Chapter 1.

In Happy Tree Town, we find a house with a pirate ship on the top, containing the usual piratey-things: a big black sail with the skull and bones in the center of it, the steering wheel in the back, and a circular top, just like any other pirate ship has. Inside the pirate-ship house, we find the turquoise sea otter, Russell, sleeping in a hammock in a pirate hat.

Before his parrot-alarm clock goes off, his deam bubble shows him fighting another pirate, unkown who exactly it was. He was struggling with all his might with his sword in both hands, trying not to get killed. Both pirates were at the edge of a cliff, fighting with all their might. Just before Russell finishes his enemy off, they both hear a parrot noise, which was so loud that Russell got distracted from what he was doing. As he was confused about what was going on, his enemy took both swords and stabbed him in the head and chest.

"Aahh!" Russell shouted as he instantly woke up from his unexpected dream and fell from his hammock onto the floor. "That was some weird dream." he told himself. He walked over to his closet, which had some other pirate accessories, outfit, and boots. "Hmm." he was choosing which outfit to wear until he had officially decided to wear his everyday outfit: his red and white t-shirt with the ripped up sleeves and regular peg legs as shoes. He then picked up his other peg legs, which are like the ones he is currently wearing, but with pink slippers stuck to them, and tossed them into the closet and shut the door.

He then goes outside to the city, only to find candy trails on the ground for some odd reason. 'This must be Nutty, no doubt.' the sea otter thought as he was following the candy trails, which actually leads to Cub, the baby bear with a beanie hat, walking with his father, Pop. Of course, Cub was only a baby and didn't know any better than to leave candy all over the place. Then, Russell heard a familiar jittery giggle from a far distance.

Pop and Cub heard the giggling as well and Pop was saying out of annoyance, "Oh great, not him again. Quick, Cub, give me the candy." Cub didn't want to give away his valuable sweets, thinking that Pop might take it for himself. Instead of giving his father the bag of candy, he hid it behind his back, trying not to let Nutty notice.

The candy squirrel then pushed Russell out of his way, letting him fall into the middle of the road. 'There's no need to be pushy. Then again, I'm talking about Nutty, here. ' Russell thought as he brushed off the dirt from his pirate clothes. Then, unexpectedly, a big semi truck was seen coming down the road, heading towards the turquoise sea otter. Russell turned around to hear what noise was coming from behind him and as soon as he saw what it was, he tried to run as fast as he can, but it was too late. The semi truck, surprisingly, didn't kill him like it normally would, considering the fact that this is Happy Tree Town they're living in. No, the truck didn't kill him, but it did hit him in a far distance from where he was originally standing.

We now find a sandbox sitting in the middle of the park, and all the sudden, Russell lands in it, but he still didn't die. Instead, he found something glowing in the corner of the sandbox. "What could this be?" he asked himself as he picked it up, revealing a bottle with a cork in the lid of it and a piece of paper stuck inside. He opened it, revealing to be a treasure map of some sort. "Yar! Better hide this before anyone sees." he said as he was putting the map back into the bottle and thought for a moment of where to put it in the meantime. "Aha." he said and put it under his pirate hat.

Then, he walked away, trying not to look suspicious at all, until a familiar yellow rabbit and purple beaver ran to him, startling him. "Hey, Russell! What were you hiding back there?" Cuddles asked as he lifted up the pirate hat off of Russell's head. "Ooo, this looks interesting. What is it?"

"It's something only my eyes are meant to see." Russell said as he was trying to take the treasure map back from the yellow rabbit.

"In this case, don't ya mean 'eye?' You do only have one eye, ya know. 'Aye-aye?'" as Cuddles opened the bottle and unrolled the paper, he and Toothy were shocked at what they saw.

"A treasure map?! That leads to treasure?! Come on, Russell, you should let us come with you. It'll be fun." Toothy told the sea otter in excitement, but as he heard that they wanted to go with him, he was a little disappointed because he wanted the treasure to himself. "Yar." he said to himself, but Toothy was right. It would be fun if more than one tree friend went on a treasure hunt. It'd be a lot easier as well. As long as he didn't have a lot of people going with him, he thought 'I guess they could come, just as long as they're not blabbermouths about it.'

"Yeah. Come on, Russell. You've known us forever." Cuddles said and gave Russell back the map.

"I guess you guys can come. Just as long as you don't tell everyone about this. We could have a few more people to come with us, but NOT Lifty and Shifty." Russell warned the two.

They knew what it was like to get robbed by those two thieves. Cuddles, then asks Russell about that last part of the warning, "Why would you think we'd tell those two about this? That would be the dumbest thing to ever do in the history of Happy Tree Town. We COULD get Flaky and Giggles to come with us."

"Yeah, we could also get Flippy to come with us. He's cool." Toothy stated, and the other two agreed with that opinion.

"I guess I could get Lumpy to come with us as well, but that's all who's coming with us. No one else. Got it?" Russell told them, remembering that he didn't want everyone to go with him on the treasure hunt.

"Sure, dude. Secret kept." The two promised and made sure no one else knew.


The four girls were found in Lammy's house, playing poker, like they did the first time, except no one died and Mr. Pickels isn't around. While they were playing, a knock is suddenly heard.

"I'll get it!" Giggles exclaimed as she ran to the door and opened it in excitement. "Cuddles? Toothy? What are you guys doing here?" she asked out of confusion.

"Sorry to ruin your fun time, but we need to see you and Flaky for three seconds."

Lammy, out of confusion, asked them, "Why not all of us?"

"This is top secret for the four of us to know and for you two to never find out." Cuddles told her as Toothy went in the house, grabbed Flaky's hand and the three of them went out the door.

It suddenly closed as Lammy and Petunia just sat there, having no clue about what just happened. "What was that all about?" the blue skunk asked.

"Please! No more of your extreme craziness!" Flaky panicked, knowing that Cuddles drags her into anything and dies just about every time.

"Come on, Flaky. This time, it's not extreme. Trust me. Even Toothy can say so, right, buddy?" the yellow rabbit asked, considering the fact that he and Toothy have been best buds for a long time and knows that Toothy cries more than some of the other tree friends.

Giggles asks, "What are we even doing out here in the first place?"

"Well, Russell asked us if we could grab a few friends to go on this certain treasure hunt. Toothy and I agreed and knew exactly who should come with us, so we picked you two, along with some other people." Cuddles explained.

Flaky had a terrified look on her face, knowing that if there's treasure, there has to be a boat included on this trip. She asked, "D-d-do I h-h-have to go?"

"Of course. Otherwise it wouldn't be as much fun."

"Who's all coming, besides us?" Giggles asked, "Because if Disco Bear's coming with us, then leave me out of this."

"Oh, don't worry. We wouldn't invite him, even if the end of the world is coming. The people that are coming are us, Russell, Lumpy, and Flippy."

As soon as he said the last name, Flaky was starting to get extremely frightened, knowing that the green veteran bear intentionally kills everyone for some odd reason. "Oh, hehe, I-I-I just I have to do something. Okay, bye-bye." She said as she was trying to go back into Lammy's house.

Cuddles, then, grabbed the porcupine's hand and pulled her so she wouldn't cower away, like she always does. "I don't think so, Flaky. You're coming with us whether you want to or not."

Flaky sighed in defeat, facing the fact that she gets forced into doing things like this by Cuddles.

"Anyways, we should be over at Russell's tomorrow by 11:00. We'll see you guys there." As the yellow rabbit and purple beaver left, the other two went back into Lammy's house to continue with their game of poker.