Chapter 2: The Summer Camp

Me,John, and his mom were driving to the camp. John was busy explaining what I can do as a half-blood. It was kind of a let-down that I couldn't use the full potential of my powers until I was claimed by Zeus. But I honestly didn't care. I listened to the soft hum of their old clunker rather to the voice of my best friend. The car then came to a screeching halt. John's mom turned and glared at me. "Get out now! I can handle driving my son but since your the sun of the stormy douche you've now brung up the attention of every monster in the surrounding area!" she fumed. "You better start running.." John whispered. His mom practically threw me out. "It's dangerous to go alone, take this" John said and handed me a map that marked the location of Camp Half-Blood. The car the sped away. "GOOD LUUUUCK!" John called out the window. I sighed. I looked around for a way of transportation. Then I saw a power-line. One climb up a pole later I was gliding on power-cables.

I was on my way to Camp Half-Blood, about two miles away, I heard a massive roar. I grinded to a stop. I looked behind me and tornadoes? I racked my brain trying to find the name of the creatures. They had to be Greek monsters right? As I was still on the cables I studied them. One was fiery,another looked like a thunderstorm, and the other looked like a snow storm. I searched and searched until I found the name. "Umm you guys are venti right?" I called. The fiery one approached me.

"Yes, we are the venti, and Master Notus would like a word with you." It stated. It's voice was very indistinct. The way it said it sounded like a threat. The stormy one glided next to the fiery one and bellowed,"NO! Master Zephyrus would like to speak with the child of Zeus!" It's voice cracked with every word. I don't know how it did that with such a deep and booming voice. The icy one came to the others. "No you nit-wits! Master Boreas wishes to speak with the demigod!" Its tone of voice was cold and harsh, I carefully took a step back. The air-heads were to busy arguing to notice I was back on the trail to camp.

After what seemed like an eternity of gliding and the occasional fly stuck in my teeth, I made it to Long Island Sound. In front of me was a giant, red, ark with Greek characters inscribed on it. Normally with my dyslexia I wouldn't be able to read anything, much less Greek! But the words just came to me like how I attracted electricity. It read, "Camp Half-Blood". I jumped for joy fist pumping. About 20 feet next to me lightning struck.

I looked behind me and almost fainted. Behind me were dozens upon dozens of venti surrounding me. Fiery, stormy, and icy alike. They all spoke in union," Come now child of Zeus, the masters of wind are waiting." I don't know where I got the courage but I shouted back, "Like I'd go somewhere with a bunch of mutated farts!" Wrong choice of words.

The air-heads circled me creating a vortex wind. The air became shallow around me. I dropped to my knees. The farts cackled. I could see my breath escape my mouth. My vision blurred. I wasn't going to be killed by farts. It may sound funny but I seriously wasn't going to die in the hands of an army of angry. I don't know where I got strength but I stood up. The air around me burned with electricity. The vortex slowed a bit, the venti were scared, but they just circled faster. That was it. I roared and around me lightning bolts struck. It had to be the most 20 beautiful lightning blots I've seen in my life. The venti around me vaporized to dust. Only three survived. "We have to tell the master's of wind! He has been claimed!" one yelled. They then vanished. It only took me two seconds to realize the floating lightning bolt above my head. "BEN!" I heard someone yell. I turned and saw John running towards me. I smiled. Then, my whole world turned black.


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