about?" she asked him, as they both walked towards a coffee shop nearby.

He looked hesitant at first, making Ginny hope that he was about to answer – but then, his expression changed. "Nothing, Gin."

She closed her eyes to keep bottled in her annoyance. She decided that she would never understand Harry Potter and his frustrating habit of keeping secrets. She hastened her steps towards the shop. She opened the door, and went towards the counter, speedily ordering two cups of coffee. She politely said a "thank you", at receiving the ordered things, and grabbed the cups, shoving one in Harry's hand.

At this, Harry looked up at his girlfriend, and asked, in a way as if he had dealt with this habit of hers a thousand times before, "What is it now?"

She breathed out, her vexation truly evident on her face. She walked out the small, comfortable area, and towards a side, stopping there, so that both would remain out of earshot and sight. Finally, she said, "There must be something, Harry."

He looked innocently confused. "What do you mean, something?"

"Oh, Merlin," she said. "I now understand what Hermione means when she says that you can really be thick sometimes."

At the mention of Hermione, Harry's expression changed to that of realization; Ginny thought, observing his facial expression, that Hermione had been the answer to her question, after all. But she quickly dismissed the idea. Why would he be thinking of her at such an early hour? She once again found herself unanswered.


She must have spaced out. Again, she looked at him, and she explained further, answering what he had asked of her almost a minute ago: "Something that you're thinking about."

"Oh … that," he said, sounding surprised, though, in reality, he had understood what she had meant when she referenced Hermione. However, Ginny was blissfully unaware. "I was, er … There's nothing important about what I was thinking."

His reluctance reminded Ginny of the times when Mum and Dad would politely ask her to leave when the adults would be discussing a matter of importance, which, as they would indicate by making her leave, she was too young to understand. She could very well understand things, thank you very much. And, right then, at Harry's face, she wanted to scream the same words; she could understand, no matter how others thought otherwise.

"Harry, we are in a relationship, aren't we?" she asked – though she was actually stating a fact – as she tried to keep her anger out of her voice.

"Of course," he answered readily.

"So, those who are in a relationship, should share things with each other. It helps them know each other better."

"I," he began, "I know that, Ginny, but there are things that are best left … unshared."

She could feel herself getting angrier. "I understand that you need your personal space, but there's a limit to everything."

And as her anger built, she saw Harry's body stiffen, in attempts to control his own frustration, she reckoned. "What limit, may I ask, are you talking about?"

Feeling misunderstood, she raised her voice, and said, "I am saying, yes, have your space, but that certainly does not mean that you shut me out every time I try to talk to you!"

"I am not shutting you out!" Harry cried, looking unconvinced at his own statement.

"Oh yeah, then why do you not tell me what you feel, or – or what you think about?" she asked loudly. She felt little heavy in the chest, and her eyes were prickling, and her chest hurt a little – which was quite a foreign feeling; she knew she was about to cry in anger.

"Because it's not easy as you think it is!"

"If it's not," she shouted, "then tell me, so that I know how hard it is!"

"You won't!"

When she heard those words, she rounded on her heels, and started to walk away, but halted; turning around once more, she said, "Oh, and this date is cancelled."

She walked away, ignoring Harry's attempts to call her back. She lost herself in a crowd, to make herself unapproachable to Harry.

She felt her eyes stinging with tears she was trying hard to hold back. She just wanted things to get better; she did not want fights. Was that too much to ask for? Why did not things go to plan? Why did the war ever happen? It had taken Harry out of her sight, but she never prepared herself to lose the Harry she had known in her fifth year. How could the boy-who-lived change? Maybe, it had something to do with his title as the boy-who-conquered. Hermione had told her Harry had changed some after the war. Maybe, this was his change, to stay reserved. She chuckled darkly, and closed her eyes, apparating to her room in the Burrow. She walked towards the dark corner of her unlit room, whose windows were hiding behind the curtains.

She felt her throat was under pressure, and she knew that she was going to reduce to sobs at any moment. She closed her eyes, trying to control herself, but failing. She was supposed to be a strong girl, who had been teased hundred of times by her brothers. Any other girl would cry after being the subject to their teasing, and she had learned in the sixteen years of her life to not be the "every other" girl. But why could she not be different, right now? Or whenever she fought with Harry? Why did she let herself be so utterly weak because of him? She was Ginny Weasley, wasn't she? She was fire, and tears never suited her. Did not Harry tell her that he noticed her more because she was not weepy? She shouldn't

… She started to wonder – like many times in history – suddenly, with a frown, why she was sitting in a corner. After such fights – after her chest would start to hurt (and it was still a mystery as to why it did) – she would sit in a corner.

Corners, she decided, were quite appealing when she was torn.

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