Chapter Three: My Sister's a Roman!?

My eyes fluttered open. It took a couple seconds for my eyes to focus. I was in a tent on a bed with white sheets and a white pillow. Next to me was a night stand. On it, was a plate with a single brownie-looking-thing and a glass of golden liquid. My body ached but I was starving. I took a bite out of the square snack. Immediately, I was filled with the taste of oatmeal cookies. I remembered when I was a kid, my mom and I always snacked on these. I took another bite, this time devouring it. I sat up from my awkward position on the bed. My body didn't ache anymore. In fact, I was full of energy! I reached for the golden drink. As I drank, I was filled with the sweet taste of strawberry milk. I got up off the bed. I noticed I was dressed in an orange shirt that read, "Camp Half-Blood". I also had on dark blue jeans with yellow shoes.

I looked around for an exit. I couldn't see any. Everything was white. I had the slightest feeling I would now despise this colour once I get out of here. The exit must have blended with the walls of the tent. I was about to explore a bit more when John opened a flap and entered. His eyes lit up when he spotted me. We immediately commenced our special handshake which involved a lot of fist bumping and and making explosion sounds. "You have to tell me what happened!" he yelled. I sighed.

"So I was riding on power cables to get here, stopped by some venti, ran away, got here, almost got suffocated to death, got claimed by my dad, and caused a lightning storm." I told him like it was nothing.

"Dude! Did you see how many venti there was!? I'm surprised your still alive!" he yelled again.

I sighed again. "I ate that brownie-thing and that yellow drink." I explained to him. He relaxed a little. "Oh, you ate the ambrosia and nectar. That's why you can even stand." he reasoned.

I looked at him hungrily. "Got any more? They were delicious!" I told him. He shook his head.

"Not possible, if you eat too much you could spontaneously combust." he sighed. "Even if you could, it's only for emergencies."

I sighed. "OK, now I think you should show me around camp."

He clapped his thighs. "Alright." he stood up. "Let's go meet some people." I got up.

We left the tent and what I saw blew my mind. There were dozens of cabins and statues. Next to us was a gigantic house. The grass was greener than I've ever seen. Across the plain was a strawberry field. And on the far right was a gigantic hill. It had a massive pine tree with a dragon sleeping under it. Next to it was a forty-foot-tall ivory statue of a woman holding a winged woman in her hand. I pointed to it.

"What's that?" I asked John. He looked in the direction I was pointing towards.

"Oh, that's the Athena Parthenos. 57 years ago, 8 legendary demigods rescued the Greek artifact and brought peace between the roman demigods and us." he told me,"those demigods were; Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson, Nico di Angelo, and Reyna Ramirez-Arellano."

I nodded. Then I realized something he said. "There are roman demigods!?" I exclaimed.

He winced. "Yeah about that. I was gonna tell you this later but about those roman demigods... one of them is your sister." I sweat dropped.

"You mean to tell me my long-lost sister is alive and also roman!?" I yelled.

"Yeah, but you can still see her now. You can visit the roman camp! She's the praetor."

I sighed. Hopefully she'll remember me.


Hope you guys enjoyed! Yes, roman demigods are introduced! And this does take 57 years into the future. Wow. And we learn about Ben's sister! Tune in next time for ,"Chapter 4: Roman Brownies," and I know, it sounds weird.