Chapter 1: Being electrocuted is fun!

I breathed in the fresh, stormy night air. I was relaxing on my apartment building's roof sitting back on a beach chair, enjoying the lightning storm. The rain drenched my body, thankfully I was wearing swimming trunks. The rain died down a liittle. It was now a light drizzle. I stood up and stretched. I grabbed my golden towel from the chair and started towards the roof exit. I got to the iron door and noticed the air around me become hot. I looked around. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I grabbed the door knob and I was struck with the yellowest lightning I have seen in my life. My back arched in pain and I floated mid-air. In an instant I was back on the ground wheezing. I looked at my smoking hands. Then, was tackled to the ground.

I was being hit over and over. But my assialant's blows didn't feel threatening. The person hitting me like an old lady ( or old man, gender equality!) was my friend John Rocco. He got up and gave me a you-are-a-retard look. "You freakin' idiot! Even though you can't die from being struck by lightning, doesn't mean you can lounge on a chair on a roof during a lightning storm!" my black haired friend scolded. I got up nonchalantly. I looked at my friend. Even though it was raining he managed to stay dry. I will never understand that. " Dude, you aren't my mom." I joked. Right on cue the roof access doors bust opened. My mom zipped through with a group of security guards following her. "Oh hey mo- OW!" I yelled rubbing my cheek for I have just been back-handed by my mom. "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?" she bellowed.

"Mom,I can't get hurt, why are you so riled up?" I questioned. She raised her hand menacingly. My mom is the only thing that could ever scare me. I inched back. "You have no idea how much I need you to be safe. Sweetie, I lost your sister, I need you to be safe." she almost cried. "Mom, I'm the toughest dude there is, just chill okay." I told her. I could tell I said something wrong. She looked at me darkly. "Good-bye half-blood..." she said with venom infused into her words. Well, that's what it felt like. She then pushed be down. John nor the security guards could stop her from jumping off the roof. That day I lost my mom, the only family member I had left.

I was in John's living room. He was explaining to his mom why I had to stay with them. "I'm not going to take in some blonde orphan!" she exclaimed. "Mom! He just needs to stay here until it's time to go to camp!" He yelled back. I couldn't see them because they were in the kitchen. Yeah they were that loud. But I could tell she calmed down. "Fine, he can stay. But when it's time to go to 'you-know-what' he's on his own." John ran in,"Good news, you can stay. But first I need to tell you something." he told me. He sat down on the shoddy couch next to me. "Do you know what a half-blood is?" he asked. I looked at him with a confused look. "No, and why would my mom call me that?"I asked him.

"A half-blood is a child of a god and a mortal" he explained. I still didn't understand.

"But that doesn't explain why my mom called me that! I'm definatley not a son of some god!" I yelled. He face-palmed.

"Yes, you mom was protecting you. That's why she didn't tell you before know. She needed to get it off her chest. That's why she called you that. To put it shortly, you are the son of the Greek god, Zeus." Then I did something we both weren't expecting. I bust out laughing.

"Good joke dude. Unless you show me, I won't believe you." I told him still laughing. He smirked. He rose his hands slowly, palms facing his shaky ceiling fan. A sweat drop trickled down his brow. After the 3rd sweat drop a trail of water drifted from the kitchen. In an instant the water circled around him. He opened his eyes and the water dropped. I looked at him shocked. He held out his hand to me. "John Rocco, son of Poseidon,Nice to meet you".


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