Chapter 10.

The sun as risen and Flippy and Flaky are seen, still sleeping. The red porcupine was still in the position she was in when she fell asleep and Flippy was facing her direction.

Cuddles, Giggles, and Toothy take a peek in the room to see if the two have stirred yet. The yellow rabbit takes out an air horn and tells the two, "I guess it's time to end their sleepiness now."

Before he pushes the button to make the sound, Giggles snatches it away, remembering Fliqpy's existence, and quietly screams at her daredevil boyfriend. "Are you crazy? If you make any sound with this, we'll all die. Besides, those two look cute together. So why would you wanna ruin their sleepy moment like that?"

"Ah, you're right. We should bail. Come on, guys, let's go do something else fun."

The three then left right before Flippy woke up. "H-h-huh? Cuddles?" Forgetting that Flaky was still snuggling with him, he sat up, causing Flaky to bump her head on the bed, waking her up.

"F-F-Flippy? You alright?" She asked as she sat up and rubbed the back of her head.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I thought I heard Cuddles, but it's probably my imagination. You wanna go see what the others are doing?" The veteran bear got up out of bed and lended her a hand in case she wanted to come along.

Flaky held his hand, meaning that she wanted to follow, told him, "S-s-sure. Just as long as nothing bad happens, l-l-like yesterday." After she said that, she held his hand and they both went out of the room to see that the others are up to.

"It's about time you two sleepyheads got out of bed! did your snuggle fest go?" the yellow rabbit asked, embarrassing Flippy and Flaky.

They were blushing so much that their faces turned pink, even Flaky's despite her face being red. "W-w-what are you talking about? We didn't do that." the red porcupine asked.

"Of course you did. We saw you two cuddling all over each other. We were gonna wake you guys up, but instead, we decided to give you guys some rest, sadly."

"Alright, you got us. Do you know how close we are from home, yet?" Flippy quickly asked, wanting to change subjects.

Russell walked in the group and told them, "We're not that far, actually. We're about 5 minutes away."

"Wait, why is it taking us longer to get home than it did when we got to the island?" Toothy asked in a concerned tone.

"Well, I was steering the ship for about a few minutes, but I got tired and decided to take us home the next day."

The tree friends then decided to have a little something to eat before they got home.

About 5 minutes later, like Russell said how far they were from home, Lumpy was heard, yelling, "LAAAAAAAND HOOOOOOOO!"

"Lumpy, we're not going to another island. I hope you know that." the pirate told him.

"I know. I just thought I'd say that. But we're home, right?"


The tree friends got off the ship and Russell told them his plan, "Okay, to avoid getting caught with the treasure, I'll bring my car over here and we'll put the treasure in the trunk, so no one can see through the windows. Then, you guys can come over to my house and get your prize. Does that sound like a plan?"

"Sure, why not?" They all agreed as Russell was walking to his house, which was not too far from where they're at, and the six tree friends were waiting eagerly for the pirate.

Fifteen minutes later and a car stopped by. The door opened, revealing the driver to be Russell and he asks, "Everyone ready?"

The trunk opens and Lumpy puts the treasure chest inside.

Thinking about this frequently, Flippy asked the pirate, "Russell, is there anywhere you'd hide the treasure so nobody can find it, but you? Because if Lifty and Shifty ever come back, there's no doubt they'll steal it." Flippy did have a point. There was no way those two thieves were going to give up on the beloved treasure.

"Of course I do, but I'm not telling you. Not that I don't trust you or anything. Anyways, if you guys don't wanna come now, you can stop by in the afternoon." Russell told the tree friends and drove off.

"I'm going now! Come on, Toothy. Giggles, are you coming?"

"No, not right now. I'm going over to Petunia's and then I'll be there. See ya."

As the three left, Lumpy went with Cuddles and Toothy and Flippy and Flaky started seeing the other tree friends walking by.

" you wanna go over to Russell's right now or...I'm just asking. You don't have to go if you don't want to." Flippy asked as his face was blushing.

"I-I-I'll wait until everyone else already has their share. W-w-why, a-a-are you wanting to go n-n-now?"

"Not really. So, where do you wanna go? We could go to Happy Tree Diner, the amusement park, anywhere you want."

"W-w-well, I am kinda hungry, hehe." the red porcupine chuckles in a nervous way.

Flippy grabs her hand and suggests, "Then, let's go to Happy Tree Diner. They're still seving breakfast." And so, to Happy Tree Diner, they went.


About fifteen minutes later, Flippy and Flaky are found, sitting at a two-seated table and eating breakfast burritos. Flaky said to the veteran bear, "This is r-r-really good. W-w-we should eat breakfast here m-m-more often...I-I-I mean we don't h-h-have to, but-" the red porcupine was then interrupted.

"Flaky, you don't have to be so nervous. You're allowed to express your opinions. I don't have a problem with them. And you're right. We should eat breakfast here more often. I'd be happy to if you wanna come back here tomorrow."

Flaky didn't think of much to say thanks to Flippy's nice and encouraging words. She blushed as she was finishing her burrito.

The two then exited Happy Tree Diner and started walking. "You wanna go to the amusement park? We can ride the ferris wheel, or play some games, but if you don't want to, that's fine. I was just thinking of something we could do while we're waiting until everyone has their treasure share." Flippy insisted.

"I-I-I like the gaming idea better. L-l-last time I went on a roller coaster, I threw up upside-down and I do n-n-not want that to happen again." Flaky told the green bear as she was playing with the dogtags that Flippy let her wear back at the island.

"Then the games we shall play." He said and lended her his hand. The red porcupine gladly accepted the offer and the two walked to the amusement park, now holding hands.

The End